Service Brakes Related Problems of the 2004 Toyota Camry

Table 1 shows 16 common service brakes related problems of the 2004 Toyota Camry. The number one most common problem is related to the service brakes (39 problems). The second most common problem is related to the brake electric antilock (eleven problems).

  Recently reported Service Brakes problems of the 2004 Toyota Camry

The Service Brakes problem

I have bunion pain that required me to get larger shoes. When I starting wearing these shoes I noticed that the toe of the shoe would come in contact with the bracket that attaches the brake pedal, interfering with me applying immediate pressure to the break pedal.   Read details...

The Brake Electric Antilock problem

I own a Toyota Camry 2004, and just bought Toyota Camry 2007. Camry 2004 worked fine in the beginning, but since last year the brakes felt too soft. I took it Toyota dealership many times, but they always said that it was normal. But I drove it everyday, so I know that it was not normal.   Read details...

The Brakes Failed problem

I bought a 2004 Camry about a month ago from my local Toyota used car dealer. A week later I told them front-end felt funny and needed to be checked. They said I needed an alignment. Had that done. Called them last week and said I still feel like there's some sort of front-end problem.   Read details...

  Service Brakes related problems in other Toyota Camry model year vehicles:

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