Unknown Or Other Problems of Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey owners have reported 178 unknown or other related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common unknown or other problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's unknown or other (178 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Honda Odyssey

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

I took my car in for an oil change and they advised me that my front engin motor mount has gone bad. I have not gotten it replaced however they are charging my $800. 00 for it. After reading thousands of complaints online it seems that Honda 2005's and above are having issues with them breaking more often then what they should be since the actual unit is tucked up right near the exhaust manifold and the rubber wears out quickly. I have never ever experienced a car where you had to replace the mount under 100k miles.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

Have had intermittent vibration coming from engine compartment. Primarily occurs at any speed when the vcm or eco mode activates. Not sure what other issues this may cause but seems unsafe. Honda dealer diagnosed issue as a broken rear engine mount. Cost to repair is $866.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

My husband parked our 2003 Honda Odyssey in our driveway, alongside the main entrance to our home. He removed the key and went inside, placing the key in the usual location. He changed his shirt, intending to remove from the car the 4' x 8' sheet of exterior plywood he had just purchased. When he went back outside, the car had rolled backwards down our driveway and across the road, and was floating in the lake directly in front of our home. The car slowly sunk to the bottom of the lake. A tow truck was called and a diver located the vehicle in the 15 foot deep water. The insurance company "totalled" the car, and said the incident was the fault of the driver, for not putting the car in "park", even though the key had been removed. The car was not stopped on a sloping surface, but the weight of the plywood probably caused the car to roll backwards onto the sloping part of our driveway. Since there has been no recall based on this defect, the insurance company places full blame on the driver. How can I get them to not charge this incident to driver negligence? he has never had a chargeable accident, and this should not have happened, with the key removed from the ignition.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

A/c stopped blowing cold air all of a sudden. Took car to dealer for diagnosis. Dealer stated rock punctured the condenser, and is not covered under warranty. We believe, and thousands of others, that this is a manufacturers defect and flaw in design that does not adequately protect this component, hence american Honda is making a ton of money off its customers for repairs. Contacting american Honda for resolution is useless, as they are standing behind a routine explanation of that they are not liable for this type of failure, in their design. We need help!.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

I was able to remove the key without putting the vehicle gear on park and went for a movie with family. After watching movie, I came back, I put the key and tried to start the vehicle, it didnt start. I couldnt realize that the vehicle is not in park, it was late night, myself and my family was left alone trying to start the vehicle, it was very scary, and later realized and started the vehichle after putting it to park.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

Driving under nomal conditions, the transmission started jerking and slipping losing traction. The warning light came on. I took it to my mechanic the next day. He ran a diagnostic check and replaced the two solenoids that contolled the automatic transmission shifting. I drove it 25 miles and it started jerking again and slipping.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Car key would not turn the ignition. . . It would lock up and a few minutes later work. We had to replace the ignition lock assembly and now have a different keys to start the car then the car doors. The cost of the new ignition lock was $402. 03.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

Vehicle was parked. Driver used front dash auto open button to open side door on driver's side. 6 year old child in the back seat had gotten out of her car seat and as the door was opening her leg slipped into the open space between the door and the retractor bar. The door did not register that there was an object and continued to press on her leg until driver was able to exit vehicle and pull sliding door handle to reverse direction to free up the child's leg. Leg was painful but no serious injury on this occasion.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

I was returning home and after driving on the freeway for approximately 45 minutes of driving at approximately 65 mph I heard a pop under the hood of my van and began to see smoke. I was unable to accelerate and had to turn on my hazard lights and pull off the freeway at the next exit. Upon taking my vehicle to my mechanic, I was told my transmission had failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

I am having transmission problems, when shifting from 1st gear to second it slips and suddenly goes into gear, also when in 4th gear it tends to slip, rev up then jumps back into gear. I think its very dangerous and may cause an accident. I read the fourms on problems with the trans on the Odyssey and noticed there is too many complants on the same problem. I hope you can look into this issue and help resolve this issue for me and all the other Honda Odyssey owners. Thank you. . . . . .

Unknown Or Other problem #11

I parked my car, removed the keys and exited the vehicle. Once outside, the car began to roll backwards and I pushed against it to hold it from rolling into the car parked next to me (the front wheels were turned). I re-entered the car and shifted it into park and applied the parking brake.

Unknown Or Other problem #12

When pulling into a packing space, the car had a sudden unintended acceleration. The car then leap over curb and bushes and hit the wall at front. Front bumper damaged and airbags were deployed.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

Rear engine mount is broken. Car has approximately 74,500 miles and is a 2006.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

Parked car in parking lot--backed into spot--put into park?--shut off engine/removed key and exited vehicle/locked door and went into store--was informed within 5 minutes car had rolled approx' 50 feet into friends pickup truck. . My left front[driver side] had smashed into right rear of truck-no damage to trk--my car actually in reverse when key removed and engine stopped.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

Our brand new 2012 Honda Odyssey touring elite judders between 25-40 mph between shifts. The judder can be anywhere from mild and very transient to rough bucking that lasts for over 2 seconds before it smooths out. Under mild or heavy acceleration, I have not not noticed the judder. It seems to only happen under moderate acceleration. It also seems to occur more violently while going uphill. It happens at least 90% of the time during the shift between 2nd and 3rd gears under moderate (typical) acceleration. This judder results in a loss of expected acceleration and decreased control of the vehicle. While researching this problem, it became obvious that I am not the only person experiencing this issue and feel that Honda must recall these vehicles to permanently repair the underlying issue. This issue affects more than just the 2012 model year.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

I was backing out of my garage. When I negotiated a turn into my turnaround, I heard a loud noise coming from the front tire area. I stopped and looked under the vehicle, saw no visible damage, then drove immediately to my mechanic's garage. Upon inspection, I was told that both front coil springs were broken.

Unknown Or Other problem #17

Rear engine mounts broken. Front engine mounts very poor condition. Been advised that common problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

Rear back hatch suspension shocks leak and lose pressure. Per Honda dealership could be a on going problem and needs replaced every couple of years. Per the Honda dealership, they have seen this happen in vehicles that are a year old.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

Power steering making wining noise. Fluid appears be bubbling.

Unknown Or Other problem #20

The rear powered tailgate has malfunctioned. The struts do not hold the door open and when you open the hatch with the powere button it fully opens then jerks two times then closes. If you open the hatch manually the struts do not hold the door at all and it slams shut.

Unknown Or Other problem #21

While driving on I-4 at 55 miles/hr, my Honda Odyssey's transmission gave up. It stalled without a warning. This is my 2nd transmission from Honda which was installed last 12/2009. Now after less than 2 yrs and 23,9000 miles later, the re-manufactured transmission malfunctioned. The worst thing, I was with my family when it happened and we were almost had a tragic accident. Just imagine a van traveling @ 55/hr and suddenly stopped on a busy 1-4 in orlando florida. Looking at the Honda Odyssey's forum, this is not an isolated incident. How can we prevent this from happening again? Honda had been sitting for nothing and waiting for a sentinel event to happen. This event should have been prevented if our government would enforce a much stricter rule.

Unknown Or Other problem #22

Complete transmission failiure while vehicle was operating at highway speeds.

Unknown Or Other problem #23

VIN not available: car currently in service on Monday, 12/19/2011, the Odyssey accelerated even after applying brakes to slow down. Had to pull into service shop and drive until the car could be safely placed in park, and had to shut off the engine. Was told the electronic throttle position sensor (part #047211) would have to be ordered from Honda and replaced. The car was available for pick up on Tuesday 12/20/2011. On Wednesday, 12/21/2011, while traveling east on the new york state thruway the car began to accelerate again above the speed limit without stepping on the gas. The cruise control was not on. The car continued to accelerate after depressing the brakes. I had to pull to the side of the road and into a service station. Continued to drive around parking lot until I could put the car in neutral and, again, shut the engine off. Even when car was turned back on the engine accelerated. The car is currently at a certified Honda repair shop in yorkville, n. Y. Being evaluated. They are telling us they will need to check engine and transmission mounts on the vehicle (due to being in an accident in 2009, but was reconditioned in 2010 by another Honda dealer), also will check cable between throttle body and gas. Still waiting to hear if anything has been resolved. This car is the main car for our household which includes 4-year-old triplets (one has special needs). Only the operator was in the vehicle when both incidents occurred.

Unknown Or Other problem #24

Transmission failed on car. Lost power to wheels. Had to pull car off to shoulder of road and get it towed to mechanic.

Unknown Or Other problem #25

On 12/17/2011, I took my 2008 Honda Odyssey in for service to have the transmission checked since there was fluid leaking and what felt like transmission slippage. Because I purchase the car new, had all of my services completed, and because the van only had 84,000 miles, you can imagine my surprise when sons Honda (same place where I purchased and had all services completed) informed me I needed a new transmission and quoted me a price of $4,105. Because the mileage was over 60,000 miles, when I filed a customer complaint with Honda customer relations, I was informed there was nothing that could be done.

Unknown Or Other problem #26

Tl- the contact owns a 2011 Honda Odyssey. The contact stated that the letters on the gear shifter were not visible at night. The contact was afraid he was going to shift into the wrong gear. The contact sent a letter to the manufacturer but received no response. The defect was brought to the attention of several dealers but none offered assistance. The failure and current mileage was 15,000. The VIN was not available. Pmb.

Unknown Or Other problem #27

The tailgate of my van, didn't stay open. As soon as I leave my hand from it, instead of staying open, it just came down and closed. I was nearly hurt. . . . . I talked to american Honda, and they didn't think this is worthy of recall. Even though, 2008 Honda odyssy has a similiar defect and they have issued recall. But not for 2007 model.

Unknown Or Other problem #28

2007 - 2010 Honda Odyssey owners are targeted to receive notification of a "warranty extension" to replace the power steering pump under certain conditions. I received the notice for my 2007 Honda Odyssey, suffered with the "hard to turn" condition (see TSB 10-076) and associated pump whining noise that is described in TSB 07-005 (defective pump reservoir). Although the pump was extended warranty replaced at university motors (missoula) I was required to pay for the replacement of the reservoir ($66. 08). My understanding is that the reservoir defect is what causes the pump to fail. I believe that a recall should be required and all owners that have been required to pay for the reservoir (or pump) should be 100% reimbursed. American Honda automobile refused to reimburse for this replacement stating that the extended warranty applies only to the pump. Please review huge complaint data base.

Unknown Or Other problem #29

Transmission failed at 156500 miles.

Unknown Or Other problem #30

Both tailgate struts 74820-shj-a01 failed simultaneously causing the gate to close while occupants were under the gate. Not sure yet if anyone is injured. Honda infromed me that my model was not one of the affected models, therefore I am not covered by a recall. This is a dangerous situation.

Unknown Or Other problem #31

Driving up to 40mph the 3rd gear in the transmission had a problem with shifting. It was slipping from 3rd to 4th and shook the whole car vigorously. From 2nd to 3rd the gears wouldn't grab very smoothly either. Stopping the car from 40mph to 0mph when it down shifted the car would shake again because of failure with the 3rd gear not working properly. We had to take it to a transmission shop and had to get 3rd gear rebuilt. The whole repair on the transmission cost me $2,650. 00.

Unknown Or Other problem #32

Van had difficulty shifting from 2nd -3rd gear with slipping and revving exceptional high before transitions suddenly into next gear. Van was recalled at 24,000 miles for repair to fix the transmission problem, which was completed in 2004 as requested. This van had been diligently maintained only at dealership, other than routine oil changes, and we are the original owners. Sevice department at dealership states that the transmission is shot and needs to be replaced, costing $6600. Honda of America is not helpful and unwilling to help in any manner.

Unknown Or Other problem #33

I was stopped @ a red light on a 50 mph speed limit road & when the light turn green I pushed the accl the van rolled on but will not acclerate further engine kept reving & a big construction truck almost rear ended me looks like the transmission stalls the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #34

The transmission is slipping.

Unknown Or Other problem #35

Rear liftgate struts on 2007 Honda Odyssey experienced sudden failure causing the rear liftgate to suddenly close on me when standing under it. Struts are manufactured by stabilus part # 6826ur 0810n 334/06 c7. The part number is 74820-shj-a012. There was a previous safety recall for the 2005 Honda Odyssey for this same issue. The NHTSA action number ea08015. There is no recall notice for the 2007 sudden strut failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #36

Our car started having a louder engine/transmission noise during acceleration and going uphill. When the dealer checked it out they said that the rear engine mount would need to be replaced (at a cost of $800 plus). After doing some research on this, I believe that this is a design flaw with the Honda Odyssey that occurs because of the variable cylinder engine, which cuts out 2 cylinders when they are not needed and thus saves gas mileage on these cars. My understanding is that the rear motor mount on these cars was designed to help dampen any vibration caused when the 2 cylinders were not in use and has been wearing out before its regular life (some at 50,000 miles). I request that NHTSA look into both the design of this device and also the excessive cost of the part for these cars (other engine mounts are considerably cheaper) -- and I propose a recall to replace the part. Thank you.

Unknown Or Other problem #37

Transmission would not shift into second gear.

Unknown Or Other problem #38

When I open the liftgate it does not hold up. The tailgate gas strut has failed I only have 33000 miles on it.

Unknown Or Other problem #39

My wife tried to open the (powered) liftgate via the handle. The liftgate would not open this way. When she tried the remote, it opened it apx 90 percent of the way. When it reached the apx 90 percent mark, it seemed that the motor opening it jammed and the gate came down quite quickly, falling unexpectedly on my wife's back. I researched this problem and saw that there is an open investigation on this same matter (NHTSA campaign id number: pe11034).

Unknown Or Other problem #40

2002 Honda Odyssey with 147,000 miles on it. Transmission needs to be replaced.

Unknown Or Other problem #41

The power back hatch on my 2009 Honda Odyssey ex l slams shut and will not hold. The power back hatch opens all the way up, tries to stay up but slams back down. While loading the vehicle with luggage the hatch slammed down on my back knocking me to the ground. The strut failed without warning.

Unknown Or Other problem #42

Transmission failure and catalytic converter failure. It appears that most 2001 Honda Odysseys had transmission failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #43

The passenger side power sliding door on my Odyssey malfunctioned, and abruptly closed after opening about six inches. My daugter's hand was caught in the door, and she has a fractured thumb.

Unknown Or Other problem #44

At less than 80,000 my Honda Odyssey have been diagnosed as having a broken rear engine mount causing vibration/ratlling noise. Several Honda Odyssey van owners have similar complaint.

Unknown Or Other problem #45

My 2004 Honda Odyssey minivan experienceing problems with my automatic transmission while iam driving it is unsafe I bought this vehicle for my family I rely on this vehicle I got no help from the dealership I bought it from and the warranties were lousy the customer service as well please help .

Unknown Or Other problem #46

Excessive shuddering / jarring with 2007 Honda Odyssey touring model. Problem was recognized when initially purchases used from luther Honda in hopkins, mn. They said it was an engine mount issue and replaced one of the engine mounts. Problem still exists with shuddering/jarring occurring when the eco system kicks in and out.

Unknown Or Other problem #47

On the freeway when all of a sudden without warning slipped and lost power. Very scary with small children in the car and was barley able to make it off the freeway without getting into an accident. Only by the grace of god did we make it safely off the freeway. Honda dealer said we needed a new transmission. I had the extended warranty up to 106,000. Just a few thousand miles over warranty and Honda would only grant %50 coverage. Still cost me $2797. 00. Honda of America knows all about this transmission problem but still does not compensate loyal Honda customers. My dealer replaced this transmission (that had a previous recall in 2003) with a "re-manufactured transmission" now on September 19, 2011 the tcs light came on with the engine warning light and the car "shuddered" badly at 30 mph. Brought to the dealer but they are denying that it is a transmission problem? we bought the Honda Odyssey for its safety features and reliability. Honda and their dealer are not standing behind their product. I will look elsewhere for my next car purchase.

Unknown Or Other problem #48

Passenger side sliding door failed to disengage the lock. Had to take to the dealer where they removed the door panel and replaced the latch. Since the door would not open they had to do this from the inside of the vehicle. On 9/1/2012 the driver side sliding door also failed to disengage the lock. I have not had this repaired yet. I believe this is a safety defect. Luckily both times we were parked, but if it had been an emergency valuable time would have been wasted in trying to get a non-functioning door to open.

Unknown Or Other problem #49

2003 Odyssey left my wife in a terrible situation. It suddenly failed when she was in the middle of traffic with children in the car. With no warning, it would not move the vehicle and ground to a stop, leaving her almost out of control of the vehicle. Honda is supposed to be a manufacturer with well designed, reliable products, but it is not so with this transmission. When a manufacturer realizes there is a problem with a vehicle, but year after year after year does nothing to remediate the problem, it is irresponsible and reckless to continue to manufacture the vehicle with the problematic transmission.

Unknown Or Other problem #50

While attempting to secure my child into his car seat, the right side door slammed into my arm, causing extensive bruising. This is not the first time that the door has been malfunctioning. I have frequent issues keeping the door opened while trying to secure my children in their seats. Door will not just stay opened.

Unknown Or Other problem #51

While the rear door (hatch) was open and I was unloading the vehicle, with no warning, the hatch slammed down. I opened the hatch again, and it will no longer stay open on it's on.

Unknown Or Other problem #52

While driving on a highway 65 mph with my kids in the car, the drivers side automatic sliding door opens all by itself. We had to find a place to pull over and shut the door. The door opens fine but will not latch on and close properly anymore. The interior cal lights go on and everything starts beeping and dashboard starts flashing. It is not only very distracting but also very dangerous. The door just won't shut anymore.

Unknown Or Other problem #53

Failure of exhaust system heat shields could cause vehicle fire. Consumer has no way of knowing that the safety shields are no longer in place. Dealer indicated exhaust system heat shields were loose and missing and had to be replaced. Dealer indicated failure to replace could result in melting of insulation on electrical wires. I feel the heat shields should have been manufactured using stainless steel to prevent corrosion and loss of this important safety feature. At $615 to replace, it is unlikely many people will have this work performed, especially as the vehicle ages. There are normal/expected safety features that car owners expect to replace (tires, wiper blades and bulbs). The consumer has no way of knowing if the safety shields have fallen from the vehicle. When contacting Honda customer service I was told it was my responsibility to keep the car operating in a safe manner. But if I was not told (by the dealer) that I had a safety issue, I would have had no way of knowing. There are likely many other unsuspecting Odyssey owners with this potential safety/fire hazard.

Unknown Or Other problem #54

There was a recall back on 4/25/00 for the door latch assembly. The recall # was 00v119000. I'm having the same exact problem again with the door not closing all the way. I called hennessey Honda in woodstock, GA and they told me that they didn't have that recall on record. Then they went on to say that they won't fix it again. I checked the history of the vehicle recalls and don't see where this was done. Why should I have to pay for this repair when it was already dtermined that it's a manufacturer defect? is there a time limit on how long Honda will fix this repair for free?.

Unknown Or Other problem #55

My a/c system failed much like the complaint descriptions you see below. First Honda of texas quoted me $850-$1,185 to fix it depending on whether I wanted to replace the entire compressor or try a temporary fix with some components (clutch & coil). As a result, I will do the following: 1-make my displeasure known to first texas Honda - done but will escalate 2-research the issue - in process 3-file a goodwill claim with Honda - done & rejected 4-speak with the service manager and general manager or owner of first texas Honda 5-file a complaint with Honda of America 6-file a complaint with the department of transportation, nhsta - doing now 7-post complaints on numerous websites 8-inform all people I know looking for a Honda to check out the actual reliability on a number of Honda vehicles that goes unknown to most of the general public 9-stand on the public sidewalk outside first texas Honda with a sign that states "do not buy a Honda, ask me why!" - tomorrow 10-other actions tbd the remedies I seek: 1-fix my a/c 2-add a protective grill so I don't encounter multiple failures as some Honda customers have endured 3-address other recall items such as airbag sensor, etc. . . .

Unknown Or Other problem #56

I was sold a vehicle in michigan with a speedometer and odometer that registered in kilometers. When I sold the vehicle to a dealership the dealship advised me that the dealership who sold me the vehicle violated the law and that they were responsible for converting the vehicle to u. S. Standards. This resulted in $2500 loss in the value on my trade in.

Unknown Or Other problem #57

The car was moving @45 mph. Sunny dry conditions temp 80 degrees. Sunroof is closed, cover is open, the sunroof explodes. No other windows are open. Glass falls inside cabin. Dealer notified and agrees to replace. A request has been made to escalate this issue with Honda and NHTSA due to safety concerns with rear passengers being hit with flying glass debris. The same issue has been discovered with other Honda models and model years namely 2010 crosstour, and 2005 Odyssey. It appears this issue can be inaccurately filed under comprehensive insurance policies whereby owners and dealers "suspect" an object strike as the cause. This is not the case.

Unknown Or Other problem #58

The rear power liftgate was opened without manual assist. It reached the top and stayed up for a few seconds, then closed unexpectedly falling onto the head and sholders. The problem kept getting worse. The rear lift gate if manually opened would fall after a few seconds.

Unknown Or Other problem #59

I am writing today with concerns about my 2003 Honda Odyssey. The vehicle was recently at the dealership for a timing belt replacement. Much to my dismay, I received a call saying that the front and side engine mounts were bad and needed to be replaced at a cost of $516. 81. I must say that I have never heard of engine mounts going bad on a vehicle and needing to be replaced. We bought a Honda Odyssey to have as a reliable family van that we planned to keep for a while. One of the main reasons we bought a Honda is because of the noted reputation for being a safe and reliable auto brand. The dealer stated that the motor mount replacement should correct another problem that we reported with the van. The transmission regularly makes a terrible clunking noise when it is shifted from park to reverse. We also reported this same clunking and some slipping in the transmission when the vehicle was under warranty and were told that it was not a problem. These problems have never gone away and we have great concerns about the viability of the transmission in our Odyssey. Fortunately it has not left us stranded on the roadside and stuck with a huge repair bill yet. Our concerns seem to be validated based on the information we have read on various web sites about the problems and failures of the Odyssey's transmission. We went ahead and spent the money to have the engine mounts replaced. However, this has not fixed the problem with the “clunking� noise when shifting the vehicle from park to reverse. I would like to think that we could drive this van for several years to come and accumulate well over 100,000 miles based on the purported reliability of the Honda brand. It looks like the motor mount issue as well as the transmission problems should prompt a recall for this model year due to the volume of issues.

Unknown Or Other problem #60

Transmission was not shifting correctly ---loud noises and the engine was revving and van was going nowhere---could only move if speed was kept under 20mph kept in first gear----------brought vehicle to my mechanic for diagnosis( he told me the tranny was bad and needed to be replaced ) only having mileage in the 54000-55000 range and knowing the vehicle was driven around town and the occasional vacation trip since we bought it new. I called Honda and was given a case number and they told me they would not honor my mechanics diagnosis and I needed to bring it to a Honda dealer. They agreed and told me the transmission needed to be replaced also and charged me $120. 00 for my "diagnosis". They also informed me they could replace the transmission and computer for $7800. 00. They told me both the computer and transmission needed to be replaced at the same time in order to have a "warranty" applied to the new transmission. I asked which item was bad the transmission or computer that told the tranny to shift at the correct rpm. They would not answer the question just that the home office has set this precedent ---both need to be replaced at the same time. Seems as though they don't have an idea what is going on or just covering themselves. My mechanic replaced the transmission and computer with genuine Honda parts for a little under $5000. 00 and I have the "warranty" they offered as well. I am still waiting for Honda America to review and help me out with paying for repairs that I feel were very premature for the age and mileage of their outstanding and best selling minivan prior to the replacement the dealer offered me $750. 00 for my fully loaded minivan ------great people these Honda dealers. . . . . . . . . . . . . You decide-----me I can't wait to sell this piece of cra_.

Unknown Or Other problem #61

Dera sir: we bought this vehicle (Honda Odyssey, 2007) in may 2007 in michigan. Since last 18 months, we have been experiencing serious issues with this vehicle. One issue was power steering (not able to maneuvering), I went to Honda. They changed the power steering unit twice in the last 12 months (I purchased extenede warranty, otherwise it would have been an expensive thing for me). Again, I had same issue this week, then I went to Honda. They mentioned "right side inner and outer tie rods loose and were completely worn out". They did mentiioned to me that it is dangaerous to drive this vehicle. They kept my vehicle overnight and installed a new part. I believe there is serious flaws in the design of this particle year model. Today I am experienceing different problem, shaking engine at 40 mph. They did update the software but still there is problem in this vehicle. I apreciate if nha would take a look into this matter. I almost spent more than $10000 on this vehicle and I realized I bought a piece of junk from Honda which I thought was a reliable maker. Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6).

Unknown Or Other problem #62

Component failure: a/c condenser, due to small object hitting it. A/c no longer works and dealer wants $1,000 to repair. This is a problem that Honda has known about since 2004 at least, I. E. , the a/c condenser is susceptible to damage from small road objects (stones mostly). Honda refuses to acknowledge their fault, claiming damage is "accidental". My position is that this is a design flaw that Honda was aware of and could have easily prevented. In 2008 model year, Honda covered the condenser with a shield to prevent further problems. My dealer is offering to add this shield for $70. 00 (in addition to the $1,000 repair bill) to prevent further occurences. This may not be a safety problem but it surely smacks of a consumer rip-off. Honda poorly designed the shielding for the condenser, knew about the problem for years (just google the issue), and then allowed its dealers to charge $1,000 for the problem they created. Obviously, the delaers are happy with this common problem. Extended warranty does not cover this repair either. Honda claims the damage is like a stone hitting the windshield. However, the purpose of the windshield is to prevent a stone from hitting the car's occupants; no one would argue Honda is responsible for the windshield doing the job it was intended to do by preventing a stone from hitting the occupants. With regard to the condenser, Honda could easily have prevented the problem by placing a shield over the affected part(s). It chose not to with the full understanding this common problem would cost its customers hundreds of thousand (if not millions) of dollars to repair.

Unknown Or Other problem #63

Recently I have felt a "shuddering" at speeds below 40mph. I take it to the shop for that problem as well as another issue with my power sliding doors. This is not the first time I have had problems with my doors. I have already had to replace the motor in the driver side sliding door(which was covered by warranty at the time). And now I am look at replacing power door center rollers in both power sliding doors at an estimated $560. 00 (and no longer have warranty). Since I have had the vehicle it has been a hassle with the power sliding doors. They close have way on my children getting in and out of the car all the time. And dont work the other half of the time. The issue with the "shuddering" is due to front and rear engine mounts needing to be replaced at an estimated $1355. 00. I have done some research online about this problem and it seems that alot of the 2006 Honda Odyssey's have had the same issue and some happening again shortly after it has already been replaced once. I think that Honda shoould do a recall on the "defective engine mounts". This cannot be safe to ride in. I have also read that Honda is aware of the problem and is calling it a "known issue" but still not fixing the problem or reimbursing people the cost of repairs. How many more people have to complain about this or even get injured before Honda will do something about it???.

Unknown Or Other problem #64

I bought 2002 Honda Odyssey last year and now it has a transmission problem. I got the quote from a few shops and minimum cost that I need to pay is $2000. This is ridiculous. Funny thing is that I have 3 friends of Odyssey owners that have the same transmission problem which is 2nd to 3rd gear converting problem. Honda! do something for this! you must know this problem so do recall service.

Unknown Or Other problem #65

Rear automatic door would open then slam down a bit then reopen,slam,reopen and then on third try slam shut. My wife was under the door the first time it happened and the door slammed on her. Now I see a recall of 08,09 models for the same problem. Had to have rear struts replaced. Need to expand recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #66

I have 2006 Honda Odyssey exl, but its liftgate structs failed. I almost got injuried because of this.

Unknown Or Other problem #67

My 2005 Honda Odyssey is taking on water in the hatchback/liftgate. After it rains when the liftgate is raised water will poor out of it where the liftgate will latch. It is not a few drops of water, it pours out. Also the water leaks inside as sits in the back cargo area.

Unknown Or Other problem #68

While I was accelerating at aprox. 40-45 mhp the car suddenly brakes by his own. I saw the brake pedal moving by itself ! I got scared by the consecuences or the risk of having an accident. On the way to my home it happened two (2) more times while getting speed. Went to the dealer but they didn't find anything. One week before the incident the dealer replaced two front brake pads and cut the front rotors because the car vibrated when the brakes were applied. The rotors were attended before. Before this incident the vsa light turned on two times while stepping the brakes and the vehicle used to vibrate. I'm concern for the safety of my kids.

Unknown Or Other problem #69

"running board" on Honda Odyssey exl 2011 is slippery when wet. In gaining access to rear seat it is necessary to step on this part. Several near falls occurred when foot slipped off resulting in bruised shins.

Unknown Or Other problem #70

Honda Odyssey 2007 tail gate strut problem. It has been observed over the net that the Honda Odyssey tail gate gas lift dies after about 32000 to 39000 miles. Our died at 42000 miles. Can you please keep record for this complaint and see if this helps to make sure that manufacture can provide some better parts. Thanks!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #71

About 1 month ago my 2006 Honda Odyssey started making low frequency sound when accelerating from a complete stop. After visiting the dealer I was told that rear motor mount has to be replaced at a cost of $1000. I did research on this issue and it appears that many 2005 and later Odysseys have the same issue which points to a manufacturer defect. Honda is refusing to replace the part even though their representative told me that they are aware of the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #72

Car type : 2000 Honda Odyssey transmission failed and needs overhaul/rebuild.

Unknown Or Other problem #73

Battery low indicator light comes on no matter how much we drive the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #74

2005 Honda odessey both sliding door broken cable.

Unknown Or Other problem #75

Odyssey had great vibration through steering wheel and through body of car. Vibration varied depending on speed. This could of caused a tragic accident. Diagnosis was failure of rear and side motor mounts for the second time in 20 months. Poor design of these mounts fail prematurely and cause vibration and handling errors which could have tragic consequences.

Unknown Or Other problem #76

Ac condenser cracked and caused the air conditioner to not function properly. Dealer stated damage due to road debris hitting ac condenser. Honda original design has condenser exposed at front bumper. Dealer repair included new condenser and heavy gauge wire screen to protect condenser from future damage. Clearly Honda knows they have a poor vehicle design and is covertly addressing the issue at customer and insurance company expense. Dealers are encouraging customers to file insurance claims for road damage. Repair cost was $722, with $415 for the condenser. Thankfully or safety was not in jeopardy. Since our Honda Odyssey model year, Honda has changed design to include a think plastic insert into the front bumper to protect the condenser. Van is 2006 with less than 60,000 miles. It is driven mostly in the city. The damage appeared immediately following an oil change at Honda on grand in elmhurst. Prior to the oil change, the van was not leaking any fluids. Post oil change, the condenser started leaking. At first, the dealer thought it was oil leaking. They diagnosed the problem a week later after fluid continued to drip and leave large spots on the driveway.

Unknown Or Other problem #77

Sliding doors do not latch completely. They close but a few seconds later open again with light showing they are open. Doors have come open while driving with children in back, even when they were supposed to be locked. This is a huge safety issue despite children being secured in a seatbelt.

Unknown Or Other problem #78

I bought a 2003 Honda Odyssey and the transmission has an issue for acceleration from 20~40mph, which it looks like the gear not hooked up. I had the Honda dealer check up and they didn't think the transmission had issue. This kind of incident happened many times starting from last October to now. It happened again today. It is dangerous to drive.

Unknown Or Other problem #79

Dangerously poor handling in snow, despite traction control; impossible to make it up hill even for drivers with decades of experience driving in the northeast.

Unknown Or Other problem #80

I have 2000 Honda odyessey the power sliding doors fail on a regular basis which entails not being able to open and or close sliding van doors. They will start to close then reopen, not close at all and will not latch properly. When you start to drive the door ajar light will come on and the buzzer will buzz indicating the door is not properly sealed. My son has difficulty with these power doors and has got his hand caught once. This is a safety hazard and a liability waiting to happen.

Unknown Or Other problem #81

. .

Unknown Or Other problem #82

2008 Honda odessey suddenly stopped in the middle of road in cold winter evening with all alarm lights in the dash board on, and could not start. It didn't respond to even jump start. All dashboard lights were on about an hour and eventually all out. Police showed up at the scene and urged to tow the car and leave the site due to danger. Unfortunately, he didn't issue a report for this. The vehicle was towed to dealer to check with my own expense. Dealer mechanic checked it next day and he said the battery failed and replaced under warranty. After replacing the battery, everything was working fine and couldn't find anythingelse wrong, he said. I asked if there's a recall for this and answered no. He said that he saw this kind of issue a few times before. I don't understand that then why it is not recalled yet. It is dangerous and could kill my family if there's a car hehind. It is only 2y and 4m old now and has 33,000 miles. This is the first time experiencing this.

Unknown Or Other problem #83

The low battery light on the instrumental panel warns and flashes every time the driver side door and the rear sliding doors are open of the 2011 Odyssey. I brought my vehicle in for service at my Honda dealership (sport Honda, 3101 automobile blvd. , silver spring, MD) and both times were told by my service advisor that the van is designed to prevent premature battery failure and that this was normal. This issue didn't start til 2 months after I bought the vehicle. It is now happening more frequent. I spoke to a representative (may 3, 2011) from the Honda corporation and told them of this issue. They documented everything and told me that the engineers are aware of the problem and are currently working on a fix for this.

Unknown Or Other problem #84

2010 Honda Odyssey with 7,300 miles and the clear coat is failing, from what thedealer call external causes not covered under warranty.

Unknown Or Other problem #85

Honda Odyssey 2002 transmission and fuel pump problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #86

We have a 2005 Honda Odyssey w/less than 65k miles on it and just had to replace both the rear and side motor mounts. The repair bill was $1041. 65 plus the labor to diagnose this issue both by leith and bayleaf. The cracked rear motor mount noticed by leith Honda on capital rd. In raleigh, nc. They quoted close to $900 for just the rear motor mount replacement, and they said that the other motor mounts could be broken but that they would have to take the motor out to see. We had bayleaf tire and auto repair repair it because they were recommended to us and their quote was lower. They found that the side motor mount was broken as well. Chris of bayleaf said that they have had Odysseys around the same model year come in for the same issue and had called Honda to tell them about the issue. I have seen plenty of evidence online that this is a design flaw in the motor mounts related to the eco mode (dropping from 4 to 3 cylinders to save fuel) being instituted in the Odysseys in the mid-2000's without a corresponding change to the design of the motor mounts which could not handle the additional vibration. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #87

Since taking delivery of my 2011 Honda Odyssey it has had a faulty battery sensor, this is a known issue that is not being addressed. The sensor falsely reports that the battery is low and disables some of the onboard equipment including interior lights and pathway lights leaving car in the dark.

Unknown Or Other problem #88

I bought this 2001 Honda Odyssey in sept. 2001. In 2007 I had problem with its transmission. The dealer replaced it free with Honda extended warranty in August 2007. In December 2010, about 3 years after getting a new transmission from Honda, the new transmission also went bad. The dealer will not replace it free stating that I am out of warranty at 113,000 miles now and that the new transmission they put does not come with any warranty! the dealer quoted $5,285 for a new transmission. I feel that Honda installed a lemon transmission in my van the second time and should take responsibility for that.

Unknown Or Other problem #89

While driving uphill our 2003 Honda Odyssey transmission failed and we dangerously rolled down the hill into a side street, with children in the car. We had it towed to dealership and was told transmission needed to be replaced at a cost of 1/4 of original price of car. Honda agreed to pay 43% of inflated dealership estimate, which clearly is an admission of a defective and unsafe transmission. After repair is made we were still left with an outrageous bill that we cannot afford. Honda has a problem and needs to reimburse 100% of repair costs to make Odysseys safe for transporting families.

Unknown Or Other problem #90

2008 Honda Odyssey. Consumer states that she was told by a friend there was a recall on 2008 Honda Odyssey vehicles and would like to know if her vehicle should be included in the recall since she did not receive a notice.

Unknown Or Other problem #91

The van has, on numerous occasions (approx 1 per 1000 miles) failed to accellerate on command, in fact, it actually seems to stall out for 1 to 5 seconds. The longer it stalls out, the more explosive the accelleration, once it comes. This condition seems to crop up most often just after slacking off on the gas. For example: in traffic, if I and have taken my foot off the gas to maintain space from the car in front of me, then try to accellerate to get into an opening in the adjacent lane, the van just hangs there, as if the ignition has been turned off. Then suddenly, the car responds to the accellerator with a jerk. My theory is that it has to do with the fuel conservation system that turns various numbers of cylinders off and on, depending on demand. I have reported this to the dealer who sold this to me and they asked me if I could take it out for a drive and duplicate it for them. I told them it would be okay if they were willing to pay for the gas because I can't "make" it do it on command. I've just become aware that what I describe is the most common circumstance: steady or slight accelleration followed by slacking off, followed by an attempt at rapid accelleration. The attempt at rapid accelleration results in hesitation and then rapid accelleration, either of which, could create the situation for an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #92

Car started a high pitch whistling. Took it to dealer who said transmission was bad. (had the 2004 recall oil jet modification done back in 2004. ) driving with fingers crossed now b/c dealer will only cover a portion of replacement and can't afford the cost to replace.

Unknown Or Other problem #93

Transmission problem. The car start shaking when it wants to change from 2nd to 3rd gear.

Unknown Or Other problem #94

I purchased a 99 Honda Odyssey in Nov 2004 with 60,000 miles from dealer. 6 months later transmission goes out because of the 109,000 warranty the Honda dealer changed at no cost. Now 51/2 months later it goes out again' I called the service dept of the dealer that put the second transmission of the vehicle there response was sorry your out of warranty. So I called Honda customer service line, same thing they were no help. I have 6 small children that I am trying to clothe, feed, and give shelter I have kids to drive to schools, appointments what about work how am I going to get to work. I can not afford a new transmission, car payment, or even a new car. I am so sorry I purchased such as sorry van.

Unknown Or Other problem #95

We own a 2005 Honda Odyssey, which was purchased in July of 2005. We started having problems with it in April of 2008. First the catalytic converter went out, then there was an oil consumption problem. We had many oil changes at the dealership and faithfully changed the oil when the computer in the car told us to. But then, it would dump two quarts of oil without any notice. For instance, on may 23rd, 2010, we had a oil changed at the Honda dealer we had purchased the vehicle from, in anticipation of a 400 mile trip. The car started acting up on our way there and we ended up spending the majority of June 14th sitting in a dealership. We left the dealership and almost made it home before the car started acting up again. We limped into the driveway, but it required towing to the Honda dealer in santa cruz, CA for more repairs. They accused us of not maintaining the car because it was two quarts low, yet we checked the oil before it was towed to the dealership and it was full in our driveway. The dealer said it was because we checked the oil while it was off. It wasn't even driven in between until the dealer did diagnostic on it. Then they told us all cars need a value adjustment at 80,000 miles. We have spoken repeatedly with Honda of America and Honda care and they have repeatedly acted surprise with our problems. They deny that they know or suspect that there is a problem, yet a search on the internet reveals many pages of complaints about several models of Honda cars with oil consumption problems.

Unknown Or Other problem #96

Transmission failure in 2004 Honda Odyssey. Mileage 75000,bought new from dealership,maintained by dealer. Was shocked when news of transmission failure was broken. Repair estimate 3900 this also include the computer which is peculiar with this 04. Still talking with Honda America on how they can help .

Unknown Or Other problem #97

Minivan was brought to dealer to fix an overly-soft brake pedal, per a recall letter. Car was returned with brakes equally soft (or worse), so that even a "panic brake" procedure (using 240 lb of foot strength) could not trigger the abs, brake assist, or other brake safety features. Car was returned to the (same) dealer twice more, with no improvement. Calls to Honda brought no results. Although there may be a simple fix (e. G. , bleeding the brake fluid), Honda made no attempt to diagnose and repair the problems that arose during a recall procedure.

Unknown Or Other problem #98

2002 Honda Odyssey transmission! this car is a pile of junk! I feel unsafe driving my two small children around in it! had the transmission replaced 9 months ago at 93,000 miles and I am already having issues at 104,000 miles. Unreliable, not safe, and I wish I could throw it away! Honda cars of America will not help me and I have spent close to $4,000 fixing this pile of rubble! my mom and I just got stuck an hour and a half from home in columbia, SC after driving. The car would not accelerate on the highway and I basically had to coast off the exit and stop at the red light. When I stopped I looked over my shoulder and smoke was coming from underneath the car. The transmission hose had broken and transmission fluid was all over the place! we were stuck with nowhere to go for 3 hours!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #99

My Honda oddyssey when I take a curve and I need to stop, the brakes are so soft and my van take too long to stop. The dealer said that was unable to reply this problem, so they don't do anything to fix the problem and I still with that problem, I don't know who can help me to make my dealer fix my problem, I feel is not safe.

Unknown Or Other problem #100

Honda Odyssey rear tailgate struts failed completely, causing the rear tailgate to "freefall" with no support. Luckily, no one was under the gate when it initially collapsed, but it could have caused serious injury. After researching the problem, I've seen that Honda is voluntarily recalling 2005 models for the same problem, but not the 2006 we own.

Unknown Or Other problem #101

I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey and the sliding doors do not latch properly, which could open while driving with my children sitting in the car. I get an audible chime telling me "a" door is ajar, but no warning light on the dash. When I come to a stop by hitting the breaks I hear the door finally close. This is a very scary knowing that I could be driving down the interstate and my doors could slide open at anytime. I have taken my car to the dealership numerous times in which they have replaced a failed door latch and tightened the chain and the problem still has not been corrected. I have seen many issues with this in other forums and I wonder what it is going to take for a recall to be issued.

Unknown Or Other problem #102

This vehicles came equipped with p225/60r16 tire sizes. The normal load index of this type of tire 98, which can carry a maximum load of 1653 pounds. Thwe maximum load the front two tires can carry is 3,306 pounds. The curb weight of Honda oddysey is 4. 509 pounds. Normally 70 % of the gross vehicle weight is on the steering axel. That means that front of the vehicle should have about 3,200 pounds of weght without any driver or pessenger in this vehicle. A normal driver and passenger would weigh about 350 pounds together. Thus it can be seen that Honda Odyssey tire sizes was selected inadquately to meet its loading requirements. The tire size were designed inadequately to carry the design load of this vehicle resulting in premature wear out of tires or possible tire busting due to continuous over load on designed capacity. This vehicle should be recalled for corrective actions. For your information new Honda Odyssey now comes standard with 235/65r17 tires, appropriate tire size fo loading capacity. Why consumers of 2003 Honda Odyssey are punished for manufacturing defects and possible harm in operting it. ?.

Unknown Or Other problem #103

Api vehicle service contract. The consumer was told that if they went 7 years without a claim on their service warranty, they would receive a full refund check, however the warranty company has since filed for bankruptcy. The dealer where the vehicle was purchased stated they were still honoring the contract, however the consumer was a few days late in requesting a refund.

Unknown Or Other problem #104

2011 Honda Odyssey touring - the driver side small window forward of the driver door appears to not be sealed correcty. When driving at highway speeds on windy days, there is significant air noise in the cabin of the car. The noise is so pronounced that it often sounds as though a window in the car is cracked open. The sound was first noised the day delivery was taken on the car. This is my 4th Honda Odyssey and 6th Honda producted owned by me. This is the first time I ever heard a noise like this. I called service but they offered no conclusion, other than to fix it myself.

Unknown Or Other problem #105

Transmission failior on all gears. I wonder why you dont have transmission as one of "failed components " field>?.

Unknown Or Other problem #106

Defective engine and transmission mount, will result in severe vibration and transaxle misalignment defective transmission at 84,000 miles. Dealership require to replace transmission and all engine and transmission mounts.

Unknown Or Other problem #107

My 2007 Honda Odyssey has a problem with "memory steer". When you make a turn to the left them the car has a problem with pulling to the left. When you make a turn to the right then the car has a problem with pulling to the right. This condition seems to be worse to the left. This is a major problem. The vehicle will change lanes into oncoming traffic or head toward the ditch very quickly. This condition caused driver fatigue in that you have to constantly grip the steering wheel tightly fighting against the pull of the car causing you wrist and hand to hurt on longer drives (over 30 to 60 minutes).

Unknown Or Other problem #108

When the car came to a hard stop, the brake made a craking sound. Once this happenned, it continued everytime the brake was used. The brake did not work as good as it did before, I can notice it took longer to stop. At the dealership, drum surface was recoded. The van had 3/4 of the brake left and the drum just needed a resurfacing coding. . . It only takes one hard brake for the problem to come back all over again. Once back the brake does not holds on the tire like it did previously. I have gone back to the dealership, and they told me the oddessy has a lot of problems with the brake and it is very common between oddessy drives. The problem keepes coming back, and it does not make me any safer because it is a common problem for the oddessy drivers.

Unknown Or Other problem #109

In the summer of 2009, my 2006 Honda Odyssey developed a strong, foul odor for which no source could be found. I vacuumed the carpet, left containers of baking soda inside, and even threw away the rubber floor mats, thinking they had deteriorated in the summer heat. The odor did not go away. (the car had been garage-kept until around that time. ) in 2010, when taking the car for a routine service appointment, I asked the service manager to check for the problem. He wanted to replace the cabin air filter, which I had already done myself. In September, 2011, after hurricane irene, the tailgate hatch would slosh and spill water when opened. This past week, I went to drive the car on an extended trip. When I went to lift the rear seats, which had been folded into the cargo area, to the upright position, I discovered that the seats were covered in mold and rust and were dripping with water. The cargo area carpeting was saturated. Upon researching this problem on the internet, I learned that this has been a problem since at least November, 2010. Besides the heath risks associated with exposure to inhaling mold, the rust may have compromised the integrity of the hardware securing the seats to the floor, to say nothing of the cosmetic damage to the leather of the seats.

Unknown Or Other problem #110

Vibration and shuttering getting worse over time became so bad it was difficult to control car. Dealer said 3 of 4 engine mounts were bad. This is 2005 Honda Odyssey minivan.

Unknown Or Other problem #111

The ac stopped working on our year old vehicle. When taken to the dealership for diagnostics they advised a leak was found on the ac condenser which was caused by road debris. They indicated that type of damage was not covered under warranty and handed me a repair estimate for $764. 92. I declined the repair bid and took the vehicle home only to find out there are hundreds of other Honda Odyssey owners reporting the same problems and the same story given by the dealerships. After finding this information I confronted the dealer and attempted to bargain with them gladly offering to pay for the labor to install the new condenser but not for the part. Needless to say my efforts were futile and I was referred to Honda customer service. In January I filed a case with Honda who after about a week contacted me and informed that because the damage was caused by road debris they were could not be responsible. I certainly can not hold Honda responsible for road debris damage such as a cracked windshield or punctured tire. However, I still hold them responsible for their poor design and placement of such critical and fragile part in a place where is more susceptible to get hit by road debris. With years of car design experience you would expect a company like Honda would take this into consideration. However, they did not and expect the consumer to pay for their design flaw.

Unknown Or Other problem #112

I was driving my 2007 Honda Odyssey. As I was coming to a stop, I became involved in an accident. Over the recent weeks I thought it was taking longer to stop my van, but had my van in for service the week before. I was assure that everything was fine and all fluid levels were correct. ***note: on my first service visit the service adviser told me that I should not be concerned about brake fluid levels that the van would notify me when it was time to replace the breaks and that the van was designed to do so. The police were called to the scene of the accident. I could not explain the accident and the officer coaxed me in to saying that I had been distracted. I was in shock. My son was in the car with me and I could not think much of anything else other than whether he was safe. I believe I had come to a complete stop then hit the vehicle in front of me. My airbags did not deploy. Ever since the accident I have continued to notice that I must press the brake pedal all the way to the floor at times to stop the van and other times I don't in normal driving circumstances. All along I had believed the dealership that everything was fine with my vehicle. Now I have damages to pay and a ticket I am facing as a result of what I believe to be break failure. I will be making a follow-up report with my local police department, faxing a copy other similar break failure complaints to my insurance company, contacting Honda and hopefully will be able to get some answers on the problem with my van.

Unknown Or Other problem #113

2006 Honda Odyssey with a broken air conditioning condenser, which was blowing cold air at all settings. Consumer states that dealer stated that this replacement would not be covered by warranty. Dealer stated that it was a road hazard failure. The consumer stated the condenser was damaged by a rock.

Unknown Or Other problem #114

The a/c condenser has been replaced twice due to it being punctured from every day wear and tear. After the most recent incident, the dealership installed a protective shield over the unit to protect it from further damage. I feel this was an engineering flaw and would like to be reimbursed the $678. 81 that I have spent having these condensers replaced.

Unknown Or Other problem #115

2007 Honda Odyssey air conditioning stopped working. Result was a damaged condenser due to "road debris". Warranty coverage was not provided by Honda. Condenser proximity to road surface makes it prone to damage and should be considered a design defect. Internet searches revealed numerous complaints about this issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #116

We own a 2006 Honda Odyssey and a 2004 Honda accord. The 2006 Honda Odyssey's air conditioning stopped working. We took it to the local dealership and were informed that it was a hole in our a/c condenser. We were told it would be around $700 to repair and was not covered by warranty. I discovered that the a/c condenser is exposed at the bottom of the bumper in the opening of the bumper. I proceeded to tell the dealer that this is a design issue and should be taken care of. The dealer told me to contact american Honda because that is out of their hands. I contacted Honda and after two and half weeks they responded back by saying this is a goodwill and they will cover at half at the warranty rate. I agreed after suffering thru 3 weeks of no a/c in the dead of heat. I started doing some research because my concern stayed the same, this is a design flaw and will happen again. To my surprise this is a very common problem with most later model Honda's. The design must be similar in all of the models, because the cr-v, Odyssey, civic, accord and so on are having the same issues. Honda needs to step up to the plate and recall these vehicles and put a fix to the grills so the condensers are better protected. It appears everyone is getting the same story from Honda and when you call they act like you are the first to have this happen, when in fact it is becoming a wide spread problem and costing consumer major dollars. This is my third Honda and probably my last after the way the whole situation is going down. Honda is sticking their head in the sand and hoping to ride the storm out. It appears also that dealerships have been rehearsed on what to tell consumers, because it is a common theme when you read other complaints.

Unknown Or Other problem #117

A/c stop working. Honda dealer stated that a rock hit condenser which will now need to be replaced at a cost of $1000. 00. Contacted my auto insurance provided and received approval by adjuster to have a new condenser put in.

Unknown Or Other problem #118

We have a 2005 Honda Odyssey with 22k miles. Air condition stopped working last weekend. Took the car to dealer and was told a tiny stone hit the ac condenser. The damage is not covered by manufacture warranty. Repair cost is over $800. The damage in fact is caused by poor design and defective condenser. There have been many complaints on ac condenser problem across almost all Honda vehicles. Please investigate the issue and protect consumer right.

Unknown Or Other problem #119

The grille design on the Honda accord 2006 causes a rock to come through the grille area and damage the condensor causing it to fail to blow out cold a/c. This vehicle is practically brand new and because of their design the end user is getting screwed over with vehicle fixtures costing me over $1000 to fix this problem. The condensor needs to be replaced, a diagnostic was done and then labor brings this up to $1000 range. This is ridiculous, because of their design they are not taking responsibility for this and the end user has to pay for this; the dealership says this could happen again anytime and then I would be on the hook for it again.

Unknown Or Other problem #120

Brand new vehicle - minivan purchased from grainger Honda savannah GA. Upon delivery of the "brand new" vehicle we noticed a misaligned rear bumper and smudged paint work. We subsequently found out it was actually re-painted! we told the dealer we wanted either a full refund if not a new vehicle. The dealer offered to repair the bumper! as far as we are concerned the vehicle is not new and damage was not disclosed to us, the buyer.

Unknown Or Other problem #121

Spongy brake pedel since car was new, and squeeky noise when applying brakes while turning, usually when car is cold. This started in oct. 2009.

Unknown Or Other problem #122

Bought a new 2007 Honda odessey van in early December 2006. The first warm day in March, I turn on the ac and it does not work. We take the van in assuming that the ac never worked (as it was not used) and they said a rock from the road hit my condensor and it is a total loss. Now I have difficulty understanding how this could have happened. I search the internet and find a ton of the same stories. I called the dealer and told them I am getting a second opinion and now they want to share in the cost of repair to me. It sounds like they realize there is a problem but are not accepting responsibility for it.

Unknown Or Other problem #123

Air conditioner on 2005 Honda Odyssey went out. Dealer claimed condenser has hole due to road damage. I found numerous complaints of this nature on topix. Net. Dealer themselves claimed to get a few per month. Since it is considered road hazard, it is not covered by warranty. Dealer cost to fix is ~$800. Though not a safety hazard, it certainly seems to be a design problem in that Honda is not sufficiently protecting this component.

Unknown Or Other problem #124

The sliding doors on my van quit working, first the super cheep plastic handles broke. I've replaced them 3 times. Then the automatic opener quit working. After getting it fixed 3 times, and replacing the latches, the doors still don't close completely. The doors are not being secured! I'm having to drive with the door ajar and rear door switch off so the buzzer shuts off. Sometimes my kids get trapped in my van and have to exit through the front or the back. I worry about if there is an accident. Honda wont fix it. "it is not a regular occurrence. " says Honda shop manager. After looking on the internet, it is a problem! thousands of similar complaints about the 2000-2002 Honda Odyssey's slider doors and the dealers' inability to fix the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #125

A/c problem 6 months after purchase. We purchased a new 2006 Honda Odyssey in June 2006, and in December we started having a/c problems. It was diagnosed as having a hole in the a/c condensor which the Honda dealer stated to be caused by a rock. The van had less than 11,000 miles on it, and we purchased an extended warranty when we bought the van. Surely, the original warranty or the extended warranty should cover such a problem, but Honda said no. Being only 6 months old, we find it very frustrating to have to pay for something like this when it appears to be a design flaw by Honda. The a/c condensor is just sitting there exposed to all the elements of the road with no grill in front of it. The american Honda rep agreed to pay half as a "good will gesture". It still cost us $275 for the repair. Lots of others are having the same issue with Honda odesseys as seen on the internet. Honda should be forced to recall these vehicles and install a screen in front of the condensor to protect it, and should be forced to reimburse everyone any money spent to correct this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #126

A/c failed due to a stone hitting compressor. This is not covered under warranty. Honda does not protect compressor of 2005 Honda oddyssey.

Unknown Or Other problem #127

1) faulty paint - many chips off hood and bumper 2005 Odyssey 2)a/c compressor damaged from a "rock" - issue is complained about with Odyssey and accords - there is no protection to compressor and Honda says it can easily happen again - 700. 00-repair - many complaints of this issue online.

Unknown Or Other problem #128

Air conditioner failed due to a rock putting a hole in the condenser. Honda will not cover under their warranty.

Unknown Or Other problem #129

Small rock hit the air conditioner condenser on my 2005 Honda Odyssey (with approximately 12,000 miles), causing a hole in the condenser. The condenser is located just behind the front license plate and is unprotected. Went immediately to Honda dealer when I saw and smelled freon coming from the front of the van. Paid around $800 to replace the condenser. Dealer said the repair was not covered under warranty even though the condenser is not protected because of a poor design.

Unknown Or Other problem #130

Bought a 2006 Honda Odyssey in may 2006. Less than a month later, on a very hot day, air conditioner stopped working. Took to dealer. It was determined that a "rock or something" hit and pierced the condenser while driving the vehicle. Since it was not a manufacturing defect, it was not covered by warranty. Have read several other reports on internet of this same thing happening. Obviously, this is a design defect that could be fixed by a grill cover. Yet, Honda refuses to do so, and charges customer for repair.

Unknown Or Other problem #131

Passenger air bag is turning off frequently. There is always a strong crack when you press the brake. There is a decoloring passenger air bag place. It eats gas if you turn on the back air conditioner. The passenger console had a big vibration. The Odyssey has gone to the dealer more than four times for the same reason but it's never fixed. They said those claims are normal for a model 2004.

Unknown Or Other problem #132

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey. Two weeks ago, my sliding door sensor went off for no reason. The doors were closed but when the vehicle was placed into drive the alarm in the car would sound as if one of the doors was open. I checked the doors and after a couple of times of opening and closing them, the alarm did not sound. I was due to have the car serviced for its 75,000 mile service so I waited to bring it into the dealership. When I brought the vehicle in for it's routine service, as I do for each scheduled maintenance, I was told that the door switch was the problem and that it would cost $1,100 to fix. I explained that the vehicle was under an extended warranty that I purchased at the time I bought the vehicle. Honda in turn told me that they had called the warranty company (apparently the warranty was not a Honda extended warranty. Although, this is what rosenthal had portrayed it as) about the repair and that it was not covered. They told me that I could call the warranty company to complain if I felt so inclined to do. I called the warranty company and they said that the warranty had expired because of the mileage. The vehicle is just over 75,063 miles. They did not care that the warranty had expired. My question is how can this be a non-recall issue if a number of people have had the same problem. This situation is the exact reason why I purchased Honda's extended warranty. I believe that Honda is responsible for the repair. If I had know the doors on this vehicle would cost that much to fix I would have never purchased that van.

Unknown Or Other problem #133

2003 Honda Odyssey. The consumer stated that the horn did not blow and the srs light was on. The consumer had an appointment on Thursday to have the vehicle looked at. The srs light came on September 30, 2005, and the horn quit working on September 19, 2005. The consumer stated that the vehicle had the cruise control switch replaced. This did not help the problem. The alternator was replaced, since the consumer purchased the vehicle a metal on metal sound had been present, the keyless entry has never performed properly, the cruise control was inoperative, the srs light stayed on, the horn had gone out, the windshield wiper was inoperative, the alarm had gone off for no reason, there was a wind noise coming from the driver window, the remote was intermittent, the dash lights would illumnate while the vehicle was in motion, and the alternator bracket had broken.

Unknown Or Other problem #134

Beginning in 2000, when the car was less than one year old, we have experienced major equipment failures. First, the egr valve malfunctioned; it was eventually repaired at Honda's expense. Next, one of the motors for the side power doors failed. That cost approximately $800 to repair. Then, the transmission failed, and Honda eventually covered the full costs under an extended warranty. For at least four years, we were plagued with an erratic "check engine" light, and sometimes the computer code was inadequate to direct a repair. In 2003 the radiator rotted out, and the replacement/repair cost us $800. In 2004 the catalytic convertor failed, and that replacement/repair cost us $1400. On July 22, 2005, the rear a/c vents failed to cool, and I called for an appointment at our local dealer to have that checked and repaired. The repair was scheduled for July 25, 2005. When I was driving the car on July 23 with the a/c turned on (the front vents continued to cool), the engine died while I was driving at a speed of 45 mph on a local highway. I managed to pull off into a nearby parking lot, and I was able to restart the car after turning off the a/c. It is now at the dealer's shop, and the labor costs alone to determine the cause of the a/c failure will cost more than $350. After inspecting the system for more than three hours July 25, the dealer's mechanic still could not locate the source of the problem. Needless to say, I hate this car! I have had many more problems than I ever expected, and the responses from american Honda and from the local dealer have been disappointing. Neither establishment knows how to relate successfully to customers. This car has been a real lemon, and I am struggling with my decision about what to buy to replace it. Although Honda has a good reputation, I have not found this car to be reliable. In fact, it is a major source of stress in my life, causing me to gnash my teeth when I am driving it, for I have no confidence in it at all.

Unknown Or Other problem #135

Dt: consumer states she received a recall letter; the engine light came on in may. . So she took it a dealer; they had done a transmission fluid check before this. 3 weeks later on may 16, the engine light came one and they ( the dealership) told her there was a recall on the vehicle and they would order the parts. It would be ready by 6-24-04. On the 24th, they called and said they had broken an axle and would have to order the parts overnight and it would be ready on 6-25 at 2pm. She called at 1:30 and they said they hadn't received the parts yet. At 3:40 she called again and they said it was ready. They drove to get the car. After that the maintenance light came on. When they turned the car off it would not turn back on again. Her husband checked the car and all of the transmission fluid was leaking out. They called the dealership and talked to randy; he gave them a rental to go back home. They (the dealership) drove to her home (an hour away) on Monday 6-27 and dropped off her car and got their rental. They told her the srs light was on because the battery was weak. They replaced the battery. The srs light was still on; they called the dealership and made an appt. To bring the car back. They are upset because the srs light was not on before. The clock on the car will not turn on. The automatic lock system will not work. The alarm system doesn't work. Consumer did not have a recall number.

Unknown Or Other problem #136

Problem with 2000 Honda Odyssey motor mounts. Vehicle with 70000 miles. Front and right motor mounts needed replacing. Service department indicates a very freqeunt occurance with Honda accords and Odysseys pointing to a design defect from the manufacturer. Repair expensive to owner. Failure causes significant vibration of engine and eventual progression of failure to other more expensive parts. To fix, parts were replaced.

Unknown Or Other problem #137

1month ago I opened the passenger side automatic door on my 2004 Honda Odyssey and it pinned a publix bagger and shopping cart between my vehicle and another vechile. The door did not stop and continiued to ram itself open. Thankfully, the bagger was not injured, but the my vehicle has several significant dents and scrapes. In Dec. 2004, we had taken the van in for door problems; not shutting properly, stopping during closing for no reason etc. I'm very concerned about the door's safety features, especially regarding my 2 y/o. The dealership 12/04 & 7/25/05, states that no abnormalities were found. I'm very concerned and will seek legal advice.

Unknown Or Other problem #138

Consumer dissatisfaction with Honda concerning notification of recalls to the new owner of the 2000 Honda Odyssey. ** answer required***. (computers and control systems/egr port clogging) the consumer felt that Honda should carry out it's responsibilities and perform the recall repair at no cost to him. The dealer informed the consumer that the recall work had to be performed by 80,000, however the consumers vehicle had over 93,000 miles.

Unknown Or Other problem #139

I have a 2004 Honda oddysey. I backed out of my driveway at approximately 5-10 miles per hour and contacted a parked vehicle with the back right corner of my vehcle. I had a child safelty seat loacted on the left of the 3rd row of seats which was tethered to the back left tether attachment on the inside of the bumper. Upon impact, the bolt attaching the tether strap to the bumper came out, basically making the tether useless in a crash. I had the bolt replaced as it was stripped by the impact. There were no injuries since the collision only happened at about 5-10 miles per hour, but I imagine thing would have been much worse in a high speed collision.

Unknown Or Other problem #140

Consumer inquiry regarding della Honda's buy back trade in offer. ** answer required***.

Unknown Or Other problem #141

2005 Honda Odyssey ex while driving at 45 mph and above, loud whistling sound is heard in the van. Noise is unbearable and distracting on long drive. This is serious issue distracting driver's attention while on long drive. Honda dealership have no solution for this. American Honda should be forced to resolve this ASAP.

Unknown Or Other problem #142

Honda replaced the transmission under a recall and it failed again 50,000 miles later.

Unknown Or Other problem #143

Bought vehicle 2001. First transmission went summer of 2004. Honda paid to replace. Second transmission went summer 2009. We paid to replace. Transmission needs to be replaced again. Vehicle has 157,000 and is 10 years old.

Unknown Or Other problem #144

This is the first incident that I have on record regarding the transmission not shifting properly. I have several service records with rick case Honda in davie florida regarding the transmission. In 12/08 I had to replace my transmission cost 1298. 00. I was never informed by Honda that there were problems with the 2000 Odyssey automatic transmission. On June 23 2010 while traveling from canada on I-95 the transmission blew with heavy thick black smoke which obscured my vision. Thick black oil spewed everywhere and we were traveling through macon GA. The vehicle began hesitating and it stalled right in the middle of the heavy traffic on I-95. This could have been a disaster because another vehicle could have crashed right in back of us. I had my entire family in the car, my wife and 4 children ages 16,15,11,9. I was able to coast the car off of the ramp. We were greatly inconvenienced and had to stay in macon GA for two additional days and it cost me additional 525. 00 to replace the transmission that I just replaced in Dec 2008. Honda never informed me about the 2000 Odyssey transmission problems that they were aware of since sept 2002. In Jan 2007 I complained yet again of transmission problems with the same dealership. On 11/26/11 the transmission failed in the middle of the turnpike which it began to smoke and spew oil. Again this could have been a disaster because someone could have crashed in back of my vehicle. Fortunately I was able to coast the car off the ramp at bird road and call aaa. The care is at rick case Honda. This is a very serious problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #145

Power sliding doors opens by itself. Dealer replaced latches. Problems still existed. Called and spoke with manufacturer's representative about problem and I asked for an extended warranty on doors. No response. Called dealer to fix problem. Dealer will not do repairs unless they see that doors are opens by itself. Also, sometimes power doors will not close fully in. Sometimes power doors buzzer will comes on occasionally. It's annoying. I think the defective doors are unsafe especially for children. I need a life time warranty on door problems. Also fan blower is noisy at medium to high speed. Dealer fix once. Problem arises again. 80-85% of the time the front brakes are grinding. New pads, same problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #146

Transmission failure 4 times.

Unknown Or Other problem #147

Automatic doors sometimes fail to close completely, stopping mid-way. Need to restart car to close them. Warning lights (all) lit up multiple times on several occasions for about 2 minutes each time; then went off. Carbon deposit build-up in throttle cable makes the accelerator pedal very sticky and I need to constantly remind Honda service to clean and lubricate; otherwise, it becomes very sticky and I need to push hard on pedal ~ leading to hard acceleration.

Unknown Or Other problem #148

Transmission started to clunk right after I purchased the vehicle (12/01) and the engine check light came on repeatedly starting in March 02.

Unknown Or Other problem #149

While driving at any speed, the safety restraint light will illuminate. The dealer has examined the problem on four different occasions. The dealer claims that the manufacturer is aware of the problem but does not have a solution.

Unknown Or Other problem #150

Engine check light kept coming on intermittently, vehicle taken to dealer, and they informed consumer that transmission needed to be replaced. Feel free to provide any further infromation.

Unknown Or Other problem #151

Engine check light came on 5 times over 4 months. The last time transmission had to be replaced.

Unknown Or Other problem #152

The van's engine warning light and traction control light came on at about 2700 miles while I was driving the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle gear shift was in the "d" mode for drive, and the green light began blinking off and on at the same time the engine light and tcs light were illuminated. The Honda dealership replaced the pressure control solenoid and this ended the lights being display. Today, at 3100 miles, the engine warning light and tcs light came on again and the "d" gear shift light was blinking off and on. I took the vehicle to the Honda dealership this morning and was told 5 hrs later that my vehicle needs a new transmission. I am shocked and also disappointed. It is new and cost $30,000 to purchase. What a bum deal.

Unknown Or Other problem #153

Engine check light turns on repeatedly. Honda service says failure code indicates new transmission needed, although we do not detect transmission problems just yet. Internet search has turned up a lot of others mentioning similar transmission problem with 1999 Honda Odyssey, and I dont want to wait until there is an accident before reporting my transmission problem. Based on the number of others owners with same problem, hopefully Honda will do the right thing and repair/fix this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #154

Engine check light came on at about 72,000 miles. Took the car in to leigth Honda and they told me to replace the solenoid. I paid $400 and it was replaced . About 1,000 miles later the engine check light came back on. This time took it to auto park Honda in cary, nc. It had a torque converter failure code and transmission was replaced with a new transmission. I have had the repaired van back for two weeks and the engine check light has come back on again. We are waiting for auto park's response. I have been rea many, many complaints about the exact same problem at the autofan. Com web site.

Unknown Or Other problem #155

The check engine light comes on every time the gas tank gets below 1/2 tank. The dealer staes that they or Honda can not determine why this is happening. They are changing parts, but can't figure out why the light keeps coming on.

Unknown Or Other problem #156

The child was playing with key ring with remote control for door latches when child hit remote. This caused door to start closing with parent in door frame. Door handle was grabbed to prevent door from closing. But door kept closing until stopping. Consumer's arm and wrist was pulled. Consumer contacted dealership & informed by mechanic, nothing can be done about remote control locks on door.

Unknown Or Other problem #157

Air bag -- control module failure at 67000 miles. Srs light on panel indicated problem. Diagnostics showed code 6-2. Car needs control unit #06772-sx0-a70. Cost $654. 00 + tax. If owner cannot afford repair, car will be driven without benefit of air bags. Power window -- driver's side front, click sound when rolling up window at 42,000 miles. Window stopped working entirely at dealer's repair facility. Regulator and motor were replaced. Power door locks -- locks would recycle when owner attempted to lock the car. Left front power door latch and actuator replaced at 42,000 miles. Engine -- owner drove the car 9 miles to work before oil indicator lamp finally came on when parking. Something in the engine failed when car started, evidence of sudden oil leak in home driveway, and oil spilled out of engine all the way to work. Engine oil completely gone. Currently under inspection for repair at an independent repair facility.

Unknown Or Other problem #158

The vehicle experienced the following: out of alignment, loud bang/ticking, shaking, engine hesitation, inoperative a/c, a contaminated filter with metal shavings, a/c drain tube was rubbing and draining on the steering rack boot, coolant reservoir was empty and the right front seal on the body was damaged due to it being improperly placed, a/c knob was broken, the a/c airflow automatically changed, when the a/c blower motor speed decreased, various dash lights would dim, the hood latch was defective, static shock problem, there was a coolant smell, due to the reservoir fluid level, the sliding door was inoperative, the transmission was defective, the crankshaft pulley and the steering wheel vibrated, the right door seal had come apart, the splash shield clip was missing, the idle speed fluctuated from 750 to 2000 rpm with the vehicle in park/neutral, and immediately after, the mil light had come on. The repairs are as followed: wheels aligned, a/c condenser and compressor evaporation dryer, intake manifold, reinstalled rear evaporator/heater unit, installed a drain tube in the retainer bracket, hood latch was replaced, pcm replaced to solve the transmission problem, removed the broken bolt from the block, the crankshaft pulley vibration is still unresolved, and the slash shield clip has been replaced. Scc.

Unknown Or Other problem #159

Driver's side floor mat will roll up underneath accelerator pedal and will interfere with driver's feet. Consumer was worried that this could possibly interfere with application of brake pedal. Please provide any additional information/attachments.

Unknown Or Other problem #160

When trying to open sliding door with remote control it will not open. Sometimes could open on its own while driving.

Unknown Or Other problem #161

2006 Honda Odyssey brakes failed to stop when depressed. The consumers wife had to turn off th ignition in order to stop the vehicle. It was determined the floor mats jammed under the accelerator. The cruise control would stay on.

Unknown Or Other problem #162

I bought a 1999 Honda Odyssey in April, 1999. It now has about 13,000 miles. On 11/13/2000, my wife was driving when she started to smell smoke. Within a mile, all engine indicator lights illuminated, the engine quit, and smoke started coming out of the engine compartment. She got out of the van; within a few minutes, the engine was engulfed in flames. The fire department came to extinguish the fire; they say the fire was caused by an electrical short and that there is $18,000 in damage. My insurance company has investigated; they say there is $19,000 in damage -- a total loss. My questions: 1. What's the likely cause of the fire -- a Honda design or manufacturing defect, or a dealer installation error? (I had the local dealer install a Honda cassette deck in November, 1999; I had to take the van back for repairs a few days later when I noticed that certain electrical accessories no longer worked correctly and my battery went dead. ) 2. What leverage do I have to get special treatment (e. G. , a good deal on a new van, temporary transportation) from Honda and the dealer? (my wife is 6 months pregnant, she had our 20-month-old daughter in the van with her; they are fine, but a bystander had to help them get out of the van -- they could have been seriously injured in this incident. ) I have contacted the dealer, who has contacted Honda. Neither wants to provide temporary transportation (my insurance doesn't cover it); the best they've offered is to expedite delivery of a replacement (at least 2-3 more weeks). At this point, I don't know if they'll charge me msrp or give me a discount.

Unknown Or Other problem #163

I bought a 1999 Honda Odyssey in April, 1999. It now has about 13,000 miles. On 11/13/2000, my wife was driving when she started to smell smoke. Within a mile, all engine indicator lights illuminated, the engine quit, and smoke started coming out of the engine compartment. She got out of the van; within a few minutes, the engine was engulfed in flames. The fire department came to extinguish the fire; they say the fire was caused by an electrical short and that there is $18,000 in damage. My insurance company has investigated; they say there is $19,000 in damage -- a total loss. My questions: 1. What's the likely cause of the fire -- a Honda design or manufacturing defect, or a dealer installation error? (I had the local dealer install a Honda cassette deck in November, 1999; I had to take the van back for repairs a few days later when I noticed that certain electrical accessories no longer worked correctly and my battery went dead. ) 2. What leverage do I have to get special treatment (e. G. , a good deal on a new van, temporary transportation) from Honda and the dealer? (my wife is 6 months pregnant, she had our 20-month-old daughter in the van with her; they are fine, but a bystander had to help them get out of the van -- they could have been seriously injured in this incident. ) I have contacted the dealer, who has contacted Honda. Neither wants to provide temporary transportation (my insurance doesn't cover it); the best they've offered is to expedite delivery of a replacement (at least 2-3 more weeks). At this point, I don't know if they'll charge me msrp or give me a discount.

Unknown Or Other problem #164

Dash lights fail to illuminate dash panel.

Unknown Or Other problem #165

Wife was driving on highway oil light came on and she pulled over. Oil was pouring out from the engine. Had it towed to a local mechanic. Consumer was told that counter balance shaft seal. Had popped out.

Unknown Or Other problem #166

While going up a mountain engine check light came and consumer kept driving. Vehicle would not go foward, it kept going backards. Consumer feels this is very unsafe, especially for their kids.

Unknown Or Other problem #167

Engine check light stayed on 6 times. 6 times to dealer. Corrected by replacement of gasoline filler neck. Honda field engineer called in 3/22/00 to check repairs.

Unknown Or Other problem #168

No summary listed for above vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #169

Keyless remote failed to open or to lock the vehicle. Yh.

Unknown Or Other problem #170

2nd time check engine light came on 6 months after 30,000 mile service performed by sunset Honda because could not trace down what caused light to come on the first time it lit.

Unknown Or Other problem #171

While driving the engine check light intermittently comes on . Vehicle was purachased three days prior to this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #172

Date: 3/17/99; mileage: 12,264;ngine check light code p0740, transmission system flushed. Date: 11/08/99; mileage: 23,874 enginecheck light on, defective ecu, bulletin 98-033. Date: 12/20/99; mileage: 25,706; engine check light on, replaced ecu and flushed transmission. Date: 7/24/01 engine check light on, code 740 torque converter locked up, transmission flushed. Date: 11/06/01; mileage: 61,115:engine check light on, code po740, special order pcm (control module) per bulletin. Date: 11/12/01; mileage: 61,281 engine check light on, installed pcu and flushed transmission. Date: 7/12/02; mileage: 70,624; engine check light on, failure code p0740, clutch failure, will need torque converter replaced, est. Cost $1400. As can be seen, this same design flaw has been ongoing since 12,000 miles. The controller was "too sensitive" and replaced, which brings into question the reason for the ultimate clutch failure. Failure of the transmission could lead to serious accident and loss of life, for instance, should this occur during acceleration into busy traffic. Requesting assistance ASAP. Note: car was purchased at griffith Honda, baltimore, MD, but has always been serviced at o'donnell Honda, ellicott city, MD.

Unknown Or Other problem #173

Service engine soon light failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #174

Consumer stating problem has been resolved. Consumer states that the general manager with the dealer arranged to trade in the vehicle and the problems will be fixed.

Unknown Or Other problem #175

2003 Honda Odyssey customer would like a copy of the vehicle repair report*.

Unknown Or Other problem #176

Consumer fraud complaint against arrow head Honda in peoria, arizona.

Unknown Or Other problem #177

Consumer has been experiencing very strong shocks as a result of static electricity.

Unknown Or Other problem #178

The 1999-2001 Honda Odyssey roof top carrier crossbars may be unsafe. The roof rack crossbars sold by Honda for this vehicle are not acceptable for use with cargo boxes. This is what many people attach to them. There is no warning on the installation instructions or owners manual warning against use for this purpose. Honda admitted the crossbars might not withstand lift forces from the box and the crossbars could separate from the side rails and damage the vehicle or vehicles following it. Honda said they would offer no remedy, warning or solutions. Some of the major cargo box manufacturers are aware of the crossbars shortcomings and will not warrant their boxes or accept liability for damages caused by the separation of the crossbars, however, this is not always divulged by the salepersons and would most likely not be known if buying a used box. Please make Honda send a waring to all purchasers of the crossbars and include the warning in their owners manuals, advertising litereature and installation/use instructions. Thank you.

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