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Air Bag Problems of Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy owners have reported 10 problems related to air bag (under the air bag category).

car image   Air Bag problem of the 2004 Subaru Legacy 1
Failure Date: 04/23/2015

The contact owned a 2004 Subaru Legacy. The contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the driver passed out and crossed over to oncoming traffic. The vehicle crossed the street and crashed into a light pole. Neither of the frontal air bags deployed. The contact suffered a pulmonary concussion and elevated troponin. The contact had to be hospitalized for three days. The vehicle was destroyed and towed to the contact¿s residence. The police and fire departments were notified and a police report was filed. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 200,000.

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car image   Air Bag problem of the 2014 Subaru Legacy 2
Failure Date: 11/18/2013

On 11/18/13, at approximately 5:15 pm, I was heading down a street to make a left to go home from work. All of a sudden the car accelerated and would not slow down after I pushed down on the brake with my right foot. I immediately began to turn the wheel to the right onto an empty street to avoid two other cars at the intersection who were going to make the same left I originally wanted to make. For some reason, the car did not go all the way right and went diagonally from the intersection across the street. The car then jumped a curb hitting an electrical pole. At that point, I was pulled out of the car by another driver who saw the incident because when hitting the pole, live wires were dangling from the pole. I was taken across the street away from the car and waited for police and paramedics to come.

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car image   Air Bag problem of the 2006 Subaru Legacy 3
Failure Date: 02/17/2013

The passenger airbag status light is internment. In cold weather, it does not work, generating an airbag fault. The problem is poor solder in part #84621ag41a. Others have experienced the same problem. . Read more...

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car image   Air Bag problem of the 1996 Subaru Legacy 4
Failure Date: 10/15/2011

The contact owns a 1996 Subaru Legacy. The contact was driving 5 mph when another vehicle crashed into his bumper and the air bags deployed. There were no physical damages to the vehicle and there were no injuries reported. A police report was filed of the incident. The vehicle was towed to a local auto mechanic to have the air bags and the windshield repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the incident. The failure mileage was 108,000.

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car image   Air Bag problem of the 2008 Subaru Legacy 5
Failure Date: 12/01/2008

Air bag problem light is on constantly whenever it's cool and humid, or cold outside. I've scanned for trouble codes, but no codes are present. A non-Subaru garage did troubleshooting but was unable to find any cause. Given other complaints, I'm distressed that this is a pervasive issue with the potential for serious injury or death. Subaru needs to do the right thing and fix these issues before anyone loses their lives.

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car image   Air Bag problem of the 2006 Subaru Legacy 6
Failure Date: 03/19/2007

Hello in March 2007 while driving back from boston,MA I was 14 miles from home when a car came around a corner in my lane I looked to my right and there was a telephone pole, so I had to go in to his lane I thought I had it made but we clipped back bumpers so I had slam on the brakes and when I did the car seemed to go faster and now with recall I wonder if my brakes weren't working. Also none (zero) of the 6 air bags deployed and I thought that was odd and the seatbelt gave me all my injuries broken ribs,thumb and a burst fracture of my l2 vertabrae. The last injury was crushed lt foot from the tire and alloy she'll came through the fire wall the other factor was the dealership were I bought my car was trying to find another car for my car because it had so many problems I contacted soa talked many times to john mergan and the most they would do was give me an extra $500. 00 if I bought a new Subaru.

car image   Air Bag problem of the 1996 Subaru Legacy 7
Failure Date: 06/14/2005

My 1996 Subaru outback experienced an air bag malfunction on 6/14/2005. While driving down our local highway at 55 mph the vehicle's air bag suddenly deployed. The sudden deployment caused the vehicle to stall. The vehicle was taken to the dealer but due to the mileage on the vehicle they refused to contact the manufacturer about repairs. The insurance inspector believes that the failure was due to a malfunction in the system because there was no damage to the front end of the vehicle to indicate a 55 mph crash.

car image   Air Bag problem of the 2000 Subaru Legacy 8
Failure Date: 04/01/2005

While driving, the car will "percolate", or skip, and stall completely upon applying brake at stop light. Starting up again, it will skip and / or come to a dead stop after accellerating. Very dangerous. . . Happened a few months ago, sent to Subaru repair, where they changed the plugs and wires. It happened again yesterday, April 1, 2005. I will call for an appointment to have it repaired again at chase parkway Subaru in watertown, CT.

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car image   Air Bag problem of the 1997 Subaru Legacy 9
Failure Date: 10/23/1998

Vehicle lot balance control during swift steering resulting in collision, violent deployment of air bag resulting in injuries to consumer (forearm and facial).

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car image   Air Bag problem of the 1996 Subaru Legacy 10
Failure Date: 04/14/1998

False deployment of passenger's air bag resulting in a cracked windshield and injury. (qcaw).