Transmission Fluid Leaking Problems of Honda Accord - part 1

Honda Accord owners have reported 47 problems related to transmission fluid leaking (under the power train category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda Accord based on all problems reported for the Accord.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2004 Honda Accord 1
Failure Date: 03/08/2016

2004 Accord transmission began leaking at the same time as abs trouble, what seems to be suspension problems (bad springs?), hood struts failed. These all happened about a month after one dealer replaced an engine mount and leaking power steering fluid container. The trunk opening switch would not work but was too expensive to repair. I had the abs looked at at another dealer and for $100 an "electrical switch" under the gas pedal was replaced. The power steering fluid was leaking again. They said that the transmission needed to be fixed for $2000 and that my car was not in the recall. I saw many complaints about transmission leaks online and about the gas door not opening. The dealer didn't want to hear about that. (engine mounts and hood struts are popular items on amazon. ) I was lucky that my head wasn't under there when the hood fell. I had opened the hood to check the power steering fluid and went to the trunk to get some, when it fell. I was able to replace them from amazon. I had the engine cut out twice while driving in the rain after last inspection. I lost steering and saw the engine light come on so I quickly started the engine again. About a month apart. It didn't happen again. It seems strange to me that all of this happened within 6 months after an inspection.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2005 Honda Accord 2
Failure Date: 11/09/2015

Owner:I hit a dip with this Accord 3. 0 with vtec engine was driving down street when car made funny noise and the steering got hard to turn. Pulled over and found power steering was leaking. Drove it to shop ordered hose then dropped hose with fluid at repair shop. Technician: power steering hose broke hard and old leaking fluid everywhere causing cerpintine belt come off. The hardened power steering hose broke due to fact that breaking of 2 passenger side motor mount to bracket bolts in bracket causing engine to raise during acceleration and pulling on hoses. Car drove in ok. After replacing bracket and hose noticed water leaking from behind timing belt and removed top cover. Found water pump leaking weep hole and found idler pulley and bolt came loose and fell off. (idler pulley has a special bolt with washer end that if dont wiggle the pully while tightening can tighten pulley tweaked and not complete also use loctite) also found the harmonic balancer bolt to be over torqued making it near impossible to remove without special octagon holding tool. Of course customer doesn't understand how so many things are wrong when all he saw was broken power steering hose. (which when fluid leaks can also catch car on fire) now we suggested replacement of water pump and timing kit but customer wants vehicle immediately and feels we created these other problems on purpose which left me no choice but to do labor for free just to prove im not! the lift of engine and fluid leak caused several bushings to come apart. He must have hit dip hard.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2001 Honda Accord 3
Failure Date: 04/02/2015

The contact owns a 2001 Honda Accord. While driving at 30 mph, the contact heard a noise underneath the vehicle. Upon further inspection, the contact noticed fluid leaking underneath the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where it was diagnosed that the transmission needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 91,000.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2000 Honda Accord 4
Failure Date: 01/01/2015

At less than 70,000 miles the transmission on my 2000 Honda Accord ex is failing, even though the car has barley been driven. I started to experience delayed gear engagement, both on on up shifts and downshifts as well as transmission fluid leakage which was initially diagnosed as a bad left side axle seal. When the mechanic proceeded to fix the axle seal, he then re diagnosed the problem as bad bearings and a faulty transmission, a very common problem with the 2000 & 2001 Accords. Since then I have taken the car to several other mechanics and transmission specialists for a second opinion, who have reached the very same conclusion/diagnosis. A vast majority of the transmissions on the 2000 and 2001 Accords have failed or are having problems. The scary part is all the transmission shops are familiar with this issue, some of them see an Accord or an odyssey (similar problem) once a week! from my personal experience/investigation the common consensus is; the Honda transmissions from the late 90's were bulletproof because they were specifically built for the cars from the 90's. However, when Honda upgraded the size of their engines and power, Honda used the same 90's transmissions, which in the long run could no longer handle the the larger engine capacity or the extra power and eventually fail. In 2006 Honda was hit with a class-action lawsuit for the faulty transmissions. Honda settled the matter out of court by extending the transmission warranty to 93 months or 109,000 miles. However, Honda never corrected the problem by redesigning the transmissions or provided a fix. Instead, Honda simply replaced the old faulty transmissions with new transmissions that still had the same faulty design. Now, all the transmission in those cars are failing as well and Honda denies any responsibility, claiming the transmissions are out of warranty.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2003 Honda Accord 5
Failure Date: 11/28/2014

My 2003 Honda Accord ex v-6 has 229000 miles and is need of its fourth set of engine/motor mounts. I have owned several Accords and have never had this problem. The car jerks upon take off and makes grinding sounds when decelerating . Also, the car squeaks, moans, and groans when slowing down to make left and right turns. My mechanic told me it is rare for a car to need motor mounts so often for a vehicle. Due to the broken motor mounts, the car's oil pan has begun to leak due to movement of the engine and transmission and power steering fluids are leaking due to the movement. Also, my airbag warning light turns on intermittently. I have checked several times and my car is not included in the takata airbag recall, but it does concern me. I don't know if there is a problem or if it is an electrical problem.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2013 Honda Accord 6
Failure Date: 10/09/2013

Oil or fluid leak between transmission to engine mating surface.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2001 Honda Accord 7
Failure Date: 11/17/2012

Hi purchased a used Honda Accord on Saturday everything ran fine for about 30 min the. When I got off the freeway I noticed to trans was starting to slip got home and looked under the car and there was trans fluid everywhere on the ground car had lost a good amount of atf. Just spent 4000 on a used car went to the dealer told me the trans was serviced there at 114,000 miles for a trans service 16,000 miles later in going in on a massive leak. Reading about this trans has me worried as I got a car with decent miles thought I'd get a lot more then 40 miles out of it it's at the dealership now awaiting diagnosis if they say its my trans I'm going after someone.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2004 Honda Accord 8
Failure Date: 10/05/2012

Transmission has been accelerating very fast overheating, slipping, it appears the transmission fluid have been leaking however I took it in for service about a month ago and everything was fine. My dealership from February 13, 2012 September 28, 2012 commonwealth Honda has been claiming there is nothing wrong with this transmission the suspension or the timing belt. They performed service and all of them they claim everything is fine. Now less than 30 days later my transmission is broken. A vehicle with just got problems should not continue to be resold.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2002 Honda Accord 9
Failure Date: 12/01/2011

I purchased my 2002 Honda Accord in 2007 and was told by the dealer I purchased it from that they had repaired the transmission as part of Honda's recall. I began leaking transmission fluid and shortly after, the transmission began to hesitate. When I am moving from a stopped position, the engine rev's up but the vehicle will not move then suddenly the vehicle will take off. I am terrified of driving the vehicle. I am afraid of crossing traffic, making turns in fear that the vehicle will hesitate and not move in and I will be hit by an oncoming vehicle. This is a known recall from Honda corporation and unfortunately due to the dealer misrepresenting performing the recall work, I am now stuck with the vehicle and its repair costs.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2004 Honda Accord 10
Failure Date: 09/06/2011

I have a 2004 v6 Accord with 110,000 miles and had a previous throttle position sensor replaced a year ago b/c the tranny did not shift down into lower gear intermittently on highway. Now I have the opposite problem, where tranny doesn't shift up into overdrive. So there is another sensor problem. Turning off/on the car resets it. But local mechanic said test drive showed jerkiness from 1 to 2nd gear, and I've always noticed/ignored a judder from high gear to low gear, e. G. , slowing down at off ramp. And he said the tranny fluid looked burnt. And there is an emissions controller fault and leak too. The recall for 2004 transmissions does not include my VIN. . . And reading the nyt blog from Jan 2011, suggests it might not have been a good recall fix anyway. But in my call to dealer service dept and to Honda n. America, they came across very defensive people on phone. Can't see buying another Honda again.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2003 Honda Accord 11
Failure Date: 09/01/2011

At around 107,000 miles, I noticed my transmission leaking fluid very rapidly. In addition, the front end of the car started vibrating violently between 50mph and 60mph.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2004 Honda Accord 12
Failure Date: 08/12/2011

On June 30, 2004, Hondas north America website released a statement about their voluntary recall to certain Honda & Acura automobiles. My 2004 v6 Honda Accord is mentioned on this recall. On 4/30/05, Honda dealership shows in my repair history report that the v6 automatic transmission second gear is inspected. The report says "inspect 2nd gear and install lubrication kit on transmission. Inspection show no problems". This clearly does not indicate that the repair was completed. Case in point, on other repairs made by the dealer, they will clearly state that repairs have been made by stating "performed tire rotation" or "replaced rear brake pads". On 3/19/11, I take the vehicle in for an oil change and the dealer recommends that the transmission fluid be replaced. This work is completed by the clear definition on the repair order form "drain and inspect transmission fluid, clean magnetic plug, replace drain plug seal, replace with new Honda transmission fuide. Inspect seals and trans for leaks. Performed trans fluid service". Contrary to the 4/30/05 service report, the transmission fluid service was completed. At this time, shouldn't the inspection show wear and tear and cause of concern to the auto technician that the transmission will need to be replaced? this should be a safety flag that goes off to the dealer which was not notified in the history repair log or to myself. On 8/12/11, transmission locks up and car fails on the interchange of highway 270 and highway 40 two major highways in st. Louis. Have to pull off to side of the road and wait for aaa to tow the car to the dealership. The next day, the dealer quotes me a price of $5100 to replace the transmission. Still waiting to hear from my assigned Honda case manager for any assistance for this high quoted price. When contacting other auto technicians, the price quoted is 1/2 the cost.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2007 Honda Accord 13
Failure Date: 01/03/2011

I began having trouble with my power steering at least a year ago, if not more. Upon taking the car to my regular place of maintenance I was informed there could be an issue with the power steering pump but, since it was expensive to replace, it was suggested I replace the fluid first, which I did. Problems persisted and again suggestions from both Honda and other repair/ maintenance facilities were to have the hose or fluid replaced. The hose was never replaced by me. Upon receipt of the safety recall issued in Feb 2013 for the "power steering hose" I took my car in to landmark Honda in alexandria, va to have the recall processed on my car. I was informed the "power steering hose" was replaced, per Honda but was also informed the issue with my car was not the specific hose Honda identified in the recall???????? I was informed my "reservoir hose" was leaking therefore causing my power steering pump to fail. Upon arguing with the local Honda dealership I was informed I was out of luck to have the issue resolved by Honda. I placed a call to american Honda motor CO. , inc and was informed of the exact same thing because "the hose that Honda identified as faulty was in fact replaced, that was just not the issue with your car. " this letter is being sent because, how does the power steering fail on a 6 year old car and how can Honda tell me all of these issues are not related to the same recall? I want these issues addressed as a safety concern and as an expense concern on my part. All of these issues are 100% related and have caused my power steering pump to go bad but Honda will take no responsibility for it. Honda is responsible for fixing this on my car and I want this information made public since clearly they want to ignore it. I expect to be contacted by Honda or by the national highway traffic safety administration and I expect NHTSA to do its job.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2002 Honda Accord 14
Failure Date: 11/22/2010

While driving into work my transmission started to shift improperly and the engine started to rev up during shifting process which could of caused me to run into the back of another car. . . After looking this issue up it appears that Honda has a extreme defect with transmission issues from 98-03 and are doing absolutely nothing about it. When the transmission causes the Honda to shift wrong the engine will rev up when shifting which on bad weather conditions or regular driving conditions can cause a serious accident. Another thing is when you are stopped at a red light and it turns green the car can stall for a brief moment and then rev forward which can cause whiplash to the driver and or passengers in the vehicle. I just purchased my Honda Accord coupe se on 9/26/10 and already I am having this transmission issue and when I took it to Honda they told me that the transmission is leaking out transmission fluid all over the bottom of the vehicle and was told it would cost 2890 from Honda to fix. My CO workers transmission dropped in her Honda Accord causing her car to come to a complete stop in the middle of the road. . . . Please note this is a immediate safety concern considering if you are on the expressway someone including the driver could die.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2003 Honda Accord 15
Failure Date: 07/13/2010

¿ took 2003 Accord ex to south bay Honda in milpitas on Feb 24, 2010 for applicable recall service 1. They performed recall 08-043 wiper motor inoperable. 2. Up shift flaring in second and third gear diagnosed said transmission. Recall already performed by anderson Honda 3. Problem traced to internal transmission concerns. ¿ 4. Fluid level ok, but leak noted 5. Recommended transmission replace $3,596. 00 6. Escalated to mgr who declined to fix contacted Honda America same day explained situation to rep. In recall dept 1. Said recall already performed-transmission; transferred to post-warranty svc dept. 2. Rep. In that dept said anderson Honda did recall and added jet kit on sept 28, 2004 at 20,491 miles, (far exceeding recommended period by Honda w/o removing second gear and inspecting and rebuilding transmission if gear damaged) 3. Asked whether they took pictures of gear and could provide records of that service rep told me thats internal information. We dont give out that information. ¿ 4. Rep. Said that the problem with transmission. Was not gear lock, was flaring not covered by recall 5. Rep said to follow up quickly did so but no response. ¿ car drove ok, so continued to drive while waiting for response. ¿ July 13, 2010 at approx. 9:45am while in route to business meeting - car locked in gear on freeway, loud clunk, tires chirped a tad, and car downshifted to lower gear ea drove car slowly in 2nd gear position to dealership on freeway with hazards nearest dealership in fairfield, CA steve hopkins Honda service advisor said definitely transmission. He said I got it to lock up on me here in the lot. Advised Honda rebuilt transmission repair w/warranty costs $3,750 I explained situation in greater detail said he would contact Honda american Honda regional manager refused any and all assistance with the repair. ¿ paid over $4,400. 00 in all for repairs at Honda dealership.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2003 Honda Accord 16
Failure Date: 12/21/2009

My 2003 v6 Honda Accord has 143,000 miles and needs a second transmission replacement. I have kept current with all the required maintenance, and all the maintenance and repair work has been done at the same Honda dealership from which I purchased the car new in 2003. The first transmission replacement was at 102,000 miles - just past the 100,000 mile extended warranty I purchased. The dealership cut me a break on the cost and it ended up being about half of the full cost but that was still $2000 out of my pocket. Two years later, it is currently in the shop needing another transmission replacement. Honda and the dealership are willing to pay for 75% of the cost but that is still another $1000 out of my pocket for something that should not have needed to be done. It seems to happen quickly too. Three weeks ago I was in for more than $2000 of vehicle maintenance (timing belt replacement. Axle bearing, as well as fluids, etc) - no indication from the dealership that there was a potential problem with the transmission. A week later I took it back since the traction control system was coming on all the time - sometimes while in park, sometimes on the freeway, sometimes on side roads - no rhyme or reason just coming on all the time. They could not figure out what was causing that but found what they thought was a small leak in the wheel bearings. I made a mental note to have it fixed next time I bring it in. Two weeks later it starts to make a funny sound - I think the wheel bearing has gotten worse and take it in immediately. After they look closer at it, they determined the transmission was shot again and needed to be replaced. Luckily I have caught the transmission problems before they have caused the vehicle to fail but it is dangerous never knowing when it will fail. Several of my husbands coworkers with similar year Honda Accords have also had numerous transmission problems which is what is prompting me to report it here.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2003 Honda Accord 17
Failure Date: 02/11/2009

The contact owns a 2003 Honda Accord. While driving 60 mph, the vehicle suddenly performed as if it were in neutral. The rpm's increased, but the speed decreased to 40 mph. The failure lasted for approximately 30-40 seconds. The dealer stated that they were unable to check the vehicle because the engine indicator was not illuminated. The contact was advised to buy a fuel injection cleaner and fill the vehicle with gasoline. After doing so, the vehicle ran normally for seven days; however, the failure recurred at the same speed. The vehicle was almost rear ended. Once the contact arrived at his residence, he placed the gear into reverse. The engine began to rev, but it took the vehicle 10-15 seconds before the reverse function in the vehicle actually engaged. The following day, he checked the transmission fluid and noticed a shortage of fluid, which looked like black oil. There was no sign of a leakage. The contact assumed that the transmission fluid should not have a burning odor. Through research, he found NHTSA campaign id number 04v176000 (power train:automatic transmission). The vehicle is currently at the dealer and they stated that the original owner had the vehicle repaired under the recall; therefore, Honda would only cover half of the repair cost. The contact believes that his vehicle should be repaired under the recall. The current and failure mileages were 102,000.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2008 Honda Accord 18
Failure Date: 12/25/2008

Leaking fluid-took to local dealer who indicated transmission leak & needed new transmission seal. Dealer said they did not know where to order part or when they would have one. We found out by calling corporate 1/2/09 "warehouse shut down through the holidays until 1/5/09 & a case # was filed". Called dealer 1/8 for status & was told they "had seal & working on car, possibly ready that evening or next day" (1/9). Dealer called 1/9 & left msg that car not ready before 1/12. Dealer called 1/12 to say they need to order a new transmission and could not say where they were going to get it. It is going on 18 days and counting and driving a rental since 12/31/08.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2000 Honda Accord 19
Failure Date: 12/22/2008

The contact owns a 2000 Honda Accord. While driving, the vehicle would jerk and leak transmission fluid. She noticed that there was a delay every time she would accelerate. She replaced the transmission fluid consistently. The dealer advised her that the transmission needed to be replaced. She paid $100 for the diagnostic test. She was also told that the manufacturer would pay $200-$300 for the repair but she would be responsible for the remainder which was approximately $2,400. The vehicle had not been repaired. The current mileage was approximately 78,000. The failure mileage was approximately 74,000. Updated 01/05/10. Updated 01/05/10.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2008 Honda Accord 20
Failure Date: 07/08/2008

Transmission was leaking excessive transmissions fluid through the transmission block after only 1800 miles on a new 2008 Honda Accord. Local dealer service department recommended transmission be replaced under warranty. Honda USA customer service denied recommended transmission replacement. Dealer then suggested customer contact Honda USA customer service to get transmission replaced. Honda technical service refused replacement and wanted a dye leak test over a one week period after acknowledging a wide spread concern with transmission leakage. Customer refused one week test due to upcoming long distance trip and left vehicle with dealer to conduct dye test. Dealer conducted dye test with only 60 miles (1 hour drive) to confirm leaking transmission block. Transmission was then replaced but only after needless inconvenience to the customer. There appears to be no current technical service bulletin available regarding this issue?.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2004 Honda Accord 21
Failure Date: 05/10/2008

The contact owns a 2004 Honda Accord. The contact noticed fluid leaking underneath the driver's side of the vehicle. He took the vehicle to a local repair shop and was informed that the leak was coming from the driver side axle seal. The dealer could not repair the seal because the leak would continue. He took the vehicle to a transmission shop and was advised to open up a case with Honda. Honda advised him to take the vehicle to a Honda dealer to confirm the failure. The contact took the vehicle to the dealer and they agreed with the diagnosis from the previous repair shops. He was advised to replace the transmission. The manufacturer stated that his VIN was not included in any recalls. The contact believes that the transmission on a four year old vehicle should not need replacing. The failure mileage was 61,392 and current mileage was 61,422.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2002 Honda Accord 22
Failure Date: 02/28/2008

Found transmission fluid on carport. Immediately took the car to Honda dealer in coral springs(where originally purchased) 2 trips to listen to repair person tell me seals were bad but I needed a new rebuilt transmission. I have no issues with noise, whining, shifting etc. . . Only have 41,528 miles on this car. Never mistreated or driven hard in any way. Was told if seals leaked again that Honda would only replace with rebuilt transmission, not fix transmission or I could choose to go to an independent transmission shop. What is up with this??? I have an extended warranty but come on now, this is stupid. Why would I replace a perfectly working transmission over seals??? has anyone else ran in to this issue? please let me know.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2002 Honda Accord 23
Failure Date: 02/10/2008

My 2002 Honda Accord was purchased brand new with 50 miles on it in November 2001. I am currently at 150,000 miles. Scheduled routine maintenances have always been completed, and I have had no problems with the car until recently. I started noticing a slight hesitation upon starting off several months ago. The check engine light came on. I thought I might have gotten bad gas and put in gas treatments for several trips. The check engine light would not turn off and the hesitation continued. I had a diagnostic done and it reported that the egr valve needed to be checked or replaced. I had the valve replaced. The car appeared to work fine for the next several months. Earlier last week as I started off to work, the car would not shift into the next gear. The check engine light came on and the drive gear on the dashboard started blinking. I immediately stopped, put the car in gear and shut the engine off. I turned it back on and the car hesitated for a few seconds before going into the correct gears. The check engine light remained on. I went to have a diagnostic done and 2 reports ran -- one for an egr valve and one about possible transmission failure. The egr valve had already been replaced so I took it back to see what the problem was this past Saturday. The valve was flushed/cleaned and the light went off. I also had my battery replaced. There was no leak in my transmission and the fluid level/color was ok. Everything went fine. This morning, the car hesitated again and would not shift into the next gear. The check engine light came on and the drive gear on the dashboard was blinking. Several cars were behind me. I tried to accelerate to keep from getting hit, but the car went slower and slower. I had another diagnostic run this morning -- possible transmission failure or low transmission fluid. The attendant checked my levels. Everything was ok. It's the transmission. Autobeef. Com reports this with 2002 Hondas. A recall needs to be done.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2003 Honda Accord 24
Failure Date: 05/11/2007

The contact owns a 2003 Honda Accord. The contact noticed transmission fluid leaking from the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who recommended that the transmission be replaced. The manufacturer offered to replace the transmission for free, but the contact would have to pay for the labor. The current and failure mileages were 78,000.

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2002 Honda Accord 25
Failure Date: 05/08/2007

05-08-2007 oil seal was replaced due to leaking transmission fluid. On 05-21-2007 transmission fluid again was leaking, dealer service center advised the the left seal needed replacement, and/or the transmission needed to be replaced. The out of balance or wheel rotation sound began after an extended trip to wisconsin, on the return trip. There was no leaking at that time. After having the wheels cheked, and no explanation for the sound, we continued to identify the source. When we spotted the fluid on the garage floor we took car in for service. 05-28-2007 precision trans verified definetly the transmission was going bad and seal replacement would not solve the problem. The vehicle has only 71640 miles.

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