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Ignition Coils Failure Problems of Mazda Tribute

Mazda Tribute owners have reported 6 problems related to ignition coils failure (under the electrical system category).

car image   Ignition Coils Failure problem of the 2005 Mazda Tribute 1
Failure Date: 10/07/2014

The vehicle was initially in the shop to repain shock tower on the right rear which was completed rusted out, that expense cost $1200, within the week, while driving 40mph, the check engine light came on, then the abs light, then the car began to slow to a stop. The car felt like it was in neutral, there was no control of the car. I placed the car into park, I was along the side of the highway. The car was towed back to the shop and needed repair of fuel injection, engine computer, spark plugs and ignition coils. The total cost of repairs came to $1500 dollars. It was upsetting to deal with two major incidents in 1 week, especially expensive ones. The way the car came to a slow stop on a highway could have caused an accident as well.

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car image   Ignition Coils Failure problem of the 2002 Mazda Tribute 2
Failure Date: 01/20/2011

Intermittent abs light, sometimes with brake light. Noticed a low hum from engine one night, checked for anything left on, decided it was probably normal noise I hadn't noticed before. The next morning,I was able to unlock doors, then tried to start engine. Engine turned over then all lights went off. Trying to start engine failed and I had to lock door manually. Got a jump start and was fine running local errands, but that hum was always there with engine off. The next day, same scenario. Got jump and went to Mazda dealer. Told no recalls for that year except seatbelts, was never asked for VIN. A tech offered to look and I explained where the noise was coming from and that I thought it was the abs. He disagreed and looked around the engine. Eventually he said he had to "eat his words", that it was the abs pump staying on. I asked if I could pull the abs fuse and not affect any other systems since it wasn't working anyway. He said it was fine, and took it out for me. I never had any other brake-related problems. When my car started idling low and losing power at low speed, I took it to my local shop for repair. The computer reported a slightly off fuel mix and cylinder 5 misfiring. They said they wanted to replace the ignition coil, but I wasn't confident they felt certain that was the problem. I gave myself a crash course in engines and realized the number of things it could be was huge. I authorized the repair, but went online to see if there was a common issue with this model. That was when I realized my carfax report, and the dealer had concealed recalls. I wasn't certain my VIN was included until I picked up my car and the tech helped me look around the engine. Right there, in bright blue, was a sticker for the abs recall campaign. At the very least, I should have had that information available when I bought it. The Mazda tech could not have missed the sticker, nor the 5 or so recalls, assuming he looked them up. Hoping that no fuse means no fire risk.

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car image   Ignition Coils Failure problem of the 2004 Mazda Tribute 3
Failure Date: 04/30/2007

Vehicle exhibited extended crank prior to the incident. As it was nearing 30k mile service, we decided to wait and have dealer inspect at that time. Before the car went in for maintenance, it shut down going uphill. Although it would restart, it ran rough and had to be towed to the nearest dealership. #3 ignition coil was replaced that that visit. The car began starting hard again in late 2007 and was brought to the dealership again - this visit, they replaced the idle air valve, hoping to fix the problem. It continued to start hard and 2 weeks later it ran very rough again on startup. This visit had the dealership replace the #2 ignition coil. The car continued to start hard, was returned to the dealership, and the #4 ignition coil was replaced. Hard start continued, car back to dealer again, fuel pump replaced. This brings us to today - the car has been out of the shop for 6 days and is starting worse than it had been prior to the last visit. Note: warranty ran out on the vehicle on 4/2 and the dealer and Mazda would like me to start paying for repair. This is a major safety issue, as the car shut down while driving. On top of that, the frustration of having to go back and forth from the dealership has been awful. Also, note: the hard start was easiest to duplicate after the car had been driven and warmed up, rested off for ~ 1 hour, then restarted (like when you got ot the grocery store).

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car image   Ignition Coils Failure problem of the 2002 Mazda Tribute 4
Failure Date: 10/16/2006

: the contact stated upon starting the vehicle, it would not accelerate. The vehicle was towed to the dealership, who determined the ignition coils were burnt out. The ignition coils were replaced.

car image   Ignition Coils Failure problem of the 2001 Mazda Tribute 5
Failure Date: 11/12/2005

(1) 2001 Mazda Tribute/dx-normal city/highway driving within past six months (2) car would stall when approaching stop sign/stop light (rpms too low) (3) replaced ignition coil via Mazda dealers (seattle, wa, pasenda, MD, pensacola, FL).

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car image   Ignition Coils Failure problem of the 2005 Mazda Tribute 6
Failure Date: 03/30/2005

While driving vehicle vibrated uncontrollably, then stalled. Driver restarted vehicle after ten minutes. Then, took vehicle to the dealer, and mechanic determined that the ignition coil springs needed to be replaced.

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