Other Fuel System Related Problems of the 2004 Toyota Camry

Table 1 shows one common other fuel system related problems of the 2004 Toyota Camry.

Table 1. Other Fuel System related problems of Toyota Camry

Problem Category Number of Problems
Other Fuel System problems
Other Fuel System problem #1

I was slowly pulling into a parking lane, started to turn left towards a parking spot when my 2004 Toyota Camry xle accelerated suddenly and pressing on the brake did little to stop the car. This happened in a shopping center parking lot. As a result, two other cars were damaged and the my Camry was totaled. The car had approximately 148000 miles on it. The car had been routinely maintained. The car had previous accelerated without warning using the cruise control but the problem had never been traced down as to what caused this issue. On several occasions the rpm needle jumped from low rpm to high rpm. In addition, warning lights on the dash had come on un-expectedly. These issues were never reproduced when taken to the mechanic and the problems never resolved.

Other Fuel System problem #2

I was driving down the road from my home when my car stopped working. It died on me. It just stopped working completely without any notice whatsoever. I was able to maintain control of the steering wheel and I pulled over to the side of the road. At the time I was driving approximately 45 miles an hour (when the car engine stopped working). I turned the key in the ignition to the off position. When I turned the key in the ignition to start the car, the car started up immediately.

Other Fuel System problem #3

I went to a local store to shop. I was attempting to park in the store lot, saw a space close to the front of the store. I slowed down to start turning (maybe 5-10 mph) into the parking space and when I tried to brake, my brake pedal went straight to the floor and the car started speeding up. It kept going like someone else had control of the car! I couldn't stop it and it ran into a car that was parked in front of the space. It pushed the other car completely out of the parking spot and rammed her car in the front area. We both suffered vehicle damage and I was charged. There was smoke coming out from under my car and as I was attempting to stop my runaway car, my foot slipped onto the accelerator. I thought maybe my brakes had given out but the officer said the brakes were not bad. There were skid marks showing I tried to stop and I was able to drive it home, very slowly. I was so scared!! I remember seeing a segment on tv about Toyota having problems regarding sudden acceleration in some of their cars.

Other Fuel System problem #4

Car accelerated by itself when parking and wound up on sidewalk. Could not brake. Car was put in park while moving and then stopped while still applying brakes.

Other Fuel System problem #5

Throttle body failure, engine shuts down, will restart in limp mode. Corroded defective throttle body. New part on order from Toyota. $900 repair. This also happened in 2007 an $850 repair. I called Toyota in 2007 and again this time. Toyota refuses to provide new throttle body or pay for repair. I assert this is a design and safety problem that Toyota should repair or recall at no charge. I purchased car new and have been a loyal Toyota customer. Purchased four new Toyota cars since 2002. Why would I purchase another car from Toyota?.

Other Fuel System problem #6

Purchased car from local Toyota dealer with just over 100k miles. Gas pedal stopped working. Car would not accelerate. Found out it was a failure of the throttle body. It costs over $1000 to fix. There are numerous complaints for this exact part on Toyota Camry's. When is it going to be recalled! obvious design flaw!.

Other Fuel System problem #7

I had slowed down to turn into side road, foot was off gas and it accelerated. I immediately put on brakes and it corrected the problem. This is about the 3rd time it has happened. The first time it happened fast and I thought it was me. The next time same thing so I have been aware to watch and notice. Today it happened again and I know for sure it has a problem in accelerating. Sometimes it cuts off when first cranks like not getting enough gas. I have had Toyotas for years but now getting leary.

Other Fuel System problem #8

I was driving and without warning the gas petal was no longer working. Then the check engine light came on. Fortunately I was on a side street and was able to pull over. Got it towed and was told that the throttle body was broken and it was a pretty common problem for Camry's.

Other Fuel System problem #9

While pulling left into a parking place the car suddenly accelerated and violently slammed into a parked car opposite me. The police said my foot probably slipped off the brake and hit the gas pedal. It was a very violent hit and I was very shaken. Not having a recall on my car, I went along with the police until the same thing happened again on February 7, 2014. Luckily, this second incident only threw the car into a plowed snow bank.

Other Fuel System problem #10

At a stop sign, a warning light came on. From that point, the vehicle at speeds under CA. 40 mph surged faster then slower in a jerky sort of fashion. At speeds above 50 it seemed to drive normally. The dealer said the vehicle was undriveable until the accelerator pedal assembly was replaced. It was replaced at my expense. Toyota has repeatedly refused reimbursement.

Other Fuel System problem #11

Car died while driving, in the middle of the road. 2004 Toyota Camry limited edition. Throttle body failed. A defective manufacturer part.

Other Fuel System problem #12

Toyota Camry throttle body failed - defective part.

Other Fuel System problem #13

2004 Toyota Camry throttle body failed, engine cut off when trying to pull out in traffic. Dealer replace throttle body, cost $1076. 81.

Other Fuel System problem #14

2004 v6 Toyota Camry with 60,911 miles: total loss of power upon acceleration. The car would not move. Car was towed to Toyota and they had to replace the throttle body assembly and gasket for $1176. 12. This is outrageous for a car with this mileage and all Toyota personnel I dealt with stated it was extremely rare. Research I have done on the internet indicates there are many other Toyota owners experiencing the same problem.

Other Fuel System problem #15

I recently had to push my car along a dangerous highway in the middle of rush hour because it broke down. I bought the 2004 Camry because I believed it to be one of the safest and dependable vehicles on the road. . . Safe, was not one of the words I used as hundreds of cars rushed by me at 70 miles per hour while I pushed my car across the highway! when I called Toyota and told them my problem, they sent a tow truck to get my car. Two hours later the toe truck arrives. Another two hours goes by and I get a phone call from the Toyota dealership telling me that because I didn't clean my throttle body regularly, it needed to be replaced. . . They said that they "had never seen anything like this in 25 years. . " which after I did a bit of research, I knew was a lie. Being as, I found hundreds of blogs complaining about this very issue. But I figured the mechanics were trying to scare me so I would pay the outrageous price for the new part. The service manager, jason, told me that the throttle body was so dirty he could hardly get it open and it needed to be replaced immediately! after I paid the $250 for the diagnostic and the toe, (which I was told would be covered by the dealership) I towed the car back to my house where I was going to clean the throttle body myself. When I got it out in less than 30 minutes (the service engineer desperately tried to convince me to leave it with him because it was and I quote "a huge pain in the ass for someone without my experience") I got the throttle body out and had my cleaner in hand, but it didn't seem very dirty. I was puzzled, because the mechanic said it was to grimy to even open up?? and they were not able to clean it. I had been lied to. (shocker. . . A mechanic lied to someone to sell an expensive part!) I read in my cheltons manual how to clean and reassemble the part and did so. Only. . . The part still did not seem to work right. The problem was internal, and not external. It is a faulty part.

Other Fuel System problem #16

When attempting to leave parking space my 2004 camery v6 with brake depressed car car accelerated with very high rpm. Could not stop the car hitting a GMC truck. When car could not move the truck it stopped. Drove home with no problem. Called dealer they stated if the car was not having the problem now they couldn't fix it . After driving it my husband had the same problem, we took it to the dealer and didn't want the car back until the problem was corrected. Dealer could not duplicate problem. Returned car after stating they would start file .

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