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  Safety Recalls of Saturn Sports Sedan Vehicles

There has been 1 safety recall for the Saturn Sports Sedan. The most recent recalls are shown below. Table 1 and Table 2 show the historical recalls and the recall statistics by the model year of the Saturn Sports Sedan.

NHTSA Recall #: 93V132000; Aug. 10, 1993

Should an electrical short circuit occur in thegenerator, the generator wiring harness would experience excessive current flow. Under certain conditions, enough heat could be generated to ignite surroundingmaterials. If this occurs, an underhood fire could result with or without theengine running and without prior warning.

Recalled Vehicles: 1991 Saturn SC, 1992 Saturn SC, 1993 Saturn SC, 1991 Saturn SC1, 1992 Saturn SC1, 1993 Saturn SC1, 1991 Saturn SL, 1992 Saturn SL, 1993 Saturn SL, 1991 Saturn Sports Coupe, 1992 Saturn Sports Coupe, 1993 Saturn Sports Coupe, 1991 Saturn Sports Sedan, 1992 Saturn Sports Sedan, 1993 Saturn Sports Sedan, 1991 Saturn SW, 1992 Saturn SW, 1993 Saturn SW
Recall Summary: The generator electrical wiring is not protected against excessive current flow which may be caused by an electrical short circuit in the generator. ... Details of this recall goto detail
Table 1. Historical Recalls of Saturn Sports Sedan Vehicles
Date Component Vehicle Affected
Aug. 10, 1993   Electrical System:alternator/generator/regulator 352,833

Table 2. Recall Statistics of Saturn Sports Sedan Model Years
Model# Recalls
1993 Saturn Sports Sedan 1
1992 Saturn Sports Sedan 1
1991 Saturn Sports Sedan 1