Electronic Stability Control Problems of Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback owners have reported 47 electronic stability control related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common electronic stability control problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's electronic stability control (47 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Electronic Stability Control related problems of Subaru Outback

Problem Category Number of Problems
Electronic Stability Control problems
Electronic Stability Control problem #1

Diving 55 mph on highway when car started to hard shudder, lose acceleration. Engine light and all other warning lights came on. Difficult to steer and brake. Able to barely pull off road safely and avoid guard rail. No previous problems noted.

Electronic Stability Control problem #2

Took it home from dealer and the electronic parking brake would not turn on. The brake light was also blinking. A couple days later, on the way to dealer, I stopped at a gas station and turned on the electric parking brake. It worked this time, but when I got in the car to drive, the electric parking brake wouldn't turn off. I was stuck. There was no way to move it. I was blocking the gas pump for about an hour waiting for a two truck. Tow truck driver had difficulty loading vehicle and taking off vehicle because the parking brake was on and it was an awd meaning none of the wheels can move.

Electronic Stability Control problem #3

2013 Outback limited 3. 6r bought new and has 40k miles. On 3 occasions over the past 5 months, the vehicle can�t catch 2nd gear and revs high and then a heavy jolt physically felt and a loud clunk. Have taken it to Subaru service 3 times and they cannot reproduce the problem. Even after flushing transmission fluid and relearning the transmission, and vehicle did it the same day driving home after picking the vehicle up from relearning the transmission. This is aggravating, stressful, and dangerous. Subaru needs to own up and address a known issue, and do a recall.

Electronic Stability Control problem #4

While driving the check engine, cruise control, abs, and vehicle dynamics control lights all came on. I later learned that a bad O2 sensor was the cause. It was raining and when I applied the brakes moderately firmly due to another car stopping hard in front of me, my car�s brakes locked up and I slid on the wet pavement. Fortunately no accident occurred. After replacing the 02 sensor, the lights went off. Weeks later the same lights came on again due to what turned out to be a bad gas cap. When it was replaced, the lights went out. Now the other 02 sensor is intermittently going out, and it triggers the same lights. However I have been very surprised to learn that when these lights are on, those systems are disabled. It is astounding that safety is intentionally removed from a car due to a loose gas cap or bad 02 sensor.

Electronic Stability Control problem #5

Truck has shut off twice while driving once while slowing to make a turn and once while slowing to go over a speed bump I get a dash notice that the power steering is off put truck in neutral and restart . Also once while running in my driveway for about 3 minutes power steering shut off and stability system warning came on truck was still running had to shut truck off and restart. This loss of steering and vehicle shutting off while driving is dangerous.

Electronic Stability Control problem #6

When we were driving the 2011 Subaru Outback on the road on July 5,2019, the fuel gauge suddenly shifted from almost full to zero. The car stopped and we placed it in park. Subsequent attempts to start the car did not even ignite the engine, even when we added another gallon of gas and tried jump starting the car. There were no visible signs of a gas leak. Our insurance company towed our car to nearby coleman Subaru NJ, where the dealer has now assumed it was a computer issue and have asked to order another computer to fix it. This was an incredibly scary experience for us. There were five people in the car when we were driving and thankfully no one was hurt. If it happened on the high way, I don't know what would have happened. We are concerned this is a safety issue which can get people hurt.

Electronic Stability Control problem #7

The vehicle was in motion going 45 mph. I slowed down to stop at a stop light and the abs light began to flash on and off. As I got closer to the stop light to completely stop the check engine light came on, the abs light came on, the airbag light came on, the brake light came on, the cruise control light was on and flashing and the steering wheel completely locked up and the engine was off. I turned the car back on and everything was fine. The abs light, check engine light, cruise control light, air bag light and brake light are still on. I am afraid to drive this vehicle for fear that it will turn off again. I am uncertain of what could be causing this but it seems to be an electrical system problem. This problem also happened to me as I was slowing down to turn off of the highway. I am glad there was no one behind me because my car completely died after I turned off the highway with the same lights and same thing happening as stated above.

Electronic Stability Control problem #8

Loud noise when making a sharp turn down hill to the right. Also traction control/cvt fails on wet surface or snow.

Electronic Stability Control problem #9

Subaru lane assist steering issue. When you have lane assist on the car will try and steer from one lane to another on its own. This happens when you are on the freeway and started after 10,000 miles was on the car.

Electronic Stability Control problem #10

Tl-the contact owns a 2018 Subaru Outback. The contact received a recall notification for NHTSA campaign number: 18v773000 ( electrical system, fuel system, gasoline ) and stated that the manufacturer had failed to repair the vehicle with in reasonable amount of time. The dealer Subaru of santa cruz, 4100 auto plaza drive, capitola, CA 95010, confirmed that parts were not available to perform the recall repair. The manufacturer was notified of the issue. The contact had not experienced a failure. Parts distribution disconnect. Bp.

Electronic Stability Control problem #11

Problem: 360 cca batteries installed in new cars are not enough and they cause problems. My first indication was a year ago when I went to the store, was in there 10-15 minutes, and when I came out the car did not start. A friend came 2 hours later to jump it but tried it first and it started right up. Second problem was on a trip to DC in November '18. Nor'easter came through and we got stuck on the interstate in the mountains for a few hours. Car was stopped, not running. Went to get dinner then to car to go on again. Would not start. Were stranded for 3 more hours, as the weather and mountain drive made it impossible to get help. We were eventually able to find someone to jump it. Over next few months, odd things happened like the radio not working sporatically, slow starts, and the key not coming out of ignition occasionally. Took it to the dealer, they recommend a $853 new shift mechanism, but in the discussion he happened to mention the 360cca battery not being enough for the car. My suspicions tell me to get a new battery and see how things go. Got battery- 640cca, a week ago and no problems at all now. It's not right that the dealers know about the battery not being enough, and when you bring the car in they try to get you to pay for large dollar fix-it's and avoid talking about the battery issue. I don't know how many years and makes of Subarus have these, but prob at least a few years. They need to recall and put in better battery, at least a $500cca. I have read car guru blog that makes it obvious that at least hundreds of people have stories of being stranded. For a long time or in a bad place. My battery cost me $173 and they should refund that to me.

Electronic Stability Control problem #12

My dash lights came on suddenly. . After researching states type torque converter for transmission needs to be replaced. . Subaru wants me to purchase whole new transmission, loss of power and gas mileage. The car was running when these lights came on.

Electronic Stability Control problem #13

Intermitent: steady icons: check engine light traction control system flashing icons: brake cruise from starting the vehicle icons listed above are active. Engine is very hard to start when put in gear, unable to move car. Solution is to turn car off, wait and restart. This might require several attempts. Eventually, vehicle will resume normal operateion. Dealership service personel do not acknowledge problem.

Electronic Stability Control problem #14

Tl-the contact owns a 2011 Subaru Outback. The contact stated that while attempting to access the driveway to the residence, the vehicle stalled. All warning indicators illuminated. The contact also stated that the failure occurred for at least five months on a daily basis, but it goes away when you restart. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer or an independent mechanic for a diagnosis. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 140,000. Bp.

Electronic Stability Control problem #15

Gas pedal failed while the car was traveling at 65 mph on a highway. Unable to accelarate. Total failure of pedal. Luckily pulled over to the shoulder before another vehicle plowed into me. Restarted vehicle and pedal operated properly. Very disconcerting. Failure code was p2138.

Electronic Stability Control problem #16

Driving on highway in 18f weather with light snow and previously plowed road. No issues driving around 50-60 mph until passing under a highway overpass. The car turned into the other lane and then corrected itself. This kept on happening at almost every overpass we went under. Slowing down reduced the degree of veering but we kept experiencing the wobble effect as we crossed under each overpass. Almost like the traction control system was "slow in responding". Took to the dealer but they reported that they could not find any issues with the vehicle. Dealer suggested I bring the car in and have a tech ride with me next time there is a similar weather pattern.

Electronic Stability Control problem #17

I recently had my Outback towed because my car wouldn't shift out of park. 1st I check the neutral safety switch, good to go no problem. Then move on to my fuses, okay great. Investigate some more to find out the wiring on the Outback has some defaults, I look more into it and it seems it's not just me with the problem. My car is old and carries a lot of miles, keep in mind this car is made for that, but people seem to have the same problem as me with lower miles. The cars liftgate wire harness is a huge weakness on this car. I really hope you guys will look more into this and recall it. I love my suby and have grew up in it and now have the honor of owning it. We still have many more years of driving together so please look into this so I can keep her as long as possible. Temp fix it to remove brake #4 harness and unplug to keep from blowing and smoking. Keep in mind only leaves me with 3 brake lights. (the one unplugged is the one on the hatchback right side) this is very unsafe to not had stable wiring in the brake lights, my car was smoking. I currently do have a 30 fuse in that seems to be able to hold better.

Electronic Stability Control problem #18

Software update required that is not cover by recall. If not updated, the check engine light, brake light, traction control, and cruse light blink.

Electronic Stability Control problem #19

The eyesight system failed to brake the car automatically.

Electronic Stability Control problem #20

Since purchase on 2/19/17 from parker Subaru cda, complaint of shaking front end, wandering on highway and freeway from side to side in a dangerous manner, from complete loss of steering in snow, slush and gravel as of 2/28/17. I have been very specific about the incidence. Going in my driveway at least 8 inccidents; in snow or slush conditions, in depts on only a couple inches or less in the winter of 2017. In the summer of 2017 three incidents of complete failure was reported on grave road at speeds of 15-mph, I have had the very same complaint every visit: 2/28/17, 3/23/17, 4/6/17. 9/13/17, 10/22/17, 1/22/17- @ parker Subaru cda.

Electronic Stability Control problem #21

"takata recall" my vehicle was towed to "Subaru of plano" in plano, TX. For an oil leak, was there for 3 weeks while I went back and forth with my insurance company. On the second to last day I learned of the air bag recall and called to inform my service advisor of this since at this point I was unaware of the recall. Got a call from him the next morning stating that all of the repairs had be completed and my car was ready. . . ? (sounded fishy to me. . ) anyhow, I noted that the vehicle was only driven 2 miles in the three weeks it was at the dealership. Needless to say I made it a whole 4 miles before the car started to die and turn off in the middle of the road. . . Took the car to a near by service center and found that the dealership put 2 times the amount of oil in the car that it is supposed to have which is concerning but what I'm really concerned with is the short amount of time it took to install the new airbag, since the recall department I originally spoke with stated that the parts where still on a national back order?.

Electronic Stability Control problem #22

I was pulling into a parking space and put on the brake. Vehicle didn't respond to braking and kept going, over the,curb, across the median and hit 5 parked cars before it stopped.

Electronic Stability Control problem #23

I just picked up and drove home. The driver mirror always detected - every time. The passenger side would not always detect , maybe missing 20-25%,even some large trucks, I did bring back to dealer twice but they said can not duplicate the problem. That made me nervous in that "the technology might lead to an accident ,now the car was 3200 miles and not work at all when I drove from my house to work this morning from renton to redmond on 405 with average 50 mile per hours.

Electronic Stability Control problem #24

On sept. 27th, 2015, the liftgate opened on its own. Many times the lights ,one at a time, over the mirror, will turn on and be hot to the touch when I get into the car after being out of car for hours or over night. The liftgate is a recurring problem,as are the lights. Also, the bluetooth tells me I am calling myself frequently. Electrical problems?? once the liftgate opened while the car was in motion. I have notes on dates & times.

Electronic Stability Control problem #25

On 3/22/15 while approaching a stop sign the electric parking brake locked on at 10 mph. After pulling off to the side of the road and releasing and applying the parking brake several times it finally released while the check engine and flashing brake light remained on. After shutting the vehicle off for 10 minutes the system reset to normal. The system remained normal until arriving at a Subaru dealer on 3/24/15 when the same problem occurred. The dealer took control, identified and replaced a relay and several sensors. The car performed normal until 4/1/15 when the same problem occurred while traveling 25 mph. After stopping and releasing and applying the parking brake several times the system reset but the check engine, brake and cruise control lights remained steady or flashing. After letting the vehicle set for a period of time the system reset itself. Another appointment has been made at the dealer for 4/6/15. The concern is that if the parking brake locks at high speed or in heavy traffic it could cause a serious accident.

Electronic Stability Control problem #26

I was pulling up to park behind a Toyota prius on a road that was partially covered with snow & ice. The wheels on the right side of the vehicle were on snow & ice and the wheels on the driver's side of the car were on dry roadway. I was driving slowly to park when the car suddenly accelerated into the rear bumper of the Toyota prius. The engine was racing wildly and my attempt to brake were ineffective. There was damage to the rear trunk & bumper of the prius and damage to the front of the Subaru. I suspect that the Subaru traction/speed/stability/electronic throttle controls had malfunctioned.

Electronic Stability Control problem #27

While traveling thru the adirondack region of NY on a Sunday afternoon returning home from vt I proceeded to pass a vehicle from the center lane into the left lane. Speed was 65mph accelerating to 69mph to pass, not more than 250 ft later our vehicle started to fishtail then head right into numerous 360 spins taking out 35 ft or so of guard rail and crunching and damaging almost every side and corner of our Outback. Both hands were on the wheel, I did not hit any snow or ice that I am aware of and I was not speeding excessively. Not one of our airbags deployed either!! I am confident there was some sort of mechanical or electrical issue with the stability control of the 2006 Outback we were driving and am thankful we were not seriously injured.

Electronic Stability Control problem #28

I backed out of a parking spot, stopped and, with my foot on the brake, shifted to drive to pull forward. The car surged forward rapidly. I stood on the brakes, the surge continued very briefly and then the car finally stopped. This was the first incident of this kind in the three years I have owned the car.

Electronic Stability Control problem #29

I was driving on the freeway when my check engine light, abs brake light, traction control (all wheel drive) light and cruise control lights began flashing all at once. I called the dealership immediately and was told that all the lights flash because most drivers ignore just the check engine light. At the dealer the next day I was told the same thing with the addition of the facts that the abs brake system and the traction control systems were actually disabled during this incident. During the conversation it was said that to correct the problem, a "reflash " of the computer system was needed and that this was a known problem on some Outbacks. I asked why there was no recall if the problem was known and was told they just fixed the problem when it happened. This seems to me to be a significant safety problem since if the problem occurred while the driver was on ice or snow or wet road , vehicle stability would be compromised. I think Subaru should at least be made to recall the suspected vehicles and fix the problem even though it is something that may not happen to all vehicles.

Electronic Stability Control problem #30

This is an update: dealer called us to have alice dickey drive the car with a service technician present ( tech named alex) car was driven aprox 5-6 miles without incident . . . System did not fault. Dealer told us they have been on the phone with Subaru tech center & completed all the test procedures but have not been able to duplicate any of the brake-check/ engine faults experienced 3 on 5/22 or 1 on 5/23/2014. Scott spath service coordinator is not certain what else can be done at the dealership. We asked if the vehicle was safe once the system faulted & the electronic stabilization & traction control system are shut down ( as a result of the fault). I asked them not to guess when they answered this question. Dealership has decided to keep the car an additional day for additional testing. They are trying to get the system to fault while under test procedure. The dealership appears to have exhausted all the standard procedures to determine root cause. It seems Subaru factory must get involved with this vehicle beyond the dealership telephone calls. Our concern is a vehicle will be returned to us in an condition which may prove to be unsafe. . . Since they have done all they can on the telephone.

Electronic Stability Control problem #31

This is the second incident where the electric parking brake light indicates the brake has been set & not released. The car was towed into dealership yesterday (5/22/2014) for same reason. Dealer stated they spoke with Subaru & were unable to find any reason for the fault. They stated computer indicated the brakes were not engaged but that this same system does disable the electronic stability control when this fault occurs. We are very concerned the vehicle is safe to drive despite the assurances of the service manager ( alex) that the vehicle is safe (no worries). The instrument light on the panel also flashes "check engine light at the same time light flashes indicating parking brake has been set & not released.

Electronic Stability Control problem #32

The vehicle is using its power to make the car think it is in neutral and does not start properly. It will start if you pull the fuse out and then put it back in to put it in drive. Also, lending way to problems with the transmission system. Effecting mileage on the counter. Car was stationery upon occurrence. The car itself is good it runs pretty well yet, to put it in drive it burns transmission fluid because it is always telling the car it is in neutral.

Electronic Stability Control problem #33

While traveling in heavy flow rush hour multi-lane traffic at around 65 mph and at merging point of multi higher exchange with near zero shoulder or stopping lane, the car suddenly lost response from accelerator pedal. I manage to coast to a stop just between the triangle space separating two of the major highways viaring two separate direction with very heavy traffic at high speed on both sides (nearly getting smashed several times before coming to the only possible yet dangerous place to stop). The car remain idling but very limp; afraid to venture to continue to the next exit because there would be no shoulder area to pull over, I called for help thinking the car had ran out of gas and was just running on fume. After enduring several minutes of near death moments of being crashed into by on-coming vehicles at high speed merging traffic coming from a curving road, I dangerously ventured to open doors into flowing traffic to fill the tank escaping death many times. The car started and was able to get off highway to fill tank. Same limp pedal repeated again two days later coming off a two lane {two-way) bridge with absolutely no shoulder. I was able to coast to the end of the bridge to turn into a business parking without being plowed by the heavy traffic around. Obd reading of the car indicate p2138 pointing to faulty fly-by-wire defect in the accelerator position sensor which is part of the accelerator assembly. I manage to escape death with this manufacturer defect. I just wonder how many crashes and deaths have resulted and will continue to result because of this very well reported issue with these Subaru Outbacks before the accelerator assembly units are recalled?.

Electronic Stability Control problem #34

Refer to NHTSA complaint 10558038 vehicle was driven a couple of times on good dry roads after December complaint about rear end stability and traction problems. On Jan 29th, mid morning driver was driving with 1 passenger on a slightly snow covered gravel road. Vehicle in front of him turned off and when he accelerated to approximately 35 mph with slight throttle pressure, he stated "the car started driving itself and became totally uncontrollable. " he said "it spun around one way then the other" before going through a ditch, running through a fence and into a railroad tie post. He said that he had tried every thing possible to avoid the crash and could not figure out what had happened. This is the same driver in previous complaint that is a ex-race car driver, has had numerous spin outs at high speeds on the track and is also a professional truck driver. He drove an old 2 wheel drive pickup truck later that day under worse road and weather conditions and did not have any problems. The car was drivable to get it home. On the way to the body shop, 40 mph it again started swaying back and forth erratically when he drove over a patch of ice on the road. The car is at the body shop with over $3000 damage. Bags did not deploy.

Electronic Stability Control problem #35

This is the 5th Subaru I have owned in my life and have not had any problems with any of them with stability in snow and ice. I am a professional driver and have driven in all weather conditions in 2 wheel drive vehicles and 4. I purchase this car in June of 2012 and always felt that it was not stable on the road. When the snow fell, I was testing the road conditions on very dry crunchy snow, when I turned the vehicle to go around a left corner. (this is something my other 2001 Subaru Outback has no problems with. ) the vehicle started to turn and the rear end came undone and the car slid into a 4 wheel skid. It felt as though the whole rear end had lost any traction. It took acceleration to get it to engage again. Both of my Subaru's have all season radials that are in great shape. Later in December my husband (who is also a professional driver) and I were traveling down the freeway at 55 mph, the outside temperature was 38 degrees and the road surface was wet. We had just a few groceries in the back of the car and it was not heavily loaded. We hit a slight bump in the road and the car started swaying and wobbling like on icy roads. He was able to bring the car under control, but both of us were shocked at how unstable it was. We again checked the road surface and it was not icy. I have also encountered instability in snow and slush, that is not normal to the Subaru Outback. My other car has no problems like this. These cars should be recalled.

Electronic Stability Control problem #36

While driving on slightly slick roads in northern michigan the rear wheels would lose traction and start to fish tail. This happened without the gas applied, with or without the traction control engaged. The car felt as if it was sliding side to side in the back. The tires are in good condition and the vehicle is well maintained. Other vehicles were traveling without issue. This has been referred to as ghost walking in on line blogs. This is extremely unsafe and dangerous.

Electronic Stability Control problem #37

I am the third owner so after my problems, I researched to learn the first owner couldn't maintain tire life; Subaru replaced all four tires and kept trying realignment for her. The second owner informed me he could not maintain new tire life, never acknowledging to me that the car is all over the road and a hazard to your life. Being the third owner, I never thought when I purchased this 2005 Subaru Outback that it could be an engineering problem with a company like Subaru, not identified or recalled. I have learned the car is unsafe and after research online have learned there could be a serious engineering problem with the raised rear suspension. I have the Subaru receipts from former two owners (they were related) and obviously Subaru is negligent in not identifying the issue and reporting it. Two different shops have assured me it is not ball joints, or suspension, etc. I spent $750 on the rear end and new alignment at the specialty spring and suspension shop and those tires seem to be wearing evenly. The front tires are cupped on the outside severely in six months. The car is all over the road.

Electronic Stability Control problem #38

I was driving at 65 mph with the cruise control on and all of sudden the cruise disengaged, check engine light, brake, and traction control lights lit up on the instrument panel. The car's loss of speed could have caused an accident as the loss of speed was fairly dramatic. Disconnected the battery to see if that would help, it did, but only for a day. It happened again today 12/17/2012.

Electronic Stability Control problem #39

Vehicle stopped cruise control & flashed brakes & no traction control unexpectedly. Came close to a wreck shutting the vehicle down on the side of the road hitting various tire recaps & debris on the side. Of the road. Not told that this is a regular occurrence with this vehicle.

Electronic Stability Control problem #40

Road conditions: poor, icy. Vehicle: 2009 Subaru Outback wagon loaded with 4 passengers (2 adult, 2 teen, plus "light" luggage). When the vehicle passed over an icy patch, the car swayed from side to side violently. On Subaru forum websites, this type of loss of control is termed "ghost walking" which is an odd but accurate term for the feel of the situation. I have seen multiple entries on the owners' forum websites describing this phenomena, and it apparently affects several model years. My dealer offers to re-align the back tires which may fix the instability problem (which is attributed to "load") but which will cause another problem: excessive tire wear. This is a dangerous situation. As Subaru markets the car for the winter driving market, it needs to fix this dangerous design flaw before someone is killed over compensating for the system-driven fishtailing. Please note: although Subaru attributes this to "loading" of the vehicle, the car was not loaded beyond strictly normal use for a station wagon. This is as dangerous as "sudden acceleration" in Toyota.

Electronic Stability Control problem #41

I own a 2006 Subaru Outback 2. 5 with a manual transmission. This vehicle is an early warning indicator for black ice on the road surface. The Outback vehicle has a stability control problem in certain conditions. While driving at constant speed (constant and low throttle position) on a flat road, the back end of the vehicle tends to oscillate from side to side in icy conditions. The vehicle feels like it is going to spin out, although that hasn't happened to me yet. Other vehicles on the road at the same time seem to have adequate traction (2wd, awd, 4wd). The problem is not traction while: 1) cornering under slippery conditions, 2) hard acceleration on ice, or 3) braking on ice. Road conditions that I have experienced the oscillation on are very thin ice (black ice). I suspect there is something wrong with the rear suspension design on my Outback. The problem is more prevalent and pronounced when the vehicle has occupants in the rear seats. The stability of this vehicle seems to be marginal and it only takes certain conditions (road and vehicle parameters) to be on the edge of disaster. Subaru released technical service bulletin 05-36-07 which eliminated the positive side of the original toe tolerance for rear tire alignment. I think the vehicle experiences large rear tire toe in when weight is added. I suspect this large rear tire toe in when weight is added contributes to the stability problem in icy conditions I have brand new (Jan 2010) hankook ipike w409 studless winter tires. Its not the tires. Those who have not experienced this situation naturally respond by saying it is ice, what are your expecting, just slow down. I have lived in colorado since 1981 and consider myself a competent driver in all weather conditions. Please respond as I would like to get this problem fixed if possible. . . The car just turned 50,000 miles.

Electronic Stability Control problem #42

We have a 2005 Subaru Outback that sways in the rear of car under the following conditions 1. Over bumps the rear will swing to the right and dip. When roads are slick it will almost spin the vehicle. If you are in a left hand curve, even at low speed, the condition is exaggerated more than you would expect sort of like it was pushed in addition to the normal inertia you would experience. 2. Rear end traction becomes unstable under icy conditions where it appears that too much power is being distributed to the rear of the driveline then oscillating to each individual rear wheel. In my opinion 100% of the vehicles power concentrated to the rear differential is alternately distributed between the rear wheels and kind of gets stuck in this mode.

Electronic Stability Control problem #43

In comparison with many trucks and cars I have driven in winter conditions for over 30 years, our 2005 suburu Outback is much more unstable especially in the rear end whenever hard packed snow or ice is encountered even at moderate speeds (30-50 mph). At least once this cause the vehicle to spin uncontrollably. In identical conditions, a truck in 2wd (I have several trucks on my ranch) is far more stable. There is a clear safety problem with this vehicle for which tires, inflation, alignment according to manufacturers specs fails to cure.

Electronic Stability Control problem #44

2006 Subaru Outback auto trans. On many occasions the vehicle's rear-end side-steps or oscillates on icy/snow-packed road conditions. This has also been described as "ghost-walking" where it feels like the awd system in the rear is over compensating, leading to the vehicle being uncontrollable. The behavior seems to happen in the 30-40mph range. Although, I prefer not to drive any faster than the road conditions allow, it can be very frightening when other 2wd cars and trucks are passing you going 20mph faster and it's difficult to even keep the car on the road or in a straight line. I have had the alignment checked and had brand-new all season tires installed, with no resolution. The dealer has not found anything wrong.

Electronic Stability Control problem #45

I am in my third season driving my 2006 Subaru Outback to lake tahoe for winter ski season. I've always felt confident driving on snowy or icy roads until my last two trips--christmas 2008, and new year's 2009. On these trips, I experienced very disturbing fishtailing that everyone in the car noticed, and I had to fight to compensate for. This occurred even on long straight sections. Each time I had to slow down well below the flow of traffic, and the speed of previous trips. This issue made me wonder about improper tire inflation pressure, so we called the tire dealer, who confirmed this was not the cause. It felt as if the rear wheel traction was overcoming front wheel traction, that made me also wonder whether the all-wheel drive was functioning properly. I also considered weight as a cause, because one day I drove from reno to tahoe with only one passenger, and little cargo, and did not experience the problem. But, the fully loaded vehicle was no different than many trips the previous two seasons, when the fishtailing did not occur, and I could maintain sufficient speed to stay with the flow of traffic. Same vehicle, same tires, same loads, same road, same conditions, yet much different performance. I noticed other similar complaints, some of which refer to "ghostwalking. " please work on identifying the cause and solution for this issue, to prevent serious accident/injury. Thank you.

Electronic Stability Control problem #46

'06 Subaru Outback(auto) seems to have handling issues caused by awd system. Some have described it as "ghostwalking", where the rear end of the car shifts side to side when the awd kicks in. Please investigate this problem. Have replaced tires and checked alignment, problem still exists.

Electronic Stability Control problem #47

When driving our Subaru 2006 2. 5i Outback wagon (4-speed auto w/sport shift) in winter road conditions, we have had multiple instances where the rear of the car begins to float or do Mini-fishtails. It feels like the rear wheels are alternately pushing the car back and forth or like there are wind gusts hitting the car. The floating has a rhythmic feel and may continue for many miles until the road conditions change. When the car is floating, you sense that any change (steering, gas or braking) will cause you to lose control of the vehicle. And while we have not had an accident yet, it is a truly scary driving sensation and only a matter of time before this causes a serious accident. The only solution I have found is to ease up on gas until you find a speed (usually under 40 mph) where the floating is less pronounced. This is our 9th Subaru and we have 18 years experience driving Subaru awd vehicles on minnesota winter roads. None of our former cars, up through the 2004 Outback, ever behaved in the manner. Please note, not all winter road conditions seem to trigger the problem. I have most frequently experienced the floating when on asphalt road surfaces that are icy or covered in compacted snow or slush. I have had it occur on completely straight roads under steady throttle while traveling under 45 mph. When it occurs, I have always been driving at safe speeds and have noted that other vehicles were passing by at much higher speeds and seemed comfortable and confident with the road conditions. The most serious incident occurred after we had new michelin tires put on and the dealer had completed an alignment. No other parts have been replaced. Please note, this is a Subaru. Your database of vins comes up with the keystone RV manufacturer. This is not correct.

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