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Ignition Switch Problems of Jeep Commander

Jeep Commander owners have reported 26 problems related to ignition switch (under the electrical system category).

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 1
Failure Date: 09/08/2014

Cruise control still does not operate. Single touch power window function no longer works on driver and passenger windows. While commuting to work on the toll road, rpms registered between 2500-3500 going at a speed of 75. The majority of the time, it was between 3000-3500. I did not have the air conditional running. I was not accelerating and was not going up or down inclines to cause the higher rpms. After exiting the toll road, I turned and while accelerating to around 40mph, the engine stalled and the check engine light came on. As I was on an inside lane, I had to slow down to allow a semi to pass on the outside lane in order to be able to pull over to the side of the road. I had to place in park, turn off the ignition switch, and turn it back on. Check engine light remained on. My average mpg was 13. 9, lower than it should be. Leaving for my commute home, when I turned on the Jeep, the check engine light was no longer lit. I noticed during the commute that the rpms were not as high as in the morning, and also my mpg increased by almost a mile per gallon, and that was running at the same speed and I also was running the air conditiioning. Upon exiting the toll road, the vehicle jerked heavily while downshifting from overdrive. A jerky motion continued for the remainder of my commute (ranging from 30-55 mph). Please note that I do now take photos after the engine stalls to reflect the mileage and that the light is lit. I also now take pictures when the check engine light goes off.

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car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2008 Jeep Commander 2
Failure Date: 09/07/2014

The contact owns a 2008 Jeep Commander. When the ignition switch was turned on, all of the electrical components failed intermittently. The contact stated that the windshield wipers, air conditioner, electrical doors, and windows became inoperable. The failure occurred numerous times. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was not notified. The approximate failure mileage was 93,000.

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car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2008 Jeep Commander 3
Failure Date: 04/10/2014

While driving, the car suddenly lost all electrical power. We had to pull to the side of the road. We turned the ignition switch completely off and then re-started the car.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 4
Failure Date: 04/02/2014

The vehicle randomly shuts off. The dash gauges flicker and/or go off for a brief time. If breaks are engaged at that time, abs stops. If headlights are on auto, they turn off. If turning a hard left or right (such as turning into a driveway, turning on to a street, parking) power steering stops working. If the lights are on but not on auto the lights stay on. The radio stays on. These symptoms would indicate that there is a problem with the ignition switch. When this issue occurs, it seems to stop by pushing on the key. This has happened multiple times. After visiting this page, a log will be created to record date, time, and speed. This is a huge safety issue. After much research many users of internet forums for Jeeps, complain about this issue (reference urls can be provided). The NHTSA campaign number: 14v047000 sounds very similar in nature. Could the NHTSA look in to the parts being the same?.

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car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 5
Failure Date: 08/15/2013

Ignition switch defective. It moved from run to acc while making a right turn onto a onramp going about 30 mph. It turned off the vehicle just like the defective gm switch did. It was attached to other keys and may have been bumped by knee during turn.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 6
Failure Date: 07/07/2013

The vehicle engine shut down suddenly while driving on the interstate. I was able to turn on the hazard lights and coast through traffic to the shoulder of the road. Upon investigation I noticed that the ignition switch had turned off which led to a hazardous situation.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2008 Jeep Commander 7
Failure Date: 04/09/2013

While driving the vehicle ignition switch shuts off without warning. I have taken the vehicle into the Chrysler dealer and they have refused to replace the switch even though I am willing to pay all costs. They say this is such a big problem that the switches are being restricted (cannot be replaced unless there is current danger to the owner) by Chrysler. This happens all the time as I was driving on the expressway and the car just shut off. This has happened aprox. 30 times in the last 3 months.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 8
Failure Date: 11/20/2012

While driving down the road, the entire cluster of instrument warning lights begins to flash intermittently, creating a distraction and safety hazard while driving. In addition, the fuel gauge drops to "e", the speedometer drops to zero and then goes up and down and all gauges go up and down erratically. Also, the heated seats turn off as does the fan for the heater/ac unit. Verified with local mechanic that this is not related to the ignition switch and is most likely an ecm and/or pcm issue. Replaced battery but problem still exists. Engine malfunction indicator light comes on for several cycles, computer reboots itself and then the trouble starts again shortly after. This appears to be an ongoing issue with the 06 Commander but my VIN was not included in the ecm/pcm recall (08v203000) because I have the 6-cylinder rather than the 8 cylinder engine. This is a safety hazard while driving and I just feel fortunate that as of yet, my car is not stalling like so many others. However, I feel my issue is related to this same recall and want to have it on file.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 9
Failure Date: 02/29/2012

Vehicle was traveling at a speed of sixty five mph on the highway, when the engine just shut off, losing power and making it very hard to get the vehicle off the road and stopped safely. This has happened numerous times in the year we have owned the vehicle. When the engine shuts off it makes it very hard to turn because power steering is disabled because the engine is not running. When the vehicle shuts off it makes it very hard to get to the shoulder of the roadway without any engine power and the sudden slowing down is a very high risk for a rearend collision. We have had numerous close calls in this vehicle because of this problem. I have replaced numerous parts to try and resolve this issue but with no success it continues to happen. The vehicle has been to the dealership numerous times to have this problem fixed and they say (we can not get the vehicle to act up with the technician driving the vehicle to exactly pin point the problem. ) this is very frustrating because this vehicle is very unsafe to drive with this issue. I have looked up numerous complaints and issues of people with the same vehicle having identical problems and have yet to be resolved. We have replaced spark plugs, coils, map sensor, mds wiring harness, ignition switch with oem parts and the issue still continues. I recommend faulty engine wiring, ecm, to the service advisors just to be ignored. They tell me until the issue is recorded on the vehicle scanner that nothing can be done to pin point the problem.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 10
Failure Date: 01/13/2011

Ignition switch out?? electrical system has gone haywire! radio doesn't work. Completely died on me and could not restart for 30 minutes. . . Arrrrrr.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 11
Failure Date: 12/07/2009

2007 Jeep Commander limited. 5. 7l hemi. Vehicle has stalled about half a dozen times in last two years. This usually happens at highway speeds (+/- 65 mph) and with no warning. Engine quits and instrument panel light come on. I've (luckily) been able to pull safely off the road. When I shut off the ignition switch and wait a few seconds, I am able to start it back up and continue. I've brought this up to two separate Jeep dealers, and they claim there is nothing wrong with it.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 12
Failure Date: 02/08/2009

About 9 times over the last 3 years, my Jeep Commander 2007 limited v8 has stalled while moving causing the electrical components including lights, radio, dashboard panel, etc to momentarily turn off. Each time, the stall is accompanied by a loud "clunking" noise. In each instance I have been traveling on the interstate 60+ mph. I am able to restart everytime by either pulling over or putting the car into neutral, restarting the engine, and then putting it back into drive while moving. I have discussed this with the dealership on two different occasions and have been told there is nothing they can do unless the check engine light comes on which has never occurred. This has happened to both of the primary drivers of the vehicle, and the ignition switch has never been accidentally turned off.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 13
Failure Date: 09/19/2008

I bought my new 2007 Commander in spring of 2008. Less than 6 months later I've been having issues with my electrical system. Random lights come on and go off at different times. Most recently I was in chicago on a major freeway and my car stalled when I slowed down for traffic. After two tries it restarted but my dashboard, lights, navigation system were not working. I drove to a parking lot and turned my car off. After letting it sit for about 20 minutes, I restarted it and only the engine light came on this time. My dealership installed a new ignition switch a couple of months ago when the lights were coming on but this did nothing to help. They can't get my car to duplicate what it has done for me so they give my car back to me without repair. This car is not safe and I'm scared to death to drive it. Having it stall in chicago (not familiar with that city- I was only visiting and needed my navigation system to get to where I was going) was very scary for me as I'm a female and 35. I consider myself lucky this time. But please- someone fix my car or take it back from me! this is not a safe vehicle .

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 14
Failure Date: 03/20/2008

Our 2006 Jeep Commander v8 4. 7l has stalled while driving at least 5 times. 3 times on the highway and twice on slow turns. Initially the problem seemed related to the ignition switch. Just a slight brush against the key was enough to kill the engine and some of the electrical systems (specifically power assist). While out of town during this past christmas the third highway failure and first slow turn failure occurred. The out of town dealer replaced the ignition switch. Another slow turn failure occurred on March 20, 2008, where the disabled power assist had my wife veering into oncoming traffic. We had the dealer pick up the car at our home. The service manager stated that this was the fifth Commander he had personally seen with this issue. The current fix was to upgrade the firmware of the engine controller unit. I asked for and received the technical service bulletin for this repair (case number k23158981, star on line number: 18190602 0. 4). The bulletin did not mention the root cause for this issue and the recommendation only states that the engine controller should be flashed. I asked for further technical details in hopes of finding some confidence that this issue has truly been diagnosed and fixed, but was told that no more information was available. The service manager was fairly confident that the issue would be resolved with this fix, but he could not be certain. Frankly, that's just not good enough with this kind of safety concern. We are at 39k miles and out of our warranty. Dealing with DC's corporate office has been a nightmare and have refused to provide any real assistance. We are looking to get out of this car as we no longer have confidence in it's safety. The local dealership has been nice enough, but beyond trying to give us the best deal possible on a '08 Commander they haven't been able to really assist us in getting out of this vehicle.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 15
Failure Date: 02/29/2008

Ignition key is located in a dangerous location whereas the driver's knee can bump into the key while driving, which then stalls the vehicle and locks the steering wheel, creating an extremely hazardous situation. The only recourse is to put the car in neutral and restart the car while on the road in traffic.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 16
Failure Date: 08/06/2007

The contact owns a 2007 Jeep Commander. While driving 15 mph, the vehicle would shut off if the key was touched or struck. The vehicle would only restart by coming to a stop and shutting it off. The dealer replaced the ignition switch, however, the failure continued. The failure mileage was 5,600 and current mileage was 5,756.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 17
Failure Date: 07/27/2007

My wife was driving at approximately at 35 mph when she made a right hand turn into a parking lot and the vehicle completely died. All power steering and brakes were lost, which nearly caused her to wreck into an on coming car. The dealership replaced an ignition switch as the only probably cause, but can not guarantee that this will not occur again. Obviously this is not a fatality however this is something that could very easily lead to a serious accident.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 18
Failure Date: 04/17/2007

In the fifteen months I've owned the car (purchased new from a Jeep dealer) it has been to the orig. Dealer as well as a different dealer multiple times for electronic related issues. Early on the car experienced trouble with the right front elect. Passenger window operating improperly. Then a series of incidents happened where the dash panel lights would come on and the car would stall. At times there was a noise from under the car. After stopping and restarting the car would run property for a period of time. Then the incidents would happen again. The most troubling incident occurred when I was stopping at red light - depresed the brake pedal at low speed. . . . And the car kept rolling until it impacted the car in front. Minor damage to both vehicles but scary as heck. Informed the orig. Dealer and they could find nothing. The incidents with the lights and the noise and other spooky elect problems - such as the middle hvac unit putting out heat while the front and rear put out cold. - prompted me to find a different dealer to take the car to. They (nalley here in atlanta) did a good job and updated some softwear and changed the ignition switch. That alleviated the problems for two weeks then the new ignition switch failed. The promplty replaced that as well even though it was quite a mystery to them. Since then I have had two incidents where turning on the ignition switch failed to start the car - there was no response. Allowed the car to sit for a minute then it started.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 19
Failure Date: 04/06/2007

- faulty instrumental panel and possible ignition problem. Ignition would start, but panel would not turn on. The engine would not go over 30 mph while panel was off and brake system would not work. There were also loss of lights , including headlight, engine power. Brake was locked when making turns. Faulty engine light. Stalled on turns at slow speed.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 20
Failure Date: 02/13/2007

My 2006 Jeep Commander's ignition key is so sensitive to touch that if it is bumped while driving, the key turns the engine off causing the vehicle to shut down and making steering almost impossible. I have almost crashed coming of a highway and it has happened multiple times. I am 6' tall and when I move my foot off the gas the knee hits the key ever so slightly and the key switches off.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2007 Jeep Commander 21
Failure Date: 02/09/2007

On several occasion while driving, the engine has completely cut out. I have concluded, luckily without accident or injury, that the cause was my inadvertently hitting the ignition key, located in this vehicle perilously close to the driver's right knee, and effectively turning the ignition switch to the off position. It took a slight touch for this to occur, especially with other keys or such dangling down from the ignition key. For a less experienced driver, such as my daughter this sudden and immediate loss of power on the open road could , d at some point,will-- cause panic and perhaps much worse. This needed addressed. I have read on internet sites/blocs about others experiencing the same thing.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 22
Failure Date: 01/15/2007

This complaint is similar to odi 10178480. The odi 10181086 could also be possibly connected. The design and position of the ignition switch in 2006 Jeep Commander is such that a slight knee movement might turn the ignition off , resulting in lost of power and power steering. I have experienced this on three different occasions, most recent one while driving on highway I-5 in the left lane at 65 mph, with heavy traffic in the right lane. Luckily enough I was able to slowly steer left onto unpaved median and stop and restart the vehicle. Merging back from median into the left line was extremely dangerous.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 23
Failure Date: 07/19/2006

I purchased a 2006 Jeep Commander 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have had it into service twice for the annoying whistle that appears to be common on this vehicle, but apparently hard to fix. While I was doing some research on the internet into the whistling problem, I kept reading about another problem that some Commander owners were having. When I took my vehicle to the service department, the service manager and I took it out to reproduce the whistle. I brought the other concern to his attention and he tried, and successfully, recreated the problem about 4 times. When the vehicle is running, if you accidentally but barely, tap the key the car shuts off. This requires the driver, if the vehicle is moving at the time, to put it in neutral, turn the key off and then back on. So potentially, a person could be driving on a multi-lane highway, doing 55-65 mph, and accidentally hit the key with their knee. This would shut the vehicle off, causing a loss of power steering. The driver would then, while avoiding driving into other lanes and being rear ended due to the car drastically loosing speed, have to put the car into neutral, turn the key off and then back on. I want to make sure that I make it clear, this has not happened yet to me, but the service manager was able to recreated this while we were sitting in traffic at a red light. He seemed to be quite stunned, and said he was calling Jeep that day to report the problem. He also saw this as a huge safety concern. I am trying to be pro-active in this complaint, bringing the problem to others attention before an accident has to occur, perhaps with tragic results.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 24
Failure Date: 06/09/2006

- the contact stated that the 2006 Jeep Commander 4x 2 had stalling problems for almost a year . While driving usually under 45 mph the vehicle stalled, and when trying to come to a stop it stalled. The contact took the vehicle to the dealership on 4 occasions and they could not duplicate the problem. The contact stated that they have changed the vacuum hose and flashed one of the computers in the system, they've replaced the ignition switch, and a single fuel injector. The contact was still having the same problem, stalling. The contact spoke to the manufacturer, filed a complaint ,and was given case# 16017241. The contact stated that this was a major safety problem, and would like NHTSA to be aware of this problem. The service manager and the general manager of the dealership informed the contact that the manufacturer was aware of this problem, that the vehicle stalled when the engine was below 650 rpms. Although they were aware of this problem, but they were not sure how to resolve this problem.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 25
Failure Date: 12/15/2005

I was driving my new 2006 Jeep Commander, automatic transmission 6 cyl engine. I am 6'4. 25" tall and weigh 205 lbs. I have proportionately sized limbs and appendages. I was driving at about 35 mph on a road near my house and all of the sudden the car turned off. The key was brushed by my knee and the vehicle abruptly quit. There is no way for me to fit in the seat and put the seat far enough back that there is no risk of the key turning off while still letting my arms reach the wheel. The key protrudes directly perpendicularly out of the dash, intercepting my knee dead on from the front. I had driven the car for over 100 miles before this ever happened. Then it happened again this morning. Come to think of it, the new Jeep grand cherokee that my friend has, this has happened too. The placement of the ignition switch, combined with its angle on the dashboard and the slightly large size of the key fob make this a big risk for taller drivers like myself. The key only barely has to be grazed (I could not feel it happening) and the vehicle shuts off (while in motion!) and has to be put into park in order to be restarted. I think that eventually someone will have an accident keeping control of their car when it unitentionally shuts off on them, now it has happened to me 3 times within about 200 miles, and like I said, there is no physically possible way for me to adjust the seat so that my arms reach the wheel and me knee does not reach the key. This seems dangerous and I wanted to bring it to your attention immediately so that Chrysler can modify the design of either the key fob or the ignition switch in order to prevent people from causing damage to themselves or their vehicle. Thanks, ryan weatherby.

car image   Ignition Switch problem of the 2006 Jeep Commander 26
Failure Date: 08/04/2005

Tl-the contact owns a 2006 Jeep Commander. The contact received a notification of NHTSA campaign number:14v438000 (knee contact may turn ignition switch off). The contact stated while driving at various speeds, the engine power decelerated, but excessive force was used on the gas to force the vehicle to accelerate to prevent loss of engine power . The problem recurred since 2005. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where the problem was not duplicated. The vehicle had not been repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the issue. The failure mileage was 19,000. Jb.

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