Safety Recalls of Georgie Boy F53 Vehicles

There has been 1 safety recall for the Georgie Boy F53. The most recent recalls are shown below. Table 1 and Table 2 show the historical recalls and the recall statistics by the model year of the Georgie Boy F53.

NHTSA Recall #: 99V165008; Aug. 17, 1999

The bulb/socket assembly may not function properly.

Recalled Vehicles: 1999 Georgie Boy F53, 1999 Georgie Boy Georgie Boy
Recall Summary: Vehicle description: motor homes built on a Ford chassis. The brake system warning indicator lamp is not in the correct position in the instrument cluster. This does not meet the requirements of fmvss no. 105, "hydraulic brake systems. "... Details of this recall goto detail
Table 1. Historical Recalls of Georgie Boy F53 Vehicles
Date Component Vehicle Affected
Aug. 17, 1999   Service Brakes, Hydraulic:switches:brake Warning 146