Electronic Stability Control Problems of SAAB 9-3

SAAB 9-3 owners have reported 9 electronic stability control related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common electronic stability control problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's electronic stability control (9 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Electronic Stability Control related problems of SAAB 9-3

Problem Category Number of Problems
Electronic Stability Control problems
Electronic Stability Control problem #1

Takata recall, after getting a notice I looked online called every single dealer in my area they all said they don�t work on Saabi hope everything is gm finally I found one most of them said sub went bankrupt so in a few years the car should be fixed faded out and you should get rid of it they said no one will fix it because there�s no older this is the of the dealerships within 100 mile radius dealership GMC�s somehow I got connected to a repair shop that specializes in sob and they said they said they could do it there about one month out and I would have to come to them which was 400 miles away I told him it was a hardship also and if they could arrange to pick it up or we could arrange another shop to fix it for the dealer they said nope with only ones in northern California appointment later I got a notice from GMC it was and ambiguous it stated your seatbelt and airbag might not be recall however you might want to check this website which was in small print I took it as a discouraging memo when I checked it out they said if you don�t have any dealers in yourn your area no I cannot drive it because of safety concerns nor can I sell it because of african more of the concerns I had showing a lawn service recalled I believe GMC is required and responsible in this case to buy back your vehicle for me or offer me a replacement in this case they are avoiding there�s possibility and no matter if the company would bankrupt they are the ones that assumed I have been driving with this issue and I have kids and it is unsafe I need to help they need to be in burst me for the whole cost of the vehicle for.

Electronic Stability Control problem #2

Takata recall has not been fixed. My car is a 2006. I can not trade or sale my car in the condition of the recall on this airbag. How do I get my money back?.

Electronic Stability Control problem #3

When I changed the battery of the car key, its doors and trunk stopped lock and unlock. The belt of the gas tank was broken also. I replaced also the fuel tank.

Electronic Stability Control problem #4

This has occurred on multi occasions. Usually in cold weather the car usually while braking will report a complete failure of the brake, anti-lock brakes, and stability control. Speedometer quits working, and message appears to come to a complete stop. Once you stop and turn off the car, and then restart all messages disappear and car returns to normal operation. The system may lead to an accident. This is the five incident over the last two years.

Electronic Stability Control problem #5

Karla gladstone 238 e 22nd street idaho falls id 83401 bought just in may.

Electronic Stability Control problem #6

Multiple shorts indicated on sid. Original message "electronic stability control failure". This is a common complaint amongst SAAB owners for this make and model. Occasionally, an associated an abs failure indication will appear while traveling. Have not noticed a loss in abs function yet, but it was dry when these shorts occurred. The failure is assumed to be associated with the cruise control function and its use has been lost.

Electronic Stability Control problem #7

I have had my 2006 SAAB 9-3 in for service 4 times for an abs/traction control/stability control failure. Each time I take it to the dealership, they tell me that the cost is around $385 for a hub assembly, no labor included. I have talked to many people who have had the same problem. The real problem is that the wire leading to the wheel corrodes. Now my car is at the dealership for the same problem and they want to put in a rear harness for the same system and want to charge me $315 just for the part, doesn't include labor. This part has been found for around $120 elsewhere. This is very frustrating as the car acts as a totally different animal when it is not functioning properly. Every time this has happened the temperature has been 40 degrees f or lower.

Electronic Stability Control problem #8

I have a 2005 SAAB 9-3, 2. 0 liter turbo engine. My daughter owns the same car, but a 2004 model. The abs control unit with esp had to be replaced on both vehicles; in my vehicle at 73,000 miles and her car at 121,000 miles. Was there a recall on this part?.

Electronic Stability Control problem #9

Traction control failure light is on. Dealer found yaw rate sensor failure and replaced.

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