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  Recent Safety Recalls of Heil Vehicles

NHTSA Recall #: 17V735000; Nov. 20, 2017
Recalled Vehicles: 2017 Heil Cargo Tank
Recall Summary: Burch tank and truck (burch) is recalling certain 2017 heil cargo tank trailers, equipped with mpa/mta suspensions and meritor ex225 brakes. The brake caliper bolts on these axles may not be properly torqued which can allow the caliper to detach from the mounting flange. ... Details of this recall goto detail
NHTSA Recall #: 16V525000; Jul. 11, 2016
Recalled Vehicles: 2014 Heil Crude Trailer, 2015 Heil Crude Trailer, 2016 Heil Crude Trailer, 2014 Heil Dry Bulk Trailer, 2015 Heil Dry Bulk Trailer, 2016 Heil Dry Bulk Trailer, 2014 Heil Flatbed, 2015 Heil Flatbed, 2016 Heil Flatbed, 2014 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2015 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2016 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer
Recall Summary: Heil company (heil) is recalling certain model year 2014-2016 petroleum, crude, dry bulk and flatbed trailers manufactured January 1, 2014, to June 18, 2016. These trailers are equipped with certain bendix sr5 spring brake valves which may have been improperly machined which could cause a delay of ... Details of this recall goto detail
NHTSA Recall #: 14V761000; Dec. 1, 2014
Recalled Vehicles: 2000 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2001 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2002 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2003 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2004 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2005 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2006 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2007 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2008 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2009 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2010 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2011 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2012 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2013 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer, 2014 Heil Petroleum Pull Trailer
Recall Summary: Heil company (heil) is recalling certain model year 2000-2014 petroleum pull trailers manufactured August 29, 2000, to September 12, 2014. On the affected trailers, the cables of the secondary coupling system may fail to keep the trailer connected to the tow vehicle if the pintle hitch connection ... Details of this recall goto detail
NHTSA Recall #: 10V590000; Nov. 22, 2010
Recalled Vehicles: 2004 Heil Durapack Python, 2005 Heil Durapack Python, 2006 Heil Durapack Python, 2007 Heil Durapack Python, 2008 Heil Durapack Python, 2009 Heil Durapack Python, 2010 Heil Durapack Python, 2004 Heil Multipack, 2005 Heil Multipack, 2006 Heil Multipack, 2007 Heil Multipack, 2008 Heil Multipack, 2009 Heil Multipack, 2010 Heil Multipack
Recall Summary: Heil is recalling certain 2004 through 2010 durapack and multipack refuse collection vehicle automated side loaders with python lifts utilizing programmable logic control (plc) to activate grabber close and lift functions.... Details of this recall goto detail
NHTSA Recall #: 10V076000; Mar. 3, 2010
Recalled Vehicles: 2006 Heil Cp Python, 2007 Heil Cp Python, 2008 Heil Cp Python, 2009 Heil Cp Python, 2006 Heil Rapid Rail, 2007 Heil Rapid Rail, 2008 Heil Rapid Rail, 2009 Heil Rapid Rail
Recall Summary: Heil is recalling certain model year 2006-2009 rapid rail and cp python bodies garbage trucks with bolt-on rear hinge assemblies. Affected bodies are those which have a bolt on rear hinge assembly but do not have structural gussets to reinforce the z-plate.... Details of this recall goto detail

Safety Recalls of Heil Models