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  Safety Recalls of Thomas Mpv Er Vehicles

There has been 1 safety recall for the Thomas Mpv Er. The most recent recalls are shown below. Table 1 and Table 2 show the historical recalls and the recall statistics by the model year of the Thomas Mpv Er.

NHTSA Recall #: 04V398000; Aug. 12, 2004

In the event of a crash, passengers could be seriously injured.

Recalled Vehicles: 1995 Thomas Mpv Er, 1996 Thomas Mpv Er, 1995 Thomas Saf-t-liner, 1996 Thomas Saf-t-liner
Recall Summary: Certain 1995 and 1996 my thomas built school buses built between January 1, 1995, and February 29, 1996, which are predominately operated on unimproved roads may have developed cracks in the bus body framing structure members (rafters) near the horizontal window header welds and at the side ... Details of this recall goto detail
Table 1. Historical Recalls of Thomas Mpv Er Vehicles
Date Component Vehicle Affected
Aug. 12, 2004   Structure:body 2,125

Table 2. Recall Statistics of Thomas Mpv Er Model Years
Model# Recalls
1996 Thomas Mpv Er 1
1995 Thomas Mpv Er 1