Accelerator Stuck Problems of Lexus ES350

Lexus ES350 owners have reported 17 problems related to accelerator stuck (under the vehicle speed control category). The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 1
Failure Date: 08/15/2012

Below is an e-mail sent to Lexus regarding a description of the so called unintended acceleration event my wife experience and the remedies we are seeking from them. They have issued a complaint # of[xxx] on August 15, 2012 my wife [xxx] while driving our 2007 Lexus Es350 experienced what we are learning is referred to by Lexus as an "unintended acceleration" event. The accelerator stuck and the car could not be stopped as she sped over 85 mph. Downshifting the transmission and depressing the breaks as hard as she could did not stop the car. . . She said she pulled the floor mat away and the car stopped accelerating and she regained control of the vehicle. After my wife got home kendall had the vehicle towed to their shop, I contacted Lexus got case # [xxx]. I was told during my first conversation with the Lexus representative that the matter is not handled by them (customer service) but by Lexus's legal department. Kendal Lexus, who had my car, told me they down loaded the car computer and that a Lexus technician would be at their shop to inspect the vehicle on or about August 23, 2012. On August 22, 2012 I was advised by kendall's service manager [xxx] that the Lexus technician would not inspect the car and that recall modifications would be completed by kendall as directed by Lexus. After the modifications were complete I picked the car up at kendall on August 24, 2012. While driving home vibration coming from the front of the car and immediately called [xxx]. [xxx] said they had determined that the car was safe to drive and my issues would/should be addressed by Lexus. Bottom line I have been told that "nothing was wrong with your car. " my wife is too frightened to drive this vehicle. Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6).

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car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 2
Failure Date: 03/24/2010

2007 Lexus Es350, while parking vehicle consumer stated for some unknown reason vehicle moved forward hitting into a block wall. According to the police report, the accelerator pedal became stuck.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2009 Lexus ES350 3
Failure Date: 03/15/2010

Gas pedal got stuck on a recalled Lexus leading to a crash, after the recall work was done by the dealership.

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car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2009 Lexus ES350 4
Failure Date: 02/19/2010

My vehicle Lexus Es350 (2009) is under recall for safety as it gas pedal is getting stuck in some cases. I had difficult time for Lexus to take care and to fix this problem. But I want to report that Lexus does still not own its responsibility. I had called Lexus on Feb 19, 2010, to check on the status of the recall repair. I was told: "car is safe to drive and that it is not a safety recall. " this was told to me repeatedly, even though I kept telling the Lexus person that their own website is saying contrary to her claim. I think it is very misleading --telling customers that vehicle is safe to drive; and this is not a safety recall but voluntary recall by the company. I have got my vehicle fixed. But I am surprised at the company's style of misleading customers.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2010 Lexus ES350 5
Failure Date: 02/11/2010

The contact owns a 2010 Lexus Es350. While exiting the highway the accelerator stuck and she collided into a snow bank. The contact received injuries to the face, mouth and body. The insurance company totalled the vehicle. The failure and the current mileage was 17,053.

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car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 6
Failure Date: 02/06/2010

Gas pedal stuck and couldn't get stopped and wrapped the car around a pole to get it stopped.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 7
Failure Date: 01/06/2010

I bought a 2007 Lexus e350 last October. It was purchased from lujack Lexus in davenport as a certified vehicle warrantied to 100,000 miles. The car had only 35000 miles on it at time of purchase. Some time in November, my husband and I were sitting at a red light. We were the first car at the light and when it changed to green we took off at a normal speed. However, my car decided it wanted to go faster then the speed limit. I pumped the accelerator to get it to slow down and that worked the first time. I just brushed that off as a fluke not knowing Toyota vehicles were having this problem. The second time it happened, was during the first week of January when my granddaughter was off school. I was going approx 10 mph down an alley where I park my car at work. The alley was icy. I was braking to turn a corner to park my car and the car just took off on me. I had my foot on the brake but the tires were going 80 mph and I was heading for a brick wall. My daughter thought quick enough to throw my car in neutral and I pushed the off button on my car. My car raced down the alley for about 100 yds before I was able to stop it. I called the Lexus dealer and they said to take my floor mats out. I said I did not have them in because I received the recall. Besides I didn't even have my foot on the accelerator when this occurred. They said they would call me back. They called within an hour (on a Friday) and asked me to bring it in first thing Monday. They tried to tell me it was the accelerator getting stuck on the mats. I said it was a computer problem not a mechanical. They said it couldn't be but that they could put a computer chip in that would shut the gas off enough if it started to accelerate like that again. I insisted that they do something or I wanted my money back on the car. He tried to talk me out of it but I told him well when I end up dead on the road from this issue, is that when you are going to take care of this problem? it seems to be fixed now.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 8
Failure Date: 12/19/2009

Collision accelerator stuck, stepped on and held brakes but car sped up.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2010 Lexus ES350 9
Failure Date: 12/09/2009

The contact owns a 2010 Lexus ES 350. The accelerator pedal became stuck while driving. The failure occurred intermittently. On one occasion, he attempted to turn off the engine at a gas station but the engine surged. He was able to gain control of the vehicle. He called the dealership and the technician stated that they would perform an at-home inspection of his vehicle. He had not contacted the manufacturer. No repairs were made. The current mileage was approximately 700. The failure mileage was approximately 500.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2008 Lexus ES350 10
Failure Date: 10/05/2009

The contact owns a 2008 Es350 Lexus. While driving 60 mph all of a sudden the vehicle accelerated without touching the accelerator pedal. The consumer applied the brakes; however, the vehicle would not stop. The consumer was forced to shift gears into neutral to stop the vehicle; although, the vehicle stopped the engine was still revving. The contact had to engage the accelerator pedal a couple of times since it was stuck in place. The dealer could not duplicate the failure. Within the last three to four weeks the failure has happens 3 to 4 times and has become progressively worse. The dealer will make another attempt to diagnose the failure and the manufacturer was notified of the acceleration problem. The failure and current mileage was 6000. Updated 11/10/09 while driving, the accelerator pedal became stuck and would not return to its position. The consumer had to place the vehicle in neutral to stop it. Updated 11/10/09 updated 11/10/09 updated 11/13/09. The consumer stated the floor mats were not the cause, because they were in the trunk of the car. Updated 11/17/09.

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car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 11
Failure Date: 09/18/2009

I have a 2007 Lexus ES 350. Last September as I was entering a freeway and speeding up in order to join the cars driving at about 60 mph, my accelerator stuck when I took my foot off and I continued with the engine revved up as I braked with both feet. I continued to brake with one foot and reach down with my other foot and got it under the accelerator and was able to lift it back up. I did not have the heavy duty carpet that is on recall. The dealer checked it out and said they could find nothing wrong. I have the receipt verifying this. It was a terrifying experience!.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2009 Lexus ES350 12
Failure Date: 08/28/2009

On August 28, 2009, four occupants of a 2009 Lexus Es350 tragically and unnecessarily died in sante, California in san diego county following a high speed loss of control and rollover event. The vehicle in question was a loaner car from bob baker Lexus in el cajon, California. Driver of the vehicle, 45, a 19 year veteran of the California highway patrol. The driver had obtained the vehicle that day after dropping off his Lexus for service. Witnesses report that the officer was maneuvering the Lexus in and out of traffic at high rates of speed on state route 125, honking his horn with the hazard lights on, prior to the highway ending at an intersection. The officer attempted to negotiate a turn but could not avoid striking another vehicle and losing control because of his high rate of speed. Rolled several times, and caught fire. All four occupants are reported to have died almost immediately. Prior to entering the intersection, an occupant of the vehicle called 911 emergency to report that the accelerator was stuck. He reported that the vehicle was traveling 120 miles per hour and that they were approaching an intersection. Occupants are heard telling each other to pray before a woman screams and the call suddenly ends. The officer(driver of the vehicle, his wife , 45, and their 14 year old daughter all died in the crash. The wife's brother, 38, also died. On behalf of the surviving family members of the decedents, we respectfully request you to investigate why this Lexus vehicle's accelerator malfunctioned, and why a highly-trained officer and driver like the officer was unable to re-gain control of the Lexus vehicle at issue or otherwise avoid catastrophe. We currently are awaiting additional facts surrounding the incident, and the malfunction of the Lexus, but will supplement this complaint upon receipt. Updated 12/01/09 updated 06/03/bf updated 09/23/10.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 13
Failure Date: 08/09/2009

2007 Lexus Es350 unintended acceleration. The consumer was backing out of the garage, when the accelerator became stuck. He applied the brakes numerous times, but the vehicle would not stop. Consequently, the consumer hit a bush and a tree. The consumer then put the vehicle in drive and again, it accelerated out of control and went straight into the garage and stopped after it hit a chest. The consumer experienced unwanted acceleration for the second time one November 14, 2009 when the vehicle accelerated out of control and crashed into his house. The vehicle was inspected by the dealer and they stated nothing was wrong. The same day, after the consumer left the dealer, he once again experienced unwanted acceleration causing more damage to the vehicle.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2008 Lexus ES350 14
Failure Date: 05/26/2008

I purchased a 2008 Lexus ES 350 on February 21, 2008. On may 28, 2008, I took the car to the dealer, Lexus of jacksonville, FL, because the gas pedal stuck on may 26, 2008. When this occurred, the car accelerated to over 80 mph and I had to insert my foot underneath the pedal to unstick and raise the pedal to decrease acceleration. Lexus of jacksonville checked the pedal and I was told the pedal had been adjusted. The problem has not recurred. On February 19, 2008, I was contacted by Lexus of jacksonville to schedule the vehicle for service as a result of the recall of the gas pedal sticking and an engine hose replacement.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 15
Failure Date: 03/10/2008

While coming out of a parking lot,accelerator petal got stuck,car accelerated from 0-70 in seconds and could not slow the vehicle down, Lexus recently serviced car for mat recall and did not install clips on all weather floor mat, my insurance is investigating both accelerator throttle and also the reason wy mat did not have clips installed after Lexus stated they corrected the mat recall,I am also hiring a independent auto forensic specialist,I could of killed myself and others too,t his so called mysterious acceleration must be corrected.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 16
Failure Date: 03/16/2007

The contact owns a 2006 Lexus Es350. While attempting to pass another vehicle at speeds of 30 mph uphill, the accelerator pedal became stuck in the open throttle position. She was able to maneuver the vehicle off of the road and utilize the emergency brake to bring the vehicle to a stop. The brake pedal was depressed for the duration of the unintended acceleration. The vehicle was towed to the dealer. The dealer stated that the floor mat caused the gas pedal to stick. The failure has not recurred. The failure mileage was 6,045 and the current mileage was 35,000.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Lexus ES350 17
Failure Date: 10/26/2006

While accelerating to merge onto an interstate, the Lexus Es350 purchased earlier in the month continued to accelerate. I had to brake with my left foot while pumping the accelerator with my right foot to free the stuck accelerator. When I arrived home, the only thing I could think of was that the accelerator became stuck on the floor mat. I had the all-weather floor mat on top of the carpet mat. I slid the all weather car mat as far back as possible. This problem has not recurred. Despite having the car back to the dealer at least 3 times since this incident, no one at the dealership did anything to correctly install the all-weather mats nor did anyone at the dealership ask me if I ever experienced such a problem.

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