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Side/rear Glass Problems of Honda Accord

Honda Accord owners have reported 25 problems related to side/rear glass (under the visibility category).

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2016 Honda Accord 1
Failure Date: 08/02/2016

The contact owns a 2016 Honda Accord. The contact stated that the rear window was distorted. As a result, the contact's vision was obscured. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where it was diagnosed that the rear window was distorted and needed to be repaired. The vehicle was not repaired because Honda informed the dealer not to replace the window because they did not have new equipment. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 70.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2014 Honda Accord 2
Failure Date: 01/21/2014

It was a cold day with wind chilled down to single digits. I took something out from the trunk, got into my car and closed the door. Then I notice that the rear passenger side window glass has been broken into tiny pieces. The whole glass was gone, with half landed inside the car and half outside. The car was parked at the time and there was no one around and nothing that I know of had hit the car door window. The glass just spontaneously shattered.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2010 Honda Accord 3
Failure Date: 03/28/2013

The moonroof glass on my 2010 Honda Accord spontaneously exploded while I was driving down the freeway. Nothing hit it, there was no wind or unusual condition of any kind. One moment, normal driving, then a sound like a big firecracker exploding in the car, then I looked up and about one quarter of the glass was gone out of the center, the rest was shattered into a million pieces but still hanging in place. More glass has broken loose and fallen down and the hole grown bigger over the past day. Though most of the glass broke into safety glass-like chunks, there were some fine slivers in the passenger area that were sharp and difficult to clean up.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2010 Honda Accord 4
Failure Date: 02/07/2012

I rented this 2010 Honda Accord from enterprise (dundalk, MD office) when my car was sent to repair. I noticed that this car was making a lot of noises while driving. Then on Feb 7, 2012 around 6:40am, I just finished work and headed home. I had all the car windows closed. As soon as I entered highway I-95 north (exit #43 in maryland), I noticed there was strange noises. It sounded like some stones jumping inside the door. The strange noises didn't go away and I heard a big explosion sound several minutes later. It was very scary. I thought I was going to lose control of the car. There were cars all around my car. I was afraid of hitting other cars. My first reaction was flat tire or gunfire. However, I noticed the driver side glass was gone seconds later and the car was still drivable. The broken glasses was inside my car and inside the door. This is very scary experience as I have no such experience before and I have not heard similar cases around me. I believe the glass explosion was due to resonance.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2010 Honda Accord 5
Failure Date: 06/29/2011

We were driving on the highway when we started hearing a cracking noise coming from the sunroof. My boyfriend looked up to see the sunroof cracking. He quickly closed the sunroof cover just before the glass shattered. No construction vehicles or heavy equipment were in the vicinity. No rock or other projectile hit the car. I contacted my local dealer and left a message for the service manager. I contacted Honda customer service the next day and got a case number. I dropped my car off at the dealer the following morning with the understanding that the dealer's general manager would take a look at it. Before lunch, I got a call from the dealer that Honda denied my claim for a warranty repair, stating it was accidental damage. I contacted Honda and the regional care manager stated that it could have been caused by a small rock. I was told to go through insurance. I called my insurance. They agreed it was unlikely that it was accidental damage and would want to look at the vehicle to understand if they should try to get money back from Honda. I dropped my car off at the glass company. The company had to order the glass from Honda as it's not regular window glass carried by their vendors. We spoke to a few service writers and a service manager - none had ever seen anything like that. The glass company also said that they never saw anything like it. Sunroof glass is thick and tempered and should not shatter like it did.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2008 Honda Accord 6
Failure Date: 01/03/2011

2008 Honda Accord. Consumer states when driving with lights on, when defroster or air kicks on the lights dim the consumer also stated there was a problem with the window.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2001 Honda Accord 7
Failure Date: 08/31/2009

The contact owns a 2001 Honda Accord. The contact stated that while the vehicle was parked, the passenger front window fractured, then shattered into pieces. Sharp fragments of glass increases the risk of injury. He contacted the dealer and was advised by a technician that because there was no recalls, he would be responsible for the repair. He took the vehicle to a local repair facility and had the window replaced. He has pictures of the failed component. The failure and current mileages were 140000.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2002 Honda Accord 8
Failure Date: 10/19/2008

On Sunday the 19th, my wife had an accident in our vehicle involving a deer. The location was in our area, on a semi-rural 2-lane road. Weather was not a factor, and occurred at approx 11:30am. The deer was average in weight, 70-90 lbs, vehicle speed was 45mph at the time of impact. The point of impact appeared to be on the driver's side of the windshield, eye height of the driver, and was severe enough to shatter approx 90% of the windshield. Integrity of the windshield remained, and was not expelled from the vehicle, nor was it perforated, it was just almost completely shattered. Upon inspection of the vehicle on Monday at the towing yard, I discovered that the interior of the vehicle, front and back, had many particles of sharp glass shards, and almost a complete covering of what I would call "glass dust", which I did not expect. My understanding of safety glass, when shattered, the result is small particles of glass about the size of a pencil eraser, without the sharp shards and dust. My description of this "dust" is just that - like the dust on furniture if left undusted for a while. Had my wife not been wearing sunglasses, she would have had serious injury to her eyes. My question (or food for thought) is this. Is there a difference in the safety standards for u. S. Manufactured vehicle safety glass, and that which is imported? my understanding is that this vehicle was assembled in the u. S. , but the components were imported. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information. Sincerely, gary s. Westbrook.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2006 Honda Accord 9
Failure Date: 03/23/2007

The contact owns a 2006 Honda Accord. When the contact entered the vehicle and shut the door, the rear glass shattered. The temperature outside was approximately thirty to forty degrees. The consumer stated shards of glass were all over the interior of the vehicle - dashboard, front and back floors, the consumer also stated glass was in her hair, neck and back of shoulders. The consumer provided pictures of the vehicle and the invoice for repairs. Updated 05/21/07.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2006 Honda Accord 10
Failure Date: 03/01/2007

The contact owns a 2006 Honda Accord. The contact stated that the driver side window rattles. The dealer lubricated the window. He also stated that the air conditioner does not blow cold air. The dealer stated that the air was not cold because the vehicle was black and the filter was clogged. The VIN and engine size were unknown. The current mileage was 16,000 and failure mileage was 5.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2005 Honda Accord 11
Failure Date: 09/01/2006

: the contact stated while driving various speeds and depressing the brake pedal, the vehicle had a longer braking distance. This occurred on two separate occasions. The vehicle was driven to the dealer, where the problem could not be duplicated. Updated 2/12/2007 - the rear brakes had to be replaced although they had less than 5000 miles in them. The consumer feels that the rear brake are doing most of the braking which is causing the vehicle to slide rather than stop. The dealer told the consumer that they think his driving habits are the cause of the brakes wear so quickly. When rolling down the right or left front windows the consumer heard a grinding noise. The technician lubricated the window glass runs.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 1999 Honda Accord 12
Failure Date: 02/23/2006

: the contact stated the horn worked intermittently and was hard to press in certain spots. The dealership re-fitted the horn wires and determined the horn was operating to factory specifications. The repairs did not repair the problem. The accelerator would always stick in the morning. The door locks worked intermittently. The right front window would squeak when going up. The valve cover gasket was replaced. Updated 05/16/06.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2004 Honda Accord 13
Failure Date: 11/26/2004

Rear window of my 2004 Honda Accord suddenly broke apart and landed in pieces in the rear seat after wiping the outside glass to remove the morning moisture.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2004 Honda Accord 14
Failure Date: 08/03/2004

Defective windshield. After driving the vehicle a few hundred miles after it was purchased, the consumer noticed that the windshield seemed to be distorted. The vehicle was returned to the dealer who agreed that something was wrong. A new windshield was installed and that one was also distorted. In total five replacement windshield were ordered but they all had the same defect. The consumer contacted the manufacturer who provided not furthger assistance. The driver's side exterior mirror was also distorted.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2004 Honda Accord 15
Failure Date: 06/23/2004

The contact owns a 2004 Honda Accord. The front passenger side windows has eight cuts and grease or glue stains on the inside panel of the window. The contact stated that the failures impede her side visibility. She was informed that the window tinting and too much lubrication in the lock mechanism were the cause, also the window was in too tightly, and the window strips needed to be replaced. She took the vehicle to the dealer six different times, but the failure has not been corrected. The dealer and regional manager informed her that she can do whatever she wants, but they would no longer assist. The contact has pictures available and records of the six trips that were made to the dealer. She also stated that her vehicle has been to the dealer 21 times for various failures. The driver's seat failed four times, the tires have been balanced and aligned six different times, and the tires were replaced due to uneven wear. The powertrain was unknown. The current mileage was 50,157 and failure mileage was 1,000.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 1996 Honda Accord 16
Failure Date: 05/28/2004

Good afternoon, I have a 1996 Honda Accord lx 4 doors. The driver side window use to work fine, and as time went by, it began to roll up very slowly, about 10 seconds. Now, it wouldn't roll up anymore. My window is still down right now. I believe it works fine rolling down, but it cant roll back up. I've searched online for what the possible reasons are, and I came upon several forums where people have the same problem as me. I would like to see a recall on this window problem soon.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2000 Honda Accord 17
Failure Date: 01/01/2004

Impossible to see out of rear window -- defective material used by Honda.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2003 Honda Accord 18
Failure Date: 09/06/2003

(1) a. Window being scratched by something in panel. Both driver and passanger window. B. At about 16000 miles it was noticed that the transmission was leaking so badly I couldn't drive out of the dealership. ( I believe the car may have been leaking since purchase. New with only 36 miles. ) c. Trunk liner sagging. D. When making left hand turns if you have the sunvisor out it can swing and hit you in the head. E. Passenger door latch not activated. Could not open door from inside. (dealer forgot to install this on window repair. ) f. Motor mounts not installed correctly. G. Belt tensioner needed replacement. H. Car pulling to the right. F. Black seal around door frame warping. (2) no consequences from any of these failures. Except loss time having to leave car overnight for several days. Who know what longterm effects of a leaky transmission, belt tensioner, and improper motormounts have on the car. (3) under warranty the dealer corrected every problem. Mosts times more then one repair for the same problem was needed to correct the problem. For the tranmsission the dealer tried to stop the leaks with Hondabond. The next morning I had leaks in the drive way. They had my car for a whole week on the first fix attempt. Finally Honda replaced the transmission with a new one. Nothing was done about the visor because the dealer said if they install a new one it will do the same. My windows are still being scratched by the felt lining in the window panel.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2003 Honda Accord 19
Failure Date: 04/02/2003

I have a 2003 Honda Accord 4 dr ex purchased in January of this year. I have a constant problem with the front seat driver and passenger windows rattling or ticking. I have taken the car in twice and have scheduled it for a third time next week. The dealership does not seem to be able to fix the problem. They have admitted that other cars on their lot have this problem including one driven by a sales mgr. They have also called Honda America but have received little if any guidance on how to fix the problem. I will commend the dealership for their efforts to fix the car but I will pursue the lemmon law if this is not fixed.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2003 Honda Accord 20
Failure Date: 04/01/2003

Driver window makes a creaking noise while driving. If you lower the window just barely so as not to hear wind noise, it will sometimes lessen the noise. Otherwise, it is very loud and annoying.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2001 Honda Accord 21
Failure Date: 01/25/2003

Consumer complained about a defective back windshield. Also stated that while entering vehicle back windshield shattered into pieces. Manufacture was contacted, and stated that they have not had problems, and they won't cover it.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 1997 Honda Accord 22
Failure Date: 02/21/1999

While driving heard a pop and hit a bump and rear glass window started to shatter into the vehicle, the rear defogger was on. Dealer not aware of the problem. Problem still exists. Leased vehicle. Provide further information.

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car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 1996 Honda Accord 23
Failure Date: 06/01/1996

Power window motor failed.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 1999 Honda Accord 24

The catalytic converter was replaced three times due to deterioration. The trunk latch, timing belt, balancer belt, and the power door actuator were replaced, the parking brake was adjusted, the are rest and axle seal was replaced, the seat belt failed to retract, and the windows rattled.

car image   Side/rear Glass problem of the 2002 Honda Accord 25

Consumer believes vehicle is not new because the window glasses are etched. The windshield wipers were sluggish upon use and left wiper was very noisy which left streaks on the windshield.

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