Parking Brake Problems of Hyundai Tiburon

Hyundai Tiburon owners have reported 7 parking brake related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common parking brake problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's parking brake (7 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Parking Brake related problems of Hyundai Tiburon

Problem Category Number of Problems
Parking Brake problems
Parking Brake problem #1

I have a 2003 Tiburon. The emergency brake cable has rusted away and no longer engages the brake. Seems to be a common problem.

Parking Brake problem #2

In October 2009 I purchased a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon for my son. The car was placed in the garage until my son turned 16 on March 8, 2010. We only have put less than 100 miles on the car from the date of purchase to find out that the rear brakes were not working also causing the emergency brake not to lock in. The vehicle was purchased at crest Honda in nashville, TN. They also proceeded to sell me an extended warranty which was suppose to cover for brakes, however when I took it to a Hyundai service center they contacted the extended warranty company and they would not cover for the brakes to be repaired as they were after market brakes on the car. It is clearly obvious that this car was not inspected by crest Honda prior to my purchase. I have read similar complaints on the internet about crest Honda and customers having faulty brakes on used cars that they purchase from them. We are fortunate that we noticed the problem with the emergency brake as the mechanic told me that the rear brakes were not catching and only the front brakes were operational on the car.

Parking Brake problem #3

Hello, I'm 26yrs old. I own a 2003 Tiburon gt v6 6speed with less than 80,000 miles. I bought it off of the original owner with only 9,000 miles. Within the 70,000 miles I've driven it, its had three clutches. ? I've owned all manual driven cars since I was 16, I learned how to drive with one. We all know I burned that clutch up a little bit yet I still didn't burn that clutch out. The first clutch I had to replace I paid for the parts. Hyundai took care of the labor which was nice but, I still had to pay for a part that I wasn't at fault for ruining. Now I'm on my third clutch, I had to pay for this one in full because I'm the second owner and Hyundai only covers 60,000 miles. As of 01\06\09 this one is no longer working. There has to be a manufactures defect of some kind. Whether it is the hydraulic lines pumping too much or not enough fluid, the reverse dual mass clutch, or it being the first year they made the car, and this was one of the problems Hyundai had to take care of. I need help please. I've read more reviews on "2003" Tiburons than I can handle to read, and at least 90% said they had clutch problems. I started looking for a solution and the only thing I could find was consumer affairs #, e-mail, and a few other #'s. I called the consumer affairs #, and now they told me they cant help go figure. Their reason was it being to far out of warranty although it was at only 31,000 miles. Now at 77,000 it goes again, what a coincidence. This disaster of a car has cost me around $4,000 and has also put a halt on my life. I had a Jeep payment that I had to surrender back to the bank because I could no longer pay for repairs on the Tiburon and my Jeep. Im writing this in hope that there is some kind of good will, recall, ect. To help reimburse my loses. Thank you in advance.

Parking Brake problem #4

I have a 2003 Tiburon gt with a 6 speed transmission. I've had to replace the clutch twice in under 30k miles. I've checked with other Tiburon owners and they said it's a defect in the clutch assembly. Hyundai won't admit a problem even though a lot of people are having this issue apparently.

Parking Brake problem #5

Clutch failed at 44,000 miles after buying car used. Service department would not fix , stated it was wear and tear. Cost $1500 to fix. Airbag light stays on, past 65,000 so service department wont fix it unless I pay for it. Hatch back latch wont work, $200 to fix that. Headlights burn out every other month. Brought car to service center because of a noise in the front of car. Said they couldnt hear anything. 2000 miles over my warrentee brought car back because it was getting worse, said it was front wheel assembly and would cost $1000 to fix. During cold weather emergency brake sticks took it in and they couldnt find anything wrong, go figure. Seats wont latch sometimes after letting someone out from the back. Is there a end to the problems that I have with this Hyundai.

Parking Brake problem #6

I recently took my 05 Hyundai Tiburon into the zimbrick Hyundai dealership in madison WI for service. I am having alignment issues with my vehicle and have had them since I purchased the vehicle. I discovered from the dealership that there is a common problem with the emergency brake system which can cause the rear brakes to lock up while driving. They stated they have worked on 7 or 8 recently where they had to replace the assembly. I see no recalls or TSB's on this issue and it is a serious safety issue that should be addressed. I also am having problems with the dealership covering warranty issues. There are TSB's on my car related to alignment issues the dealership is not aware of or are denying exist. I continually get very poor customer service from this dealer along with the westside of madison zimbrick Hyundai location. They constantly do everything they can to get themselves out of having to perform warranty services. I have a severe pull to the right as other have complained about that Hyundai considers to be normal. I feel that it is severe enough to where it creates an unsafe driving condition and could potentially cause an accident. I also have abnormal tire wear causing every set of tires I have bought for the car to only last approximately 15,000 miles. All of these issues are related to alignment problems. Hyundai refuses to even look at until I agree to pay for it due to Hyundai only covering "adjustments" (which alignments apparently fall into) for the first 12,000 miles. So much for my 5 year 60,000 warranty. I have seen other people complain of similar defects in the Tiburons and don't know what is being done about it. I also have other numerous problems that have been fixed on this vehicle ranging from electrical to paint defects. I strongly urge the NHTSA and other governing agencies to look into Hyundais practices and do something to help out the consumers who are stuck with sub par quality automobiles.

Parking Brake problem #7

Everytime I use my emergency brake it freezes. I had it towed into the local dealership & they informed me that the problem wasn't happening while in their possession. So, I left my car at the dealership and was told that a regional manager would have to approve my repair because they didn't know what exactly was causing my problem. I picked up my car 5 days later with no repairs being made and the problem still existing. My last conversation with the service manager, I was told that the regional manager still has yet to respond to my problem. So now I am stuck with a manual transmission car that I cannot use the emergency break for when I need it because of the winter weather.

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