Cruise Control Problems of Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester owners have reported 33 problems related to cruise control (under the vehicle speed control category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Subaru Forester based on all problems reported for the Forester.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2016 Subaru Forester 1
Failure Date: 02/02/2018

During periods of heavy rain, the vehicle appears to suffer major electrical issues. Since February of 2018, my vehicle has reported problems after a major storm with the eyesight camera system, abs, hill assist, and fuel gauge. Fyi-eyesight includes the dynamic cruise control, crash avoidance, and lane monitoring system. The issue has been reported to our Subaru dealer/maintenance team but they have not been able to discover the source of the issue.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2015 Subaru Forester 2
Failure Date: 03/23/2017

Problem is with the Subaru "eyesight" system on this vehicle. The system has been sutting itself off more and more over the past few weeks until now, it shuts down the system and cruise control multiple times daily even at night. Daytime or whenever it wants to. The local dealer checked it and found no problem that he could see for it.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2016 Subaru Forester 3
Failure Date: 11/19/2016

I've had the same issue happen on 2 separate occasions (October and November 2016) - while driving the car I bought brand new, and going appx. 75 mph down the interstate, driving approximately 2 hours straight on flat interstate, the rpm's all of a sudden shoot up and it feels like my car falls out of gear. The car essentially shuts down and fails to accelerate and slows down quickly, while totally unresponsive. We have to quickly pull off the road to avoid being hit. Several lights show on the dash (have photo) and the vehicle does not respond to acceleration. We had to shut the car off completely and turn it back on - no response to acceleration or anything. It did not respond until the 2nd time turning it off and back on. Upon bringing to dealership, they have not been able to pull any codes or duplicate the error (either time). They also had a Subaru field engineer look at it and found nothing. I am continuously sent away without a solution other than to "call roadside assistance" if it happens again, which puts myself and others in serious danger. The most recent time they put 300 miles on it and found that it "fell out of cruise control", but aren't offering to fix it and didn't actually duplicate the same error as I had. I'm afraid I'm going to get into a serious car accident and hurt myself or someone else the next time this happens. It feels like Subaru (or dealer) isn't owning up to this problem or possibly trying to cover it up to keep their good safety ratings. The dealership has told me that I'm "the only person in the whole united states reporting this issue", which I find very difficult to believe.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2015 Subaru Forester 4
Failure Date: 11/06/2016

Most recent near-miss fatal incident happened on Nov. 6, 2016 driving on a highway at the speed of about 65- 68 miles , car suddenly died, and stopped completely without any warning signs and warning lights, it felt like car suddenly lost the power and completely stopped. When tried to re-start immediately, car didn't start. After a few minutes, car started. Total driving distance on the highway before this incident happened was about 260 miles. I was able to pull the car on the shoulder; I was driving in a right lane at the time of the incident. It could have been a major fatal accident, as I was driving on a 2 lane highway, 90 east thruway, because sudden change in the speed from 68 mph to zero speeds without any warning in a matter of less than 1 minute. There was lot of traffic on the thruway. Timing of the incident was at about 5 pm on Nov. 6, 2016. There were 2 other passengers in the car. This was the scariest experience I ever had. Car was not set for cruise control while driving on the highway. There were no emergency lights or signs visibly or no noise alert at all. I took the car to Subaru dealer for a check on 11/ 8/2016 and reported this incident. Subaru dealer in service reported that they didn't find the cause for this near fatal incident. Second near miss fatal incident occurred on April 21, 2016 at about 3 pm. I was backing up the care in a driveway, vehicle suddenly would not stop, breaks didn't work, I had no control of the steering wheel. I was able to put the vehicle in the park to gain control of the vehicle again. I took the care for a service and reported this incident to Subaru dealer on April 22, 2016. Subaru dealer service department were not able to find the reason for this terrible incident. Speed at the time of the incident was 5 mph, estimated.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2016 Subaru Forester 5
Failure Date: 12/14/2015

Eyesight and cruise control intermittent shutdown and restart. On an increasingly frequent basis, when the cruise control and eyesight are engaged, both will disable and can be a few seconds to minutes before the eyesight re-enables and the cruise control can manually be re-engaged. When this happens, vehicle goes from auto-drive to manual-drive. Also, an e1 error appeared on the odometer display.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2015 Subaru Forester 6
Failure Date: 12/01/2015

While starting the car with only 2. 2k miles the check engine light came on and disabled the vehicle dynamics control, the cruise control and the incline start assist leaving the vehicle without important safety features in bad weather conditions.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2016 Subaru Forester 7
Failure Date: 10/08/2015

Car has 11,000 miles, automatic transmission. While driving straight on a highway using the cruise control set at 65 mph with the adaptive cruise control on (feet not touching the gas pedal or brake) the car engine rpm's began increasing till it reached the rev limiter. At the same time the engine rpm began revving high, the car began to coast as if it was in neutral. But the gear shift remained in drive. After a few seconds of the engine revving as high as it could, the engine shut off and I was able to get the car stopped. I had to put my hazards on and steer off to the shoulder to avoid getting hit from behind. This has happened to me twice. First time 10/8/15 the car would not start after I coasted to a stop and had to have it towed to the Subaru dealer. They hooked the car up to their computer for a diagnostic test and found no error codes. Second time this happened to me on 1/2/16 after stopping on the shoulder I was able to restart the car and drive home without using cruise control. The car is going back to the dealer for another test this Friday 1/8/16. This whole process probably takes about 30 second or so. But its very dangerous. Its almost as if the transmission is some how not engaged. Since the cruise is set at 65 mph it tries to increases engine rpm to maintain 65 mph speed but the transmission is not engaged so car does not accelerate. Cruise sees car slowing down so speeds up the engine to compensate. Cars still doesn't speed up. Eventually engine rpm maxes out for a few seconds and turns itself off. I feel like the problem lies with the transmission most likely or possibly the cruise control. I also notice when pulling out of a parking space going from reverse to drive it takes about 5 seconds for the transmission to engage. To the point that I roll back a few feet.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2012 Subaru Forester 8
Failure Date: 04/08/2014

I want to also submit a statement about the problems I have had with my brakes,I also noticed others have had the same problems,as soon as I got the car I noticed the brakes were very soft. I took the car in,I was told they were fine. A couple weeks later I was in line at starbucks and the brakes went right to the floor,I pulled the emergency up narrowly missing the person in front of me. I called the dealer again,before I got the car back in again at dunkin dounuts it did the same thing. It had also started making a horrible smell and had no power. And a few other minor things. I took it in they said the brakes were fine,I argued they were not. The smell was supposedly some kind of fluid leaking on the muffler. Took it home brakes still kept doing the same thing,called back went back in the car was low on oil and the brakes were still doing the non existent thing,plus it still smelled bad and I had a list for them,they gave it an oil change,and said this time the brakes were fine but may need pads in 6,000 miles or so now the smell is normal thou,plus I told them it was not getting good gas milage and hitching,they said unless the engine light comes on they cant do anything. Well now lastly the rear seat belt works only occasionally,my brake light is on all the time and they only stop about half the time my tires are all worn out,at less than 10,000 miles which they say is normal (ok) and it stalls doesn't like to start,and is under recall it still smells bad,the cruise control only works when it feels like it,it uses oil,eats gas,and stalls doesn't like to start,and the brakes act like the anti lock feature is constant even when it shouldn't be?now after an accident and my air bags don't deploy I think it seems like a real trend here and I reported my accident to Subaru of America they don't seem to care.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2014 Subaru Forester 9
Failure Date: 12/04/2013

The adaptive cruise has not recognized stopped vehicles, and did not slow the vehicle down thus potentially contributing to a crash and injury. The car has been evaluated multiple times for this by the dealer and has not found a problem. The dysfunction continues; there were 4 incidents today where there was failure of the adaptive cruise control system to initiate any safety maneuvers to avoid a crash.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2014 Subaru Forester 10
Failure Date: 09/07/2013

When someone departs road on an exit and they are decelerating even if they are clear and out of the lane the car will practically stop on the highway, slamming on the brakes hard. Even under normal use of the cruise control the eyesight system does not engage the brakes slowly in a progressive pattern it hits them abruptly. I am in a congested area and have often had to override the system by hitting the brakes manually to disengage the system or floor the gas to prevent someone from rear ending me on the highway. I brought it to the dealers attention they say it is operating as it should and have brought it to Subaru corporate customer service attention on at least 3 occasions asking for a software update and have had no response. I believe the system is good but needs refinement of its software before someone gets hurt or killed.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2012 Subaru Forester 11
Failure Date: 07/30/2013

The contact owns a 2012 Subaru Forester. The contact stated that whenever the check engine warning light illuminated, the cruise control would independently disable without warning. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where the technician stated that the vehicle was working according to standards. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 8,650 and the current mileage was 11,626.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2012 Subaru Forester 12
Failure Date: 05/22/2012

After sharp acceleration the check engine light came on and stayed on. No other issues noted. Two months later with 7500 miles on the odometer, the same thing occurred but this time the cruise control light and the vehicle stabilization light came on as well. Cruise control did not work and I assume the stabilization didn't either.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Subaru Forester 13
Failure Date: 02/29/2012

I bought the car in may of 2008. On Feb. 29, the check engine light and the traction control light came on, as well as the cruise control light started flashing. I thought, why? I've only had it for almost 4 years and less than 50k miles. I checked my owner's manual, and the covered warranty is 5 yrs/ 50k miles, whichever comes first. I brought it to the dealership where I had bought the car from and an employee said that it is more than likely covered by warranty. On March 7th, 2012, I left my car at the dealership for diagnosis. They called me back, and informed me that it is not covered under warranty, because CA emission warranty is 3 yrs/50k miles whichever comes first. I told them that the owner's manual suggests that the warranty is 5 yrs/50k miles. The diagnosis codes were p2441 and that not only I spent $138 on diagnosis, the total cost to repair it is $1305. I declined the repair, because I, for one cannot afford it at this time, because I am on disability. I thought that they should honor Subaru's warranty. I checked various Subaru message boards, and I am not the only one with the same problem. A known Subaru specialist in our area also posted on a message board that they've gotten numerous calls about the same problem. They took pictures and sent it to Subaru. As of right now, we haven't heard anything from Subaru about any recalls. I think it should be recalled. Thank you for your time.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2012 Subaru Forester 14
Failure Date: 12/14/2011

My Forester has had the issue of misfiring on three occasions. It has been to the dealership for the first two, now they tell me I need to wait until they create a computer update, that my car has a "glitch in the computer". My cruise control becomes disabled, while driving and the check engine light flashes, along with vehicle dynamics control waring light also blinks. The dealership tells me the car will run properly, not to worry. The owner's manual states that the abs is poroblably malfunctioning. The first time this happened, they dealership said I may have had watery gas. It has now happened under the same conditions: going up grade and needing to accelerate. In a four month period, I have had this same unresolved issue, three times. Also the seat belts are on recall. When I called tohave the seat belt replaced, I was told they were on back order and would contact me.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2012 Subaru Forester 15
Failure Date: 12/03/2011

While driving on a main route check engine light kicked on and proceeded to flash while the stability/traction control light came on disabling the traction control. This lasted approximately 10-15 seconds, all lights kicked off and seemed okay. A couple of days later the same thing happened only now the cruise control light was on and flashing, check engine was solid and stability/traction control light was on. At that time all the lights stay on until the codes are cleared, until that is done, stability/traction control and cruise control do not work.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Subaru Forester 16
Failure Date: 11/16/2011

The cruise control light has started flashing and the check engine light is on. It started out of the blue. The cruise control is not working. This seems to be a common problem among other Subaru owners and Subaru seems to have issued a service bulletin but they won't admit its their problem.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2011 Subaru Forester 17
Failure Date: 09/19/2011

The contact owns a 2011 Subaru Forester. The contact stated that when braking with the cruise control activated, the vehicle would abnormally accelerate. On one occasion while attempting to park the vehicle, there was an occurrence of abnormal acceleration and the contact crashed into the foundation of a building. The contact was not injured. The police were contacted and the vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic. The manufacturer was contacted and they offered no assistance. The failure mileage was approximately 11,000.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2001 Subaru Forester 18
Failure Date: 03/08/2011

Driving on highway at 75 mph with cruise control set. Tried to cancel cruise control with stalk, it did not disengage. Tried repeatedly, it did not disengage. Hit the brakes to cancel cruise control, it did not disengage (brakes only slowed car down). Stepped on the clutch to cancel cruise control, it did not disengage. When I stepped on the clutch and shifted into neutral, the engine revved all the way to redline and remained there (meaning the cruise control was still engaged). Coasted to side of road with clutch in, engine continued to rev at redline. . . Continued hitting cancel on the stalk, eventually revs settled down to idle. Manual transmission was non-operational after this incident.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2010 Subaru Forester 19
Failure Date: 02/28/2011

The contact owns a 2010 Subaru Forester. While the contact was driving approximately 60 mph with the cruise control activated, a rapid increase in speed occurred and vehicle failed to slow down. The emergency brake was engaged and the engine was turned off to stop the vehicle. The contact restarted the engine and resumed normal operation. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where they were unable to duplicate the problem. The failure mileage was 38,000 updated 03/31/lj the consumer was able to turn off the ignition and used the emergency brake to stop the vehicle. Updated 04/28/11.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2010 Subaru Forester 20
Failure Date: 11/06/2010

We experienced brake failure twice on a trip 11/4/10 - 11/6/10. The first incident occurred on 11/4 while using cruise control. To slow for a vehicle in front of us, I hit the brake pedal. The brakes were not responsive and the cruise control remained active. Pumping the brake pedal in a few seconds deactivated the cruise control and the brakes returned. This occurred with a noticeable jerk. The second incident occurred 11/6 while on heading east on rt 30 coming down sidling hill. The cruise control was not in use. While attempting to brake to reduce speed going down the hill, the brakes completely failed. Repeated attempts to use the brake pedal failed to provide any braking. I used the parking brake to slow us down; however, the parking brake did not seem very effective. It took a considerable distance to come to a stop. I proceeded down the hill in a lower gear and at some point the brakes returned to use. There does not appear to be any reason as to why they failed or how or why they returned. The car has over 20,000 miles on it and this was the first incident of brake failure; although the situation with the cruise not deactivating had occurred once before. The car was taken to the dealer on 11/7. The dealer checked both the cruise and the braking system and found no problems. The dealer reported consulting with Subaru on the problem as well. On 11/12 at the suggestion of the dealer, I contacted Subaru customer service (ref#1-1157948155). Subaru's follow up was that the car was checked and found to be ok and we should drive it and see if it happens again. This was not acceptable and we opted for a replacement vehicle at considerable out of pocket expense. This vehicle should not be sold to someone else. It should be returned to Subaru to determine what caused the failures described.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2004 Subaru Forester 21
Failure Date: 08/03/2010

On August 3, 201 while driving on the highway, my 2004 Subaru Forester suddenly began to accelerate. I could not keep my speed below 80-90 miles per hour, even when my foot was not on the accelerator. I had to keep my foot on the brakes at all times. I tried to engage and disengage the cruise control, in case that was the issue. I was fortunate to be close to my home and usual car repair service. I was able to get there by constantly adjusting the gear I was in and keeping the brake engaged at all times. I was almost in an accident when trying to turn into my garage. I was able to stop the car in the parking lot by turning off the engine and engaging the parking brake at the same time. By the time I was able to stop, my brakes were smoking. My abs unit on the car has since failed. The car's accelerator unit was found to be caked by some sort of gunk, and this caused the accelerator to be stuck open. Repairs cost more than $1200. 00.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2009 Subaru Forester 22
Failure Date: 06/20/2009

Vehicle: 2009 Subaru Forester limited, on 6/20/09 I experienced an incident of unintended acceleration. Cruise control was on. Before our exit I canceled the cruise control but left it "on". On the ramp, I let the car slow. At about 40 mph I moved the shift lever into sport mode, downshifted to 3rd gear, then 2nd, then braked to a stop. The car was stopped, in gear, idling. My foot was on the brake. Without warning, the engine raced and the car jolted forward about a foot; it would have continued but I increased pressure on the brake and stopped the car. The engine, with the car stopped and in gear, ran up over 2000 rpm. I immediately shifted into regular drive mode and then into neutral. Once in neutral, the engine briefly raced higher but then dropped to idle at about 700 rpm. I switched the cruise control off. Please note: to stop the car I did not move my foot; it was already on the brake, and I merely pressed harder. This is not a case of pedal confusion. The floor mats are in place. This is not a case of a floor mat interfering with the accelerator. At the time of the incident, we were not moving. I was not on the phone. I was not looking over my shoulder. I was not otherwise distracted. I was sitting still, waiting for the light to change, with my focus on the traffic stopped in front of me. In my view, this represents a dangerous defect in the vehicle, and needs to be corrected immediately. Please advise regarding your proposed resolution. I have advised Subaru via their website today but have not heard back. I am happy to be contacted for further details if needed.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Subaru Forester 23
Failure Date: 06/01/2009

2008 Subaru Forester the drive by wire accelerator system surges between acceleration and deceleration when one tries to hold a steady highway speed. This is true whether it is being controlled manually or if cruise control is engaged. It also accelerates in cruise control when going downhill. Subaru has made an improvement in the computer engine control mechanism for the legacy model but have ignored the Forester customers. All dealerships are aware of the problem from customer complaints but do not have a remedy from Subaru.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2007 Subaru Forester 24
Failure Date: 10/20/2008

The contact owns a 2007 Subaru Forester. While driving approximately 65 mph on normal road conditions, the cruise control system failed to disengage the set speed from the previous day. The contact attempted several times to deactivate the cruise control by depressing the brake pedal. The cruise control automatically deactivated without assistance. There were no prior warnings to this failure. The contact felt that this was a life-threatening situation when the vehicle would not reduce speed until the cruise control was disengaged. Currently, the vehicle is not being driven and has not been repaired. The contact is in the process of notifying the manufacturer. The VIN and failure mileage were unknown.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2003 Subaru Forester 25
Failure Date: 07/17/2008

While driving 60 mph with cruise control engaged, I entered town limits and pressed switch to DE-activate cruise control; nothing happened; depressed brake pedal; nothing happened- car did not slow down; frantically tried everything several times more using clutch, brake and emergency brake. Had to take a turn at high speed to avoid a tractor trailer stopped at light; car eventually stopped after making the turn and yanking up emergency brake.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2003 Subaru Forester 26
Failure Date: 07/26/2006

The contact owns a 2003 Subaru Forester. The consumer stated when she placed the vehicle in reverse the vehicle accelerated rapidly . The consumer hit a pole the consumer stated the brakes did not work. The vehicle continued to rev and accelerated and crashed into a gated display of propane tanks and an ice-cream machine. The consumer stated she was going to the dealer because her cruise control was not working. Updated.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2005 Subaru Forester 27
Failure Date: 06/07/2006

On several occasions while using the cruise control the vehicle deceleration lever, which Subaru labels "coast" was depressed. The vehicle slowed to the desired rate of travel and the lever was released. The cruise control system was supposed to maintain the same speed as when released, but the vehicle accelerated apparently back to the previous set point. I contacted Subaru of America by e-mail and they stated that I should take the vehicle into my local Subaru dealer. The dealer found nothing wrong with the system after performing their electronic tests. I asked them to contact Subaru of America to see if they had released any bulletins regarding this problem and the person contacted at Subaru (jody) stated to kent melchior of ed reily Subaru in concord, nh that they had never heard of the problem according to his report to me on 6/7/2006. As you can see from the NHTSA complaint website, there have been several complaints against Subaru for this type of an intermittent cruise control system failure. Therefore, Subaru of America is either incompetent or lying.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2002 Subaru Forester 28
Failure Date: 03/27/2006

We purchased this low-mileage vehicle (~11k miles) 2nd hand from local Subaru dealer mid-Feb 2006, & noticed only rough shifting when engine is cold- no other problems. Today, while turning left at low speed, the car suddenly accelerated, & seemed to do so for a short time after braking harder. I assumed I had inadvertently stepped on the gas & brake at the same time, & resolved to be more careful. After turning the car off & restarting, I turned right at low speed. As I rounded the corner (maybe as the wheel turned back to the left??), the vehicle again accelerated, continuing to rev as I stood on the brake. The car stopped after striking the bumper of the truck in front of me. Low-speed impact, no air bag deployment, no observable damage to either vehicle. Before I moved my feet, I looked down: my foot was not on the gas pedal. As the gas pedal is somewhat recessed, it would be quite difficult to hit it while braking. Cruise control had been on earlier in the day, but is supposed to shut off when the car is turned off, & so should have been off during both of these incidents. Afterward, I did not look at the cruise control to verify that it was off. The dealer will look at this in 2 days.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Subaru Forester 29
Failure Date: 11/23/2005

Apparently, Subaru has gone to a ã‚??drive by wireã‚?? for at least 2006. The 2006 Forester I have has the surging problem. It is worst driving downhill and trying to maintain a constant speed in either manual or cruise control. The steeper the hill the worse the surge. I live in the colorado mountains and if there were snow or ice this surge would cause the vehicle to loose traction and go out of control. Actively accelerating or decelerating is not a problem. The surge occurs only when a constant speed is attempted. This problem has been reviewed by a Subaru dealer service department and reproduced on another 2006 Forester. Subaru said that this is not a problem and is expected with the drive by wire system. I feel that this is a safety problem as a driver could loose control with the severe surge problem.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 1999 Subaru Forester 30
Failure Date: 03/03/2002

Vehicle was on expressway with cruise control set at 60mph. Vehicle malfuctioned, and wouldn't disengage when brakes were applied to slow vehicle down. Vehicle was going around a slight curb, and and was stopped due to crasing into a median. Subaru was notified for second time, and found no problem with the vehicle.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 1998 Subaru Forester 31
Failure Date: 08/22/2000

Cruise control engaged at 66 mph and it would reduce speed to 50 mph, and momentarily lose acceleration. Dealer was not notified at this time. Please provide further details.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2000 Subaru Forester 32
Failure Date: 01/06/2000

The vehicle accelerated to 100 mph while engaged with cruise control because the cruise control is defective. Yh.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2001 Subaru Forester 33

Inquiry as to why the 2001 Subaru legacy cruise control recall didn't apply to the forrester. Consumer experienced the similar problem stated on recall on Subaru legacy.

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