Parking Brake Related Problems of the 2004 Honda Accord

Table 1 shows one common parking brake related problems of the 2004 Honda Accord.

Table 1. Parking Brake related problems of Honda Accord

Problem Category Number of Problems
Parking Brake problems
Parking Brake problem #1

Brakes failed prematurely - at approximately 40,000 miles, parking brake locked/seized without brake light illuminating and caused $700 worth of repairs, including new rotors, pads, etc.

Parking Brake problem #2

Parking brake released on it's own while removing boat from waterway and car rolled into water and was completely submerged.

Parking Brake problem #3

Was attempting to explain to my son how to stop my 2004 Honda Accord by pulling the emergency brake, while the car was moving in cruise control. The cruise control does not disconnect. Pulling on the emergency brake only makes the cruise control increase the speed of the engine.

Parking Brake problem #4

On 2/17/04, I was turning left to get out of a parking lot. When I applied the brakes to stop, I heard a loud popping noise and then it sounded like something fell off of the car. The dealership said no problem was found, that they were unable to duplicate. 263 miles on it. On 5/21/04 I was driving down a main road and I noticed a lot of red brake lights in front of me, I hung back about four car lengths, and as I got to about three car lengths I knew I was going to have to stop so I put my foot on the brake and the car would not stop, I literally had to stand on the brake petal with two feet, and pulled on the emergency brake at the same time, the car kept on moving forward, the car made a very loud grinding noise; and finally the car stopped inches away from the car in front of me. I inched the car over to the side of the road and called the dealership and they said to get the car right down to the dealership. I drove there about 10 miles an hour with my 4 way flashers on all the way. They supposedly road tested the car for brake noise and checked lining, they said everything was fine, that they were unable to duplicate problem. I was very nervous but had to go to the doctors, so I carefully drove the car down the same road and had to stop again, I applied the brakes and the noise and not being able to stop happened again, I swerved to the right to avoid hitting the car in front of me. Mileage 1721 miles. I stopped the car and called the dealership again, they told me to bring the car back, mileage 1741 miles, another trip with the flashers on at 10 miles an hour, they provided me with a rental car, my car is still at the dealership, some area representative is supposed to contact me, I called today 5/26/04 and they still do not have any answers. I am deathly afraid to drive my car that I love again, I want a new Honda Accord, I believe this one is a lemon and will never feel comfortable driving myself and especially my grandchildren in it again.

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