Other Fuel System Related Problems of the 2005 Toyota Camry

Table 1 shows one common other fuel system related problems of the 2005 Toyota Camry.

Table 1. Other Fuel System related problems of Toyota Camry

Problem Category Number of Problems
Other Fuel System problems
Other Fuel System problem #1

I was driving on the freeway at 60 - 65 mph. I am a cautious driver and am always aware of the conditions around me. Suddenly, my car just took off like a shot. It was going at an extremely high speed on the freeway. I had no control over it. There are dark skid marks on the road from my braking. I tried to turn the car to straighten it out, but the next thing I knew I had flipped into the median. I flipped two times in the air before crashing, hood first, on the median. I did nothing to cause this. I was merely driving, in the slow lane, at a safe speed. It is a miracle I am alive, and even more-so that I wasn�t injured. The air bags did not deploy. At the end of the accident, my seat belt was unlatched. I am going to receive a citation for this. I have done research on 2005 Camry�s since this happened, and have seen that it is a common problem. People have been killed from this fault and I nearly was. I want to know why Toyota didn�t warn us of this. I know the VIN number says no recalls have been made on this model, but research tells me that involved research in self-accelerating gas pedals report �disturbing evidence of problems potentially afflicting the electronic system governing the gas pedal, problems that Toyota and the highway safety agency have so far dismissed. � (huffpost, 1/22/12) I am not a �sue� person, but I think Toyota should be held accountable for this flaw. This was a terrifying, horrible, unnecessary crash. I don�t know when/if I�ll get the courage to go behind the wheel again. It replays over and over in my mind. The terror is immense.

Other Fuel System problem #2

Takata recall, my power steering has been leaking. 05/2018 I noticed it when I was pulling out of driveway, I reversed out and started to turn a little bit and it started to made a grinding noise and kind of hard to turn. (2) takata recall my car is overheatng as I was pulling into a driveway I stopped put it in neutral pulled the emergency brake sat there for 3 minutes and the dial went to extremely hot, I turned it off immediately. Ever since then it drives hotter than usual not as hot as it was that day and I can smell burnt rubber when I'm driving or burnt something I'm not getting good gas mileage it idles rough after it's been warmed.

Other Fuel System problem #3

While operating vehicle on mass. Turnpike, accelerator pedal suddenly became unresponsive. Check engine light illuminated and vehicle began to decelerate rapidly. Operator narrowly avoided serious accident during unintended deceleration. Problem was diagnosed as a defective throttle body. Component design is deficient as a failure results in operator loosing ability maintain safe speed. Component design should provide for minimal function in the event of a failure. Current design does not. Recommend Toyota recall all affected vehicles and replace defective design.

Other Fuel System problem #4

I pulled out of the driveway with my 91 y. O. Grandmother. The engine shut off at the first stop light in traffic. I restarted the engine,slightly pushed on the gas pedal. The engine revved high on its own,the car violently shot forward, I managed to turn the corner then the engine died. A motorist pulled over and helped me push the car into a nearby school parking lot. After a few minutes I restated the car and it revved up itself ,accelerated too fast and died. I had to call a tow truck to take it home and again on Monday to the repair shop. The mechanic determined it was a defective throttle body,it had frozen in a wide open position,not responding to the gas pedal. . The solution was a brand new throttle body,part cost was well over $900 dollars. I still have the defective throttle body,the plate is still frozen in an open position. My grandmother was well frightened. There was no police report. I believe this was a very dangerous design flaw and hope Toyota will reimburse me.

Other Fuel System problem #5

Lag time on accelerating, also when coming to a stop does not downshift smoothly and properly, rather it stutters and clunks. This has been an ongoing problem for years. The vehicle is stationary as well as in motion at any speed there is a hesitation before accelerating. Stopping the vehicle fails to down shift in a smooth decline of gears. Possible electronic problem with the breaking ! possible electronic accelerator unit !.

Other Fuel System problem #6

Toyota Camry 2005 v-6. As accelerated vehicle to merge on highway, the vehicle took off and I was unable to stop or control any steering. I was in the lt. Lane with a diesel truck next to me. I needed to merge soon so looked down to cupholder, grabbed my slurpee while accelerating, the car hit the rt. Lane pads and would not slow down, I steered to the right to avoid hitting the truck,the car was out of control I screamed "OH my god, what's happening" hit the cement highway divider at which time I lost consciousness. The care went into oncoming traffic and flew off the south bound freeway, stopping in a ditch. I was wedged between the drivers seat and door, unable to move. I was now a trauma patient, severing my spleen, fracturing 4 ribs, internal bleeding and a surgical patient for removal of my spleen, transfusions and a tube sucking my internal bleed through a pump which delivered my blood back into my veins. Hospitalization for 7 days, unable to eat, ice chips only for 6 days. 30+ staples up my stomach and a new digestive process forever. I knew the car sped up when I accelerated to merge and as I tried to stop the car by pushing on the brakes, it would not slow down and immediately seemed to go off the road in the lt lane fishtailing while I braked. Fortunately I did lose consciousness and did not hit another vehicle during the accident. I have never had an accident before this and have driven for approx. 32 years when this happened. I know the car would not stop which I told the chp and my insurance investigator who sent forensics to the auto yard. We thought maybe the new tires were at fault but with Toyotas recent transparency, it becomes obvious they knew of this issue but failed to put out a recall for acceleration problems recently but more importantly knowing of an issue and it's potential to lead to death for some of its customers but lacked the safety conscious to recall their accelerators and braking systems.

Other Fuel System problem #7

While my 2005 Toyota Camry was in drive, with my foot on the brake, sitting still, waiting for my wife to get in the car, the car revved to max rpms with no change of my foot position. My foot pressing firmly on the brake was not enough to keep the car from accelerating forward. I pumped the brake once at this point and the brake pedal went all the way to the stop. I then jammed the vehicle in park, just before collision. The gas pedal did not move during this incident. I reported it to Toyota and was told that they were sorry that my floor mat had caused a problem??? incident: 090929-000573.

Other Fuel System problem #8

> Toyota Camry issues August 2005 I purchased a 2005 Toyota Camry from beaverton Toyota with odometer reading of 9 miles. I drove workdays appx 24 mi roundtrip. March 20, 2006 (5300 mileage) I complained to Toyota dealership of a raw gas smell that was in my garage (with gas furnace present) and so strong when driving, I almost passed out at the wheel. I drove with windows down. I initially thought I was inhaling exhaust fumes from commuter traffic. I also complained at that time that my accelerator "lurched" from a stop. Diagnosis & repair: dealership could not verify my "lurch" but noticed a "slight hesitation caused by the fly by wire throttle. This is normal. No TSB's. " as for the raw gas odor. There was fluid dripping behind the rt front wheel with the texture of "oil" but fuel dripping from behind the fr tire, which was "cured" by putting in a new injector. August 24, 2006 (7000 mileage) I complained that vehicle was "leaking oil" and again smelling of raw gas. Diagnosis & repair: dealership "verified rr strut is leaking, through the seal, replaced rr strut. " note: both times I was instructed not to drive my car into their service area, but to leave my car outside. Although the gas fume issue was resolved it has always jerked or lurched from a dead stop. I have just adapted my driving to accommodate this. In light of the current Toyota recall and situation (my 05 Camry is not on the list of recalls to my knowledge. ) I am passing along this information to see if my situation was unusual, or if there are additional problems with Toyota Camry and as far back as 2005-06?.

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