Vehicle Speed Control Related Problems of the 2014 Hyundai Genesis

Table 1 shows one common vehicle speed control related problems of the 2014 Hyundai Genesis.

Table 1. Vehicle Speed Control related problems of Hyundai Genesis

Problem Category Number of Problems
Vehicle Speed Control problems
Vehicle Speed Control problem #1

The vehicle accelerate on it on when is in park gear. I turn off the engine to stop the acceleration of rpm, I turn off engine when I saw it goes up to 6000 rpm, which I believe it could continue to raise. The vehicle also accelerate on it on when it in drive gear ( local and highway ), I safely pull over, put in park gear ( still accelerate ) and turn off engine. Overall it happen once a month since 2017, but 2 weeks ago ( 08/07/2017-08/13/2017) it happen twice. I bring it in dealership and they cannot find anything wrong with it using computerize test.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #2

On July 4 2017 at approximately 7:30am et I was waiting to park and had my foot on the brake when suddenly the engine revved and accelerated, moving the car forward and crashing into the passenger rear bumper of a parked Ford f-150. I pressed even harder on the brakes and the car continued to move forward as if it was sliding on ice; it created tire skid marks from my front tires - supporting that the brakes were engaged. I attempted to put the car in neutral and the engine continued to rev faster. The nose of my car was lowered due to my pressing on the brakes and as a result the front end of my car went under the bumper of the truck and began lifting the truck until it finally came to a stop. The conditions were sunny and the asphalt was dry. On Friday June 23 at approximately 2:00pm et I was backing down my driveway, which has a slight vertical decline, so the brakes were engaged. The car's engine suddenly revved and accelerated down the driveway into the street; once again, it felt as if I was sliding. The brakes were fully engaged. I was able to place the transmission in neutral and the car came to a stop. I placed the car in park and turned off the engine and restarted without any issue. Regarding the June 23 incident, the car was not driven for approximately 6-8 days. Relating to the incident on July 4; the last time the car was driven was on June 23. From June 23 through July 4 the car was parked at the airport. The only parallel that I can draw between these two instances is that the engine rev and acceleration occurred after the car had not been driven for a period of time. My research indicates this happened to many other drivers; however, the manufacturer claims there is no issue with the car and that it is human error; avoiding accountability. I will take a polygraph to prove this was not human error, rather a mechanical failure.

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