Crankshaft Position Sensor problems of the 2005 Nissan Altima

24 problems related to crankshaft position sensor have been reported for the 2005 Nissan Altima. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2005 Nissan Altima based on all problems reported for the 2005 Altima.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 1
Failure Date: 08/03/2015

Last year, I noticed my service engine light had appeared. I had the code checked and it was the crank shaft sensor. I had this part replaced and it drove fine for a while. About two months ago, this light came back on and the sensor had gone bad again. This causes my car so drive very sluggish and go dead when driving at a low rate of speed. I did some research and saw where Nissan had a recall campaign for this part on the same year/make/model of my car. I contacted them and they said my car wasn't covered under their recall and they refuse to help me. This is the 2nd time this has gone bad. I think my car should be covered as well. They told me to report this issue to NHTSA.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 2
Failure Date: 02/14/2015

The contact owns a 2005 Nissan Altima. While driving, the vehicle stalled without warning. The vehicle was taken to a dealer. The technician diagnosed that the crank sensor needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was unknown. The VIN was unavailable.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 3
Failure Date: 09/01/2014

Tl-the contact owns a 2005 Nissan Altima. The contact stated that while driving at approximately 45 mph, the vehicle stalled at a traffic light and the check engine light illuminated. The failure occurred on a daily basis. The vehicle was taken to a independent mechanic where it was diagnosed that the vehicles crankshaft position sensor needed to be replaced but it was not repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the issue. The failure mileage is 86,000. Ddr.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 4
Failure Date: 05/28/2014

If the interruption in the signal from the crankshaft position sensor is so brief that the electronic control module (ecm) logic does not have time to diagnose the condition, the engine may stop running without warning while the vehicle is driven at a low speed increasing the risk of a crash. I have had this issue 5-7 times where the car wouldn't start or shut off while driving ( decreasing in speed).

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 5
Failure Date: 02/08/2014

Hi, I am the owner of a 2005 Nissan Altima. I have owned this car since 2008. I reviewed service records from 2005 prior to my purchase. There has been an extremely large amount of issues with this vehicle. The most recent of which is the "grey" area of the ecm issue in coordination with famous the camshaft crankshaft fault p0355 & p0131. I'm an engineer and fully understand the mechanics of a vehicle. This sensor was a faulty design from the beginning in which oil could enter inside the sensor, therefore causing a short and disabling the entire vehicle while in motion. This actually happened to me and was a terrifying experience. To fix the issue cheaply, Nissan issued a recall to reprogram the ecm in order to recognize the “faulty” crankshaft sensor part. But in order to save millions of dollars, Nissan would not include the warrantied replacement of the faulty crankshaft sensor design (magnet sensor). Instead, the consumer (myself) would have to pay between $300 & $450 to have the sensor replaced with the “new & improved version”. New and improved means the properly designed version. The initial design should have been recalled but it wasn’t. It doesn’t take an engineer to figure this out but I am one and fully understand the “big picture” of the recall and lack of inclusion of the crankshaft sensor repairs. I am requesting Nissan to cover the full cost of the camshaft & crankshaft sensor & the associated labor. I was put in harm’s way during the initial recall issue in which my car shut off while on the highway. That is a bad enough experience. I am not willing to also pay Nissan $400 to repair the faulty sensor which was a large part of why this occurred in the first place.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 6
Failure Date: 12/22/2013

I recently experienced my vehicle stalling as I was driving. It took several minutes for me to restart leaving me venerable to a vehicle crash. The same evening I learned of recall# 07v527000. The following day I brought my vehicle to a Nissan dealership to have the recall resolved. They advised the recall only covers reprogramming computer not replacing defective crank sensor. I feel that reprogramming computer will not resolve safety issue as the sensor is defective and could fail even with reprogramming computer. I was charged 96. 00 dollars to have problem diagnosed. Dealer refused to replace defective part. To my understanding many other Altima owners experience this same problem and are forced to pay for defective parts that fail. Dealer did not offer to reprogram computer they insisted that only replacing the defective part would resolve my issue which was not covered by recall.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 7
Failure Date: 05/18/2013

Problem begun by my vehicle being hard to start. You could attempt to start the car for 5 or so minutes without success. You could wait about 10 minutes and try again and the vehicle would eventually start but run pretty rough. It would also perform with poor power during operation. The problem got worse when the "service engine soon" light came on. Now the engine shuts down while you are driving. This has happened on 4 to 5 different occasions. The engine will re-start but runs rough. I'm afraid that this could happen at the wrong place and time my wife and family can be hurt or killed. I read a recall on defect of the crank position sensor which causes the identical symptoms that my car has but when I took it to cannon Nissan at jackson ms. The service manager told me that my 2005 Nissan Altima was not included in that recall. What can be done to correct this? please give me a response on this if you can at [xxx] or [xxx]. Thank you in advance for your care and assistance. [xxx] information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6).

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 8
Failure Date: 05/31/2012

Vehicle suddenly turned off and dangerously stalled while driving at low speed without any warning. After several attempts of trying to start it, it finally did and I drove it for about 10 miles without no further incidents. Engine light came on and I took it to dealer who diagnosed it as the failure of the crank shaft position sensor which had earlier been reprogrammed in 2008 due to a recall to avoid such a sudden stall from happening. Nissan was not helpfull other than replacing the same sensor from and charge you a bomb for it. Nissan north America can a do a better job when addressing their recalls rather than providing a band aid solution to their recalls. During their recall campaign, they should have replaced this sensor from the get go rather than just reprogramming the ecm which still didnt address critical issue of safety for such a sensor failing without any warning.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 9
Failure Date: 04/18/2012

Crankshaft position sensor bad, part has a known defect from the supplier yet Nissan will not replace or call recall notice. Car can shut down while driving, high risk for fatality.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 10
Failure Date: 02/01/2012

My car's "service engine soon" light initially came on Sunday, January 29th. Shortly after, my car was beginning to jerk while driving on the highway and felt as if the engine was sputtering while on local roads. We took it to auto zone for a diagnostic and two issues were discovered: the speed signal circuit as well as the crankshaft position sensor has been malfunctioning and needed to be replaced. After some research, we found that several thousand 2005 Nissan Altimas were recalled due to the crankshaft position sensor malfunctioning with a possibility of damage and injury. We contacted Nissan village and were informed that my VIN number was not on the list of recalled vehicles. I have owned quite a few cars and I have never heard of this part needing to be replaced. My local Nissan dealer wants to charge $300-$400 to repair this issue and I believe, even though this recall was initiated back in December 2007, these repairs should be covered as this is not a maintenance issue but rather a serious overall defect in this particular make, model and year. We have no choice but to get the vehicle repaired as we have children but wanted to make sure this complaint was lodged for reporting purposes. We will also be contacting Nissan to inform them of this issue and our dissatisfaction with the fact that the Nissan dealership wants to charge us for a repair that should be covered under a past recall. Thank you.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 11
Failure Date: 12/01/2011

While driving down the highway, at 70 mph, my car bucked and then shut down. Losing all control, it completely turned off. While off you lose power-steering, abs etc. Luckily I was on a straight stretch of highway when this occurred. Came to a coasting stop. When to start my car again, and it took a while for it to turn over. The service engine light came on. The car would routinely buck, and hiccup as if it were trying to shut itself off. I called the Nissan dealer, have the ecm reprogrammed, as they thought that would be the issue. Got it done, and a day later, same thing happened, my car shut off in the middle of the highway. I got it running, and then as I got nearer home, the car shut down again at an intersection. I was lucky I didn't get in a wreck. Furiously, I called the Nissan dealer, and brought it back in. After doing some research, it was noted the cam/crankshaft sensors were bad. This is a known issue by Nissan, as there has been a recall for 2000 - 2003 models of their cars in the past. I got them replaced and paid out of pocket to do so. I contacted Nissan and they were disrespectful and not helpful at all. They know that the issue is still ongoing with their vehicles. Its a life threatening situation and should not be up to the consumer to fix the issue as its a flaw in their electrical system. There needs to be a recall for this right away as there are thousands of people this has happened to.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 12
Failure Date: 05/10/2011

Car started missing and stuttering then shutting off while driving for a couple days, nearly causing 3 accidents in this span. On the third day it started losing power and shut off constantly when at red lights. Took it to my mechanic and he scanned the engine codes. We replaces the camshaft and crankshaft position sensors and the car ran smoothly again. I have already had the ecm reprogram recall done to the car after doing some research this appears to be a very common and very dangerous problem.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 13
Failure Date: 02/07/2011

Cars power started fluttering around 45-50 mph, like it was wanting to die. It had previously died while idleing. . Codes were checked they came up as bad crank and cam sensor. . And bad speed sensor. And catalytic converter. . Noticed car was under re-call. . Towed it to dealer they flashed ecm. . When we were driving car home all problems re-occurred. . Had codes checked at another garage all the same ones came up. . Called dealer they were no help at all and wanted to charge us to check codes told them we already had them and they said its not their problem. . . They have no interest in addressing the real issues or fixing what the real problem is, what a rip-off. .

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 14
Failure Date: 12/29/2010

My car would act like it was skipping a gear and jerk. It would also sometimes not start. The ultimate failure is that my car stalls while I'm driving it. It used to be every so often and has now become a daily thing. I am replacing the crank position sensor myself as this is the cause of the problem. Nissan knows this but has done nothing to remedy the situation. My car is out of warranty so it wasn't worth my while to even check with Nissan to have this fixed.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 15
Failure Date: 07/30/2010

I own a 2005 Nissan Altima. From the day I got the car there has been a problem with it stalling. Took it to the dealership and they said they could not find anything wrong. The recall that is on the Nissan for the crankshaft position sensor I was told that there was nothing wrong with mine. I have all the correspondence that I have with Nissan. But they refused to do anything about it. Well yesterday the car shut completely off going down the road and I was almost hit in the rearend. It did this 3 times before I got it home. Nissan needs to make this right before someone gets hurt. If not my car then someone else's. This is very dangerous and could cause a major wreck.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 16
Failure Date: 03/18/2010

2005 Nissan Altima - crankshaft sensor. My 2005 pre-owned Nissan Altima just experienced crank/start problems yesterday. After computer diagnostics were performed, they discovered that the ecm and the crankshaft sensor were defective. The dealership informed me that the 2005 Nissan models had a recall on the ecm modules and the crankshafts. They advised me to contact Nissan to ensure this had not been previously corrected during the original recall. I contacted Nissan to find out that it had never been corrected. Nissan rep divya cheeran advised me that the ecm and frame were on recall however the crankshaft was not. I informed her that the dealership had already informed me of the recall for the crankshaft. She insisted the dealership was wrong and there was no recall of any crankshaft on any Nissan vehicles. I told her that I was looking at a consumer affairs report on the internet as well as the report/recall notice with national highway traffic and safety administration. She still refuted the fact that there had been any recall on the crankshafts for the 2005 Nissan Altimas. However, she advised me to take my car into the nearest dealership (sheehy Nissan in springfield, va) to have the ecm and frame fixed. She stated that once the ecm was fixed it would resolve the cranking and shutting off problems I was experiencing. I advised her that the mechanic at the dealership had already confirmed that would not remedy the problem with the crankshaft and I would like for Nissan to acknowledge the recall and fix the ecm and crankshaft. It was public knowledge and record that there was a known problem with this and could be potentially hazardous to my health and the health of my newborn who frequently travels with me. I advised her that $200 to fix the crankshaft should be nothing to Nissan as opposed to me filing a lawsuit with them if any harm came to me or my child due to this hazard. Can you please assist me with getting my car fixed?.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 17
Failure Date: 11/25/2009

Crankshaft sensors failed in 11/2009 and car cut off while driving - crankshaft sensor failed again 09/2010 but I was parked . Nissan claims there is a recall on a batch of cars for this issue but my car is not included - there are numerous reports about this issue all over the web .

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 18
Failure Date: 07/27/2009

While driving my car down the road, the engine completely shut off. I pulled to the side of the road, and put the car into park. I attempted to start the car back up, and was unable to do so. I then had the battery replaced, and was able to get the car cranked again. The next day, I went into town, and the car did the same thing. I was able to restart it after a few tries, but it then drove funny the rest of the way home. There has been a recall on the car, but I was never informed of any recall. I found it after searching on the internet when I got home. I will be contacting the dealership tomorrow. Apparently the recall is for the crankshaft position sensor. This is a common problem in these cars. I am upset because I have never heard about this recall, and I am the only owner of this car. I bought it new. This is very dangerous, and could have resulted in a horrible accident. I am afraid to drive the car at all now, which means I have no means of transportation.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 19
Failure Date: 03/25/2009

I own a 2005 Nissan Altima 2. 5l engine. I had a recall on my car where they would reset ecm to keep the crankshaft position sensor from overheating and the car shutting off. After I take my car into the dealership to have this done 9months later my car has less than 100,000 miles and I am having to replace my crankshaft position sensor. Talked with Nissan numerous times they refuse to pay for the defective part. Nissan should have to pay for the mistakes they made not me. Oh and then they charged me to dispose of the old part which they left in my car. I contacted my dealership to find out what the charge was for and he said that osha made them charge it for disposal of the part and when I told him the part was still in my car he said well it is for paperwork fee as well.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 20
Failure Date: 03/22/2009

My car fails to start on occasion. The frequency is monthly. The engine sounds like it's going to start but just doesn't. If I wait several seconds and try again, then the engine starts. From what I've been reading everyone seems to be complaining that it's the crankshaft sensor. I thought the recall fixed this issue but apparently not. So many owners are complaining yet Nissan is doing nothing. This is my first Nissan and my last. I'll stick to Honda next time.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 21
Failure Date: 03/06/2009

I am the owner of a 2005 Nissan Altima 2. 5sl. I received a recall notice that advised me the vehicle can stop running without notice which could result in a crash. The recall notice advised that the fix to this problem was the reprogramming of the ecm. To keep my daughter and I safe on the road, I took the car in for the recall as instructed. Before the recall, my service engine light never came on and my vehicle was running fine. Not to long after the recall was done, my service engine soon light came on. Last week I was driving my vehicle, with my 10 month old daughter in the car and the car stalled and shut down on us without warning. Thankfully another vehicle did not hit us. I took it to the dealership who advised me it was the crankshaft position sensor. After doing some reading I find that this has been a problem Nissan has been avoiding since 2002 and I was not the only owner whose vehicle shut down on them without warning. The events, patterns and failures I have experienced are the same sequence of events that so many Nissan Altima owners have reported and complained about. I contacted Nissan directly and was told that they are not responsible. I paid $285 to have the crankshaft sensor replaced. I thought responding to the recall would take care of everything and we would be safe; however, the recall did not stop my car from shutting down on me in the middle of traffic. I believe Nissan is recalling the wrong thing and dodging the responsibility of replacing the default crankshaft sensors that are causing these vehicles to shut down. A vehicle that is subject to shut down while driving without warning is very dangerous and should not be on the road. I saved the crankshaft sensor that was removed from my vehicle just in case someone decides to finally do something about this. An investigation needs to take place before someone is killed or seriously injured on the road or highway.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 22
Failure Date: 10/22/2008

My 2005 Nissan Altima had a recall for an electronic control module which I had replaced free of charge on reichert Nissan in wenenchee wa. On 10-22-2008. After driving 106 miles my engine failed. I called reichert motors and they responded to have the vehicle towed back to there dealership by a certain towing company; which I did. (by the way before this incident ,this car had never had a problem ; this all happened after the recall) after the car was checked by reichert they stated that the problem was now a crank shaft position sensor which was not related to the original problem so I would now have to pay for the towing charge as well as the problem with the crank shaft sensor. This seems a little strange to me that a car with no problems prior would all of a sudden develop this problem after 106 miles which was the distance to my home in omak wa from wenechee . Within 3 hours after the car was picked up from the dealership. It was a danger for the car to loose power while driving down the highway. I called Nissan about the problem( file # 6327690) and they stated they are not at fault. If I would have caused a serious accident with this vehicle I think they would of been at fault. This company need to be reprimanded for an unsafe vehicle that could cause serious problems on our nations highways.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 23
Failure Date: 12/17/2007

I purchased my 2005 Altima brand new and I have already had to replace the battery twice. The first incident happened just passed the 36,000 mile mark (less then two years) so I was stuck paying out of my pocket. The second incident just happened in Dec. 17, 2007 where the car just turned off on me while driving at a low speed (possible cause: crankshaft sensor), and then the car would not start while at the intersection. A quick jump start got me up and running, but the battery tested bad at the local auto parts store.

car   Crankshaft Position Sensor problem 24
Failure Date: 09/28/2007

2005 Nissan Altima has defective crank sensor. The throttle stops working not allowing fuel to the engine therefore stalling the car even in motion. Nissan has redesigned replacements but are incorrectly redesigned. Even with warranty Nissan refuses to remedy leaving people without cars.

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