Electrical System Related Problems of the 2004 Nissan Frontier

Table 1 shows five common electrical system related problems of the 2004 Nissan Frontier. The number one most common problem is related to the electrical system (one problem). The second most common problem is related to the horn assembly (one problem).

Table 1. Electrical System related problems of Nissan Frontier

  Recently reported Electrical System problems of the 2004 Nissan Frontier

The Electrical System problem

After driving my vehicle to work (around 15 miles), the lights began to dim and the radio turned on and off several times. I parked in the garage where I work, and went to my office to get in touch with a mechanic. About 1/2 hour later, a police officer called because my truck caught fire.   Read details...

The Horn Assembly problem

Vehicle starts stalling after driving for 10 to 40 miles. Various dash lights start to come on, lights start to dim, vehicles starts bucking from engine missing. Very dangerous in heavy traffic. Once stopped, vehicle horn goes off when restarting attempted.   Read details...

The Starter problem

We replaced the starter 2x in the last year and recently just 3 months ago. My son went to start the truck on Saturday and the starter burned completely up. We have replaced the starter on this truck a total of 3x in the last 2 years.   Read details...

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