Owners/service Manual Problems of Nissan Quest

Nissan Quest owners have reported 3 problems related to owners/service manual (under the equipment category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Quest based on all problems reported for the Quest.

car image   Owners/service Manual problem of the 2009 Nissan Quest 1
Failure Date: 01/01/2013

Sliding door(s). While reviewing others complaints of the Nissan Quest, I found I was not alone with the manual sliding doors. The driver side manual sliding door gets stuck randomly, and one must pull on it so hard (to get it open), that one is fearful of the handle breaking off. This issue is not as bad on the passenger side as it is the driver's side.

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car image   Owners/service Manual problem of the 2006 Nissan Quest 2
Failure Date: 03/15/2008

There is no sensor on the automatic sliding door. As my daughter was manually opening the door, so was I with the keyless entry. The sliding door ending up closing on my childs fingers, smashing 3 middle fingers.

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car image   Owners/service Manual problem of the 2004 Nissan Quest 3
Failure Date: 07/21/2004

My 2004 Nissan Quest-have had same problem recur for almost 1 yr & dealer has not fixed it in 5 tries. On 7/21/04, brought my van in for service 'cause an alarm beeper would go off randomly when driving-comes from rear power liftgate. Besides the constant beeping, at times the liftgate will not open, also when open the liftgate will not close using the power buttons-then liftgate needs to be shut manually. At my 7/21/04 service appt, the dealer ordered a part that would be installed later to fix beeping. Picked the van up about 4:30 pm, got groceries, picked up daughter & drove home. On the way the van was beeping all the way when suddenly a flashing warning light came on that said "warning lift gate open". I panicked thinking my lift gate was about to fly open. I pulled over confused because liftgate was not open. I pushed interior control for lift gate but liftgate did not open. Thinking I was temp. Ok, I slowly drove home w/ flashing warning signal on whole time. When I got home-tried to open liftgate. It wouldn't budge-not w/ power controls inside van nor key fob. It wouldn't open manually either. At that point, I was afraid to drive van any further. Was well after 5 pm & the service dept would be closed but I called them anyway. I talked to john nelson, sales mgr & explained what happened. Told him I was afraid to drive van because of warning light but can't seem to open/close door either. He assured me that van has "safety mechanisms" that would prevent door from flying open while driving. I told him that it was hard to believe van was safe when it seemed warning lights were malfunctioning. Since 7/21/04 the warning light has not come on again. But the problem that preceded the warning light-the constant beeping-still happens all the time, but only when it's warm. Since I live in WI Nov 04-Mar 05 was problem free. Don't know if door will really fly open, but I know Quest already had recall for similar problem-sliding doors not latching in sub-40 weather.

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