Emission Control problems of the 2006 Mini Cooper S Convertible

One problem related to emission control has been reported for the 2006 Mini Cooper S Convertible.

car   Emission Control problem 1
Failure Date: 12/26/2010

2006 Mini cooper s. Consumer states vehicle sometimes stalls and stops while driving the dealer informed the consumer that mistakes were made in reprogramming the vehicle. The dealer stated the engine would misfire, but they assured the consumer the problem would be corrected by changing the spark plugs. Also, the electronics system was defective, which caused the navigation system to give false directions. The abs, engine and stability control lights illuminated. The consumer took the vehicle to the dealer for the necessary repairs. The vehicle was released to the consumer and the dealer stated there were no defects. However, after driving for 10 minutes, the abs light illuminated again. Each time the abs light illuminated, the consumer would turn the engine off, restart it and the light would not come back on. When the consumer returned to the dealer, they replaced the pad wear sensor, pulse generator, and brake light pressure switch. The consumer stated the abs light continued to illuminate after the parts were replaced. The consumer believed the engine light illuminating was the result of a defective oxygen sensor the dealer refused to replace even though a recall had been issued. The consumer would like a status update. 05/10/11.

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