Software Problems of Honda Civic

Honda Civic owners have reported 21 problems related to software (under the electrical system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda Civic based on all problems reported for the Civic.

car image   Software problem of the 2016 Honda Civic 1
Failure Date: 06/25/2018

This is my second time. Parked car in garage ,after few hours tried to turn on. When we try to start it wonts, but the sign pops up saying electrical parking brake error. . Car had to be towed twice. Lucky car was in garage when both incident happened. Took it to dealer twice . Today we picked it up found dftc u3ooo-49,ecu internal circuit failure. They performed software update. They said it is ok this time. Can happen again. How can this problem be dealt? my daughter drives this car and she is moving to college in August and will need a car. Hope this problem is dealt quickly. If not will need to replace another car. I feel this is not safe for her to use.

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car image   Software problem of the 2017 Honda Civic 2
Failure Date: 04/23/2018

2 times startup problem. . . Brake problem. . Parking brake problem. . Emissions system problem. . . . Brake hold system problem. . . Power steering problem. . . . Vehicle stability assist problem. . . Hill start assist problem. . . Collisions assist problem. . . All software problem and system error.

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car image   Software problem of the 2012 Honda Civic 3
Failure Date: 03/29/2018

The car randomly displays a check emissions system and check transmission systems error on the dashboard while driving. The check engine light comes on and the "d" indicator on the display flashes. When the check transmission systems error displays the car does not shift as it should. I took it to my mechanic and he couldn't find anything wrong with the engine or transmission, and no error codes came up on his computer. I called the dealership and they said a software update is needed. I am concerned about wear and tear on the engine and/or transmission due to these issues.

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car image   Software problem of the 2016 Honda Civic 4
Failure Date: 02/20/2018

2016 Honda Civic. Consumer writes in regards to software issues resulting from new camera and software programming installation. The consumer stated the adaptive cruise control, gps, lane keep assist, and the road departure mitigation were intermittently inoperable.

car image   Software problem of the 2017 Honda Civic 5
Failure Date: 02/11/2018

Electronic braking failure and miscellaneous electric glitches. Automatic parking brake system failure warning light and brakes are locked in park. I have had 3 different electric glitches. First less than 2 weeks of purchasing my 2017 Civic turn signal was stuck on and would not turn off. Second 1 month after dash screen would not load. It was "buffering / thinking" took it to and dealer couldn't find the cause but fixed with a hard reset and it started working again and checked for software updates and it was current. Third problem a 2 weeks later, started the car and got brake failure warning light and check engine light. Car wouldn't move parking brakes locked up. Tried to push the brake hold and parking brake to manually disengage but wouldn't. Had it towed to the Honda dealership. They did a second hard reset. I question if my Civic was part of the 2016 / partial 2017 recall for electric glitch that included the parking brake issue.

car image   Software problem of the 2016 Honda Civic 6
Failure Date: 07/19/2017

On two occasions, my Civic has "locked up". Upon starting the vehicle, all of the warning light illuminate and the car won't go into gear. I was stuck where I was and had to get the car moving so I forcefully engaged the vehicle by inserting the key into the shift knob area. When driving the car, all of the warning lights were still on and the steering wheel was difficult to move, the vehicle was very hard to maneuver, the brakes did not work well, and the problem persisted. I eventually disconnected the battery and "reset" the computer that way. The problem went away for a few months, then came back again same exact way. The next time, I did the same thing, disconnected the battery and it reset. I do not know if this problem is with the electrical system, transmission, braking, or whatever. All I know is it was very dangerous to drive after I was finally able to engage the transmission. One other point to make, I already had the "parking brake recall" software update completed by Honda. The dealership said they did not have a recall for this type of problem and all they could do would be restart the car until they were able to recreate the problem. I did no think this was a good use of time (theirs or mine) so I am hoping for a recall soon!.

car image   Software problem of the 2016 Honda Civic 7
Failure Date: 07/06/2017

Upon starting vehicle, center console screen was black. When I tapped the power button, the screen flashed green and went black. No radio function, no camera function, nothing. I drove on city streets to the gas station and in a few minutes, the computer suddenly woke up by itself and has been fine since. Just called the service dept. Woman said no one has called about a problem like this, but they'd be happy to run a diagnostic for $100. I've been down this road before with my old prius. They'll run the diagnostic and tell me they can't find anything wrong because they can't recreate the problem. Meanwhile I'll be out $100 and my time. And looking at forums on the internet, this is a problem for other Honda owners, so Honda needs to do something about this. It can be a safety issue. Drive by wire is dangerous if manufacturers can't get reliable software. We'll see if I hear back from the service department or not about TSB or software updates. I doubt it.

car image   Software problem of the 2016 Honda Civic 8
Failure Date: 05/10/2017

(bl missing dealer) tl the contact owns a 2016 Honda Civic. While driving 35 mph, the brake light illuminated and the vehicle became difficult to accelerate for a few moments. After the light went out, the vehicle operated normally. The contact also stated that the information center in the vehicle would randomly flicker and the check engine indicator illuminated. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where it was diagnosed that there was software failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 11,158.

car image   Software problem of the 2016 Honda Civic 9
Failure Date: 01/02/2017

2016 Honda Civic. Consumer writes in regards to brake system and software failures four days after owning the vehicle.

car image   Software problem of the 2017 Honda Civic 10
Failure Date: 12/26/2016

This is a 5-door hatchback in ex trim bought new 12/2016. Within 2 weeks electrical issues started, from xm tuner going out to main headunit going out on a intermittant basis. This disables all audio, bluetooth, climate controls, back-up camera, & lanewatch. "check tuner" shows briefly often. Occurs even when driving. Dealer unable to duplicate, because of this Honda refuses repair. Tpms alert displays frequently, after a tire even a wheel repair/replacement. Per dealer & Honda tech all 4 should be matching set @ time of service, or dealer can attempt hard reset. Software update recently done for this. Told to bring back to dealer if/when tpms lights up again. Known poor android auto performance & apple carplay non-function, no repair at this time (software issues). "christmas tree" display - no abs, traction control, electric steering, airbag malfunction, etc etc. No long-term resolution, per dealer "software issues". Groaning noise when turning wheels left or right from stop, per dealer & Honda tech "normal operation". Sunroof glass breakage is at owner expense, not a warranty coverage item. Engine shakes/shudders on start, again "normal operation" per dealer & Honda tech. Poor horn performance, per dealer only a single low note horn installed. Not loud enough to be heard easily. Owner expense to upgrade to better (louder) unit. Electrical glitches still ongoing almost 2 years now, vehicle has 20,000 miles. This 10th gen Civic not reliable & may prove a safety concern long-term. Am unable to afford replacing this vehicle at this time. Honda customer service has been largely indifferent towards these issues, citing "unable to duplicate" even "software issues".

car image   Software problem of the 2017 Honda Civic 11
Failure Date: 12/16/2016

The contact owns a 2017 Honda Civic. The contact stated that the vehicle's navigation system failed. Although they were on the freeway, the navigation system re-routed them as though they were on the street. The contact also stated that the vehicle's radio failed. The failures occurred without warning. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where it was diagnosed that the system needed a software update. The vehicle was repaired; however, the radio still failed. The vehicle was taken back to the dealer where it was diagnosed that the tuner and antenna needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired, but the rearview and passenger side cameras failed. The vehicle was again returned to the dealer where it was diagnosed that the electrical console needed to be replaced. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 4,900.

car image   Software problem of the 2017 Honda Civic 12
Failure Date: 11/26/2016

Since the first day driving less than 10 miles home from the dealership I have had numerous electrical, a c and drive train or wheel problems. The vehicle had been transferred. From a santa barbara CA dealership to a Honda dealership in san luis obispo CA. They called me on a Sunday to say the car was there it was raining and dark. Car had 400+ miles one it and safety check had not been done since it was originally received when is was 0. On the 7th of a 10 mile ride home the whole. Entire dashboard first sizzled out like an old computer. Monitor going bad then. Completely went blank. I could not tell how fast I was going. At that point I had not yet hooked up my phone. To apple. Play which is a whole nother software endless. Glitch bag of issues. I have had the car for about a year. It popped the hood and almost burned my hands on the hood arm. The digital dash turns black at least 2-3 times a month (no miles. Per hour, etc). Every other day my in dash factory screen radio goes black. The car unlocks itself overnight every few days. Most if this increases with frequency when it rains. At least one time a week the car won't unlock by touch even tho I have the key on me. Since day one the climate control will randomly turn on full blast. Since day one right front loud bearing noise near tie rod arm and loud knock/bearing/bump noisr in drive train area; under dash and in and inside doors and sun roof rattle so loud I have to turn up the music not to hear it like parts are loose, at 9 months hot full blast 90+ degree heat comes on when the a c is turned on (stuck. In heat mode) eventually after being turned off will reset itself then work normal. This has happened again 4 tines in the past week. Since day one turn signals get stuck and don't disengage unless forcibly forced. No clear coat on door jams. Hood, trunk and doors have uneven gaps/misaligned. Cracked lights.

car image   Software problem of the 2012 Honda Civic 13
Failure Date: 01/31/2016

Car randomly does not start. It will go a week or two, then when I try to start it, it needs to be jumped. Battery and alternator tested good. Car sat for several days covered in snow and then started without hesitation, but on a 70 degree day, I pull over to get gas and then have to jump it. Happens every week or two. Honda did a software update a few months ago, and now it happens more often.

car image   Software problem of the 2013 Honda Civic 14
Failure Date: 02/03/2014

While driving on the freeway at 72 miles an hour my car all of a sudden lost power. The dash went completely black and my engine shut off. My steering was extremely stiff with limited range of movement, I feel the power steering shut down. I was able to drift into the open lane next to me and brake to a stop on the shoulder of the road. I attempted to restart my car and it started on the first attempt. Continued to drive to my destination with no further trouble. I took it to the closest dealership a few hours later, they were unable to find any reason for the car shutting off while I was traveling down the freeway. They checked the cars computer and found no codes stored. They test drove were unable to duplicate the problem I had. They checked the battery and battery cables he noted they checked "ok". The tech noted he placed the "board on snapshot to stall". Noting in case this problem occurs again they will have data to aid in diagnosis. They performed a software update hoping it helps to fix the problem. Im not very comfortable driving my car now! very frightening experience!! I would hope Honda can find a resolution to this problem before someone's loved one is injured or injures another in an accident due to the danger of the situation!.

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car image   Software problem of the 2012 Honda Civic 15
Failure Date: 03/07/2013

Tl - the contact owns a 2012 Honda Civic. The contact stated that the maintenance minder system malfunctioned, preventing her from seeing any warnings or the gauges. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The technician diagnosed that the software needed to be replaced. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure but did not offer any assistance since they did not have an available remedy for the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure and current mileage was unknown. Pm.

car image   Software problem of the 2009 Honda Civic 16
Failure Date: 05/03/2012

1. ) taken care car well since purchasing new 2. ) Honda not start in morning 1a. ) no response from car when turn key 3. ) aaa personnel arrived to jump battery 4. ) battery jumped- on spot e-diagnostic check performed 3a. ) diagnostic revealed battery ?drain? 5. ) while being checked with technician engine ?hissed? & car turned off 4a. ) attempted to start car- hard start, hiss and shutdown 6. ) took car to independent mechanic 6a. ) mechanic performed thorough diagnostic check 6b. ) diagnostic check reveal problems could be one/more of following: fuse, wire, battery, computer or computer software. 6c. ) mechanic felt he narrowed to battery, computer and/or computer software 6d. ) battery was changed and car tested. Car performed as should (1/2 day) 6e. ) mechanic advised to listen to car after turning off engine as car still may be running. If engine still running mechanic advised problem deeper than battery 6f. ) mechanic also found problems with engine running too hot/long, freon & coolant being used at high rate. Mechanic refilled freon. 7. ) 2 days after battery change, took key out of ignition, car engine/fans still running 2-3 minutes after 8. ) took car to Honda dealer (where purchased). Dealer mechanic performed diagnostic check. 8a. ) Honda mechanic stated diagnostic check revealed defect with ?whole car? computer software 8b. ) Honda mechanic stated defect caused the engine to have difficulty self-regulating (e. G. Too much/little coolant and freon run higher/hotter in addition to running after key taken out of ignition (as stated earlier)) 8c. ) to patch, Honda mechanic downloaded ?new software? to car computer 8d. ) new software was supposed regulate engine 9. ) following week engine had hard start 10. ) this week (21-25 may 2012) engine not stop after removing key from ignition for several minutes (6e- above).

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car image   Software problem of the 2010 Honda Civic 17
Failure Date: 11/17/2011

The contact owns a 2010 Honda Civic hybrid. The contact stated that the integrated motor assist (ima) warning light illuminated. The electric motor failed, causing the vehicle to accelerate slowly. The failure was recurring. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and a software update was performed but to no avail. The contact took the vehicle for inspection by the dealer and they informed the contact that the battery was on the verge of failing and that they would not replace the battery until it had completely failed. The manufacturer was notified of the issue and informed the contact that the could not assist with the replacement of the battery until the dealer was able to generate a failure code indicating that the battery needed replacing. The failure mileage was 8,400.

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car image   Software problem of the 2007 Honda Civic 18
Failure Date: 06/03/2011

Original owner. After ima battery software upgrade owner now experiences random loss of battery power level. Battery indicator randomly falls to 1 bar and during this time, sluggish to poor acceleration, especially in highway merge situations placing owner is dangerous situations. When battery charged at least 50%, acceleration is acceptable as the ima assist in acceleration.

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car image   Software problem of the 2009 Honda Civic 19
Failure Date: 12/14/2009

The integrated motor assist (ima) system in my 2009 Honda Civic hybrid erratically charges and discharges hybrid battery pack, causing serious drivability issues. The problem first developed at about 8000 miles when the original hybrid battery pack failed. Replacement of the hybrid battery pack and numerous attempts to re-program the ima control software have not corrected the problem. It has continued and worsened through the present mileage of about18000. Acceleration continues to be hesitant, jerky, and extremely weak without the hybrid system operating correctly. The car is dangerous to drive on the interstate because the ima system may be charging a low hybrid battery even when acceleration is needed. In those circumstances there is no power available to accelerate the car. This is opposite of the way the ima should work. In addition, gas mileage has dropped from an average of 43 mpg when the car was new to an average of 34 mpg. The vehicle has been into a Honda dealership 7 times over 20 months for work on this problem. The Honda service technicians have described the car as “scary to drive� and stated “i’ve never seen one do that before�. American Honda claims the car is operating as designed and will authorize no further work. With its poor service history, Honda dealers are not interested in taking the car in on trade, leading to a substantial loss of value.

car image   Software problem of the 2006 Honda Civic 20
Failure Date: 03/17/2008

My 2006 Honda Civic si has an issue with "hanging revs" that even after the release of the gas pedal the rpms seems to stay steady for 1-2 seconds. The inability of the dbw system will eventually lead to early clutch failure, also there is surging and jerking in 1st-2nd gear. I must say that it makes me very nervous to drive because I can't predict what the car will do. The car also seems to have a notchy, stiff, and grinding 3rd gear that won't seem to go away even with recommended fluid.

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car image   Software problem of the 2007 Honda Civic 21
Failure Date: 07/17/2007

When engine is warm and car is at idle (either when stopped at traffic light or when parking before shutdown) and you open/close sun roof and/or power windows the rpms dip, car shakes, and engine almost stalls before rpms recover to normal idle. This has happened at least two dozen times and started happening soon after taking delivery. At approx 400 miles car was taken into dealer and dealer was able to reproduce the problem on my vehicle and also reproduced the problem on other new Civics on dealer lot. Dealer reset pcm and performed idle relearn procedure. This did not resolve the problem. Dealer reported to Honda engineering and they had no knowledge of issue and offered no advice. Additionally at approx 600 miles after car sat unused all day and when attempting to start later that night, the car did not start on first attempt. On second attempt and after cranking longer than usual for startup, the car started roughly with a jolt and ran rough (car shaking) for 3-5 seconds.

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