Unknown Or Other Related Problems of the 2007 Nissan Altima

Table 1 shows one common unknown or other related problems of the 2007 Nissan Altima.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Nissan Altima

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

The rear sway bar on my 2007 Nissan Altima is broken. I drive less than 6,000 miles per year, and rarely in bad weather conditions. I was told this is not under warranty and there are no recalls, but I have seen several complaints online about the 2007 Nissan Altima sway bar. This is a safety hazard, especially considering it can happen when not driving that many miles (I only knew to have it checked because I parked on a hill and could see something hanging from my car. Otherwise, with the limited number of miles I drive, I would not have had my car checked, and would have been driving a hazardous vehicle this whole time).

Unknown Or Other problem #2

I recently discovered the rear sway bar snapped on my 2007 Nissan Altima. A look at the bar shows it was a clean break with no signs of damage to any areas around the bar. A quick search online turned up other complaints of 2007 Altima drivers that say they have the same problem with the sway bar snapping in the same place and with no signs of damage. It appears there is a larger issue at hand with this piece of equipment and it needs to be addressed.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

Brake light in car went on just prior to 25000 miles, brought car in for service was told it was probably the master brake cylinder because it was recalled in the Nissan sentra. Result was that it was the master brake cylinder, told had to repair due to it being hazardous. Had to pay over $600 for a repair to a part that company already knows is faulty.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

Rear sway bar snapped on drivers side. No rust seen. Hundreds of similar complaints on-line. Whats it going to take to get a recall?a whole family getting killled?.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

My check engine light came on in my 2007 Nissan Altima. I took it to a mechanic who did a diagnostic and said that it was my catalytic converter and I needed to replace it. I looked online and found out that Nissan had a recall on the catalytic converter back in 2007 but I never received it. Now that my car has passed the warranty mileage, they refuse to do anything about this. I feel that they are not correctly notifying consumers of their recall information intentionally so they don't have to pay for this and all the burden will then be on the consumer. I feel Nissan should take care of this since they knew there was a problem the year I bought my car.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

I bought this vehicle brand new and it has been properly maintained. While driving down the road the vdc off and slip light came on. After turning the car off, and restarting the light would go out. This happened twice so I made an appointment with Nissan, while driving there it came on again. The stated that my master cylinder was bad and needed to replaced, the cost was $620. 00. This car was recently inspected and has not even needed new brake pads yet. I also have a problem with the tire pressure light coming on even when tires have correct pressure. I had to pay $ 50. 00 to have it reset so it would not stay on. After doing some research this seems like a common problem, that Nissan is doing nothing about.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

I have had several issues with my Nissan 2007 Altima. I bought it brand new with only a few hundred miles. I have had an oil leaking problem ( first it only leaked when parked, got fixed & now leaks when driving only), engine rattle, clicking when driving and not moving(sounds like diesel engine), transmission feels unsmooth sometimes when shifting(since purchased but blamed on cvt transmission & not being used to it), button under brake pedel had to be replaced (car wouldnt start when pushing button and thought it was a battery problem, but button under foot pedel was sticking & wasnt getting contact to start car) belts were rubbing strange, had to be replaced. Tires are too small for car, every speed bump I ground out. Engine hesitates sometimes on highway. Ive had this car worked on and maintained perfectly and I have had alot of issues. I want to get a new car but feel bad selling this to anyone.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

On July 8, 2009 took vehicle into Nissan north for service and requested they check the sunroof as well, it had been squeaking when operated - opening and closing. Nissan lubed the track. On March 19, 2010 took vehicle into Nissan north for service and requested they check the windows and sunroof, sunroof still squeaking off and on when operated - opening and closing. Nissan lubed windows for noise. June 2011 took vehicle into Nissan north because sunroof made and awful noise and stopped working in mid-close. The service technician manually had to close the sunroof.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

I am writing to inform you of a safety concern I have with my 2007 Nissan Altima hybrid. The vehicle is equipped with tcs and vdc. On December 13, 2007 we got approximately 6 inches of snow during the day while I was at work. On my way home I approached switzer hill road and saw that it had been sanded so I turned and started up the hill. Approximately 40 yards up the hill the tcs light came on and my car stopped. The front wheels would not turn at all. I was forced to turn around on the hill and come back down. I was very fortunate that no one was coming down the hill at that time or it could have been disastrous for my self and/or others. The owners manual for the vehicle refers to an off switch for both the tcs and vdc systems in case of an emergency. The manufacture has acknowledged that there are times when the system may need to be turned off. My vehicle has neither switch installed so I am unable to turn off either system in the event I am in heavy snow or mud. The non hybrid version of this vehicle has the switch installed as per the owners manual. I have been in contact with the dealer and Nissan both in writing and on the phone. They have stated that the system is working properly because it does apply brake to the wheel that is slipping, and also reduce power from the engine. The problem is that the system works too well. The vehicle has the potential to come to a complete stop and strand the operator. With out the off switch there is no way to move a stuck vehicle. The reason I was given for the switch having not been install is that they thought it might cause the battery to be discharged. As per the manual the system automatically turns back on when the car is turned off. Nissan only sells the hybrid in a limited number of states. Most of which are in the northeast where it does snow.

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