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Engine Belts And Pulleys Problems of Mazda Cx-7 - part 1

Mazda Cx-7 owners have reported 39 problems related to engine belts and pulleys (under the engine and engine cooling category).

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 1
Failure Date: 04/22/2015

On the day of April 22, 2015, while driving my car(2007 Mazda Cx-7) off a freeway ramp, the car began to rattle as if it was being pushed by a wind. I smelled smoke coming from the inside compartment of the cabin area of the car. I attempted to apply the brakes but the car won't stop! flames was coming from the car and that's when the car finally stop. There was a car in front of me that I thought that I was going to almost cause a major accident on the off ramp of the freeway. The mechanic checked the engine and stated that the engine locked up which caused a low compression to the engine causing the vvt belt timing to damage the valves in the engine. I changed the oil in the vehicle, and have the vehicle served on a regular basis, but never had any problems like that. I did research on this vehicle and found out that this is an ongoing problem with other owners of this vehicle across the country. There needs to be a investigation, reimbursement, retribution, and recall orders dispersed out to owners of the Cx-7 model from 2007 to 2012 so that Mazda can redeem their quality of service and reputation.

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car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 2
Failure Date: 12/29/2014

On January while driving home from a shopping trip my husband and I heard a really loud noise. In a matter of seconds my vehicle slowed down and almost caused an accident. I had it towed and calked the dealer I purchased it from after being told by a family mechanic that I should call because these was a faulty part with the cx7 vehicles. I called and didn't get any place with the dealer. Kept calling until finally about three weeks later they told me I should call Mazda directly and provided me with their number. I called Mazda and have been dealing with them ever since. They only want to pay $500 towards the repairs. This should be a recall since is faulty parts and there are hundreds of customers complaining of the same issues. The dealership that I purchased the car from told me there is also a problem with the vehicles timing belt, sounds familiar? yes!!! turbo and timing belt!! it is time for Mazda to take responsibily and not make us customers pay for faulty parts placed on a lemon of a vehicle. My email is dr880@verizon. Net. Please help me resolve this issue. I am so disappointed and frustrated and feel that Mazda is insulting my intelligence by offering to pay a miserable $500 towards a repair that they should do, since it is their faulty parts that lead to this car problems in the first place. I.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 3
Failure Date: 09/27/2014

I was preparing to stop at a stop sign when my car stopped running. I had it towed to the garage who always maintains my car. They found that the timing belt had broken. I thought this was strange since my car only had 61000 miles on it, so I started researching the problem. I found that Mazda had put defective parts on these engines. They had an extended warranty, but of course that had run out for me. Why shouldn't a manufacturer have to stand behind the defective parts they put on an engine? this cost me $3700. 00 for their half-a* work!!!! if this timing chain had broken while I was in heavy traffic, this could have been a disaster!!.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 4
Failure Date: 08/25/2014

After leaving a family member's out of state home early on Monday August 25, 2014 morning noticed a noise coming from the front of the vehicle. Approximately 5 miles later a burning smell and smoke started coming from the engine compartment along with loud squealing. Pulled onto shoulder of road and shut off vehicle. I opened the hood and it was obvious something had burned up but didn't easily identify what. Called aaa for a tow to nearest Mazda dealer. Was informed later in the day by the dealer that the ac compressor had seized up and ruined the serpentine belt as well. They didn't have the parts to fix it which resulted in having to rent a car for 5 days to return home and back to pick up vehicle on Saturday. Later found out there was an extended warranty on the compressor for 5 yrs/60k miles which meant that there was no coverage on my vehicle since it was 7 years old even though it had only 49k miles on it. Total cost with towing, the car rental and repair was $1667. They also "found" the starter was bad and a blown fusible link for which they charged another $648. I think they caused the started and fusible link damage trying to start the vehicle with the seized up ac compressor as I never had any problem with the starter before and didn't attempt to start it after I had pulled over and turned engine off.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 5
Failure Date: 06/18/2014

Mazda extended the warranty on ac compressors, well, my original compressor failed and was replaced under that original warranty. Exactly 30,000 miles later the replacement compressor failed almost 3 years to the date of the original failure. Mazda is refusing any responsibility for this since now my car is out of warranty. Eventhough the replaced part itself is only 30,000 old. This vehicle is also experiencing timing belt issues and extrememly loud engine noise. This particular model year just seems to be a lemon all around. Even the replacement parts are failing. And the company is not holding themselves responsible at all. I've research this particular year and found more than adequate evidence that these vehicles are lemons. The same issues are being reported across the world! and Mazda is doing nothing. The hazards they are causing are tremendious! some failures have resulted in fires, quick loss of engine power at high speeds and thousands of dollars in repairs. My car was paid off less than a week before this second compressor malfunctioned. How many cars have had 2 ac compressors in a matter of 6-7 years?? and how many engines can completely fail in the matter of 7 years? everyday when I start my car it sounds like a deisel engine; popping and clanking noises project for the hood like it's a semi. That's just bad craftsmanship and bad business. Mazda should be held accountible. The recalls should be extended to 100,000 and 10 years at least. These vehicles should be built to last. And a multi billion dollar company should be made to fix their mistakes before someone gets hurt or worse, killed because of their neglect.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2008 Mazda Cx-7 6
Failure Date: 10/17/2013

I was driving at about 25mph when I noticed a burning smell. I pulled over and popped the hood and saw smoke coming from the ac compressor. It turns out that this is common for this model. Mazda extended the warranty but of course mine expired this year. It's just a shame that my car has less then 40k miles and Mazda has acknowledged this is an inferior part, but wont help cover the cost. There are hundreds of reports of this part failing and breaking the serpentine belt causing the car to lose all power. This should absolutely be a recall. Imagine this happening while on a highway or turning at an intersection.

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car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 7
Failure Date: 07/17/2013

A friend of ours was driving to pick us up from the airport (our car hadn't been started for a couple of weeks) and, about 15 miles into the trip, the ac quit working. When he got to the airport, the car engine was smoking, there was a burning smell coming from the engine, and it sounded like a bearing was out of whack. We drove it home (approximately 45 miles), and the noise got louder and the engine started rattling louder and louder the closer we got to home. We took it to a Mazda dealership this morning, and they informed us that the ac compressor had seized and it, along with the belt (in addition to any other parts that may have been damaged) needed to be completely replaced and the refrigerant flushed/refilled. I did research and found out that this is a very common, known issue in 2007 Mazda Cx-7's with low mileage.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 8
Failure Date: 05/12/2013

Turning into a walmart parking lot my car shut down for no reason. Almost got hit by another car that was passing by since I was not able to turn. Turning into my apartment complex the car turned off again. Started to research issues with this car and I ran into many similar complaints. Car turned off another 4 times. Car shakes when I turn ac on. And when I place it on reverse. Also had the clicking noise but it seemed to go away. There seems to be some sensor issues. I took my cx7 to Mazda so that they can see what is going on. They ran tests. Came back and said it would cost me about $3500. It was a list of things that could be wrong they said, they were not so sure what to say. Mechanic then stated that since he works at Mazda he probably should not be telling me this but he said that he has seen that problem one too many times with this particular car. That yes Mazda does know about it but they blame the owners. So I asked it I were to pay this would I get some warranty, he said no because the same problem will happen again. God forbid that my car turns off and I have and accident, since car gives no warning. I have 2 children that ride with me all the time. Mazda had some sort of recall on this car a few years ago. I purchased this car February of 2012. I know understand why this person took car to trade out. Maybe they got notice but did not care to take care of it, they traded the car in. I think they should look at those issues on all Mazda cx7. Their main issues are the turbo, the ac, and the timing belt. If you read other complaints you will see that its the same issue which is due to the actual car not the owners, please help us affected by these vehicles get Mazda to finally take responsibility for this. Make them recall these cars and get the problem fixed. To where we wont run into the same issues over and over again before someone looses a life.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 9
Failure Date: 08/20/2012

While driving the vehical started to make noise took it to first mechanic shop near bye and they told use the ac compressor was failing but it would be ok then on the way back home the car started to smoke from the compressor because the clutch had seized up we pulled over otherwise im sure we would have broken the belt causeing more damage.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2008 Mazda Cx-7 10
Failure Date: 07/21/2012

Ac failed on long trip. Temp gauge did not indicate overheating, no warning lights were lit up. After arriving at destination 5 hours from home, turned off engine and saw smoke coming from rt front hood area near wheel. Tried to start, not turning over. Added coolant to over flow (it was empty). Still not starting. No Mazda dealer open in area (closest one was 45 miles south in ft wayne. Time was approx 2pm on Saturday. Enterprise rent a car also not open except airport locations (they are open 8-12 on sats). Knew there was a w-mart nearby w/ auto service. Our vehicle is parked in large mcdonald's lot near the back out of the way, relatively safe location. . . Clld and spoke w/ [xxx] at wal-mart. He offered to come look at the car after work-w/in 15 min he was there. Because engine not turning over, he at first was concerned engine may have seized up/head gasket blew etc. He isolated the ac clutch as the problem by manually turning over the engine and then taking belt off completely. Started right up. . . He then proceeded to drive us to airport in ft wayne, had our car towed to his repair shop, accessed the problem area and advised me what part to order. The man is a saint. We spent 4 hours at airport until enterprise took mercy on us and rented us a car even though I only have a debit visa. Part has been ordered from dealer where we purch car. They matched price online of $289. 01 and shipping to indiana is only $12 will arrive by end of day tomorrow. Not sure what labor cost will be. Unable to order only clutch from Mazda. Don't need pump but will have extra in case it fails in the future. Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6).

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 11
Failure Date: 05/28/2012

On may 18th I took my car to the Mazda dealer in NJ for a timing belt recall and was replaced. On may 28th driving on the highway the a/c stopped working, the warning lights came on and immediately the car stalled. I then had it towed to the same Mazda dealer. The next day they told me that my engine was blown and it was going to cost me $7,476. 79. I have always serviced my car every 3,000 miles, my car is only 6 years old and only has 57,040 miles. I took it to an engine expert and told me that the engine was defective. Mazda should recall all cx7s from 2007. It is obvious that all of them came out with a defect.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 12
Failure Date: 12/30/2011

Failure of ac clutch interference with belts creating smoke and burning of belts and internal systems.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 13
Failure Date: 10/14/2011

The contact owns a 2007 Mazda Cx-7. The contact stated that there was an abnormal knocking could be heard hear from the engine when first starting the vehicle. Later, the vehicle stalled while driving and was taken to a local mechanic. The mechanic advised that the time belt was fractured and the engine needed to be replaced. The contact did not call the manufacturer. The failure mileage was 100,000.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 14
Failure Date: 10/02/2011

The air conditioning compressor on the vehicle seized with no warning & caused the serpentine belt to catch on fire. This appears to be a known issue with this vehicle, based on many postings on the internet. Additionally, the service manager at the dealer I take my vehicle to for service said a noise getting progressively louder in the engine is the timing chain adjuster that will require replacement very soon. He said this is a known issue with this particular vehicle, and the many postings on the internet about the same issue seem to confirm his statement. Combined, repairs for both will be in the $3500 to $5000 range.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 15
Failure Date: 09/22/2011

There are two complaints for this vehicle. 1. Timing belt. . . Failure after 68,000 miles changed after a dispute with dealership, we still had to pay for 2 hrs of labor. 2. Turbo unit. . . Failure after 70,000 miles still at dealership. . . No option but to pay $3083 to get fixed. Turbo failure happened on highway, vehicle performed erratic and limped to off ramp using shoulder.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 16
Failure Date: 08/26/2011

Car suddenly stalled 3 hours away from home; no noticeable performance issues / noise prior. Towed to mechanic who determined timing belt broke causing some valves to bend and other damage therefore replacement of engine required. Was on edmunds, other car blog sites along with researching this site and found that many, many others who have encountered the same issue around the 60k miles mark (or less in some cases). Spoke to Mazda and they are not taking any ownership or responsibility even though many incidences of the same mechanical problem. Oil changes were made regularly and car was last into Mazda for a noise less than a year ago which they said was due to my brakes. Have owned many cars before (not Mazdas) and this car is a huge disappointment as is my experience with Mazda. I hope this issue will be or is being pursued with Mazda.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2008 Mazda Cx-7 17
Failure Date: 12/16/2010

2008 Mazda cx 7 grand touring - purchased pre-owned vehicle from a certified Mazda dealer in October 2008, had a loud engine sound and dealer advised this was "normal", just before warranty expiration found that transmission seal was bad and replaced this as well as the recalled compressor. Now at 64k and noise in engine is getting worse and it is in fact the timing chain lapping. Found out that this is a common problem and that some people have been having the chain break leaving them stranded in the middle of the road. Also found that the entire casing and the tensioning belt/mechanism is failing. This is a huge safety concern and I am surprised that no one has recalled this, it is a very common problem in the 07 model as well. Will request old parts be kept. Currently being worked on.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 18
Failure Date: 11/09/2010

Timing belt broke at 80,000 miles requiring a new engine.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 19
Failure Date: 08/01/2010

I own a 2007 Mazda cx7 and it was been at the dealer every month this summer and I'm on my second loner car. The trouble started last summer with pinging and turbo lag. That seemed to stop and the dealer said that it was a software issue. But this summer we have had three separate issues. 1. Transfer case leak. Fixed. 2. Engine stabilizer leak. Fixed. 3. Variable valve timing actuator vvta. Currently in shop. Car loudly "growls" to life, squeaky belt, difficulty starting, told by dealer that will eventually cause engine trouble if not fixed. This has all been since July!!! we are just shy of 30k and the warranty expires next month. I am very afraid that something else will go wrong and we will end up paying for it. Upon reading a few cx7 web sites and blogs, it has become clear that this vvta issue will lead to a timing belt failure and engine loss. I have a little less then 30,000 miles on this car and bought it new. Unfortunately this seems to be a relatively common occurrence in the 2007 model. Please issue a recall so that this defect can be addressed prior to engine failure and not at owners expense. Thank you!.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 20
Failure Date: 07/23/2010

Driving home from work during rush hour. Smoke began pouring out of engine compartment outside vehicle and into the cabin. Fearing an engine fire, pulled off to left shoulder of highway and shut off engine. Opened hood (with much trepidation) to observe problem. Smoke continued to emanate from passenger side of engine compartment near serpentine belts - no obvious fire. Let vehicle sit for 5 minutes and restarted - same problem. Shut off a/c, and smoke and noise discontinued. Idled for 5 minutes - no more apparent problems with a/c off. Pulled back on to highway and continued trip home. Did some online investigation and deduced that a/c compressor had seized. Anecdotal evidence of widespread problem, including catastrophic failures for other Mazda cx7 owners. Anecdotal evidence of a complete component redesign for 2008 model year. Brought car to dealer following Monday - a/c compressor had seized and required replacement to the tune of $1300 at my cost (12,000 km over warranty). No help from the dealer, and no help from Mazda. Zoom-zoom appears to represent how quickly Mazda retreats from customer support.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2008 Mazda Cx-7 21
Failure Date: 06/22/2010

I own a Mazda 2008 cx7 sport - purchased new on 11/28/2007. I have 62,500 miles on the vehicle. It was towed to the dealer on 6/22/2010 with loud whining noise and loss of power. Dealer said the turbo is malfunctioned. Over the next week the extended service company for Mazda requested maintenance records. I had the oil changed outside of the dealer some of the time. They looked at this and declined the warranty repairs. I kept calling and they agreed to send out an independent adjuster. He noted a "sludge" build up on the oil return hose bolt to the turbo. They declined my warranty coverage. I am having to pay $2500 to repair. I have been doing research online and this vehicle is having numerous issues with sludge buildup. This comes from the engine running to hot and breaking the oil down to create blockages that ultimately affect the turbo or other internal engine parts. If you look on edmunds website you can see their are others with the same issue. Mazda will not make the recall or assist the consumers. We follow their recommendations on oil change and are getting no assistance. I am afraid that I will have additional issues once this is repaired and they will decline future service. Hat can you do to help? I actually have the dealers printed copy of where they repaired the timing belt tensioner in April at 57k miles. According to the supervisor for customer service at the extended warranty office his computer records show they repaired the serpentine belt for less money that the dealer records I have in hand. What is going on this just does not seem honest. I need help and there are others with the same situation over the last year - some having to spend $7500 + out of pocket to repair their cx7. Please call me for help.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 22
Failure Date: 05/24/2010

The contact owns a 2007 Mazda cx7. The contact stated that the vehicle was taken to the dealer for another repair and also informed the dealer that it was making a noise. The dealer replaced the vvt actuator at that time. The vehicle was taken back to the dealer because the contact noticed that the failure continued. The dealer stated that the air conditioner compressor was the cause of the failure. After two days, while driving the contact noticed the noise again so the vehicle was taken back to the dealer; the dealer replaced the serpentine belt and pulley system. The failure continued, the noise worsened and the vehicle lost momentum while she was driving; the dealer then stated that she needed a new engine, new turbo, new pulley and vvt actuator. The vehicle had not been repaired. The contact called the manufacturer who asked that she submit maintenance records but offered no assistance. The current mileage was approximately 46,000. The failure mileage was approximately 40,000.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 23
Failure Date: 04/08/2010

Driving on freeway and a/c began to blow hot. Smoke and burnt rubber smell coming from under hood. Lost power steering assist but was still able to barely steer vehicle to side of freeway. Had vehicle towed to shop. A/c compressor locked up and destroyed drive belt. Had compressor replaced and it failed 20 miles later, before I even got home. Have to replace it again. Compressor failure is a safety hazard due to the loss of power steering.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2007 Mazda Cx-7 24
Failure Date: 01/19/2010

A/c compressor and/or clutch seizes-up and causes cascade failure of belt driven accessories with loss of power steering. This happened suddenly at highway speed and is considered a serious safety defect. I searched the NHTSA site and found more than 50+ other such complaints. Why this model has not been recalled is a mystery to me?.

car image   Engine Belts And Pulleys problem of the 2008 Mazda Cx-7 25
Failure Date: 12/07/2009

The contact owns a 2008 Mazda cx7. While driving black smoke was expelled through the vents of the vehicle. The vehicle was towed to the dealer. A technician from the dealer stated that the air conditioning clutch and belt had failed. He then added that the failure was a manufacturer defect. However,the estimated cost for the repair was $1,243. 00. The manufacturer took a report, and a representative stated that they would assist with the repair. The vehicle was in the process of being repaired. The failure and current mileages were 42,000.