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Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings Problems of Honda Accord

Honda Accord owners have reported 5 problems related to fuel hoses lines/piping and fittings (under the gasoline fuel system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda Accord based on all problems reported for the Accord.

car image   Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings problem of the 2007 Honda Accord 1
Failure Date: 04/27/2013

Per Honda manual recommendation for a tune-up @100,000 mile; on April, 2013 I went into nalley Honda for my 100k tune-up. Shortly after this service was performed, my car stared to pulsate. I return my car back to dealer and was advised I need a fuel flush. They stated this was not part of the tune-up, but should be done with a tune-up. I paid for a fuel flush. The problem still existed. I went back to the dealer and inquired if they had changes all six of my plugs and wires. They said yes. . . I asked why was I still having this issue after getting a tune-up. I was asked the grade of gas I use. I told the service tech 87, that is what the manual recommended. I was told to try 93 grade for about a month to see if that will filter and clean the lines. I did. . . However, the problem still occurs but not as bad. I call and scheduled an appointment for Saturday after thanksgiving. I'm now being told my transmission is going bad (torque converter). I said that is not possible. A 2007 vehicle with only 117,000 mile and my transmission is going out. While sitting in the customer waiting area, a gentlemen with the same identical vehicle as mine told me he had more mile on his vehicle than mines, but his transmission went out also and he had to have his rebuilt for around $2,000. 00. I said there is no way transmission should be going out on a 2007 model vehicle with only 117,000 miles. Honda need to investigate if this is a defect issue. The service manager said no, Honda does not have a recall on the problem. Someone please help!.

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car image   Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings problem of the 2001 Honda Accord 2
Failure Date: 10/26/2011

Vehicle developed leaks in brake line and fuel line in region below floor pan. This was due to rust-through. Service advisor informed me that this condition has been showing up lately, and showed me an assembly that had been recently replaced on a similar vehicle. Vehicle was impounded by dealer because of potential total failure of systems. Vehicle required almost two weeks to repair because Honda had a national backorder on the replacement parts. This suggests to me that there may be a sudden demand for these parts.

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car image   Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings problem of the 1996 Honda Accord 3
Failure Date: 08/14/2010

1996 Honda Accord brake lines under car rusted thru to failure where plastic clamps hold them in place. Brakes failed cannot see corrosion with out removing plastic cover. Fuel line also severly rusted in same location where clamped.

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car image   Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings problem of the 2000 Honda Accord 4
Failure Date: 06/12/2003

Fuel line was leaking gas. Dealer has inspected and agreed with the problem.

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car image   Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings problem of the 1998 Honda Accord 5

Upon shifting vehicle from park to reverse on flat surface with foot depressed on the brake pedal, vehicle suddenly accelerated, running into a fence/trash cans, and a street sign efore vehicle came to a stop. Also,gas tank hose was punctured, causing a fuel leak. Consumer has contacted the dealer. Please provide any further details.

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