Brake Grinding Noise Problems of Mercury Mountaineer

Mercury Mountaineer owners have reported 2 problems related to brake grinding noise (under the service brakes category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Mercury Mountaineer based on all problems reported for the Mountaineer.

car image   Brake Grinding Noise problem of the 2000 Mercury Mountaineer 1
Failure Date: 08/03/2012

I have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer that I have had for 2yrs. Now. I keep up the maintenance on this car. I keep the oil changed tires rotated, brakes fixed, pass the emission test every year since purchasing it. I've had this squealing high pitch grinding noise comin from the rear tires. It is very loud. I have new brakes all the way around,shoes,rotors,pads,in it still makes this very loud noise. It has gotten louder since I have all new brakes. I don't know what this noise is, but I know its embarrassing to drive,cause the noise is so loud.

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car image   Brake Grinding Noise problem of the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer 2
Failure Date: 03/01/2005

2002 Mountaineer stalls, transmission control assembly, main control valve, and gasket had to be replaced. The lift gate was sticking, and while closing it, the glass shattered, the glass was recalled, and was suppose to have been fixed. The oil light illuminated. The trim on the front door fell off while driving. There was a grinding noise coming from the rear wheels, it was determined that there was severe rust on the brake componets, the park brake shoes fell apart due to corrosion, the rear wheel bearing and knuckle assembly had excessive rust.

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