Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings Problems of Nissan Quest

Nissan Quest owners have reported 4 problems related to fuel hoses lines/piping and fittings (under the gasoline fuel system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Quest based on all problems reported for the Quest.

car image   Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings problem of the 2011 Nissan Quest 1
Failure Date: 01/01/2012

I was driving down a moderate incline on low fuel when the engine stopped running. I was able to safely pull to the curb and restart the engine. I took the car into the Nissan dealership to be looked at and was told there were 3 other cars in line with the same problem. Nissan is well aware of the problem. I was then told not to let the fuel tank get below 1/2 tank.

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car image   Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings problem of the 1996 Nissan Quest 2
Failure Date: 01/27/2005

Nhtsa recall campaign 00v419001 concerning fuel tank vent hose. While driving there was a strong smell of gasoline in the vehicle. Consumer contacted the manufacturer, and was told that this vehicle was not covered under the recall due to VIN although it experienced the same effects. Consumer added when the fuel tank is filled more than half way, the gasoline smell is prominent. Consumer has to drive with window open.

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car image   Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings problem of the 1996 Nissan Quest 3
Failure Date: 07/15/2003

The interior of van would fill with a gas odor. It also had a gas leak when the tank was filled. I had it checked out at the dealer and they informed me that it was related to a manufacturer's recall of the fuel filler vent hose. They repaired it and replaced the vent hose, but the odor continued. I took it back for a second time but the dealer could not find anything wrong with it. The gas odor would come on mainly when the a/c was on. I contacted customer service at the dealer and all they could tell me is that they could not find anything wrong. 1 year later after living with this gas odor my van exploded and the entire engine burned. I've called Nissan and all they can tell me is that the vehicle is not under warranty anymore and the fire is not related to the recall because it was only the vent hose.

car image   Fuel Hoses Lines/piping And Fittings problem of the 2001 Nissan Quest 4
Failure Date: 11/21/2002

On Nov 21, 2002 I was involoved in a very low impact accident in which my 2001 Nissan Quest vehicle rear ended a 98 Mercury marquis. My air bags did not even deployed indicative of the low impact nature of the accident however, upon impact the Quest immediately caught fire. I was uninjured in the accident but the vehicle was totally destroyed. It was recommended to me by mr. Nick perrone, a forensic accident investigator, that I contact the NHTSA in regards to the Nissan recall involving 93-98 Quest fuel tank line. He feels that the accident in which I was involved in might be related to this recall and that it be investigated and perhaps extended to the 2001 year models.

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