Wheel Problems of Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson owners have reported 16 wheel related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common wheel problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's wheel (16 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Wheel related problems of Hyundai Tucson

Problem Category Number of Problems
Wheel problems
Wheel problem #1

There is a constant shaking and vibration in the front passenger tire I don't know if it's the stability traction or what mostly happens at about 65 miles per hour on the highway and when I went to test drive a second 2007 Hyundai Tucson night version it front end was even more shaky.

Wheel problem #2

All vehicle lights come on dashboard and power steering shuts off when going through a rain puddle approx 3-4 inches deep. The vehicle will not turn and the wheel locks up. I've been to the dealership multiple times and they told me there's no solution to the problem and that they cannot fix an issue that does not exist. I feel very unsafe driving this vehicle when it rains and the fact that I just paid this vehicle off is making me re-consider it and purchase a new one. I have children and now that we're in hurricane season in south florida I cannot drive while it''s raining on when it hot as hell outside. This is ridiculous Hyundai needs to do something because I'm sure I'm not the only one having this issue. I'm going to file a complaint with the attorney general because I paid 20,000 for this vehicle and I feel that someone should replace this vehicle or perform a recall to find out what's causing the issue.

Wheel problem #3

Brought brand new August 2015. Many times the car lurches into gear. Several dct transmission hesitates noticeable when accelerating from dead stop. Car has 16,000 miles (but started around 1000 miles), . Dct clutches periodically when at a dead stop will not engage, but once rpm's drop it will start to move, but prior it's like the car is in neutral. You have to wait until the rpm's come down and push accelerator again and then it will engage. Of course the dealer can not duplicate, so they say there is nothing wrong. . Many times I was almost hit when turning due to the car not moving. . Very dangerous and someone is going to get hurt or die!!! will Hyundai do something then, because its seems that after 167 complaints they still don't care to do a thing about it!! shame on you! since about 12,000 miles the car has been making a hissing type noise when accelerating, brought to dealer, they said its normal & that its the fuel pump finally being broke into the engine and that is very normal. . They also lied on my work order that they compared that noise to a like vehicle with the same amount of miles and it did the same thing, however they told me on the phone that they would find me the same car with the same miles to show me its normal. Well that didn't happen, so they lied on the work order to cover their butts and to work against me when I contact lemon law attorneys. Who the heck are they kidding?!! brought to another mechanic & he said that is not the problem at all, but can't seem to figure out what it is. . So im spending money to have them try & diagnosis it even tho I have a warranty. Tires (I think) causing the car to shimmy shake all the time at high speeds. They have been rotated & balanced 5 times & the passenger seat shakes like crazy, but again that is all normal they say. Shame on Hyundai for doing nothing about all these complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Wheel problem #4

Hello, I purchased a 2012 Hyundai tuscon, 2wd, and had a terrible time in this vehicle during snowy/wet weather. I live in silver spring, MD, and was driving the vehicle in snow on February 21, 2015. The vehicle skidded, the tires spun, and the car got stuck several times. Also, the esc (electronic stability control) had to be manually disabled in order to keep from being rear ended, as this functions more like a brake--than a feature to designed to maintain control of the car. I'm originally from chicago, IL, and am quite used to driving vehicles in snowy conditions. This was a most unusual and scary experience with the tuscon. I did an internet search and came across several complaints, labeling the stock tires on the tuscon as 'hazardous' in snowy/wet conditions. Apparently, other drivers have noticed these tires lose all traction during snowy/wet weather. I'm not sure if other factors beside the tires impacted the car's scary performance during wet/snowy conditions. I did contact Hyundai, and they asked me to have the car inspected, which I did. After that I received a letter from the company telling me they had found no problem and that was the end of the discussion. If the problem is limited to the tires, then consumers need to be made aware at the time of purchasing a Hyundai tuscon that the tires stocked by Hyundai are potentially treacherous in wet/snowy conditions.

Wheel problem #5

Exiting freeway, decreasing speed, when it felt as though a tire had gone flat. Shimmy and sudden lose of power followed. Steering became difficult. Car had no power, increasing gas only revved engine, but would not move vehicle at all. Was able to roll to the end of the freeway off-ramp and pull near shoulder. Engine continued to run, but sounded like a cement mixer full of large rocks. Once transmission was placed in neutral, it would not shift into any other gear. Also refused to shift into park. Vehicle was flat-bedded to dealer. Mechanics determined the right trans-axle had separated from the wheel with spindle damage. Initially it was thought that the transmission was damaged, but that may not be the case.

Wheel problem #6

All four yokohama avid touring s p215/65/16 tires have extreme tread/mold separation at 40,000 miles making them unsafe to drive on.

Wheel problem #7

I was driving home when the car felt funny and started to shake a little. I pulled off the road into a parking lot. I got out and saw that the side of my tire was blown out. My husband came and changed the tire. To our surprise it was not only blown out on the outside but on the inside also. It appeared to us that this tire was defective. We had only had the care a little over a year. We took it back to the dealer which informed us that since we didnt buy they're waranty plan for the tires they couldn't help us. If the people that sold us the tire can't help then who do we go to. Feeling unsafe driving with the other tires that may be just as bad we decided to replace them all. We went to our local tire place and bought 4 new tires.

Wheel problem #8

I recently purchased a 2014 Hyundai Tucson GLS from my local Hyundai dealer. Shortly after purchasing the car, I noticed a strong vibration that seemed to come from unbalanced tires. I took the car in for the first time and they found it was unbalanced and proceeded to balance the car. However, this did not fix the problem. I still noticed a slight vibration when I drove the car, and it was especially bad at 50mph. I took it back for a second time to the Hyundai dealer and they balanced the car again, but only a very small amount. Again, balancing the tires made no difference. I took it back to the dealer for a third time and rode in the car with the lead mechanic at that location. He also noticed the vibration and asked I leave the car with him. He then tested one of the other Tucsons on their lot that was the same trim model and had the same tires. He requested I go with him in that car, and we felt the same vibration as in my car. He diagnosed the issue as a characteristic of the vehicle. On cold mornings, the car vibrates so badly it chatters my teeth and feels unsafe to drive. My concern is that it will only continue get worse with time, causing permanent damage. Even though the car has a great warranty, I still feel uncomfortable driving it and am reluctant to take it on long trips. I currently have a case open with Hyundai motors USA. The case was opened in March of 2014 and Hyundai feels it can be solved by replacing the tires. I have not done that yet as they will not give me coupons for the full price of the tires. The vibration has started to grow noticeably worse and I am concerned for both my safety and other people that may have the same car.

Wheel problem #9

I purchased the vehicle in January 2014. Within 500 mile I noticed a strong vibration in the front suspension. More accurately it was a bouncing (up and down) of the front of the vehicle. The vehicle was returned to the dealer multiple times and the dealer service department verified that the condition existed. They rotated and balance the tires several times. This did not solve the problem. They changed a drive shaft. This did not solve the problem. They replaced my wheels and tires with a set from another 2014 Tucson. Again, no change. The vehicle continued to exhibit a very pronounced bounce in the front suspension. I filed a complaint with Hyundai and received a case number. I returned to my dealer and requested to take another 2014 Hyundai Tucson for a test drive. This vehicle had the same bounce in the front suspension. I contacted Hyundai and informed them that multiple Tucsons had the same problem. Hyundai's answer was that it must be a characteristic of the vehicle. That closed the case as far as Hyundai was concerned. I believe this is an unsafe "characteristic" and do not believe that Hyundai or any other manufacturer would design a vehicle with a bounce in the front suspension. This is a safety issue that should be investigated and corrected before some sort of accident takes place. This front suspension bounce makes the vehicle feel very unsafe in inclement weather such as rain, snow and icy road conditions. Hyundai has closed the case and refuses to re-open it or perform any further investigation. Their determination that this is a vehicle "characteristic" is based on the driving of 2 vehicles. I believe an unsafe condition like this should be investigated. Hyundai is doing absolutely nothing to solve this problem.

Wheel problem #10

I noticed my tires had been extremely worn, virtually no tread left for only having the car for 6 months. I began noticing that driving was much more difficult than expected in rain and snow, until I realized my tires weren't in line like they were supposed to. Once I brought it to the dealership they had realized that my camber bolts weren't properly tighten which caused my tires to become out of line and begin to tilt causing the insides to become very worn down. I want to bring this to someones attention in hopes they can figure out what manufacturer my vehicle came from to help prevent the same issues for other vehicle owners.

Wheel problem #11

We were going through a green traffic light, we were about the 6th car through the light when vehicle coming out of nowhere ran the red light from the cross street at about 55mph, did not try to stop, we slowed to almost a stop and swerved to avoid the person. She did not try to stop and t-boned us in the drivers wheel and door, but the airbags did not activate, even with this high speed collision. This is the second accident of this kind where they did not activate. The first was in January and we were rear ended at a high speed while stopped at a traffic light.

Wheel problem #12

Purchased car new in 2013. Had vehicle in for 20,000 miles service at 19, 700 miles. Treads on all 4 tires are at 5/32. Tires are the original kumho solus kl21. Was in contact with Hyundai and kumho, no warranty on the oe tires. Need to replace these tires. I didn't expect a new car to have such cheaply made tires on it.

Wheel problem #13

Car has been in shop about 8 time for pulling to right 1st they said it was bad tires switched out but still continued to pull went it shop again said it was the tires so switched out again took another dealer said that it was the crowning in road I drove other Tucson's and they did not pull then they said it was because of all the mileage that was on my car next they said it was pulling bc of electronic steering id really like to know what is wrong with the car. I have a regional person coming down on the 28th of Aug to look into car pulling to right. Also have took my car to firestones and they say that there is something definitely wrong with the tow and alignment yet the dealer insists that is not the problem.

Wheel problem #14

Tl- the contact owns a 2009 Hyundai Tucson. The contact stated that while parked, he noticed that the front driver's side tire was flat. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic and the technician stated that the stem valve on all four tires was corroded and would have to be replaced. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The vehicle was repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 29,000. The VIN was not available. Kmj.

Wheel problem #15

We were heading out on vacation from akron, ohio when the dashboard low air pressure tire light came on during our trip. We exited off at the next exit for gas and to add air to the rear tire. We heard air leaking from the tire tread area and had to go to a local repair shop in sissonville, wv for the repair. The repair shop reported that we had tread separation and that the steel belt made a hole in the tire. He changed our tire with a used one to get us to our destination in north carolina. In boone n. C. We had our tires looked at and they showed us the we had another tire with a 4 inch slit in the tread area and was cupped ( a broken belt); this also was the rear tire. They remaining two tires showed signs of tire separation. All four (4) tires were replaced with new ones. Our vehicle is a all wheel drive 2011 Hyundai tuscon.

Wheel problem #16

The electronic power steering feels stuck,vague,hard,lacks of maneuverability and feedback while driving the vehicle, feeling the sensation that you will lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle goes to either ways (right or left side) giving the impression that you are going to crash. Also is very difficult to maintain the vehicle align on the road lane and it has to be corrected constantly requiring more physical effort than normal driving.

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