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Front Suspension Wheel Bearing problems of the 2012 Honda Accord

One problem related to front suspension wheel bearing has been reported for the 2012 Honda Accord.

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Failure Date: 08/06/2012

I noticed noise, wheel vibrations and steering problems. The Honda service department said that I had a bad wheel bearing on the left side and replaced it. After I received the car back from the shop, I noticed the car was pulling to the left, wheel vibrations, loose steering wheel and making noise. The car did not shift between gears properly and fluctuated between rpms randomly (even when at idle). I took it back to the Honda service department. This time they reset the computer in the car and performed idle relearn procedure; adjusted the toe on all four wheels. They also found that the rear rotors were out of round and "machine rear brake rotors" but reused the brake pads. I do not feel safe in this vehicle. I have scheduled another service appointment for 8/28. However, I am still having the idle rpm, shifting problems, wheel vibration issues, steering problems, noise issues as well as several other problems. This manufacture should be forced to issue a recall.

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