Unknown Or Other Problems of Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata owners have reported 81 unknown or other related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common unknown or other problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's unknown or other (81 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Hyundai Sonata

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

Air conditioner blew hard, interminttent and would not respond to controls. Car drifts left to right, have to fight to keep it on the road.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

After getting to work and putting the vehicle in park, when attempting to shut the vehicle off and retrieve the key, the key would only go to off and would not go to lock or let me pull the key from the ignition.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

2007my Sonata sun visor replacement (service campaign t74), Feb. 2009. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #4

Driver's side sun visor is defective and is creating a dangerous situation. The visor began dropping from the "up" position toward the ceiling. It would not stay up. Its bottom was right at my line of vision. I took the car to the Hyundai dealer and had missed the bumper to bumper 5 yr. Or 60k warranty by 3 days! they said it would cost $100 to replace and install. Today while driving my husband was trying to move it out of his line of vision and we heard a noise and the whole thing just lost all it's support. He was able to take it off and we were hoping to find screws we could just tighten, but that wasn't the case. Now, with it just hanging it interferes with my view and is a hazard. There needs to be a recall on these!!! I don't have $100 to spend on a manufacturer defect. From what I've read online, this has been a constant problem for the sonota. The only other Hyundai owner is my neighbor; they had the same thing happen on their new car. Can you help us????.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

The frame to the car has a hole rusted thru the lower control arm bolt and is no longer drivable. The car was stranded on the highway and someone could have been killed Hyundai says its not covered under the recall but its the exact same problem as all the rest.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

While driving my car a "check charging system" display appeared on the dashboard. The car turned off as I exited the highway and I had to pull over on the right shoulder. It later started again but shut down after slowing down for traffic on the highway. When attempting to restart the car it would jerk until reaching speeds above 30-40 mph.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Vehicle check engine lit and all dash lights lit upon starting the car. It would not let me shift it into any other gear. Car was towed to dealer for several days with them consulting with Hyundai. They replaced some control module to repair it. -------------------------- two weeks later, the same problem occurred. Idiot lights were on after starting the car,but I could not shift it out of park. Dealership swears its a different issue and they are consulting Hyundai yet again. My car has been in the dealership for over a week now and they can't tell me when I'll get it back.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

The safety labels on the visors have curled up and lost their adhesion to the visors making the labels unreadable. The vehicle was manufactured on 4/26/05. A NHTSA safety recall, campaign id no. 06v234000 was issued for this defect for vehicles built may 15, 2005 through August 2005. This recall was inadequate to include all affected vehicles. It should be expanded to include these earlier built vehicles.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

My wife brought it to my attention that two of four vents on the dashboard blow 10%-20% capacity despite which setting (low, mid, high).

Unknown Or Other problem #10

Tpms: tpms light goes on, although tires are correctly inflated to 35 psi. 4000 miles on the new CA, 18" wheels and hankook optimo h431 tires installed as original equipment. Car purchased in portland oregon (town 'n country) and driven back to albuquerque, nm about 8/6/11. Ran 12 weeks without incident, but then tpms light intermittently came on. Sometimes in regular weather, sometimes in cold, and would remain on throughout drive. Turned car off, then restarted, condition persisted. Other days, not at all. Checked psi and was at factory spec. Took vehicle to local dealer (southwest Hyundai, abq, nm) which checked the psi and confirmed properly inflated. Tested/cleaned tpms but condition not rectified. Then dealer overinflated tires, claiming that altitude and temperature affected tires and tire pressure. Claimed that over inflation rectified condition. Told that this was a frequent problem in albuquerque, that regional office had been contacted on other occasions, but never received an answer or bulletin how to handle the problem. Protested, since both car and tire mfgrs specify 35 psi, and tpms light did not go on for first 12 weeks driving at this altitude; that over inflation affected tire contact with road, tire life, and comfort of ride. Called hankook tire mfgr who said that neither temperature nor altitude could explain problem. Said likely defect in tpms system. Called customer service and was initially told that condition had been fixed per dealer. After repeated calls, customer service had no answer and referred me back to dealer. Spoke with dealer again and service rep again claimed that condition is due to altitude and/or temperature. Message pending for james sanchez, service dept. Manager.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

1) the vehicle is purchased on 10/15/2012 at mileage 45. After driving 10 miles felt vomiting sensation and head ache due to vehicle constant vibration. My wife in the passenger seat also felt the same. I have my friends drive the car and they felt the same. 2) reported the problem to the dealer through text message on 10/16/2012 (Sunday) via text message as the dealer ship closed on Sunday 3) taken to the dealership on 10/17/2012 morning to check up. On first attempt dealer says there is wheel balancing problem, so performed wheel balancing and tire rotation and returned the vehicle to me saying it fixes it 4) with in 10 miles of driving , found same issue (head ache and vomiting sensation) due to vibration . 5) taken to the delaership on 10/21/2012, on second attempt, deler says he needs to replace axle. 6) how can a brand new vehicle is not inspected for axle problem and sold to customer? also how can dealer ship failed to find the axle problem on first attempt?.

Unknown Or Other problem #12

The radio was change by hynudia because the navigation system failed and now after the warrenty up the navigation system failed to work the voice does not get loud.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

Visor broke when I tried to put it up and now will not stay up. It just hangs in my line of vision and is causing a serious visibility problem. I checked on line and saw story after story of people having the same problem. It is definately a defective part that is a hazard and I believe there should be a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

I drive the Hyundai Sonata hybrid. The first time the problem occurred at approx 9800 miles, I was driving 60 mph on a highway when the vehicle lost battery power and an alarm sounded, and then a signal indicating to "check charging system. " I immediately took the vehicle to my Hyundai dealership where they were aware of the issue, but did not know how to fix it and suggested I just simply turn off and then restart my car. It happened two additional times, one while approaching a stop light, and another time while I was stopped at a stop light. The last time it happened, I could not get my vehicle to reset by restarting once. I had to shut the vehicle off, then attempted several times to restart. The 4th time I tried to start it, I was able to do so sucessfully. I did notice the last time it happened, the engine light remained on even after battery power was restored. I am taking it back to the dealership tomorrow and demanding a solution. This is just too dangerous to lose power in high-speed traffic, and the problem seems to be occuring at all speeds.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

I was driving on a busy los angeles freeway when the "check charging system" light came on and a chime began to sound. My car totally shut down and lost all power. I was stranded in the middle of a busy freeway in what was a life threatening situation. The battery indicator was at the half way mark, which is the norm for the car. I was towed to a dealer who told me that they could not find anything wrong with the car. I had to call Hyundai corporate to get Hyundai technicians to look at the car. They said that a team of technicians repaired the car and that it was fixed. Except that it happened to me again last week on a busy parkway. This is an extremely unsafe car that puts occupants in very dangerous circumstances. It is in for repairs again, but I will not trust that it is fixed. I am afraid to drive it.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

Was pulling on to a road and the engine did not engage, the hybrid system",green ready" light began blinking and the yellow sevice " with the wrench " engine light also came on. I could only get it up to 3 to 5 mphs and the echo gage was up to red pegged out,, we pulled out on a county road that has a speed limit of 45 , a van had to stop ,because we pulled out in front of him, I had no doubt the vehicle would go ,but it did not. We had just drove up a hill that always requires engine ,grade steep, stoped and pulled out . Nearly causing an accident. . We pulled off road and tried again driving in electrical only mode light blinking we pulled back over and restarted car and everything was fine. . It s a dangerous problem that needs to be addressed ,when I push the peddle it should go !!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #17

Upon pu;;ing out from a stop sign the engine stalled, after coasting to a stop and placing in park I tried to restart engine. All lights went off and motor did not turn. Attempted again, same thing then passenger compartment filled with smoke. Fire dept arrived and determined somewhere in dash a component had fried. They then disconnected battery. Vehicle was towed to dealer, per dealer engine locked up and they have to disassemble dash to determine what had fried.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

Sonata hybrid. Driving on the freeway at 60 mph on cruise control. Exit ramp with cruise control off and car gliding to stop light in ev mode. Stopped at red light for 3-5 seconds. Then pushed the accelerator . . . The car lost power, would not move, instrument panel lights flashed, audible ding warning sounded. Display screen showed "check charging system" then screen showed to put car in park. I then placed car in park and pushed the ignition button and car had power to drive off the street and out of the flow of traffic. I then looked over the car, no warning lights or sounds. I test drove it in a parking lot to make sure it would not stop again. Conditions at time of event: blue driving mode, gas tank level at 1/2, hybrid battery charge at 1/2 radio on, headlights on, air conditioner off, and the outside temp. About 77f. I'm not sure which component failed. Electrical, engine or the hybrid power control unit.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

I placed the car in park to when I got home from work went inside my house for a few minutes came outside, when I turned the car on and tried to take it out of park it would not change gears. I tried it for almost 20min. I had to turn the car off and back on a few times for it to work. It does it almost everyday. Yesterday 09/14/2011 I had to drive the car away from my job due to an emergency and it would not change gears. I tried after 10min and just left the car behind and had to get a ride from a coworker. . If this was a life or death situation I would likely not make it due to this safety issue. This is an ongoing problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #20

The first incident occurred in a thunderstorm: "check charging system" warning lit up and alarm sounded. Car lost power. Had to pull off on the side of the highway. Restarted the car and it was fine. Called dealership and was told it was "water on the serpentine belt and not to worry about it. " second incident was approx. 1 week later when the "check engine" light came on along with the "check charging system" light and alarm and car lost power. I pulled over on the side of the highway. Turned car off and restarted. Third incident, a couple of days later, "check charging system" alarm. Same scenario. Took to dealership. They conducted a system download to onboard computer. Now it is a daily occurrence. Couldn't get out of the driveway today after restarting the car 4 times. Will be contacting dealership tomorrow.

Unknown Or Other problem #21

Hyundai Sonata hybrid stops loses power comes to complete stop - while driving down the road at about 40 mph car lost power and came to complete stop. I had to completely shut off the car and restart it before it would move again.

Unknown Or Other problem #22

The Sonata pulls to the left. I took it in and told dealer I thought it was car, not the road -- but told me it was fine. Took it in again because it pulls hard to left going straigt to ditch if you let go of steering wheel, they said they adjusted it 2 points and it was not pulling anymore. Left dealership and it still pulls hard to left.

Unknown Or Other problem #23

Car pulls to the left most of the time, sometimes forcefully. Occassionally pulls to the left. Vibrates at multiple speeds. Spent four visits to two different dealers for service that did not correct the issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #24

Engine can easily become hydro-locked in heavy rain and road splash back from other vehicles due to the design of the direct air intake of the Sonata hybrid. With its design, it does not have any water baffles to prevent water from entering the air filter and once it enters the air filter box, there are no drain holes for it to drain out. This forces the water through the engine as that is the only way for it to get out of the filter box. When the engine stalled, no electronic control warning lights were illuminated and the car remained in the “ready� state. This could lead to damage of the hev system and battery pack. Per the technician servicing the car, they stated that the hev warning light only illuminated when the hev battery reaches 15% charge (the point at which they have to replace it), this contradicts with the owner’s manual as well as counteracts the purpose of a warning lamp. Due to the nature of the design where the computer controls when the engine start/stops, the engine can damage itself before preventative action can be taken. For example, when the engine stalls due to water ingestion through the air filter and the oxygen sensor determines it cannot compensate, the engine will stall, but before the situation can be rectified, the computer attempted to restart the engine causing it to become hydro-locked. With my experience, I am convinced that the design of the car is flawed and is unreliable to drive in a heavy rain scenario which leaves it unusable several times a year. I have owned several hybrids in the past (2001 and 2005 Toyota prius) that I operated through the same conditions as your vehicle and I did not experience any problems with them. Additionally, with the Toyota, when the engine stalls against the computer’s control (e. G. : running out of fuel), the hev and engine warning light both illuminated and the “ready� light was DE-illuminated.

Unknown Or Other problem #25

I bought my 2009 hyunia in for 16,500 mile check and was informed that my rear brakes failed and the brake shoes and rotor needed replacement. I told them I had not noted any symptoms of or sound of brake failure and would get a second opinion. At 18,701 miles I noticed noise while breaking and returned to the dealer the service manager suggested the damage was caused by driving with the emergency brake on. I told him that I do not ever need to use the emergency break and surely didn't drive with it on! he then said it was caused by rust. I wouldn't expect rear brakes to fail at 16,000 miles. After checking on-line I found it is a common failure with Sonata. I had to pay $423. 00 to repair what I consider to be a design or manufacturing defect.

Unknown Or Other problem #26

The sun visor of the drivers side recently fell and it won't stay up with the velcro stapled. It is very annoying and potentially dangerous while driving. It can obstruct my view and be distracting.

Unknown Or Other problem #27

While driving my car I attempted to shift to third gear and discovered I had no clutch pedal. This problem continued for the next half hour till I arrived at my destination, where I parked it. A few hours later I started to go home and the clutch worked fine. Indicating that the problem is not in the clutch. I believe the hydraulic master cylinder loses pressure somehow causing the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #28

Defective tire pressure monitor system. During a 5 month cycle with a distance driven of 4500 miles, the tire pressure monitor system warning light was activated 7 separate times during normal driving conditions. Checks with a pressure gauge immediately following activation showed that the tire pressure was within 1 psi of the recommended tire pressure. On each occasion the tire pressure monitor warning light reset without any manual intervention. It would take from 20 miles of driving up to 200 miles of driving to reset. The service department had inspected the system following the initial activation and suspected radio frequency interference as being the cause.

Unknown Or Other problem #29

One morning when getting ready to go to work, I tried to start my 2011 Sonata. I pressed on the brake, which was very hard, pushed the button but the vehicle would not start. The lights, radio and air conditioner would all come on but the engine would not start. The car was in park and the gear shift could not be moved. I attempted multiple times for the next 10 minutes to start the vehicle but was unable. My husband tried putting jumper cables on the battery to see if that was the problem but it did not start. I waited about 5 minutes and tried again but the vehicle still would not start. Finally after almost 20 minutes, the brake pedal was easy to push on and the vehicle started. It caused me to be late to work but I did not have another occurence until about a week later when I had been driving for some time and stopped for about 30 minutes. I got back in the car and once again the brake was very hard and the vehicle would not start. After multiple times over the next 10 minutes, it finally started.

Unknown Or Other problem #30

During operation of the vehicle, when vehicle engine speed drops to approximately 1000 - 1100 rpm, headlights will dim or briefly shut off, radio will shut off, and interior fan speed will drop. This happens for approximately 1 second and is intermittent. From searches of the internet, this appears to be a common problem requiring replacement of the positive battery cable assembly. I do not understand why this has not been handled via a recall, especially since headlights dimming off or shutting off during night driving is extremely dangerous. This has happened on multiple occasions to this car. In addition, probably due to this voltage drop problem, several headlights, brake lights etc. , have had to be replaced. This has already cost me several hundred dollars in troubleshooting and repair, prior to learning about the cable assembly.

Unknown Or Other problem #31

A few times I have nearly had accidents, involving both cars and people because the horn cannot be heard! I think a horn is a safety device, to warn others, but this one cannot. It sounds like it is from a motor scooter. Unfortunately, someone will probably end up being hit, injured or even killed before something is done. I have heard that Hyundai, in effect, admitted the problem by re-designing the horn on later 2011 model year cars. All cars should get the new horn. This type of incident happens everytime someone pulls or walks out in front of me at the last second, and I am unable to properly warn them with the horn.

Unknown Or Other problem #32

2011 Sonata se. Will not start. Warning light indicates key not present or press brake to start. When pressing brake, pedal is "stiff". Tried emergency key reset procedure per owner's manual. No luck. Wait 30 minutes, heard relay in dash click, and car returned to normal operation. 3rd time occurred. Noticed I had pulled into parking space by truning hard right prior to shut off. Also, my wife had opened the passenger door and climbed in prior to the driver's door being opened (possible alarm system problem?) no warning. Dealer is stumped. Many others have same exact issue. Suspect either computer or sensor problem. Other possible cause, issue with the alarm system when teh passenger door is opened while car is locked. Car waits until after a time reset to initialize the relay again. . . . Milage 13600.

Unknown Or Other problem #33

I have had 2 instances of sudden acceleration. 1st incident I was backing out of my garage and the car shot backward narrowly missing my house. 2nd incident about a month later I was pulling into a parking spot when the vehicle suddenly accelerated. The car shot forward & I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a fence. Both incidents the vehicle was going less than 5 mph. I have also noticed the vehicle jerking occasionally in traffic when you ease up on the gas pedal.

Unknown Or Other problem #34

The sun visors are not long enough (vertically) to prevent the sun from hitting center of windshield area and blinding driver. I've had to stop several times to regain my control and my clear view. The car was purchase on 12/19/10 and at the time I noticed that the sun shield that they sold me at the dealership would hardly stay in place because of the vertical shortness of the sun visors but when the hour was changed to daylight savings time is when I really realized the severity of the problem at the time of the sunset. Even raising the driver's seat all the way up it is impossible to avoid being blinded by the sun; it's an accident waiting to happen. I have notified the consumer service department of Hyundai but have not received a reply. Thank you for your assistance.

Unknown Or Other problem #35

2006, 2007, 2008, Hyundai Sonatas. Sunvisor fails to remain in position or plastic arm cover breaks causing the sunvisor to not stay in the upward position. This is a safety issue. While on a trip the sunvisor failed to remain upright impairing road vision. There have been three TSB bulletins regarding the Sonata sunvisors. The problem persists and the internet is loaded with customer complaintsregarding recent failures of the sunvisor to remain in position.

Unknown Or Other problem #36

Car pulls to the left since brand new. Very noticeable when driving at a high speed for a length of time. Constant right pressure must be maintained on steering wheel to prevent car from moving to the left. At a slow speed on back roads the pull is not that noticeable. For some reason, when taking a right turn off a highway ramp, the left pull increases, which requires increased right pressure on the steering wheel. Have had car checked at dealer, alignment was checked, and told everything is fine. Researching the Hyundai forums, it appears my Sonata is not the only car experiencing this problem, and as of this date, Hyundai/kia have no fix, or even acknowledge their is a problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #37

The horn on my 2011 Hyundai Sonata is not loud at all. I honk at people and they have no idea I am honking at them. Its very quiet and high pitch. This could cause a serious accident if the horn was seriously needed on a highway or something.

Unknown Or Other problem #38

Vibration in steering, grinding noise in transaxe, low tire pressure (by dealer), refusal to perform 3,750 mile maintince secdule (dealer refused).

Unknown Or Other problem #39

I was driving on a major dallas freeway when a truck started changing lanes without visibly seeing me. I attempted to use the horn only to discover it did not work. I took the vehicle back to the dealership and after four hours was told they will need to order one. This is a major issue for an automobile when navigating extremely over utilized freeways. Based on read forums, the horn on this car appears to be an issue. I do not know when they will fix my horn. I was only told they would call when the horn comes in. This is extremely poor customer service and care when a product, with known issues, is not supported with replacement parts, in house, in effort to minimize danger to the end user and customer.

Unknown Or Other problem #40

I just purchased a 2011 sonota turbo and am experiencing strong gas smell inside car when going at slow speeds. I also notice it pulling to the left. Cannot tell the difference between high and low beam with the headlights.

Unknown Or Other problem #41

Rear brake failure on a 2009 Hyundai sonota. Brake slides clog with dirt or rust causing them to become inoperable. They either get stuck in the applied position wich causes them to wear to the point of metal to metal causing extreme heat and possible fire or they stick open and do not engage when applied.

Unknown Or Other problem #42

When the brake was applied or excel pedal was not applied, all electricity function(radio, a/c, and headlight) went down for a second and came back again. It started happen when the vehicle marked over 100,000 miles and occurred frequently during driving. Even after changing battery and alternator which dealer pointed as reasons of the problem through whole electricity check-up, it happened again and again. The dealer couldn't point out the reason. I appear this problem here for serious potential accident possibility.

Unknown Or Other problem #43

Sun visor broken while driving.

Unknown Or Other problem #44

2011 Hyundai Sonata has pulled to the left almost continuously since we took possession of the car. The car has been taken back to the dealer 4 times and has never been corrected. It is so constant that my left shoulder hurts after just a few minutes of driving the car.

Unknown Or Other problem #45

Dash board air bag light came on and remained on. Took to a mechanic who stated it was an error code that was not longer active. A sensor must have set it off, but there was no longer a problem. A few weeks later airbag light came on again. Took vehicle to Hyundai dealership who stated occupant classification system (OCS) or sensor that was part of system registered an error at some point in the past few days and that is why the light went on. They stated there was no longer an error, but that the sensor must be going bad and would need to be replaced before it failed. Reason being, once the sensor failed, the air bags (at least passenger air bag, potentially whole system shut off so driver as well?) wouldn't deploy in the case of an accident because system would shut off as a result of a sensor failure. Dealership stated that sensor could not be replaced individually, but that the whole passenger seat cushion would have to be replaced. The sensor is part of the OCS system. The quoted cost for the part (seat cushion with electronic sensing system) would be around $1500 total ($1350 for the part, $150 for the labor). As of now air bag light not on, sensor hasn't failed yet. Once it does, need to replace if want air bag system to deploy. This seems like a very serious safety issue that should be addressed by a recall. I have read hundreds of customer complaints online that have the 2006 Hyundai Sonata with this problem and haven't had it fixed. As a result there are a lot of people driving around in a vehicle that some if not all of the air bags won't deploy in (and most if not all of them don't realize it disables the air bag). This design flaw could result in serious injury or death. All information I received in regards to airbag light issue was from the service department at a Hyundai dealership. This issue needs to be investigated and a recall needs to be issued.

Unknown Or Other problem #46

Since purchasing vehicle last week it drifts to the left. Dealer did alignment but stills pulls to the left. I have contacted Hyundai and I am waiting for a response.

Unknown Or Other problem #47

The steering pulls to the left, & somtimes to the right. I have to struggle to keep the car from crossing the center line while it pulls to the left. Steering has wandered since car was new. Feels unsafe to me. I took car back to dealer at 949 miles. They did re=alignment car still pulls, took car back 3 more times to dealer for same steering pull, dealer acknowledges the sever pull, they installed a factory suggested camber kit, car still pulls & wanders. This car is unsafe & should have a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #48

I was driving my 2007 Hyundai Sonata, and my husband was in the passenger seat. Without being touched, the passenger side sun visor dropped down into his field of vision. He tried to put it back up, but it would not stay in place and continued to fall down. I contacted my dealer and found out they have seen this happen many times with both the passenger side and driver side sun visors. This could be extremely dangerous, especially when the driver side visor breaks. Having it drop into the driver's field of vision while he is driving down the road could easily cause an accident. The dealer said that the driver side visor could fail at any time, but they would not replace it until such time that it did fail. My passenger side visor was replaced under warranty, but I still wanted to bring attention to this potentially dangerous problem with the visors in the Hyundai Sonata.

Unknown Or Other problem #49

The contact owns a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. While driving approximately 35 mph, the contact smelled an extremely strong toxic odor emitting from the interior of the vehicle. The odor did not subside at any time. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer three times. The technician attempted to correct the failure by placing coffee grounds in the trunk, on the front and rear passenger seats as well as the drivers seat but to no avail. The dealer offered to trade the vehicle for another however, the contact stated that the manufacturer did not adhere to the agreement. There was significant concern of a potential health and safety hazard. The VIN was unavailable. The failure mileage was approximately 11.

Unknown Or Other problem #50

Drivers side visor fails to stay in upright position and will fall to a position that can block the drivers visual field. This is apparently a common defect with this model of vehicle, but Hyundai fails to recognize the safety issue and will not repair or issue a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #51

I started my car and as I started to turn the steering wheel so I could pull out of the parking space smoke spewed from my dashboard. I looked up under the dash and noticed the wiring harness in flames. I extinguished the fire. I then had the car towed to a Hyundai dealer. They examined the damage and said tat it would cost me $4000 to repair it as I needed a new wiring harness. Hyundai claims it wasn't a manufacturers defect, even though the car was purchased brand new and therehas been no alterations or modifications, the same wiring harness is used in kia which has a recall on a wiring harness. I am in possession of the burnt harness and it clearly has kia written on it.

Unknown Or Other problem #52

I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I purchased the car in August of 2010. About a month after owning the vehicle, the engine light came on. When I took it to the dealer, they recorded the code and then said it was the ac. I was asked to wait 15 seconds before turning the ac on after starting car. So I did that. About a week later or so later, the light comes on again. Take it back twice after this, they record the code and then the switch is replaced. I maintain my car with all maintenance requested and I drive it on the highway. I had the tire light come on a few months later - was told it was the temperature. That eventually went off. Next was the engine light yet again. This time it occured after I took the car in on June 17th for an oil change. They told me a recall was on the transmission and they did the recall update. Immediately after this update, the car drove terribly. Very loud, very rough. About a week after this update, the car breaks down in the parking lot. It has done this now about 5 or 6 times since June (today is July 20th). I take it to the dealer and told I need the engine light on in order to repair. The light needs to come on two or three times before Hyundai will replace. The engine light sometimes comes on, sometimes does not, but it is guaranteed to break down. It is most definitely the transmission as it will stall and then hesitate. The lights on the gear shaft go away completely and the dash lights go away so you have no idea if you are in park, reverse, etc. Last time my engine light came on, it went back off that night. The problem continues and Hyundai can't seem to fix. I read online from a general search on this car that this is a resounding issue across the board with others as well. I am frustrated and something should be done. I called corporate and got nowhere. I continue to get the runaround. They should be investigated before someone dies from their transmission issue/lack of concern for the safety and wellbeing of their drivers.

Unknown Or Other problem #53

My driver's side sun visor broke and cannot stay up. I have to put it to the side, but it blocks side view dangerously. This is a common defect for Sonata 2006-2008. The technician at the dealership noticed the problem, but never mentioned to me during warranty. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #54

The car is pulling hard to the left, it requires my constant correction. It has done this day 1 of owning the car, and as you go faster, it pulls harder. I brought it back to the dealer to have them fix the alignment, but that didn't do anything except now my wheel isn't centered and it's cocked to the right and still pulls left.

Unknown Or Other problem #55

I have a complaint against zimbrick east - madison WI I have had several repair issues with my car, such as the engine was never mounted properly, which caused my engine to shift left and right everytime I turned the wheel, I bought my car used and it still is currently under warranty. There have been several other issues, for further questions please contact me by email thank you for your time.

Unknown Or Other problem #56

Passenger visor pivot arm failed to retract after a few uses. Visor hung down slightly and would not go back up. Passenger would hit their head getting into and out of the car on the visor. This was not covered under warranty. Driver side visor pivot arm failed to retract shortly thereafter, after few uses. Driver side visor hangs at an angle that occludes driver's line of view, thus a hazard for driver safety. Also if a collision would occur, the driver would collide with hanging visor that points toward face, causing head trauma.

Unknown Or Other problem #57

Both the rear brake lights and the rear dash lights stopped illuminating (11-12-2011). I also have the esc indicator light going on and off (past 6 months) there was a warranty replacement on the stop lamp switch done on 10-23-2009. Service department invoice states esc off light on caused recovered c1513 due to faulty break lamp switch. Work performed: installed 93810-3k000-qqh stop lamp assemby switch. Problem still occurring!!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #58

Broken visor. Will no longer stay in up right position causing restricted vision for the driver. Safety hazard.

Unknown Or Other problem #59

I purchased my car on may 27, 2007, in florida. As my mother and I were in the car one day she noticed the air bag light was on, even though she was sitting in the front seat. I took the car to a Hyundai dealership in September, in florida, and told them about the problem. They found no problems. I was with my mother again after that and the light came on again. I took the car to a different Hyundai dealership in the beginning of November in florida, and told them about the problem. They again found no problems & they told me that depending on how much my mother weighs the system may not register that an adult was sitting in the front seat. My mother weighs about 130lbs. In late November I was moving to virginia. Before I left florida, I took the car to the 1st Hyundai dealership and told them the problem again. And they too told me that my mother's weight was the problem. I was very annoyed, but I didn't really have the time to follow up on the situation, especially since I was in the middle of moving to a new state. I am now settled in virginia and last week I received Hyundai's motor vehicle recall on the 2007 Hyundai Sonata vehicles because of the occupant classification system (OCS) in the vehicles. How funny, this was the same problem that I had in florida. So I took the vehicle to the Hyundai dealership in virginia and they told me that according to the paperwork that they received from Hyundai, they need the passenger with the problem to come to the dealership so that they could test the system. This is a little difficult for me seeing as how my mother lives in florida. They told me if I wasn't satisfied then I could call the Hyundai customer assistance center. I did and they are telling me to wait until I have another passenger seated in the front seat and the light doesn't come on again. That is a dangerous situation. If we know there is a problem with my vehicle why would we wait until someone possibly getting hurt to fix the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #60

The door handles are peeling (silver coating) and it has caused severe cuts to anyone getting out of the car, both on the passenger and drivers front side.

Unknown Or Other problem #61

My 2002 Hyundai Sonata the finish is peeling off the door handles and people have been cut as it peels it is very sharp.

Unknown Or Other problem #62

1) engine light seems to come on at least once a month 2) fan knob for heating/air conditioner does not work on 1 or 2, it will only work on 3 or 4. This is a new problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #63

2003 Hyundai Sonata 4 door sedan. Chrome is peeling from metal interior door handles at random such that passenger or driver will grasp handle to open door and several lacerations to hands and fingers will result. Lacerations are deep enough to release blood. I was a driver and passenger on separate occasions in same vehicle and cut right and left hands on both interior door handles. Upon first encountering peeling chrome on drivers side handle, the vehicle was returned to Hyundai dealership at 3675 sheridan drive amherst, new york (716) 835-8500. Said dealership replaced the driver side handle but did not replace any others. Subsequently, when opening the passenger side door on August 13, 2006, I cut my right hand in several locations resulting in a release of blood. My wife had also cut her hand on the driver side handle. Apparently Hyundai is aware of this issue which is a safety related manufacturing defect resulting from a defective plating / cleaning process prior to plating. Hyundai however, has not issued a voluntary recall of all vehicles for this reason. Plating defects such as this are process related and will be present in thousands of vehicles assembled. I am a experienced quality engineer and director and am knowledgeable of the plating process. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #64

My 2001 Hyundai Sonata was bought new. It has given me nothing but problems from the time I drove it off the lot and as soon as I hit the 60,000 mile mark (the bumper-to-bumper warranty ended at this point), the car constantly has something wrong with it. I have spent thousands of dollars in repairs. The airbags were fixed by the dealer because there was a problem. The brakes had a loud squeak and dealer replaced (under warranty at that time). The side front window motors have been fixed twice and now the passenger side window motor is broken and I had to put tape on it so that it will stay up. The timing belt went out after the warranty. Some kind of coil broke and needed replacement. The engine light is always turning on. I stopped taking it to the dealer after the car broke down, had it towed, dealer in laurel, MD claimed to have fixed it, charged me $768, picked up car, same problem, engine light still on and took it back to dealer. Dealer said there was yet another problem. They said they fixed it and they charged me over $500. Still the same problem. I took the car to a mechanic and was charged $45 for the repair. There have been several other problems that I have had to pay for repairs. I just spent $435 on another repair. Now, after each repair, I just wait for the engine light to turn on again for the next expensive repair and yet I'm still making car payments. Absolute worst car I have ever had.

Unknown Or Other problem #65

The paint is peeling off of all 4 door handle assemblies of my 39 month old Hyundai Sonata. Hyundai refuses to cover the obvious failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #66

The chrome paint on the inside door handles split and became very sharp. They cut my hand on more than one occasion.

Unknown Or Other problem #67

Hubcaps are slicing my valve stems (had to buy three tires) and paint on bumper (which took them three times to match) is peeling.

Unknown Or Other problem #68

The automobile company misrepresented and mislead the consumer on the performance specifications.

Unknown Or Other problem #69

The paint on the car has come off going through the car wash. The front end squeaks. The windows would not go up or down the rear view mirror stopped working. The radio turns off/on at random. The check engine light turns on/off at random. Dt.

Unknown Or Other problem #70

Right front speaker pops on and off at a stop or moving. When you use the ac button, windshield wiper, windows, and turn signals the speaker either shuts off or turns on. The radio was replaced three times, the speaker twice and the wiring and wiring harnesses were replaced. The car has been in and out of the shop with and without repairs for the same problem at least 12 times. The problem started the first night when I bought the vehicle in October of 2001. The car has had other problems with the power window motors, battery, and remote door locks. I feel as though I have spent more time at the dealer trying to get the car fixed then actually enjoying the car. I have filed cases with the Hyundai corporate office, a factory representative looked at the car, heard the problem, in formed the dealer on how to fix it. I received a phone call 6 days later saying the chief mechanic could not duplicate the problem so he did not touch it. Even though the factory representative heard the problem and told them what to fix. I have taken the first step in the lemon law, I have sent a certified defect complaint to the dealer. The received it April 11 2003 at 12:00 pm. I am just waiting on there response. This car has been a nightmare to my self and my family. Two visits ago the dealer had the car for one week. When I received the car back, the car was covered with an unknown substance (maybe tree sap) all over the hood, roof, and trunk. I brought this to the dealers attention while the factory rep was there. The rep told them to compound the car out and rectify this issue. When I picked up the car, the car was washed but the substance was still there, now with swirl scratches in the paint where they tried to up the substance off the car. Dealer and corporate will not take responsibility for this. This will be the final case for my lawyer against Hyundai.

Unknown Or Other problem #71

Engine check light came on. Consumer took vehicle to dealer, and they could not find the problem. A year later, engine check light came back on. This time there was a grinding noise when pressing gas. While on highway with foot on brake, vehicle started to accelerate. When changing from park to drive vehicle would rev really high like it wanted to take off. Please provide any further information.

Unknown Or Other problem #72

Vehicle stalled without prior warning, and then engine check light/ air bag light came on dashboard. Dealership was aware of problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #73

Alternator went out which made the electrical system to go out. Entire dashboard was not working, also, abs brakes and engine check lights kept blinking. There was an electrical smell. Dealer replaced alternator.

Unknown Or Other problem #74

Noise like a helicopter is in the back seat,to dealer and wheel bearing are gone,parts unavaiable the second time(02/01) sec to backorder,same problem again 02/02)check engine light on sec to a cam sensor,sesor replaced, at 70mph lite come on and car stalls next is airbag light come on after seat is adjusted(driver) have never had to test them so can only hope that whe n car stalls they will deploy.

Unknown Or Other problem #75

Air bag sensor light comes on and stays on. Consumer also stated the seatbelt light and engine light stayed on for 5 days.

Unknown Or Other problem #76

No summary listed for this vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #77

When driving vehicle jerks and rpm line goes up in down. Then vehicle starts slowing down, and will shutdown. Engine check light stays on. Dealership is aware of the problem. Consumer has to keep vehicle in neutralto keep it in order.

Unknown Or Other problem #78

Since we have owned vehicle - 9/98-to present engine light has come on causing lack of power- smoke-vibration - taken to dealership on five occasions with no real fix to problem -two times we left dealership and within two miles light would come back on.

Unknown Or Other problem #79

Vehicle was repaired as soon as loaner car was available - 6 days. Vehicle was returned in satisfactory condition.

Unknown Or Other problem #80

Consumer experiencing problem with engine check light intermittently coming on. Vehicle been in/out of dealer shop and problem cannot be resolved. Dealer notified.

Unknown Or Other problem #81

Engine check light remains illuminated, indicating a malfunction within the system. Dealer cannot determine the cause . Please give any further details.

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