O2 Sensor problems of the 2000 Nissan Maxima

Ten problems related to o2 sensor have been reported for the 2000 Nissan Maxima. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2000 Nissan Maxima based on all problems reported for the 2000 Maxima.

car   O2 Sensor problem 1
Failure Date: 01/14/2013

I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima. Recently the problems have been piling on. The air conditioner stopped working in the summer and the check engine light went on. The air conditioner needs a new pump and the "check engine" light I was told is the O2 sensor. Today is 1/27/13 and a week ago my power steering belt shredded. It caused the car to stall temporarily but I was able to drive the car to my local garage to be fixed. The mechanics said it was not only the power steering belt but the alternator belt and the pumps as well. The problem was taken care of and I picked the car up. Before I pulled out I tried the heat and defrost but they would not work now. The heat and defrost had been acting strange and smelled as if burning was happening. The heat would be hard to turn off at times. The different levels of heat were all the same most time. The mechanics looked at it later and said the car needs a O2 sensor and the whole climate control mechanism. The mechanism on my car had melted wires. I have been noticing a lot of weird electrical quirks outside of thee heat. I have noticed a lot of decay for a car used everyday. The problems that prompted me to look online about these issues are exactly the same issues people are having with this vehicle at the same mileage. O2 sensor, electrical, decay, etc. . Anyone who owns this vehicle should have been at least warned by the manufacturer. The problems this vehicle has and parts that should have been recalled or fixed can lead to people getting in fatal crashes. I wonder what the statistics for fatal crashes with these model years are compared to other?.

car   O2 Sensor problem 2
Failure Date: 05/03/2007

Misfiring stalling. Check eng lt came on required all new coils at 45,000 miles. Then oxygen sensor, dealer said" you don't come here for oil changes so you are not a loyal customer" and charged over $1,100 no help at all considering how many people have been affected. This is our second and last Nissan.

car   O2 Sensor problem 3
Failure Date: 05/01/2006

Ignition coil failure on well maintained 2000 Maxima created dangerous driving situation, car would "stall" pressing accelerator accomplished nothing as if vehicle were "starving" for fuel; advised to have all 6 coils replaced (mechanic believes these had already been replaced once before - car was purchased used w/ 25,000 miles) current repair nearly $1000, also additional cost to replace oxygen sensor and fuel regulator; based on number of similar complaints, this should be of concern to Nissan and should warrant a recall or at the least, some assistance with cost; wondering if "class action" type lawsuit advisable to gain Nissan's attention.

car   O2 Sensor problem 4
Failure Date: 01/23/2006

: the contact stated the check engine light illuminated. The vehicle was taken to the local dealership for inspection. The check engine light was reset by the dealership, however it illuminated again. Upon further inspection, the dealership personnel discovered the oxygen sensor and the coil pack needed to be replaced. Updated 02/07/06.

car   O2 Sensor problem 5
Failure Date: 11/30/2005

At 57,000 miles a code was pulled from ecup0740 diag. Poss electrical problem (unknown) could not find problem, $152 fee. Returned vehicle several times for engine rpm rev. Vehicle wants to move when at a complete stop. Reset and reprogrammed computer (ecu). I wore breaks out several times, and the e-brake. ($1,000) finally the intermittent problem was found repaired (2) O2 sensors $610. 00. Same problem occurs 2 months later. Found bad ecu, core return iacv-aac valve. ($914. 00). Again 3 months later vehicle performing the same way, found and replaced another sensor OH this one was under warranty per Nissan. At this time the vehicle is performing the same way and needs to go back to the dealer for more repairs. I spoke to the service manager at hart Nissan, and he recommends that when you replace one sensor all six should be replaced. I know two people who own the 2000 Maxima and they also had their sensors repaired. I have been a Nissan owner for about 10 years and owned six vehicles myself/wife. I am in the market for another vehicle and I will never purchase other Nissan ever again. This sensor problem needs to be addressed by Nissan. Don't bother calling Nissan customer service because, a-they won't get back to you right away, b-they won't do anything for you besides say your vehicle is out of warranty and what do you want use to do you have 50,000-90,000 miles on your vehicle, things do go wrong. Call the federal trade commission and loge a complaint, call your state m/v department dealers and repairs and have them investigate this sensor problem, and contact your states attorney office. (Nissan is making hundreds of thousands of dollars of this sensor problem that should be a recall).

car   O2 Sensor problem 6
Failure Date: 07/15/2005

Service check light came on 8/19/02 @ 53,532 miles and found O2 sensor was bad and replaced. $188. 00 to repair. Service check light and tcs/slip light came on 10/24/03 @ 74,000 miles and found ignition coils failing intermittently. Replaced ignition coils and spark plugs to prevent ignition coils from failing. $707. 00 to repair service check light came on 4/13/05 @ 95,000 miles and found air mass controller failing. Replaced air mass controller. $421. 00 to repair service check light and tcs/slip light came on 715/05 @ 97,980 miles and found ignition coils failing intermittently and possible electrical harness failure. The failure has not been isolated and repairs have not been as of 7/22/05. Requesting old parts for current failure .

car   O2 Sensor problem 7
Failure Date: 03/28/2005

Service engine light 2000 Nissan Maxima about 80k miles. In the last two months I have had my car in the shop 4 different times for my service engine light. My independent service station tried what they could, before finely replacing an oxygen sensor. This kept the service engine light off for the better part of two weeks. But it's back and this time the computer code is registering a faulty aacv valve. My mechanic says that this is a fairly common occurrence with these engines and that Nissan might help foot the cost of repairs considering that the seal inside the assembly is the known culprit. My mechanic could make the repairs himself but then the car would need to be towed to Nissan since the security codes would need to be reset and only Nissan can do that. I called my local Nissan dealership (where I purchased the car) and was told that since I had used an independent rather than their service center for repairs, the best I might get would be a hand shake. Is what my mechanic said correct? is this is fairly common problem? and, if so, how do I get Nissan to accept responsibility in as much as they used faulty materials in the manufacture of the aacv valve?.

car   O2 Sensor problem 8
Failure Date: 12/20/2004

I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima that I have spend almost $1000 to have repaired recently. The check engine light came on about a month ago and it was flashing. Took it in and one of the ignition coils was bad, throttle body needed repair, rail system needed repair, spark plugs replaced also. The car only has 44,000 miles on it and is pretty well maintained. It ended up costing me $500 for those repairs. This past weekend the check engine light came on again and I took it to Nissan this morning. This time it is the 02 sensor - something to do with the oxygen intake. Not really sure what this is but is costing me another $300!! I was told that if I did not get this fixed that I would ruin the new spark plugs and would use more gas that necessary. The dealer told me this morning that it is very unusual to see these types of problems so soon. Nissan needs to get their act together!! I really like my Maxima and even considered getting the new one - which look nice. But not anymore.

car   O2 Sensor problem 9
Failure Date: 05/10/2004

My Nissan 2000 has similar problems which others have,ignition coils and oxygen sensor. My car has only 48000 miles on it. All six coil has been replaced by Nissan dealer and it cost me $500. Manufacturer transmission warranty does not cover even though it is part of transmission. Nissan should recall this problem and reimburse consumer money.

car   O2 Sensor problem 10
Failure Date: 04/15/2000

Jan. 2004 - PA inspection w/o incident Feb. 2004 - check engine light comes on - $700. 00 for ecm problem, front brakes, brake fluid flush, rear brake adjustment Apr 2004 - check engine light comes on again - need to change ignition coils - all 6 as dealer said they could not determine which coil is defective + replace the oxygen sensor. . Read more...

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