Accelerator Stuck Problems of Saturn ION

Saturn ION owners have reported 7 problems related to accelerator stuck (under the vehicle speed control category). The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2006 Saturn ION 1
Failure Date: 06/16/2016

The accelerator got stuck while my daughter was driving on the highway and almost got into an accident!!! it will cost over $700. 00 to get this problem fixed and we do not have that kind of money!!!.

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car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2003 Saturn ION 2
Failure Date: 02/10/2014

The gas pedal gets stuck when pressed more than roughly 50% of throttle (~I. E. Accelerating to merge or pass another vehicle). While driving on the highway, when I released the gas pedal, I noticed the car did not slow down. I used the brake and still could not slow the car down. Then I proceeded to reach with my hand to pull up the gas pedal, but I could not. At this point, facing an imminent crash incident, I quickly turned on my hazard lights, shifted the car into neutral, and let the car roll to a stop. I then proceeded to attempt to pull the gas pedal up by hand and it did not work. Rpms were still running high until finally after waiting about 30 seconds, I heard a 'pop' and the gas pedal came out. I was then able to drive normally, as long as I don't press the pedal down too far.

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car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2003 Saturn ION 3
Failure Date: 01/18/2012

When accelerating to 35 mph, my accelerator got stuck and continued to accelerate faster. I was able to apply just enough brake pressure to barely make it safely into an empty parking lot where I was able to put my car into park and then shut off my car immediately. I then tried restarting my car and immediately it started revving and speeding forward. I then shut off my car for good and called aaa. While I was on the phone, approximately ten minutes after shutting off my car, I could hear the accelerator release. There was no mat in the way but it was something internal in the car making the accelerate stick. Thank goodness I was able to make that turn into that parking lot when I did and there were no other cars coming the other way before I made that turn.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2003 Saturn ION 4
Failure Date: 01/20/2011

I was driving on hwy at 60 mph for approx 2 ⽠hours. When foot was off gas, car would maintain speeds of 55-60 mph. Exited onto exit ramp on right. Exit ramp was approx 0. 4 miles long, snow covered, and uphill. Applied the break on & off while approaching the stop sign at the end of the exit ramp, car slowed to approx 20 mph with break fully pressed. Rpm’s were approx 4,000 with break fully pressed. Car continued accelerating with break fully pressed. Couldn’t stop, but was able to turn left and cross bridge over highway. Tried putting foot under gas pedal to see if it was stuck down, but it was not down. Continuously tried to break, but could not slow the car to below 20 mph even with break fully pressed. Roads were snow covered. Went approximately 0. 5 miles on prairieview rd. No cars were stopped at red light on prairieview as I approached. Fully pressed and held down break right before coming to red stoplight on prairieview rd & oak st/us-150. Car would still not go below 15-20mph. Turned right to avoid crossing into oncoming traffic. Lost control of the car and began spinning on the snow. Break was still fully pressed down but accelerating at 3,000 rpm. Car did two 360’s on oak st/us-150 crossing into oncoming traffic and went into ditch on left side of the road. Car was still accelerating, came out of the ditch and back into another 360 on oak st/us-150. Then car went into the ditch on the right side of the road. Front right passenger door hit wooden sign in ground in ditch, knocked it down, and ran it over. Car drove another 20-30 feet in ditch and got stuck in bottom of ditch. Break was fully pressed the entire time car was out of control, but car was still accelerating. When car became stuck in ditch, rpms were still at 3,000. With car in park it continued accelerating at 3,000 rpms. Turned car off. 5 hours later before car was towed, turned car back on and rpms were still holding above 2,000 - have video evidence of this.

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2007 Saturn ION 5
Failure Date: 03/10/2009

The contact owns a 2007 Saturn Ion. The contact stated that the accelerator pedal was sticking and must be pulled in order for it to loosen. The pedal made a popping sound when this occurred. Two months ago, the vehicle was taken to the dealer for repair and they stated that the pedal was faulty. Currently, the pedal is sticking once again and the contact will call the manufacturer. The failure mileage was 19,650.

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car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2006 Saturn ION 6
Failure Date: 01/20/2007

- the contact stated that while driving the 2006 Saturn Ion with 14000 failure mileage at 30 mph and passing another vehicle going up hill and without warning the accelerator pedal got stuck and the vehicle was catapulted up hill 90 mph. The contact stomped on the gas pedal to get it to unstuck, but the speed did not change. The contact then applied the brake with force with no change in speed. While driving, and still going up hill the contact put the vehicle in neutral, was pressing on the brake and pulled up the emergency brake all at once and the vehicle came to a stop sideways just before the guard rail. The vehicle had to be towed and had not been repaired. Returned usps, 2nd attempt made 06/16/07 failed. * lj .

car image   Accelerator Stuck problem of the 2004 Saturn ION 7
Failure Date: 12/02/2004

Accelerator got stuck, the car continued speeding, tried to brake but brakes worn out, was ineffectice, crashed 5 cars because the car wont stop.

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