Check Engine Light On problems of the 2008 Jeep Patriot

Four problems related to check engine light on have been reported for the 2008 Jeep Patriot. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 1
Failure Date: 07/20/2016

Over the past several months I am unable to put gas and it it shuts off the pump and usually it doesn't start afterwards but I will be driving down the highway at speed of 65 70 miles per hour the vehicle traction control light will come on the check engine light continues to flash standing in the engine locks up in the car stalls and dies and will not restart very dangerous and very scary.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 2
Failure Date: 02/19/2014

Over the past year my Jeep has been very sluggish, accelerates at higher rpm's than normal, "shifts" rough ( even though it is a cvt and doesn't have gears). For example, when I slow down to make a turn and then proceed to accelerate after the turn, my Jeep hesitates to accelerate, the rpm's plummet and then reach to over 3000 rpm's before it slams/jerks into gear to return to around 2000 rpm's. Twice my Jeep has shuttered and stalled while at red lights. Last week after backing out of my driveway, as soon as I put it in drive the electronic throttle control light started flashing and dinging at me. My Jeep went into "limp mode" and I was not able to travel 8 feet from my driveway. I pulled to the side of the road and attempted to restart my Jeep 3 times, and every time I had the same "limp mode"/electronic throttle control issue. The check engine light did not come on at all. The manual states that "if the light is flashing when the engine is running you may experience power loss, an elevated/rough idle, and increased brake pedal effort, and your vehicle may require towing. Immediate service is required. ". This does not sound safe. I had it taken to a certified auto mechanic who said it was a throttle body issue and that I would need to have it replaced. However, Chrysler/Jeep has 1,500-2,000 throttle bodies on back order and I was told it would take several months to even receive the part. I'm glad that my Jeep did not stall or go into "limp mode" while traveling on the highway as this could cause a fatal accident. I consider myself lucky, even though I am now making car payments on a vehicle that will not run. This is also my only vehicle. There must be a major issue with the throttle body to have 1,500-2,000 on back order and should be looked into.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 3
Failure Date: 07/29/2013

We bought the Jeep used with about 50k miles on it. After a short time the check engine light came on for a valve to be replaced. Also, when we use the turn signal the dome lights come on. Of course even though we bought the warranty none of these problems are covered. I don't know how the lighting system failing could possible be wear or tear or misuse, but they say its not their fault and it's not covered. So in the 3 day period where we were waiting to have those problems fixed we had another problem. My wife and I were driving down the highway at about 50mph and the tire completely and instantly went flat almost causing us to wreck! with my 4 year old son in the back! we take the tire to a tire shop and they say it was the valve and it's a known problem with our vehicle for that year and explains everything about it. I call 2 other tire shops to verify what he said and they both automatically knew about the problem and said it happens all the time and I also need to have the others replaced costing over $350!!! we tell the Jeep dealership about it and they say we hit a rock driving down the road and they know of no such problems. I google the problem of tpms and sure enough tons of websites talking about everyone's ball joints going bad, and tpms problems. Not only are they acting like it's not a known problem when it clearly is. . . They put me and my families' lives at risk by acting like nothing is wrong and not letting us know that the problem will likely continue happening to the other tires!!!! this is an outrage and something needs to be done!.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 4
Failure Date: 03/15/2009

Vehicle intermittently stalls at highway speeds, rpm's noticeably drop approximately 500 before automatically restarting and recovering. No check engine light has come on during any experiences of this complaint. I have had this happen numerous times on 3 separate trips it doesn't occur until around 40-60 miles into trip well after vehicle is fully warmed up, vehicle will return to normal function for weeks at a time. Vehicle will be going in for service on 03/23/09, I'm not confident the problem will be resolved due to intermittent habit of problem.

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