Axle Assembly Problems of Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester owners have reported 9 problems related to axle assembly (under the power train category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Subaru Forester based on all problems reported for the Forester.

car image   Axle Assembly problem of the 2007 Subaru Forester 1
Failure Date: 08/06/2009

The contact owns 2007 Subaru Forester. She purchased the vehicle brand new in July 2007 and in August of 2009 she smelled fumes in the vehicle. The dealer replaced the fuel cut roll valve since it was cracked, and the dealer replaced the failed part with the same defected part; therefore she could experience the failure again. She contacted the manufacturer who stated that there were no recalls related to the failure; however, they offered her $2,500 as a down payment towards a new vehicle. She declined the offer and wants the dealer to buy the vehicle back. When the vehicle had 1300 miles on it she had the front axles replaced. She no longer feels safe driving the vehicle. The current mileage was 15,000. Updated 3/12/10 updated 09/28/10.

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car image   Axle Assembly problem of the 2000 Subaru Forester 2
Failure Date: 03/26/2005

Repeat premature failure of rear axle bearing. Rear axle bearing on both sides became noisy when car was 35k mi (12-09-02) dealer replaced both under warranty with same oem Subaru 28016fc001. Rear axle on left became very noisy again around 57k mi, especially on freeway and high speed. Took it to dealer again (06-22-04). This time, dealer (schuman carriage motors inc. , dba Subaru of hawaii, also dba as waialae Subaru) dismissed noise as from tires, refused to honor warranty, and charged us an undisclosed $96 "diagnostic fee". Unpleasant experience at dealership caused great emotional trauma to my wife. She subsequently was diagnosed by medical doctor of shingle likely induced by stress and leaving her unable to wear eye contact lenses even to this day. Other car garages later confirmed the left rear axle bearing is the cause of the noise. Found a mechanic who replaced it with a Subaru 28015aa0050 roller bearing (03-26-05) mechanic took it the defective bearing apart. Signs of irregular wear on the bearing casing is visible.

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car image   Axle Assembly problem of the 2003 Subaru Forester 3
Failure Date: 12/29/2004

When at a stop both the left and right front axles broke. This happened twice. When taken to get serviced consumer was told that it was due to the snap rings. Consumer has both axle assemblies.

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car image   Axle Assembly problem of the 1999 Subaru Forester 4
Failure Date: 01/13/2004

Multiple major and costly repairs to a vehicle that is driven on hard road services only, and in a safe manner. The vehicle has had all routine maintenance. Repairs include replace oxygen sensor & emission control computer. I was eventually reimbursed for this service/part which took 7 visiits to dealer and much convincing on my part. Other major repairs include replace defective transmission seal (2 visits), replace oil pump, replace left rear wheel bearing. Replacement of other wheel bearings is possible and pending. I have no confidence in this car, just waiting for the next major repair.

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car image   Axle Assembly problem of the 1999 Subaru Forester 5
Failure Date: 12/19/2000

06/27/00 at 39787 miles, noise gradually getting louder in rear, vibration. Right rear wheel bearing and axle replaced at dealership. 09/14/00 at 46801 miles, same wheel bearing replaced again. 09/25/00 at 47660 miles, bearing failed suddenly while traveling about 45 mph in rain on I-66, grinding and screeching. I was able to stop safely and exit freeway. Dealer again replaced bearing. 10/25/00 at 49750, dealer again replaces bearing and housing also this time. Concerned about the effects of vibration on tires, I also ask for an alignment. 12/19/00, problem returns. Car is scheduled for service 12/27/00. I travel roughly 500 miles per week, mostly on very rural roads. I chose Subaru very carefully and need to know I can rely on my vehicle to avoid being stranded alone on the most deserted of roads. This is the 2nd Subaru I have owned (no problems with the first one), purchased because of the safety and reliability of the awd system; however, I am losing confidence in this particular car. I love the Forester, and would buy another one! I am so disappointed.

car image   Axle Assembly problem of the 1998 Subaru Forester 6
Failure Date: 04/28/2000

No summary listed for above vehicle.

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car image   Axle Assembly problem of the 1998 Subaru Forester 7
Failure Date: 08/27/1999

Driving down the road made a stop at the store, smelled burning. Looked under the hood. Contacted dealer and was told it was leaking from the front axle on to the exhaust. Vehicle is in the shop for repairs.

car image   Axle Assembly problem of the 1998 Subaru Forester 8
Failure Date: 12/24/1998

After owning the Forester just 3 months, the windshield had three chips in it which then spread into a crack across the driver's viewing area. After only 21,000 miles the clutch disc/plate had to be replaced and was not a warranty matter. After 42,000 miles a bearing in the rear axle has gone bad and the clutch is beginning to make the same noise for which it had to be replaced earlier. I am most disappointed in this vehicle. 000 miles,000 miles the.

car image   Axle Assembly problem of the 1998 Subaru Forester 9
Failure Date: 06/15/1998

Oil leaks from drive axles. Drips onto catalytic converters. Two attempts to repair have failed. Owners concerned of potential fire hazard.

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