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Engine Burning Oil Problems of Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey owners have reported 17 problems related to engine burning oil (under the engine and engine cooling category).

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2006 Honda Odyssey 1
Failure Date: 05/26/2016

Excessive oil consumption. Used one quart of oil after 1000 miles.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2005 Honda Odyssey 2
Failure Date: 04/22/2016

Excessive oil consumption with 3. 5l vtec engine for which Honda was found liable on 2008-2013 Odyssey and a slew of other models. My 2005 is doing the same thing yet 2005-2007 cars are not included. Safety wise - when the oil pressure is low enough, the engine will lose nearly all power and cannot safely accelerate (barely maintain speed) yet, the engine oil warning light has never come on in the vehicle. . .

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Honda Odyssey 3
Failure Date: 10/03/2015

Engine burns excessive amount oil without any warning lights. Slowing eating up the camshaft and valve rocker arm. Casing misfire to the engine and eventually engine stops working. Mine did not have the engine stop, but local mechanic verifies that there is a excessive wear to the camshaft units.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Honda Odyssey 4
Failure Date: 08/18/2015

Engine has excessive oil consumption issue. I've been burning about 3 quarts of oil per month.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2008 Honda Odyssey 5
Failure Date: 06/23/2015

Check engine light came on. Dtcs p3400 and p3497 read. No oil on the dipstick. Took it to sussman Honda where they stated that the fix is to replace the rear rocker. I pointed them to TSB 11-033 but they said it didn't apply to my car. Called american Honda CO. And they said the same thing. I filed a complaint. Only later did I discover TSB 13-031, which sussman followed but did not read the diagnosis section since the oil level was below the dipstick. Almost exactly 3 months and 4,000 miles later cel light comes on with dtcs p3400 and p3497 and oil level is below the dipstick, this time the car is starting to vibrate. Ahc still claims this is not a design flaw and offered no assistance. We are now being told by another dealer that burning oil is normal for the "pre-08 Hondas with vcm" and that we should check it regularly. While I appreciate the honesty, I wish that Honda would admit the engineering issue and fix it once for all. Using this much oil can't be good for the environment!.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2005 Honda Odyssey 6
Failure Date: 06/04/2014

Summer of 2014 my 2005 Honda Odyssey was losing power on the road to the point I had to be towed to my mechanic. Turned out I was low on oil with no leaks at all and not due for an oil change. This is very stressful on my engine. My van is only used for local travel, about 20 miles per day and I have been needing to add oil about once per month, still with no leaks. I understand there is a class action suit for Honda Odysseys 2008-2013 for excessive oil burning, entering the combustion chamber and burning excessive oil at normal operating speeds and conditions. . Read more...

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Honda Odyssey 7
Failure Date: 06/16/2013

Van began to stutter on acceleration and check engine light came on. Took to personal mechanic who diagnosed a mis-fire in cylinder #2. Removed spark plug to find it coated with oil and carbon. Says it appears oil is leaking through the engine valve stem seals and coating the plug. He replaced the plug. Have since took it to local Honda dealership and performed an oil consumption test. Over 1 quart consumed in 1200 miles of driving. Have asked that stem seals be replaced under good will but Honda has denied request because service has not been performed at dealership and thus they cannot guarantee workmanship and parts installed. Vehicle continues to consume oil and after checking #2 cylinder plug recently, continues to contaminate spark plugs.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2008 Honda Odyssey 8
Failure Date: 05/13/2013

Spark plugged fouled in may. Oil consumption was at least a quart per 1000 miles at the time (every few weeks of driving). Had to replace spark plug and excessive oil consumption remains the same or greater. I am afraid that oil consumption will eventually cause engine failure while driving. Spoke to Honda multiple times and they either say oil consumption is normal or wait until failure for extended warranty to kick in.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Honda Odyssey 9
Failure Date: 11/06/2012

Engine oil service was performed by independent mechanic at 33,599 miles, who informed that the engine oil level was low prior to draining the crank case. I began monitoring engine oil quantity thereafter. Currently with 39,252 miles on the vehicle the engine oil consumption rate is about 1 quart per 2,500 miles, which seems excessive for an engine with low mileage. This rate equates to consumption of half of the entire crank case between engine oil change cycles. If not monitored and filled the engine may be damaged due to low engine oil quantity and pressure. A significant safety impact is present if the owner is not aware of oil consumption and the engine seizes. The engine is the Honda sohc vcm, 6-cylinder (v6), gasoline engine.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Honda Odyssey 10
Failure Date: 06/01/2012

While driving on an interstate at approximately 65-70mph, the check engine light came on and the car began to ride very rough (approximate date of 6/1/2012 at ~65,000 miles). Pulled off the highway and had the car towed to the nearest Honda dealership (as recommended in owners' manual). Service at dealership inspected the car and found the spark plugs to be fouled. Replaced spark plugs (#3 was one), and all seemed fine. The same scenario happened again on January 31, 2013 (at 75,126 miles) - again with no warning the check engine light came on (while driving) and car began to sputter. Had car towed to nearest dealership. Again the spark plugs (#3 specifically) were fouled. Replaced the all spark plugs. Found out that I was two quarts low on oil eventhough the oil had been recently changed (1/7/13 at ~73,000 miles) and no oil was leaking from my car (I. E. No oil spots on driveway, etc. . . ). The same scenario happened again on 5/2/2013 (at 81,320 miles). . . Check engine light came on (while driving and with no warning), car starts to sputter. I have it towed to nearest dealership, and the spark plug (#3) are found to be fouled again. Again, oil is two quarts low (oil had been changed on 3/21/13 at 78,976 miles). Fix all again and change oil to to an oil consumption test. Test found that my car is consuming at least 1 qt of oil per 1000 miles and that is causing my spark plugs to foul. Honda says my oil consumption is within "normal parameters" and will do nothing to fix the problem. Honda feels that having to add oil every 1000 miles accpetable. I disagree! if I don't check the oil every 1000 miles (and add at least a qt), then I risk driving with no oil which will cause my engine to seize. Also, even adding the oil doesn't resolve frequent spark plug damage causing engine breakdown. This car is unreliable and unsafe!.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Honda Odyssey 11
Failure Date: 12/01/2010

The vehicle is burning 1 quart of oil in between 600 and 800 miles. I now change the oil every 3000 miles. The computer still shows that I have upwards of 40% of the oil life remaining when changing the oil. My mechanic(not Honda dealership) has tried contacting Honda but gets no solution. I have tried contacting dealer but they say that a quart of oil every 600 miles is normal. Car stalls out when under 2 quarts of oil. Honda recalled years after my Odyssey with same issue but has not recalled my year. Same engine and computer, same problem.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2005 Honda Odyssey 12
Failure Date: 10/06/2010

Excessive oil consumption noticed at 85,000 mile oil change, approx 1/2 quart per 1000 miles dissapearing. No noticable smoke, nothing on driveway. Loss of this much oil between maintenance cycles could cause engine sieze resulting in accident. Service/manufacturer claim this level of consumption is "normal".

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2010 Honda Odyssey 13
Failure Date: 06/10/2010

2010 Honda Odyssey exl with 8500 miles burns an excessive amount of oil between oil changes. If I follow the maintenance minder system I could be left stranded on the side of the road with a blown engine.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2005 Honda Odyssey 14
Failure Date: 01/14/2010

Dear safecar. Gov: I am an owner of a 2005 Honda Odyssey van. I have experienced sudden engine stalling and highway speed dropped to below 15 mph on my van since January, 2010. It has happened four times. I have worked with Honda dealers and Honda car for over eight months, from Jan 2010 to Aug 2010 without success. I then went to another Honda dealer and finally able to find the problem: the 2005 Odyssey van is the first model and year Honda has put the new v6 engine with three cylinders shutting off during cruising speed to save gas, which makes sense. However, because of the temperature difference between the cylinders, the idling cylinders begin to burn oil on the cylinder rings. And there is no “low oil� warning sensoer from the car, but has a “low oil pressure warning�. However, the “low oil pressure� will only kicks on with the car engine starts to stall. It was very dangerous to have my van staff from highway speed to less then 15 mph in a matter of couple seconds. It has happened four times from January, 2010 to may, 2010. I have all the service records and descriptions. Honda has been denying any problem until they limited release a new software in January, 2011 to periodically fire the idle cylinders to minimize temperature difference between the cylinders so that they will not burn motor oil. However, Honda has not done a “recall� on this safety issue (the engine stalling at high speed when oil pressure is too low due to motor oil burning). The dealer service manager told me that Honda is reluctant to conduct such safety recall, they are afraid that with firing up the idled cylinders; they may fail the epa mileage claims. All the post 2005 v6 with “econ� mode to save gas models will have this problems once the cars are driven, let say over 70,000 miles. It will take a few years of motor oil burning before the oil level is low enough to trigger the “low oil pressure� sensor and stalls the engine. Please look into this issue and feel free to contact.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Honda Odyssey 15
Failure Date: 10/01/2009

Honda Odyssey exl oil consumption-I have a 2009 Odyssey that consumes oil. Roughly, every 1,500 miles, I am adding a quart of oil.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2005 Honda Odyssey 16
Failure Date: 12/24/2008

2005 new Odyssey has always needed a little oil. Van broke-down out-of-state christmas eve 2008 . In 3 weeks, head gasket and catalytic converter replaced. Van now burns 1 quart of oil per week. Dealer refused to tear-down engine on first two visits since break-down. Now a month later, upon 3rd visit, dealer is finally now requesting an inspector to find engine problem and ok extended warranty coverage, if we will cover the cost of $1600 tear down.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 1999 Honda Odyssey 17
Failure Date: 12/29/2006

The car seems to consume motor oil and I have to add motor oils after certain miles. I did oil level check every month or bi-monthly and I started to realize that I was driving the van with very low oil low level. At first I thought it could be because the car is old but from my experience with other much older car, oil consumption has not been an issue. Check with the dealer and other mechanics and they all gave me the same explanations that the issue is related to the mileage of the car (getting old). At the time I started to realize the issue, the car had only approximately 80k miles. . .

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