Car Will Not Start problems of the 2009 Nissan 370Z

13 problems related to car will not start have been reported for the 2009 Nissan 370Z. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2009 Nissan 370Z based on all problems reported for the 2009 370Z.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 1
Failure Date: 02/21/2013

My 2009 Nissan 370z failed to start on Feb 21st without any warning. The intelligent key light was on while trying to start the car by pushing the 'start' button. Tried inserting the key fob into the fob slot but the car still failed to start. . Read more...

car   Car Will Not Start problem 2
Failure Date: 01/28/2013

Attempted to start car using the push button. The car wouldn't start. Had aaa come out to test the battery. The battery was good. I towed to the dealership. They said it had a steering lock failure which cost $1100 to repair. It took a day to order the part. The mileage was 22,114. The service tech said he saw a lot of altimas come in with this problem.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 3
Failure Date: 01/28/2013

Attempted to start car using the push button. The car wouldn't start. Had aaa come out to test the battery. The battery was good. I towed to the dealership. They said it had a steering lock failure which cost $1100 to repair. It took a day to order the part. The mileage was 22,114.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 4
Failure Date: 01/21/2013

My car will not start due to the well-known yellow key light problem. I had it towed to the shop and I am afraid that the repair bill will be very expensive. Please make a recall for this obvious defect. It is very cold right now and could have been a real danger due to the cold weather.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 5
Failure Date: 01/20/2013

Drove to 7/11 to get gas. Turned the car off. When I got back in the car to leave the car would not start. There was an amber key on the dashboard. There have been a major number of complaints filed for this same reason. The immobilizer locked out the wheel shaft which locked out the key faub. Since the car thinks it has been stolen the car will do nothing. No Nissan dealership is open on a Sunday and they are knowingly doing nothing about the issue. I never received any notices that there could have been an issue in the 3 years I've had my car. There has been a huge number of complaints on blogs which I discovered today after attempting to get my car started again.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 6
Failure Date: 12/27/2012

My vehicle would not start after normal usage. Had car towed to dealership and the steering wheel lock mechanism was shorted out. Cost around 1,200 to repair. After search, found out that this is a very common problem with this vehicle.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 7
Failure Date: 12/19/2012

Steering wheel lock failure (intelligent key system warning). Was at a gas station and car would not start. "yellow" key light showed up but car would not start at all. Had to have car towed to dealership. After research, I have have discovered that this part has failed on many Nissan models with this type of electronic steering wheel lock. This needs to be recalled and anyone who has paid to have it replaced needs to be reimbursed. A class action lawsuit needs to be filed because Nissan refuses to accept that it is a faulty part. Total cost to replace: $1084.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 8
Failure Date: 11/27/2012

Attempted to start vehicle. Keyless entry system not working. Vehicle would not start. Had car flat bed towed to Nissan. They said that it was the steering lock. There have been multiple complaints from consumers who own 2009-early 2010 Nissan 370z. This part should be recalled by Nissan since it prevents starting the car, thereby leaving you stranded. Nissan had a recall on the gtr's but not the 370z. This is what happens when you try to start the car. Without warning, the electric lock fails to unlock, sending error message to the bcm. The car will not start in this case and will flash the intelligent key warning in the cluster. Nissan is well aware of the faulty locks they installed and choose to ignore it. They stopped using these locks ( revb, revc etc) on the 2012 z's entirely.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 9
Failure Date: 11/22/2012

On 11/22/2012 I attempted to start my vehicle and it would not start, or go into accesory mode. The car was towed to the dealership and determined to be caused by a faulty steering lock actuator. The car has under 19. 000 miles.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 10
Failure Date: 11/22/2012

Car will not start, had to be towed to Nissan, my 2009 370z had a electric steering lock problem. Part with labor will be around $1000. There have been several complaints on this same issue and should have been recalled by now!! will be looking further into this problem Nissan should be at fault 100%.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 11
Failure Date: 10/30/2012

After work, tried starting my 370z and it would not start, leaving me stranded. Tried other key fob, same issue. Had car towed to the Nissan dealer who identified the issue as steering lock failure: $750 part +$50 overnight + $100 labor + tax = $960 total cost. Nissan has replaced the part on the 2009 gt-r but apparently is doing nothing for the z owners with same issue. Nissan will not cover the part since I am 18000 miles over warranty, yet many owners have had same failure/repair as evidenced by the forums online. I contacted Nissan consumer affairs at 1800nissan1 and have started a "case" but do not expect resolution. They agreed to reimburse for a rental car up to 2 days $70 max. Meanwhile they will send a rep to review my car's diagnosis prior to instructing the dealer to complete repairs within the next 2 days. I find it interesting perusing all the other reported incidents on your site, there are quite a few reported in the month of October, 2012. There needs to be an official recall of this faulty expensive part in the 370z.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 12
Failure Date: 10/06/2012

Lock set - steering models jf00a,jf00b and jf00c are faulty. Recall was done on Nissan gt-r for the faulty part. The same part is in the 2009-11 370z and suffers the same defects but was not included in the recall. Car will not start with a faulty lock set - steering. Part is known to be defective as indicated by the recall from Nissan (campaign id# p0309) for the identical part in the 2009 gt-r. Nissan must recall this faulty part in the 370z and reimburse customers who have paid for costly repairs and/or replacement parts due to a part know to Nissan (as evidenced by the gt-r recall) to be faulty.

car   Car Will Not Start problem 13
Failure Date: 12/16/2011

I was routinely driving to work on a Friday. I stopped to get gas. The car wouldn't start once I was done and a yellow/amber intelligent key light was on. I get a tow to the nearby Nissan dealership and they told me it's a steering wheel lock. They said it's happening on quite a few cars and that an altima and another 370z have been having the same issue and are waiting for the same part. I'm still waiting on the part and it happened over a month ago. This faulty part from the factory has been going out routinely for everyone who owns a 09-10 370z, altimas and other Nissan vehicles that use the same steering wheel lock technology. It's absolutely enraging that Nissan is releasing these parts (knowing they're bad as they've made revisions on the newer 370z) and forcing customers to pay for this out of pocket and wait a month to get the part. . Read more...

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