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  Safety Recalls of Thomas CL100 Vehicles

There has been 1 safety recall for the Thomas CL100. The most recent recalls are shown below. Table 1 and Table 2 show the historical recalls and the recall statistics by the model year of the Thomas CL100.

NHTSA Recall #: 01V213001; Jun. 26, 2001

If the brake line wears through, the vehicle will lose brake pressure without prior warning, affecting the capability to stop the vehicle increasing the risk of a vehicle crash.

Recalled Vehicles: 2000 Thomas CL100, 2001 Thomas CL100
Recall Summary: Vehicle description: small commercial buses. The trans/air air-conditioning compressor belt guard can rub against the brake line. ... Details of this recall goto detail
Table 1. Historical Recalls of Thomas CL100 Vehicles
Date Component Vehicle Affected
Jun. 26, 2001   Equipment:air Conditioner 69

Table 2. Recall Statistics of Thomas CL100 Model Years
Model# Recalls
2001 Thomas CL100 1
2000 Thomas CL100 1