Manual Transmission Problems of Mazda MAZDA6

Mazda MAZDA6 owners have reported 10 problems related to manual transmission (under the power train category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Mazda MAZDA6 based on all problems reported for the MAZDA6.

car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2005 Mazda MAZDA6 1
Failure Date: 07/17/2010

The clutch on my Mazda 6 no longer works correctly and I only have 33,248 miles on my car. Mazda USA said there's nothing they can do about it. They said before they'd even consider any help, I should take it to a Mazda dealer (17 miles from my house) and have it diagnosed ($110 for diagnostic testing). In order to get it there, I'd have to have it towed because it's so far from where I live, I'd have to pay for the tow to and from the dealership. The cost estimate for the Mazda dealer to replace my clutch is $1000-$1300. They went on to state that if it is a defective item, before helping me, they'd look to see whether I was "loyal" in getting the car serviced with one of their dealers. The closest dealer is 17 miles away, am I supposed to drive that far for an oil change? I bought the car in 2005 brand new from santa monica Mazda which has since closed down. The clutch went out while I was driving on the freeway and I've been driving manual cars for 20+ years. This is not fair and Mazda doesn't care. They really suck. . . As this clutch should have lasted 100,000 miles. The consumer stated Mazda replaced the clutch on September 2, 2010 under the goodwill program. The issue has been resolved. Updated ivoq 10/08/jb.

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car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2003 Mazda MAZDA6 2
Failure Date: 05/30/2010

Went to store pushed in clutch went to the floor parked the car and when I came out I could not start the car. The safety thing would not engage to allow me . Had the car towed to a mechanic he told me it was the clutch assembly, the car has been back three times in two years because it's tough to shift clutch real spongy. Today it went to the floor again and stalled, can't start the car in the middle of an intersection had to have it pushed out of the way then towed home. The motor was replaced at 32k. The first time the whole clutch was replaced at 40k and it,s never been right since.

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car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2008 Mazda MAZDA6 3
Failure Date: 08/01/2008

1. There was no warning to this failure, I was on a motorway (u. K) I check my oil levels every single week 2. I had an engine over-run and could only be stopped by switching the engine off, the rev counter hit maximum and a huge cloud of white smoke was left behind me. Consequences are now I am left without a car and I could have died because I was approaching a roundabout 700 yards away and swerved between 2 lanes of moving traffic to force a stop on a lay-by. 3. Nothing was done, Mazda are blaming me for the incident even after I had my oil checked and results shown a 62% diesel oil contamination, they blame the dpf (diesel particulate filter) for this over-run as I am not doing enough "long journey" miles. Which I was, no warning lights appeared before or after the incident and the oil levels are dramatically above the full mark. No fault codes are shown on Mazda computer. My car is sitting useless on my drive as we are all to scared to drive it.

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car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2002 Mazda MAZDA6 4
Failure Date: 04/19/2007

2002 Mazda mpv transmission and water pump went out at 58,000 miles. Not under warranty and Mazda will not accept any responsibility for the repair. The car just died in rush hour traffic, and luckily no accident occurred. The fix was $4,000 in repairs paid by me. Six weeks later, I am told that I have to replace a coil and spark plug for another $500. The mechanic even said that I may have to replace more coils in the coming months.

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car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2006 Mazda MAZDA6 5
Failure Date: 03/17/2006

Engine power decreases substantially going uphill when you push accelerator. Even after the recall item was fixed (reprogrammed computer), it still does it, especially on other then 93 octane gas which is not always available. When merging into traffic, had a few close calls with accidents.

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car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2005 Mazda MAZDA6 6
Failure Date: 10/12/2005

Car is a manual transmission. Past 2 weeks engine light has come on, car will not shift and will not go above 20 mph.

car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2003 Mazda MAZDA6 7
Failure Date: 06/03/2005

: the contact stated there were several problems with the vehicle. The first problem involved the brake pads that were worn out and had to be replaced after 20,000 miles. The second problem dealt with manual transmission. Sometimes the manual transmission shifted roughly. Third problem, in cold weather, the engine surged and revved high for three seconds. The dealership told the contact the brake wear was normal. The dealership could not duplicate the other problems.

car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2004 Mazda MAZDA6 8
Failure Date: 05/09/2005

I have a 2004 Mazda6 wagon with an automatic transmission. I have brought the car into a Mazda dealership twice to fix a rough shifting transmission. The car has 30,000 miles and is under warranty. The shifts between gears are frequently very rough and have been described by others in internet Mazda forums as "shift shock. " the burnsville, mn Mazda dealer claims the transmission was designed to shift rough. I have asked to meet with a Mazda representative.

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car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2003 Mazda MAZDA6 9
Failure Date: 08/03/2004

I have a Mazda 6i. At 8500 miles after having my car I had the clutch go out. When I took it to the dealer I was severly stereotyped as a street racer which I am in no way , if that were the case I would have bought the 6s . They wanted to charge me $800 to fix the problem , which I immediately disputed and was treated as a child. Eventually they fixed it and I quote "not under warranty but fixed out of kindness" and that was the end of that. Now at 13000 miles my manual transmission would not shift into 1st or 2nd gear I took it in and the first response I got from the service clerk was " whats wrong with the car?" and that if they find I caused the problem it would be estimated $1000 to fix it if it wasn't covered by the warranty. I feel that because my age I am discriminated against even though I purchased the car myself in my name at 18. I am currently waiting for a response from the dealer as to what is going to happen with the transmission replacement.

car image   Manual Transmission problem of the 2003 Mazda MAZDA6 10
Failure Date: 05/17/2004

In early June my Mazda 6 mtx began to experience a problem with the transmission. Whenever I would accelerate the rpms would increase by 1k then decrease by about the same amount before the transmission would catch and the power would be distributed to the wheels. Now a little over a month later my clutch is almost completely worn out. I'm taking my car in to get this checked out, but the car shouldn't be experiencing any problems with the clutch/transmission when it's still under 26,000 miles. The car is not in stop-and-go traffic nor is it under any heavy load.

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