Wheel Related Problems of the 2007 Nissan Altima

Table 1 shows one common wheel related problems of the 2007 Nissan Altima.

Table 1. Wheel related problems of Nissan Altima

Problem Category Number of Problems
Wheel problems
Wheel problem #1

Walked outside to notice something was loose and hanging underneath my car. After taking my car to the local Nissan dealership, they told me that my stabilizer (sway bar) was broken and would cost nearly $400 to replace. After receiving the news, I decided to research and found that a myriad of people are experiencing the same problem. I would really appreciate this issue being taken care of without having to come out pocket, considering that my driving couldn't have caused this.

Wheel problem #2

Rear stabilizing bar just broke out of nowhere, the car did not hit anything to cause this to brake.

Wheel problem #3

Observed pipe suspended from beside right rear wheel of the 2007 Nissan Altima 2. 5. Vehicle was parked. Looked under vehicle and determined it was a pipe linked to the rear wheel and suspension assemblies. The end of the pipe was nearly dragging on the ground. Did internet research concluding that the broken pipe was the rear sway bar or torsion bar. Prior to observing the visible hanging torsion bar end, we frequently experienced the rear end of the vehicle was unstable when cornering at highway speed such as when entering or exiting a highway ramp. Given this frequent experience, the actual failure in torsion bar functional strength may have occurred months earlier. After determining there was no recall or service bulletin, and also noting that NHTSA records in this database show over 50 event descriptions nearly identical to ours, I went to the Nissan dealer to ask if they offered payment or credits for this repeatable defect. The dealer was not offering any credits. Then, took my vehicle to my master mechanic. He performed the service replacement of the broken sway bar and end link assemblies. We retained the broken sway bar in hopes that NHTSA begins to research this problem. According to the mechanic, this "bar" is really a 5/8" diameter pipe that seared near one of the bushing supports. There is surface rust present within the pipe indicating that the pipe had fractured some time earlier with water entering the fracture causing the rust. It is not a solid steel "bar" as typically found in other vehicles throughout the industry. Cost of repair was approximately $200 for parts plus 1 hour shop labor. We respectfully request that NHTSA investigate this failure due to its apparent common failure mode and for the potential risk of injury should the rear end of the vehicle lose traction on curves or rough pavement at highway speeds.

Wheel problem #4

2007 Nissan Altima rear sway bar snapped for no apparent reason and looking on line it appears that there are many cases of this happening, it most be something wrong with it and it might need to be recalled.

Wheel problem #5

Valve stem on the tpms popped off while driving because it was corroded. Causes catastrophic tire deflation and loss of control of vehicle. Factory tpms valve stems should be replaced from aluminum to something more resistant to corrosion. Other three tire valve stems are corroded as well and may become as hazardous when driving.

Wheel problem #6

The engine sometime stall and rav high when turning corner.

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