Paint problems of the 2007 Toyota Camry

Two problems related to paint have been reported for the 2007 Toyota Camry. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2007 Toyota Camry based on all problems reported for the 2007 Camry.

car   Paint problem 1
Failure Date: 09/09/2009

2007 Camry xle. Problems with hesitation when accelerating. The dealership just blew me off when I explained the problem. Acted as if this was never a problem with Camrys. Also have had problems with steering column's radio controls - when pressing the appropriate buttons, nothing would happen or, when seeking stations that were programmed in, the down or up buttons would jump to other stations not programmed. Since this problem is erratic, nothing was done by dealer. Problems with the outdoor temperature gauge - at times, it would take 15-20 minutes before the temperature would change to the correct one. Example: it read 77 degrees when it was actually in the mid-90s. Dealership did repair this last summer but now, it is reading seven+ degrees off the actual outdoor temperature. The final problem with this car is that the paint is chipping off of the frame area below the doors of the car. This has never happened with any previous car I have owned. Dealer attributed it to the fact that this car is the sport version so it rides lower. First Toyota I have owned and it looks like it may be my last.

car   Paint problem 2
Failure Date: 05/20/2009

The exterior paint on my 2007 Toyota Camry is so defective that it simply washed right off while it was being washed at a car wash. While using the car wash sprayer, I approached the front of my car and noticed the paint wash off about a 2"x3" spot. It flew off with hardly any force from the car wash as though it was not even attached. One could now see the grey primer that was below the black paint, as the primer remained intact. The black exterior paint peeled right off the car. Because the car was still under bumper-to-bumper warranty, I took the car to dennison Toyota to be repaired. Their employee said to bring the car back when the Toyota's regional paint warranty expert was in town, so they could look at it. After doing this, I was very saddened to learn that Toyota would not repair the faulty paint because they said that the car had been repainted already and they would only warrant, their own paint. They determined that the car had been repainted because they said that the now visible primer color was not the color they used. They said they used a black primer but this was a lighter grey. I bought the car with only 22k miles, so I knew it had not been repainted as the carfax was clean, and the grey primer was visible under various scratches in the paint on all sides of the car. Why on earth would someone strip and reprime the entire car? disgruntled, I emailed the Toyota customer service dept. Today, they got back to me and confirmed the primer color should be a light grey, not black indicated by the regional paint expert. They apologized for not training their people better. So I called my dealer again and he is still very squirmy saying that he doesn't know what he can do. I told him that since the premise of the regional paint experts refusal to repair the paint was false, the car should be covered by the warranty since it was the manufacturer's paint that failed before the warranty expired. We shall see what they say.

Other Structure related problems of the 2007 Toyota Camry

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