Interior Lighting Problems of Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee owners have reported 32 interior lighting related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common interior lighting problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's interior lighting (32 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Interior Lighting related problems of Jeep Grand Cherokee

Problem Category Number of Problems
Interior Lighting problems
Interior Lighting problem #1

While driving my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee laredo tonight the exterior and interior lights flickered on and off. The problem continued after turning the lights off and on.

Interior Lighting problem #2

While driving down the road the dash lights will shut off and turn back on without warning. It almost seems like it shuts off but the engine stays running. The radio presets stay programmed. Has only done it twice in the last month and I've owned it for 3 years. Seems to do it in the extreme cold, but vehicle is fully warmed before I drive it. I usually let it run 20 minutes before I leave on days when it is really cold( usually below 32 degrees fahrenheit) all of the gauge lights shut off, the radio, interior lighting. Haven't noticed if exterior lighting goes off as well.

Interior Lighting problem #3

I purchased a certified used 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2008 with 26k miles. Besides a malfunctioning electronic shifter in 2009 everything has been running great until 1/2/2011. At approximately 6:30pm while driving on the freeway at 65mph all exterior lights and interior lights (except for the map lights) began to flicker and then fail. The lights would come back on for a few seconds and then fail. The problem occurred intermittently over the next 30 miles and persistently worsened until I got home when the lights remained off for 15 to 20 seconds at a time. Each time it failed while driving I cycled the switch, cycled the brights and tried anything I could to get the lights to stay on. None of these methods worked. Upon getting home safely I turned the car off and restarted it only to have the same problem after two restarts. I went to bed and tried it in the morning and the lights worked fine for a 70 mile daylight drive to the dealer. Just received word from the dealer that they could not replicate the failure so there is nothing they can do. This vehicle is unsafe to drive and dangerous to others on the road in this condition even if it only happens once every two years.

Interior Lighting problem #4

While driving at night, headlights on vehicle went off. By flashing the light switch to what would normally turn on the brights, the lights would come back on, regular strength (not the brights). This happens repeatedly every time the car is driven at night, several times during the night.

Interior Lighting problem #5

Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6) while driving my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee to work Saturday March 6 I notice that the lights on the instrument panel would blink every once in the while, I was driving on the garden state parkway in new jersey @65 miles hour,it was a very scare experience since I did not known if the engine would cut out and I would loose steering and breaking , and after all the Toyota problems I was almost in panic. Please let me known if there is any other complains like mine , since there is no recalls for this kind of a problem on your web site. [xxx].

Interior Lighting problem #6

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 46,636 miles out, no power in driver door to the door locks, extra mirrors or dome lights. Broken wire was found in wire boot between door and auto body. Wire failed due to metal fatigue of faulty wire that should have never been used in this location.

Interior Lighting problem #7

The contact owns a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The contact stated that the headlights and interior lights turned on and off. The contact had to play with the switch to get the lights to turn back on. The dealer replaced an integrated power module but the failure continued. The contact called the manufacturer who offered no assistance. The VIN was unavailable. The failure mileage was approximately 50,000 and the current mileage was approximately 75,000.

Interior Lighting problem #8

The contact owns a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. While driving at night the interior and exterior lights would fail simultaneously. He would have to use the high beam headlight switch until the lights would come back on. No repairs were made. His vehicle identification number was excluded from recall campaign id number 09e012000 (exterior lighting). The failure mileage was 40,000. The current was 49,000.

Interior Lighting problem #9

The contact owns a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The contact noticed that all of the illuminated components in the vehicle would dim intermittently. She was informed that the lights flickered as if she were flashing them during the day and night. The exterior lighting shut off completely. The interior lighting, specifically the instrument panel, would dim while the vehicle was in motion. The contact would have to manually turn them back on again. The electrical system, however, would still malfunction. She took the vehicle to the dealer on two different occasions and to a private mechanic once, but neither could duplicate or determine the cause of the failures. The manufacturer has not been notified. The current mileage was approximately 31,000 and failure mileage was approximately 30,000.

Interior Lighting problem #10

I own a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 170,000 miles. Recently, the airbag warning light will ding and light-up. The light will then turn off after a few seconds and then may relight again. This problem has been occurring for the past few weeks. I have not yet tried to correct the failure because the problem may not happen for a few days and then start again.

Interior Lighting problem #11

Safety recall 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee/transmission fluid leak. Vehicle shakes violently/shudders on highway &when speeding up/ slowing down. Jeep serviced on 5 separate occasions for recall over 36 months. Repaired incorrectly on 1st visit to dealer service. Brought in 4 subsequent times/approx. Every 10,000 mi- to fix same issue transmission/ failed torque converter/shudder. Dealer argued no recall of this item, despite having NHTSA recall info/my VIN was noted on recall. Dealer refused to waive $100 powertrain warranty fee each time Jeep brought back. Dealer insisted mopar parts have 9,000 mi warranty/ I would pay for repair b/c I drove 10,000 mi since previous repair. Dealer refused to provide rental car despite 5-7 day s to repair. Recall states a loaner vehicle to be provided if scheduled repair would take >1+days. A local 5 star Jeep/Chrysler dealership refused to service Jeep after their initial recall repair failed at 10,000 miles. I was told to take Jeep back to dealership I leased it from. Dealership manager told me it was not his problem to fix & 5 star Jeep name did not mean anything to him. Said he was not concerned about recall. I brought Jeep to the leasing dealership- they refuted claims of a recall & told me to pay for all repairs & loaner car. It wasn't until 4th&5th time Jeep was in for service that a loaner car was provided because I told dealer I was pursuing ohio lemon law. The last time I brought Jeep in for service of this recall item, I was told to go on a drive with serviceman to verify problem. He told me it was torque converter & not to fix it b/c he didn't think there would be a fires from leak. I showed him NHTSA recall. He said I would pay for mopar parts b/c they were out of warranty @ 12,000 miles. I told him I had 10,000 miles since last service. He spoke to manager & they serviced Jeep. Jeep is again shuddering/clunking.

Interior Lighting problem #12

Interior lights click on and off, also factory alarm goes off, noted when colder outside temperatures are present and/or a heavy dew concentration is present. Brought to car dealership three times, multiple repairs, problem still exist.

Interior Lighting problem #13

Electrical problems, check engine light, beep under dash, dome lights coming on, radio goes off, all dash lights(abs, brake,etc. ). Transmission problems 3 times in shop for slipping and leaking seals. Leaking at pan, output seal and, drive train they changed seals and 1 month later output seal was leaking again. Govern assembly was replaced 8/3/03 along with solenoid, transduce. Faulty batteries. Shocks all leaking but they replaced 1 front 1 back.

Interior Lighting problem #14

The bulbs that illiminated the switch enabling the consumer to turn on the fog light, dim the panel light, and locate the headlight switch, burnt out. As a result, consumer was unable to locate and utilize the components. The bulbs could not be replaced because they were not available from the manufacturer or after market.

Interior Lighting problem #15

Dashboard lights do not light up. Cause is unknown. Please provide additional information.

Interior Lighting problem #16

1. Came out of gear when in park and crashed sustaining 5000. 00 dollars in damage. Had received a letter from daimler-Chrysler in 2002,however it was not dated stating the car could do this. No recalls were present at the time. They denied any problem when car crashed. Called an attorney who was a relative that told without a doubt (100%) the car would do this. He then called me back and stated he could not represent me because he represented daimler-Chrysler. He was hired by Chrysler after he bought a viper from them that was a lemon and he shoved it you know where and won. They realized what an outstanding attorney he was then hired him. Talk about family ethics. They finally installed the secondary detent system in 12/2008. I was told it was repaired. 2 the car is stalling at high speeds,during u turns, while at stop signs. It to dangerous to drive. Jeep keeps telling me they can not find anything on diagnostics. I was out of town 250 miles from home and they want me to drive an unsafe vehicle back to the. They have been rude,evasive and blaming me. After 500. 00 there diagnostics showed nothing. It has been to 5 other mechanics and know one has been able to diagnose the problem. I now have a 1997 Grand Cherokee limited that is loaded that is dangerous and worth nothing. 3 if they insist on arbitration and a chance to fix it you will lose. It is worth your money to hire a lemon law attorney from the very beginning.

Interior Lighting problem #17

While driving at night or day,dashboard lights go out/ loses power in vehicle/ unable to wind window down/ open doors, and headlights go out. Dealer contacted, cannot fix problem.

Interior Lighting problem #18

Consumer was calling in regard to NHTSA recall 97v194002n/ manufacturer's recall 755. While attempting to pull into traffic vehicle ran out of gas, although gas gauge read 1/4 of a tank. Dealer has been contacted for this problem, but refused to remedy problem free of charge even though vehicle was experiencing same problem. Consumer's vehicle was manufactured three days after the cut-off date as stated on recall. Please provide further details. When the driver depresses the gas the vehicle bogs down and then takes off, the driver's door dome light is inoperative intermittently due to open circuit, dealer replaced dome light switch. Nlm.

Interior Lighting problem #19

Harsh down shifting, results in loud clunking, rear tire squalling, and passenger discomfort. Rough shifting into gears while parked. Moaning brakes, warped rotors fuel pump deficiancies, and miscellaneuos electrical problems.

Interior Lighting problem #20

Dash light's brighten and dim on their own.

Interior Lighting problem #21

Courtesy lights would intermittently flash on/off while driving. Dealer contacted. Feel free to provide any further information.

Interior Lighting problem #22

1)"front sway link eliminator bars" both failed after front cv joint replacement causing very poor/dangerous handling. Dealer refuses to consider that prior removal caused damage, says they were rusty. 2) windshield wipers fail while going over bumps. Dealer refuses to cover under warranty. Wants nearly $400 for repair. 3) door locks, dome lights lock and unlock by themselves while vehicle is running or not, causing passangers/keys to be locked inside. Dealer refuses to fix. 4) check engine light comes on and vehicle fails to start, after several minutes vehicle then starts. Dealer refuses to believe there is a problem and won't fix under warranty.

Interior Lighting problem #23

Intermittently, for the last two years, owner would experience all types of electrical problems, such as, instrument panel lights and dome lights going out. When vehicle was taken to the dealership for a tire recall, wiring harness on the rear left door was found broken. Please provide any further information.

Interior Lighting problem #24

Right front door light came loose, license plate bulb failed and was replaced.

Interior Lighting problem #25

Right front door light came loose, license plate bulb failed and was replaced.

Interior Lighting problem #26

Time delay sensor for interior lights defective.

Interior Lighting problem #27

Owner states that vehicle stalls while driving, he notes at one time vehicle stalled three times and could not be restarted, most times when vehicle would stall it could be restarted. Cargo lights would not turn off, several hours later they turned off on their own.

Interior Lighting problem #28

The vehicle experienced multiple problems. The horn failed. The interior lights failed. The door locks were inoperative. The abs light and the brake light came on and remained on. The vehicle overheated when at idle for more than a few minutes. This problem has been addressed more than three times with no resolution. The brakes vibrated and this has been a problem since the first year of purchase. The consumer has requested Jeep to buy back the vehicle. Mr scc.

Interior Lighting problem #29

First problem : ignition stops working, if steering is truned and then tried it starts. This problem happens anytime. Dash light dims if I puts on the headlight and flickers while driving.

Interior Lighting problem #30

The vehicle experienced the following problems: no horn, interior lights, or door locks, the abs/brakes lights were on, continuous overheating when idled, despite repeated brake work, they were still a problem, the dashlights didn't get bright as normal, hissing noise in the brakes (booster was replaced), blower motor was inoperative along with mode position (replaced blower motor resister wiring harness), front pinion seal leaked and was replaced, there was a broken bolt in the rear stabilizer bar (removed), when the vehicle was placed in drive from park, it shifted hard (replaced driveshaft), the control module was replaced, the brakes pulsated on numerous occasions (TSB was completed), the blower module was replaced, all gauges stopped working,all warning light would come on, the engine temperature climbed higher than normal (replaced the fan power transmitter), the windshield wipers had become inoperative, and the arm had broken (replaced the rear arm). The consumer requested the dealer to back the vehicle. Mr scc.

Interior Lighting problem #31

Consumer stated the alarm on dash keeps indcated the doors are open. The dealer has been contacted. Nlm.

Interior Lighting problem #32

The gauges on the instrument panel flash on and off and the light is very bright. The consumer removed the fuses so the light would turn off. The dealer has been contacted. Nlm.

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