Unknown Or Other Related Problems of the 2004 Toyota Camry

Table 1 shows one common unknown or other related problems of the 2004 Toyota Camry.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Toyota Camry

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

The left front tire ( new tire, I punched 4 new michelin tires 7/11) on my car popped. I am not sure if the car pedal got stuck first, everything happened fast. Steering became impossible and the car when side to side as I attempted to steer the car. The stewing wheel would turn, but it didn't work. The major thing is that I couldn't operate the car because of the pedal getting stuck and the steering was impossible after that. The car was taken to carriage cage auto repair by aaa, who recommended I take it there, since the car could not be driven. I then went to the er room for care. Nationwide insurance was notified, they gave an estimate of over five thousand dollars to repair the car. Toyota in lake city, wa -bruce in auto care was notified regarding the pedal becoming stuck. I will have to take the car there once it is repaired. I wonder how safe is the car and what can be done about it.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

Cracks in the vinyl dashboard have started on both the passenger and drivers side of the car and are continuing to get bigger. I am concerned that the dashboard cracks along the front of the dash could potentially cause the airbags from deploying or cause them to deploy unnecessarily.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

Toyota Camry (2004) with appox 50k miles stalled while driving. It did not respond to pressing of the accelerator pedal. Car which was speeding at 30 m/h came to a rolling stop right in the middle of the road creating a dangerous situation. (if it had occured 5 mins ago, we were on the freeway driving at 65m/h and would have definetly resulted in an accident. Car was towed to Toyota dealership. They diagnosed the problem to be failure of the pedal sensor.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

Went to car wash to get the road salt off car. Pushed in the code numbers for the automated wash. I had to open window still could not reach so opened door also. Punched the code closed door and window. The light turned green and the door began to open so I took car out of park into drive to inch forward. As soon as I let off the brake pedal the car suddenly accelerated forward hitting the door before it could fully open. I thought I was going to sail right through the whole car wash but managed to get the car stopped by standing on the brake before hitting the exit door.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

Carpet is separating at the driver's side of the console near the accelerator pedal. Toyota dealer said there was water damage that caused the carpet to shrink and separate. Since I purchased the vehicle, I have never had water damage. There is no record of water damage in vehicle history. I was told carpet could not be fixed, however, the dealer did finally agree to fix the carpet and it has already come "unglued. " the dealer does not respond to my requests for service to correct the carpet sag. It is now sagging so much my right ankle touches it when I drive.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

I purchased my 2004 Toyota Camry in Feb. '04. From the day I drove it off the lot, the car surges as you begin to accelerate. I returned it for repair and the technicians could not figure out the problem. It has been a continual problem and still occurs daily. In Dec. 2004 as I was parking my car at the hotel where I work the car surged, jumped the curb and drove into a hotel room causing damage to the building and the car. Today is 3/23/10 and on the way to work this morning it surged twice.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Driver's seat slides when I accelerate or stop. It occurs every time I drive the vehicle and I have taken it in to checkered flag Toyota in virginia beach, va to have the problem fixed. It is obvious there is a problem with the track the seat sits on. The service technician asked the service adviser how heavy I was (I weigh 135lbs) and told her the problem could not be fixed, the entire seat would have to be replaced. Checkered flag will not respond to my service requests.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

Broken cable on sunroof of 2004 Camry.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

My son reported while driving on the highway he took his foot off the accelerator to begin braking, the car/engine continued to accelerate forcing him to apply full force to the brakes in order to slow the vehicle down. He also reported the car felt like it was "surging. " he was finally able to slow the vehicle and exit the highway safely. The next day, we took the car to north hills Toyota (pittsburgh) who reported they could not recreate the problem. No surprise! he is an experienced driver with a perfect driving record and was truly upset by what happened. He is also the sole driver of this vehicle, so he knows how the car drives, etc. By the way, we do not have floormats on the front driver side of the car due to the recent reports of accelerators being wedged in the floormat.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

We own a 2004 Camry le. This car had been in two separate accidents - one in 23 December 2007 and 21 August 2009 wherein the accelerator took over the car causing accidents and extensive hood damages costing the insurance well over $5,000. "I have no control over my car" was the only reason I can give for these two incidents. These incidents were reported to romano Toyota only to be told that maintenance cannot explain why these uncontrollable incidents happened. In the meantime our insurance company dropped us and our insurance premiums have increased. On the recent wave of reports on Toyota Camry failures, romano Toyota was again approached to have my Camry le evaluated for the same failures. We were told this time that my car is not part of the recall years. Do we have to wait until there is a loss of life before something is done with my car? this has been happening sporadically over the course of the years of ownership. Although both incidents were not reported to the police, the insurance company had their representatives inspect the damages.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

The dash in the car has extremely long large cracks in it. All over it including around the information bezels. This problem seems to be a common manufacturing defect. It had been talked about and commented on Toyota forums that it is a common problem and also includes other vehicles manufactured by Toyota . The response from Toyota is "too bad". Research on this problem would be appreciated.

Unknown Or Other problem #12

What auto manufacturer has more manufacturer defects than all the other auto manufacturers?.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

This incident involves changing a flat tire (front passenger side) on my 2004 Toyota Camry. This was the first time I have had to change a tire since I bought this vehicle new in 2004. I loosened the lug nuts slightly and then placed the jack under the car as indicated in the owner's manual. As I started to raise the car, I noticed that the jack was twisting under the weight of the vehicle. I then lowered the vehicle, repositioned the jack and tried again. The jack appeared to be slightly twisted but not as much as the first attempt. I removed the lug nuts and took off the flat tire. At this time the jack fell over and the car came to rest on the wheel rotor. The car was on level ground during this incident. My feeling is that this jack is not sufficiently designed to lift a vehicle of this weight and could cause serious personal injury and/or property damage under some circumstances.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

: the contact stated while applying brake pressure at 25 mph on a city street, the vehicle suddenly lurched forward without warning. The contact engaged the emergency brake and placed the vehicle in park which stopped the vehicle. The vehicle was towed to a dealer who determined the floor mat was pressed against the accelerator pedal. Additionally, the vehicle was inspected by an independent repair shop that was unable to duplicate the problem. The manufacturer was not notified. Updated 10/6/2006 - when applying the brakes to make a left turn, the car lurched forward and started accelerating. The vehicle continued to accelerate up to 50 mph. When applying the brake pedal nothing happened. When putting the car in park nothing happened. When applying the emergency brake the car started to slow down. The vehicle continued accelerating on it's own for another five hundred feet. The tow truck operator arrived and check the floor mats, noting there was nothing wrong with the floor mat's positioning. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who determined that the floor mat became stuck under the accelerator. The dealer trimmed the carpet.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

Vehicle pulls to left or right--mostly left. Vehilce will not drive straight without constant pressure on the steering wheel. I have complained and have taken it in for service and/or test driven a total of eight times. Four times have been in the last month. The springs have been replaced and a wheel alignment has been performed. Two service managers have driven with me from two different dealerships. They could feel the car pulling but said it was "normal. " there is a technical service bulletin to repair the vehicle pull/drift but there has not been any improvement to my vehicle. I hear rattles in the driver window, the passenger window/door, and the dash. The windows were serviced once. The dash has been serviced twice. Servicemen replaced the seatbelt panel on the passenger side because they thought the noise existed there. The noise still exists. Since then, they don't try to repair and I've been told 'a little play in the windows is normal. '.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

The odometer read 3% more than the consumer had actually driving. This caused discrepancies in speed control, warranty issues and caused an overage of 1440 mile in the consumers 48000 mile lease. The consumer was told, by a representative, that a 10% error variance was acceptable for the odometer readings.

Unknown Or Other problem #17

On 09/20/08 I drove my 2004 Toyota solara to a greek festival on mountainview avenue in santa rosa. I was directed to park my car in the parking field. I accelerated slightly to go over a small bump and the motor roared out of control. I had to quickly throw it into another gear to kill the motor. When I restarted the car it seemed to be ok. It was a very frightening experience. On 9/22/08 I took it to the freeman Toyota dealership in santa rosa. A representative took me out for a ride in my car and was unable to reproduce the problem with my car. They did not make out a report on the incident. No one at the dealership seemed very concerned.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

The consumer is unsatisfied with the bumpers inability to absorb a certain level of abuse without sustaining damage. The consumer would like the status of the software update to correct the hesitation of the car to react immediately when attempting to accelerate. The inability of the car to accelerate in a timely manner is disconcerting to the consumer especially when driving in heavy, fast moving traffic. A nauseating rotten egg odor could be smelled inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

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