Seat Belt Related Problems of the 2007 Nissan Altima

Table 1 shows one common seat belt related problems of the 2007 Nissan Altima.

Table 1. Seat Belt related problems of Nissan Altima

Problem Category Number of Problems
Seat Belt problems
Seat Belt problem #1

When step my brake coming from the freeway to get exit my steering shaking, my suspension I heard something when get rough road and seat beat in the driver side cant pull anymore.

Seat Belt problem #2

My door behind the drivers side doesn't open and we have tried everything, I have taken my car 2 a dealership and they worked on it for over an hr, and they couldn't get 2 open. And until my door is fixed, I can't get it inspected. And this is the only vehicle I have. I need my ddor fixed or formula Nissan needs 2 replace my car and put me in a different vehicle. This has been an on going thing, and I don't have the money 2 pay someone per hr. As I live on a fixed income.

Seat Belt problem #3

The engine sometime stall and rav high when turning corner.

Seat Belt problem #4

The contact owns a 2007 Nissan Altima. The tire pressure warning light constantly illuminated on the instrument panel, which indicated that the tire pressure was low. The dealer repaired the tire sensor, performed an oil change, and rotated the tires; however, the tire pressure light continued to illuminate. While transporting a passenger, the passenger side seat belt became stuck and could not release the latch from the housing component. When attempting to remove the seat belt, it would become tighter around the passenger. The failure mileage was less than 3,000 and current mileage was 31,000.

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