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Recall of Honda vehicles (82V071000)

Date Owner notified by MFR Dec 7, 1982
Date: Received Date: Jul. 19, 1982;   Recorded Date: Jul. 28, 1982;  
Campaign Id: 82V071000
Recalled Vehicles: 1982 Honda NU50
Component: Structure:body.     Manufactured by: American Honda Motor Co.
Affected Vehicles: 5,390
Recall Summary: The rear wheel fender air cleaning mounting brackets could crack due to engine vibrations over a period of time. Bolts which secure the fender could loosen and the fender could contact the rear tire, causing wheel lock-up.
How to Fix: Defective air cleaner bracket will be replaced with a newly-designed version free of charge.
Recall Notes: Vehicle description: motorcyles. System: structure; rear wheel fender. Consequences of defect: rear wheel lock-up may cause loss of vehicle controland an accident.
Historical Recalls of Honda NU50 Vehicles
Date Component Vehicle Affected
Jul. 19, 1982   Structure:body 5,390