Electronic Stability Control Related Problems of the 2007 Nissan Altima

Table 1 shows one common electronic stability control related problems of the 2007 Nissan Altima.

Table 1. Electronic Stability Control related problems of Nissan Altima

Problem Category Number of Problems
Electronic Stability Control problems
Electronic Stability Control problem #1

Tl- the contact owns a 2007 Nissan Altima. The contact stated that while driving at approximately 65 mph, the check engine warning light illuminated and the vehicle failed to accelerate when the accelerator petal was depressed. In addition, the vehicle vibrated violently. The contact mentioned that the check engine light stopped illuminating and the failure stopped. The failure occurred once. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was not notified. The approximate failure mileage was 132,000. Jo.

Electronic Stability Control problem #2

"takata recall"have problem with transmission engaging when placed in any gear.

Electronic Stability Control problem #3

I was driving and kept hearing noise when I was pullting into my house to park and I thought it was something in my trunk and I let it go on, I figure I would take it out what ever it was, well when I discovered that there was nothing in my truck that was moving around I took it to a shop and they told me that it was the rear sway bar. I was advised that it was common in 2007 Nissan Altima. . But was not a maufactured defect.

Electronic Stability Control problem #4

The traction control and brake warning lights come on while driving. Dealer states that the master cylinder is leaking and needs replacement under warranty. The part is on back order with the manufacturer, however, the dealer has stated that the car is safe to drive until the part is available and can be replaced.

Electronic Stability Control problem #5

I was driving my car heading home from work on the highway in steady traffic and the car wouldn go just dropped down to zero, however the car was going about 35. . . I contacted my dealer and they said it was probally bad gas and to bring it in for a check. . After going in and paying the 90 plus dollars I was told nothing was wrong. . After time passed it didnt do it for a while and around 95thousand plus miles it did it all over again. . Took car in and was told nothing was wrong. . After drving and finally it wouldnt go anymore and my cars was at about 160 miles by now I took it in and was told that I need to maybe get a tune up after getting a tune up. It drove fine until I drove out of state and the car was driving but speedometer was @0. Finally made it home safe after letting car cool on the highway every 50 miles and took back to shop and was told that when gettin a tune up if fluids look ok they arent changed. . So upon finding this out I was told I needed a new transmission @ a different shop put new transmission in and drove fine for 35 plus thousand miles and everything started all over again. . Took back and was tole I needed a catalytic converter a new down flex pipe and a new transmission. . . I would like to know how to get a car transmission recalled or off the market cause I've never had to deal with a car like this before. . I guess that's what I get for stepping out on the Acura and Honda family. . . :-) please look into this for me thank you!!.

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