general problems of the 2001 Mercedes Benz C320

Nine problems related to electrical system have been reported for the 2001 Mercedes Benz C320. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Electrical System problem 1
Failure Date: 07/22/2014

The "multi function display" (mfd) screen in the dash fades with interior heat (in summer) and eventually fails over time. The mfd displays all critical vehicle operation information (such as coolant temperature warnings, electronic stability control activation, etc. ), and all notification of vehicle fault codes that occur. Without the information visible, the owner can't know if there is a safety problem. There are no mechanical gauges serving as back-up. Further, the vehicle odometer is only visible in the mfd. Without an operting mfd, the owner cannot view, or certify the correct odometer mileage, required by federal law when selling the vehicle to a dealer or subsequest owner. This is a well-known fault across several mercedes models. Dealers offer to replace the mfd, at considerable owner expense. However, because of the odometer issue, I believe that mercedes should fix the display at zero cost to the consumer.

car   Electrical System problem 2
Failure Date: 05/05/2014

At 55 mph the front left brake engages without applying the brake pedal and after a few seconds releases, the bas and esc faults are then visible on the dash. The brake light switch was replaced by mercedes two times, but this condition shows up after a few days of driving , codes show that the yaw rate sensor or connection is at fault. Even when the car is in park with the engine running on a flat level surface the fault warning dash lights esc and bas will come on with no movement in the car. This is a very dangerous situation for a collision from a vehical following me and running into me . Many others posted the same problem. Why is there no recall ? I have 8 grandchildren that you should care about.

car   Electrical System problem 3
Failure Date: 01/11/2014

Really dad experience problems with drivers and passenger side seat control modules draining battery when key off my car started on fire under the hood . !! two times.

car   Electrical System problem 4
Failure Date: 05/31/2012

I purchased this car as a graduation present for my daughter. I know it's and older model, and has high mileage, so I expected some issues. However, after reading several post across the internet it seems as if the seat module issue is a problem. Everytime she lets the car sit for more than a day, it won't start. She has to jump start the car, and this seems to be an issue across the board that benz should have recalled by now. This is a major issue and something needs to be done. This morning the card once again would not start. I have contacted the dealer and benz direct, but they will not recall the car for this issue, they just want you to pay to have it repaired. With so many people having the same problem why has this car not been recalled???.

car   Electrical System problem 5
Failure Date: 12/20/2010

On the first occassion (December 16, 2010), my mercedes C320 electrical system shut down the engine while I was driving. The car engine shut off as I was driving 57 mph on the freeway during morning rush hour. There were several cars and tractor trailers behind me when the car shut off as I was driving. The incident was terrifying, as no warning lights (nothing) came on in the car. Luckily, other drivers saw me in distress and I was able to manuver over three lanes of traffic to get to the side strip. The car was towed to phoenix motors (Mercedes Benz dealership) whereas they indicated an electrical component had gone bad. However, I later learned this diagnosis was incorrect, because seven months later the electrical system shut down again as I was driving. Another incident took place where I had no control over the car mobility while driving 60mph on the freeway, because the engine went dead. The electrical system shutting down the engine without warning to the driver can cause a deadly crash. Presently (December 21, 2011), my car is in the hands of phoenix motors again, however, they have yet to determine why the electrical component is shutting down the engine while driving. I am requesting NHTSA to investigate this matter, because this type of defect has the potential to destroy innocence lives while driving. An electrical component shutting down an engine while driving is serious and deadly. Please, please look into this matter. I was lucky in both incidents, because an angel was watching over me. I could have easy been injured or killed, not to mention others that could have been killed. In both incidents a tow truck was called to tow the vehicle.

car   Electrical System problem 6
Failure Date: 04/18/2008

My 2001 mercedes-benz C320's battery was constantly going bad and having to be jumped after not starting it or driving it for approx. 24 hours. Finally, after a certified mercedes mechanic investigated the problem, he informed me that the problem originated from the driver's seat module, which was draining my battery. He informed me that if I unplugged it for the time being, my battery would no longer drain. Sure enough, after unplugging the seat module, I no longer had issues with my battery draining. The seat module controls seat adjustments as well as steering wheel adjustments, so this is very inconvenient, and unsafe, because there are times, when I have to plug the module in adjust my seat or steering wheel, and it does not work, and I'm stuck with the seats or steering wheel in an uncomfortable position. I have also had problems with brake (stop) lights, turn signal lights, etc. , in which the vehicle indicator states that particular lights are malfunctioning, and then after awhile it goes away, and then days later, the lights are inoperable again. I have spent quite a bit of money replacing bulbs. I originally purchased this vehicle in 2004 when it was still under warranty.

car   Electrical System problem 7
Failure Date: 09/03/2007

The trunk lid would occasionally open up on its own, especially at highway speeds, blocking rear view. This was a major safety hazard. The problem occurred several times over a period of one-two months.

car   Electrical System problem 8
Failure Date: 09/01/2004

Consumer went to start the vehicle and discovered that electrical components such as navigation, radio/cd, telephone, voice command, gas gauges, and power windows were not working. Since then the brake lights and turn signals were replaced twice, and will be replaced the third time in less than a year. Took vehicle to a dealer and contacted mercedes ,who said they could replace navigation and the radio/cd which s\were connected by same computer for $3,000. Dealer did not know why this happened, but there was an electrical short. Have not been replaced or repaired.

car   Electrical System problem 9
Failure Date: 03/01/2003

Gas fumes so over powering that you had to drive with the windows down after you filled up the car with gasoline. Gas tank had a leak and all the dash was replaced at dealer. However there are shortages in the electrical system that cause the visor lamps to not work and the automatic lights and relays in the wipers do not operate properly. When the heat is on the gas fumes and monoxide is strong again . I thought the problem was rectified when they fixed it but it still tends to act up.

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