Sun Roof problems of the 2003 Lincoln Navigator

Three problems related to sun roof have been reported for the 2003 Lincoln Navigator. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2003 Lincoln Navigator based on all problems reported for the 2003 Navigator.

car   Sun Roof problem 1
Failure Date: 11/07/2004

The sunroof of my 2003 Lincoln Navigator has a defect in that in heavy rain the tracks of the sun roof fill with water and overflow into the headliner (interior) and leak into the car from various locations such as the dvd player. This has happened 2 times since ownership. Was told by the Lincoln dealer that it was a defect in design and they could not fix it. They said they would repair any damage caused by the problem, but only if the car was still "in warranty". There seems to be a problem with the drain holes in the sunroof that does not allow for proper draining. I have talked to one other owner of an Ford expedition and found he had the same problem. He was also told it was a design flaw in the sunroof. I think Ford was aware of this problem and should have advised me and all others before we purchased the car. Everytime it rains heavy the rain leaks into the vehicle and I am afraid it will cause an electrical short and fire in the car. The water travels down the headliner into the dashboard area and also the dvd as stated above. If you can look into this problem and see how many people are effective by this I would apprciate it. I do believe, if you investigate, you will find this is a common problem for all owners of Navigators or expiditions and maybe even explorers. Thank you.

car   Sun Roof problem 2
Failure Date: 07/29/2003

July 22, 2003 I purchased a new 2003 Lincoln Navigator, VIN# 5lmfu28r93lj39987. Fter two days, I noticed excessive wind noise coming from sun roof. On the third day, the suspension malfunctioned warning indicator began buzzing. Since that time, the body of the Navigator began hitting all four tires while driving and bottoming out even when driving over small bumps. I almost had an accident, due to the sudden rocking of the body of the Navigator. I brought the truck back 3 times for the same problem September 2nd. Mr. Downing stated, I will not try to fix the truck again until, Ford engineer brain grozier looks at the problem. The engineer will only be available on September 11th and my truck will just have to sit on his lot until then. No other solution was given to me. No loaner car,no alternatives. I did speak to the Ford representative, after a month of complaining to customer relations and asking for mediation about the lemon law and suspension of my truck payments until the problem is resolved. I have been referred from one person to the next starting with the Ford finance department, to Ford customer relations, to the selling dealer general manager, mike lister of damico Lincoln Mercury, to michael norton service manager of sentry south Lincoln Mercury, and ending with kipp downing service manager of owen motors. The truck is a lemon as the law states, it has had three repair attempts, twenty-five days at repair shop, new vehicle, (thirty days old). Technical service bulletins for 2003 Lincoln Navigator air suspension- repeat compressor drier failures has been issued since may/03 to Lincoln service departments. These remaining defects substantially impair the use, market value or safety of my vehicle. I am hereby allowing you one final repair opportunity. I am entitled to a replacement vehicle acceptable to me or a refund calculated in accordance with the lemon law.

car   Sun Roof problem 3

While traveling at 40 mph, consumer stated the sunroof broke and hit the driver and passenger in their heads.

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